STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 37

ok so here welcome the most LL person haha didnt got what is meant by LL right lol i am telling you LL=Late Lateef yeah i know i came back again so forgive me please for that and lets get into the story

Episode 37
Yashika: now what to do
Kaustu: I know one thing what he will do now
Naira: what!
Kaustu in teasing tone: Tujh se door hoon main bhi majboor (I am away from You and I am helpless)
Dil ko sataaye teri ankhiyon ka noor (The shine in Your eyes troubles my heart)
Baat ye sacchi aaj tujhko bataaun (I’ll tell You the truth today)
Mujhe samajh ni aata kaise dooriyaan mitaaun (I can’t understand how to remove these distances)
Bas tere liye main ye geet likhta jaaun (I just want to keep on writing songs for You)
Din raat hi main inhe gungunaaun (I want to hum them day and night)
Phone me photu dekhu teri baari baari (I see Your picture in my phone now and then)
Jee karda main aa jawaan maar ke udaari (I strongly feel that I should jump across to You)
She ran saying this immediately
Abhi being irked: she took her with herself and why did she left this crazy one here for me (maa usey le gayin isey kyu chhor gayi pata nahi) she and her honey singh some day he will take out my carnival for sure (ye aur iska honey singh kisi din mera juloos nikalwayenge pakka)
Yashika: at least she is giving an idea not like you seated as nothing is left to think
Abhi: tell me one thing didu
Yashika: what!
Abhi: are you sure you Maa haven’t adopted me
Naira: now why are you asking this again?
Abhi: because you both never use to support me always you have someone other to support why is it so this time also you are supporting Kaustu not me
Yashika: Look bhai we are sure we haven’t adopted you because if you were adopted then we would have care you like prince
Abhi: Oh so you would have treated me like prince
Naira: of course yr
Abhi: and your own brother!
Yashika: tu to ghar ki kheti hai (you are the crop of our own field)
Abhi: disgusting
Naira: same old dialogue Abhi tell us something new please

Abhi went from there moving his head in disgust Yashika and Naira said in chorus “He will never change”
Screen shifts towards Sangwang villa here Basudha was getting bored as she was locked in her own house and Ganga was still sleeping her phone was not with her and her parents have took every means of communication from her she was getting extremely bored so she started reading a book which was on the nearby table she took that book and remembered that last night Abhigya was reading the same she picked up the book and there was a title written THE LAST LETTER she found it interesting with the title itself so she started reading it but when she ended reading the first page that time itself her door knob turned with a click sound it was Abhigya who came in and started searching something on the table
Abhigya: Hey Basu I kept one book here last night did you saw it?
Basu: are you talking about this book!
Abhigya: yes this one
Basu: I m reading it now so please take it sometime later
Abhigya in a stern voice: you should not read this
Basu: and why is it so?
Abhigya snatched the book from her: something are better to be kept away from your life
Basu: But…
Abhigya: Basu I am asking you not to read this because it is a painful story and If you will start reading it you will get habitual of only painful story so better keep that pain away from your life
Saying this she was about to leave when Basu said to her
Basu: Maa I want to go home
Abhigya: again the same question you are asking and again my answer is same that is NO
Basu: But why? Can you tell me please you have made me hostage here maa at least let me go out in the garden I am getting bored here you have snatched my phone too so what will I do here alone
Abhigya: Arey!! You are having this much cute daughter play with her
Basu: she is sleeping maa and let me tell you one thing once she got up she will ask surely that where is didi because without Kaustuki her morning is incomplete
Abhigya: don’t worry dear let her get awake first then we will handle okay
Saying this she left and closed the door Basu sat there in disbelief that within 24 hours what happened with her. Here screen shifts towards Abhigya she was walking down the stairs lost in some thoughts again and again the words said by Basu that is “without Kaustuki her morning is incomplete” and an emotional smile formed on her face

Abhigya is sleeping when Pragya comes and opened all the curtains in her room sunlight comes in Abhigya says in half sleep
Abhigya: Oho dada let me sleep na
Pragya pats her head: Abhu get up its me
Abhigya gets up rubbing her eyes and looked that Pragya was making her bag ready
Abhigya: Maa where is dada he didn’t returned yet!
Pragya: Offo Abhu how many times you will ask the same question you know very well he left for training na…
Abhigya’s face becomes sad that time Abhi came in
Abhi: Don’t worry my dear we will scold her when he will come back that how can he leave when my Abhu’s morning never happens without looking him
Abhigya: no, no don’t scold him otherwise he will feel bad right! So just ask him to not to go for this much time
Pragya: hmm sure but now its time to wake up
Abhigya widening her arms: aah feeling lazy… papa please help me
Abhi: this girl na… (pulls her arms and make her awake)
Abhigya: thanks popsii you are best
Left with a naughty smile
Abhi: wait you said it again…

She came out of thoughts as Prabhas jerked her
Prabhas: where are you lost Dumbo I am calling you from past 10 mins and you are lost somewhere
Abhigya: time changes so soon na Prabhas
Prabhas: what happened you are sounding so serious!
Abhigya: wo nothing
Prabhas: Abhigya just say it now
Abhigya narrated the whole matter and his face was turned into red he didn’t uttered anything just said few words to her and left
Prabhas: I can’t understand why that person doesn’t leave your mind damn it!
Abhigya was stood there numb and thought
Abhigya: don’t know why this happened maa, papa why he changed like this he was the one who loved dada more than himself for him he was his everything he respected him more than anyone else but now he don’t want to listen his name too
She was stood there with tears in her eyes and here screen shifts towards Prabhas he went to his room there Vibha was talking to someone on phone and as she looked up Angry Pragya she hanged up the call and went to him
Vibha: What happen Prabhas you are looking so angry
Prabhas in an rude tone: why don’t you continue with the person whom you were talking everyone have their priorities here
Vibha: what is your problem Prabhas just because you are not talking to Ranvi it doesn’t means that his mother will also not talk to him and that too for your sake and without knowing that why the hell you don’t want to see his face
Prabhas: it is not my problem that you want to talk with him I am just asking that not to talk about him in front of me
Vibha: this is limit now I want answer that why the hell you have done this to your own son when he never committed any mistake about what you are punishing him toady I want to know the reason that why the hell you are doing this with him
Prabhas with a stern voice: better not to ask the reason Vibha because you will not understand
Saying this he left the room and went out taking car with him Vibha was stood there in anger here Abhi was continuously thinking about how to meet Basu in office too as Prateek didn’t allowed her to join office so a thought strike in his mind he called the receptionist of his office and ask her to call Basudha and say her that if she didn’t joined office within half hour so boss will rusticate her from job she did so but to his fate Subuhi picked up the call and she answered that “NOW Basu have no need of doing such kind of stupid jobs she is having her own empire” saying this she hanged up the phone the receptionist told this to him and he was cursing himself mentally to ask this lame reason for making her ready to come to office.

It was the time of evening when he was returning to home there Yashika and Naira were still there they were looking something in their phone Kaustuki was busy in her room it was her habit that whenever she feels alone she use to spend time with her books so she was doing so here Abhi came home in anger and thrown his bag in anger Yashika who was busy in her phone said
Yashika: loss of rupees 40,000
Abhi: what!
Yashika keeping her phone aside looked at him: idiot what you did just now
Abhi: threw my bag there
Yashika: and if I am not wrong then you took your laptop today office right!!
Abhi’s eyes got widen: Oh shit!
He hurriedly picked up his bag and took out his laptop it was now divided into pieces
Abhi: OH God my reports
Naira: you only did this my dear, who asked you to throw your bag in anger and by the way why you did that
Abhi narrated the whole matter
Yashika: then you did a stupid thing yourself, why are you taking out anger on your stuffs
Naira: look boy this is not done she is your wife and you also have right to take some decisions
Yashika: so if they are wishing that you should do that then you must do that na
Naira: go and propose her
Abhi: am I looking you in a joking mood
Yashika: we too are not joking, we are asking you to do that which you must have done time ago
Naira: and we are serious Abhi look they are also not wrong
Abhi: didu I don’t want to discuss about this more now
He went from there in anger
Yashika: that’s why I was saying to maa that don’t get him married at young age now see he thinks everything is waste of time
Naira: but he is also not wrong they are doing this for a lame reason I mean they are living their life happily then what is the need of creating this rift un necessary I am afraid that what if something worst happened
Yashika: what do you mean by it?
Naira: we cant study his mind right! What if giving it a positive effect he turned out to a raged person and then burst out in anger then!
Yashika: you are right but…
Naira: look Yashika we both are forcing because our husbands also proposed us but here the case is alter na they both know they love each other and Basu too don’t want him to propose her many times she has said that she is happy with that what she got then why to complicate this relation by doing all such stuffs
Yashika: you are right didi so from now what we should do
Naira: nothing just we have to think about taking both of them out from this problem
Yashika: ok then
Naira: hmm now let me think that how we will do this till then you look at Kaustu she haven’t came out from past four hours
Yashika: Ok…

Both the sisters went to their work and here Abhi was continuously finding the way that how to contact her like this about a week spent like this both of them didn’t saw each other’s face too Abhi was disturbed by this lame condition by his in laws he was not at all ready to do this it wasn’t like that he never wanted to do so he want to but in his own way not like this so this time he decided something he called Naira and said something to her then taking his car he went from office after office hours but beside going to home he went somewhere else he drove towards Sangwang villa he parked the car at same direction from where balcony of Basu’s room was clearly visible but today it was locked he was confused that why the balcony is locked so he went moved a bit and a smile formed on his face as after almost seven days he saw her she was playing with Ganga with a smile but that smile was looking like a fade smile it was clearly visible that in the fight of his and her family only one person was there who was suffering and that was she he can imagine that how much she would be missing Kaustu but the question now which was in his mind was that, WAS SHE MISSING HIM but how to get its answer he wasn’t having that way then he came out of his thoughts when he saw an another shadow in her room that was Subuhi who came to take Ganga along with her as she was there since long time so she thought to take Ganga out for sometime Basu with a fade smile handed her over to Subuhi and then Subuhi went taking Ganga with her. Then Basu came towards the window as this was her only time pass now here Abhi thought something and through that dark path where he was stood started flashing headlight of his car as the light was flicking so it caught her attention soon she looked at that direction but as it was in dark she found it difficult to get what was going on there then she saw that one person was there who was waving his hand and a smile formed in her face she was about to shout but Abhi gestured her not to say anything and asked her in gestures
Note: here the full conversation between Basu and Abhi is in gestures
Abhi: shh don’t shout
Basu: ok
Abhi with a smile: how are you?
Basu making an helpless face: feeling like caught in jail
Abhi for teasing her: why! Are you not enjoying with them?
Basu shrinking her eyebrows: they have closed me in one room and you are teasing me
Abhi: yes cutie pie
Basu: why are they doing so? What they have asked you to do?
Abhi: nothing just….
Screen shifts towards the room where Basu was she was so busy in talking with Abhi that didn’t heard the sound of door opening it was Prateek who came in but when she looking her doing some silly things he got doubted and asked Yash to check outside as it is sensing that she is talking to some one Yash went out and found Abhi there he was so lost in talking with Basu that didn’t noticed that Yash was coming from back and Basu saw it she turned immediately Abhi was confused that why she turned her face like that then he felt a strong hand on his collar
Yash: you cheap man again you came here
Abhi: what is cheap in that?
Yash: getting in our house like this is cheap understand
Abhi: mama this is not cheap okay I was just talking to my wife
Yash: what is the proof she is your wife
Abhi widening his eyes: what!
Yash: go first and find this answer
Abhi: wait we have two kids
Yash: they could be of your first wife also
Abhi: what the hell!
Yash: just tell me if you have some other proofs otherwise I will surrender you to police for manipulating our daughters
Abhi: we have marriage phots
Yash: they can be made by photo shop too
Abhi: what proof do you have that she is your daughter?
Yash: wo… she is my sister’s daughter
Abhi: how can you prove that
Yash: she will kill you if she heard it
Abhi while getting back in car: go and find its answer then I will answer that what is the proof that she is my wife till then bye, bye now I will come here daily and you can’t stop me until you find my answer
Saying this he left and Yash with shocking expression stood there and said “HE NAILED IT”
It was the time of night everyone was slept having there meals but here Abhidha both were awake Abhi was feeling little bit happy today as after long time he saw her and talked to her too then Basu was looking out from the window a smile formed on her face remembering the incident a song in BG plays
Pragya was looking towards moon and thinking that weather she is trapped in her own home far from him but she enjoyed that hidden meeting with him she was smiling continuously like crazy
Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa Hai, Kya Kahein Ye Kuchh Aisa Hai(Who knows why love is like this? How should I describe it? It’s just like this)
Kabhi Dard Ye Deta Hai, Kabhi Chain Ye Deta Hai (Sometimes it gives You pain, sometimes peace)
Kabhi Gham Deta Hai, Kabhi Khushi Deta Hai(Sometime it gives You sadness, sometimes happiness)

Abhi was feeling somewhat crazy talking to her like that today and he was again and again remembering how he fooled Yash
Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa Hai, Kya Kahein Ye Kuchh Aisa Hai(Who knows why love is like this? How should I describe it? It’s just like this)
Kabhi Dard Ye Deta Hai, Kabhi Chain Ye Deta Hai (Sometimes it gives You pain, sometimes peace)
Kabhi Gham Deta Hai, Kabhi Khushi Deta Hai(Sometime it gives You sadness, sometimes happiness)

Basu was continuously imagining him there where he stood today and talked to her and unknowingly a smile with crazy happiness formed on her face and music plays in background
Din To Guzarta Hai Jiske Khayaalon Mein, Raatein Guzarti Hain Uski Hi Yaad Mein(The days pass in the thoughts of the same one in whose memories the night passes)
Waqt Milan Ka Aaye To Baahon Mein (May the time of our meet come)
Jhoome Bahaarein Phoolon Ki Kaliyon Mein(The spring season will bloom in the buds of the flowers)
Bhanvaron Ki Toli Aaye, Kaliyon Pe Vo Mandlaaye(May a group of honey bees come and buzz around the flower-buds)
Darr Ye Khiza Ka Bhi Dil Se Mitaaye(May it remove the fear of autumn from the heart)
Abhi was on the terrace seated on the swing he was looking towards the moon just same as Basu used to do so when she feels something new today he was also in same situation don’t know what he was feeling he was just continuously smiling and lost in thoughts BG music plays
Haan… Aankhon Pe Chhaye Ye Hain Sapna Banke To(It is spread over the eyes like a dream)
Koi Paraaya Aaye Apna Banke(May some stranger come and become my close one)
Chalte Chalte Hi Raahon Ki Dhoop Mein (While walking on the roads in the sun)
Saathi Mil Jaaye Koi Saaya Banke(May I find a partner who is like a shade)
Manzil Aaye Na Aaye Ya Koi Toofan Aaye(Even if the destination come or not, or some storm strikes)
Dilwaalon Ko Ye Jeena Sikhaaye (It teaches those who are in love how to live life)

Pyar Ye Jaane Kaisa Hai, Kya Kahein Ye Kuchh Aisa Hai(Who knows why love is like this? How should I describe it? It’s just like this)
Kabhi Dard Ye Deta Hai, Kabhi Chain Ye Deta Hai (Sometimes it gives You pain, sometimes peace)
Kabhi Gham Deta Hai, Kabhi Khushi Deta Hai(Sometime it gives You sadness, sometimes happiness)

precap: a second attempt
so what will be the second attempt lets see because today Abhi fooled Yash but will it be possible next time too lets see till then forgive me and hope you enjoyed this

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