STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 36

Episode 36

Subuhi enters in Abhigya’s room along with Yash when she was busy in searching something
Subuhi: didi

Abhigya: What happened Subu!
Subuhi: why don’t we call Basudha here for some time we will spend more time with her na
Yash: Exactly didi see how much years later we have met her and see she is not free too she is busy in office work so we are getting less time to spend with her
Abhigya: Subuhi and Yash agreed upon same thing then the matter is something else now stop giving me false statements and lame reason tell me the actual stuff
Yash: I think we got

Subuhi: caught
Abhigya: exactly
Subuhi: didi actually we were thinking to do something spicy
Yash: you know your daughter her love story is so boring simple and much of sweetness and more than that your son-in-law his simplicity kills me how can a person be so simple na I don’t like it at all
Abhigya: what’s the problem in that then see both of you mark my words my daughter is happy so I don’t have any problem with him and more than that look at him how sweet and caring he is how much love showers when he says Mummy ji uff I just love it

Subuhi and Yash first looked at her then each other and then they patted their foreheads
Yash whispers: blind son-in-law love
Subuhi: don’t worry not to fear when I am here
Abhigya: what happened to you both what are you whispering with each other
Subuhi: we were thinking that weather you are really a modern mother-in-law
Abhigya: and why is it so

Yash: because you are talking like typical Indian mother-in-laws my son-in-law is this he is this you are showering flowers on his greatness
Subuhi: and if I tell you then didi they didn’t have any love in mid of them
Abhigya: but Basudha said everything is fine

Yash: didi she is kid you know right! That she didn’t looked this cruel world which is full of cheaters
Subuhi: Yes absolutely right what if he is cheating on her
Abhigya: is that possible
Yash: didi everything is possible when that Pagal Aurat can fill my son’s ear against me then this is nothing what if he is also manipulating her
Abhigya: Really! Did Shreya did that

Subuhi: really! Did she manipulated Priyansh and Gaurav?
Yash: of course she did that dids that’s why they both make fun of mine
Subuhi: aah leave him didi he is mad just listen to me I was saying that it is very much possible that he is cheating over her so we shall do something to check him
Abhigya: but what we can do?(in a tensed tone)
Yash winked on Subuhi
Subuhi: didi why don’t we try the same thing which was the main theme of old movies
Abhigya: and what was that (making a weird face)
Yash: offo Pop star will never ever think of Bollywood

Abhigya: what you want to say, say it directly
Subuhi: we are talking like in old movies girls were make hostage in their homes for loving hero and then hero who was in love with her get desperate to meet her and then girl use to escape
Yash: yes so we were thinking that we will close Basudha here and then will check whether he is getting desperate to meet her or not
Subuhi: if he wants her in his life than he will do anything for her and if he is thinking that she is having value of just a wife then he will never attempt something for sure
Abhigya: mean ghar ki murgi daal barabar (means chicken cooked at home is equal to lentils)
Yash: yes didi you got it right
Subuhi: so will you help us

Abhigya: of course you both are right we should check on him
Subuhi: so just call Basudha here and rest of it leave on us
Yash: yes now we will see weather dulhe raja will sing tayyab ali pyar ka dushman haay haay or Jatey ho janey jana akhiri salaam lete jana (both the songs are from old movies one from Amar Akbar Anthony and one from Pravarish)
Screen freeze on their determinant faces

Subuhi and Yash after manipulating Abhigya went to Prabhas and Prateek
Prabhas: did she agree?
Yash: super agree Bhaiya
Prabhas: I knew it this dumbo will never pay attention that why we are doing this
Prateek: my wife is emotional fool

Prabhas: what did you said to my sister
Prateek: if you are saying then it is ok and if I am saying same then here come brother sister love great
Yash: jijs don’t say anything to our Abhu dii
Prateek: ok okay chill
Prabhas: so now we have to call her right!
Abhigya: no need I have done that already
Prateek: great yr

Abhigya: she will be here at anytime
Prabhas: really! But what did you said to her that she will be here so soon
Abhigya: nothing much but I just called her and cried a bit then said that Prateek got heart attack so she have to come soon
Prateek: Oh (realising what she said) what!

Prabhas: you didn’t told me Prateek that you have heart problem
Prateek: I don’t have such problem but it’s her habit to kill her husband on small matters (mai kaha karta hoon ye to iski aadat hai baat baat par mujhe maar dalne ki)
Prabhas: great dumbo

All of them laughed and here screen shifts towards Basudha and Abhi she enters his cabin after attending the phone call but to her surprise some serious situation was there Abhi was seated on his chair doing his head down Basu wanted to ask about the matter but as it was office she can’t do so as being a wife with that care so she asked with concern

Basu: Sir are you ok?
Abhi: Oh yes Basudha perfectly fine you tell me is anything important
Basu: Yes sir actually I have some problem at my home so I want leave
Abhi: anything serious
Basu: yes my father got heart attack

Abhi: oh then it is a serious problem you may go
Basu: thank you sir
She left from there and while going home she called him back he didn’t noticed the caller ID and answered the call
Abhi: who the hell is this idiot calling
Basu: this idiot is calling

Abhi: sorry I thought that…
Basu cuts him off: what sorry why were you laying down there on table like that
Abhi: nothing, just feeling tired
Basu: feeling tired or again you are suffering with that back pain
Abhi being got shocked: how you know
Basu being tensed: leave that, that how I know that, but the fact is why don’t you consult a specialist I don’t think this is normal

Abhi: you are over thinking nothing is like that
Basu: ok if there is nothing then also what is there In consulting with doctor at least we will get to know what the reason is behind this sudden pain attack
Abhi: Basu….
Basu: no I will not listen anything now you have to consult doctor that’s it
Abhi: but…
Basu: at least for my satisfaction you can do so

Abhi giving a helpless smile: ok I will do it today itself ok now you go calmly and take care of papa tell me if he is ok
Basu: sure but you don’t forget to do so ok
Abhi: sure madam now keep the phone otherwise baba will kill me
Basu smiled: ok sir

She hanged up the call and within few minutes she reached Sangwang villa there as she went in with lots of tension but got an alter scene so she got confused
Abhigya: arey Basu come in beta
Basu: what is going on here you told me that papa got attack but he is not looking like that
Yash: we will make you understand first you come and sit with us
She went and Subuhi encircling her arms on her shoulder said

Subuhi: Basudha beta we have to talk to you something personally so we will talk in your room
Abhigya: come I have decorated it too
Basu being irked: Maa, Masi maa enough yr both you are thinking is it a joke! You know how much I was scared I rushed from office taking a casual permission that’s it and more than that leaving him in pain too
Abhigya: we will hear you first come with us to your room

They dragged her to her room
Basu relieving her self: maa what do you want to say! Just say it you are behaving weird
Abhigya: Ok then I am saying it directly you have you live here for some days
Basu: you would have told this to me directly
Subuhi: without contacting him

Basu: what! (in shocked expression)
Abhigya: yes you have to live without him and your family without contacting them only both your daughters are allowed to talk to you both but you both can’t talk to each other neither you can see each other’s face
Basu: what kind of stupidity is it! I know this idea mama must have given you
Subuhi: No dear we want to know that weather he is cheating upon you or he is genuine
Basu: this is stupidity

Abhigya: not stupidity but it’s for our satisfaction once we get satisfied we will leave you
Basu: But maa you are separating me from them (with teary eyes as this thought itself hurt her to the core because they were talking about examining that person who was her supporter everytime)
Abhigya was melting down by looking her tears but Subuhi handling the situation said
Subuhi: No it is for your betterment dear
She took her phone and closed the door while going out and asked Dinu kaka to keep an eye on her Pragya was looking all at shocked that what the hell happened here within last few minutes here Subuhi gave high five to Prateek saying “Jijs half of the work is done”
Prateek: that’s great yr now half of it is left

Subuhi: we will do that soon as the fish will be in our trap soon
Yash: but we were trapping Abhishek right! Then why are you talking about fish
Prateek: ohh Yash it is way of talking yr now don’t be so stupid
Yash: just kidding jijs

Here screen shifts towards Abhi he went to consult doctor and he prescribed some tests after which he asked him to wait for the reports as he will get them three days later so he left the clinic and started to heading towards home in a mid way he tried to contact Basudha but as her phone was with Subuhi so she switched off the phone and here Abhi was getting restless in tension that why the hell she wasn’t picking up his phone as she never did so whatever the situation is but she never did so even if she wasn’t picking phone she would have messaged him but she didn’t so Abhi turned towards Sangwang villa and he too got shocked looking all of them well he went in and said to Prateek
Abhi: Papa you are fine!
Prateek: What was happened to me?

Abhi: Basu told me you got heart attack
Prateek: I think I am dead now as almost everyone got to know that I had an heart attack
Subuhi: he is perfectly fine now
Abhi: oh then where is Basudha did she went back
Yash: No she is here only
Abhi: Then where is she?

Subuhi: she will not meet you
Abhi: what! (in a confused tone) but why?
Prateek; because we are not allowing her to do so

Abhi: and why are you doing so?
Subuhi: until you propose her she will live with us only
Abhi: what! What kind of stubbornness is this
Subuhi: this is junior Mehra’s stubbornness and papa also never denied it
Abhi: am I your father!
Yash: how can you be

Abhi: then why would I agree with you
Prateek; Because it is our wish now you can leave we are getting you leave to meet your daughters that’s it Ganga will live with us as she needs mother now but Kaustu will live with you as we want to keep an eye on you
Abhi: what is this you are doing too much mama ji
Yash: nothing is too much, thank to god that we didn’t did anything more otherwise I was planning for your divorce

Abhi: what! Don’t tell me You are serious
Yash: am I looking joking to you
Abhi: but…
Subuhi: now you may leave from here until you fulfil our demands we will not let her meet you
Abhi: fine I will also see how will you keep her away from me
Saying this he left and all the Mehra’s said in chorus “OHOOO POSSESIVE”

It was night screen divided among Abhi and Basu, she was in her room thinking about him and he was looking at the moon thinking that after so many years being together now they were separated and that too for a lame reason according to them he reminded they day when they both were talking in the garden how calmly she answered him that day when he asked her

Abhi: Basu… what if we got separated then!
Basu smiled: then separation also brings closeness the more far we will go from each other the more we will realise the value of each other in our life
Flashback ends
Abhi thought: I didn’t even thought that this day will come like this even the reason is lame but I don’t know how I am going to do this as first day itself I am missing you badly
His thoughts were disturbed by Kaustu who just came and jumped on his lap
Abhi: Aah Kaustu girl you are not too young now that you will do this
Kaustu: sorry! But tell me one thing

Abhi caring her hairs: hmm ask
Kaustu: why did Nani and Nanu kept mummy with them? Have we done some kind of mistake that she is hurt (with an innocent tone)
Abhi in an irked tone: they have gone mad they don’t know that how they are snatching Kaustu’s mummy from her

Kaustu in a serious tone: I will tell this to her for sure
Abhi with shocking expression: you are my daughter or their
Kaustu: I can think about you but you have to pay penalty for it
Abhi: and what is it
Kaustu: nothing more just few ice cream tubs

Abhi: you will get it now seal your mouth
Kaustu: ok captain I didn’t heard anything but have you thought anything that how will you bring her back
Abhi: I will think till morning now you sleep as tomorrow is school
Kaustu: I am not going
Abhi; and why is it so
Kaustu: tomorrow they are taking all the kids for some special classes as those who didn’t passed this semester exams they have counselling and I have passed so it is off for me and others too who have passed this semester

Abhi: ok then also you should sleep as it is already late
Kaustu: ok good night
Abhi: Good night
Kaustu who was going suddenly came back

Abhi: now what!
Kaustu didn’t said anything just hugged him and he said with a smiling face
Abhi: what happened?
Kaustu: don’t take too much credit today mummy is not here I use to do this with her so I did this with you as per availability
Abhi: don’t you think you talk too much (laughing at her statement)
Kaustu: that is my talent only ok good night papa

Abhi: silly girl just like silly mother
She went and with his thoughts soon he also drifted to sleep
In morning Abhi and Kaustu were sleeping and suddenly the door bell ringed it was 7:00 am in the morning Abhi in half sleep said
Abhi: Basu…. Who is there in this much morning yr

He called out two three times but then he realised that she wasn’t there so he got up and thought it will be milkman looking at the time he took the utensil and went to open the door while rubbing his eyes he forwarded that utensil and then his nap got broken as he felt a light punch on his head he opened his eyes and was shocked to see there was Yashika and Naira
Yashika: do we look like milk man to you idiot
Abhi: you both! How you came here

Naira: by legs only, why? Do you use to walk with your hands!
Abhi: I mean in this much morning
Yashika: we are here as home was locked

Abhi: oh yeah maa and baba are not here since three days
Naira: doesn’t matter they must be out for some official work
Yashika pushing Abhi aside: you get aside please we don’t want to waste your time with you we are tired and want to rest
Naira: exactly

They went inside and then came after getting themselves fresh n up they both were in living hall now Abhi came with coffee
Yashika: what happened dada ji today you are making coffee where is Pragya
Abhi: Basu…
Naira: han han Basudha! Where is she
Abhi: uff what to tell my pain full story

Yashika: are you going to continue this drama or will you tell us the matter
Abhi: can’t you understand your brother
Naira: are you problem of mathematics that we have to understand you
Abhi: you..
Yashika: shut up and tell us what happened
Abhi narrated the whole matter and then said
Abhi: huff….. this was my painful story
Yashika and Naira looked at each other then laughed out loudly
Abhi: I am facing problem here and you both are laughing
Yashika: why would we not Uncle and Aunty did it extremely right this must be your punishment
Abhi: you are my sister or their

Naira: of course yours but we are girls too so we agreed with them
Yashika: come on dadaji be bold and raise your voice for your love now
They were telling when Kaustu waked up and came out yawning
Kaustu: Yasho bua is it you!
Yashika: of course darlo we are here
Kasutu opened her eyes and looked that they were actually there she ran and hugged them both
Naira: how is yo yo fan

Kaustu: perfectly fine bua
Yashika: Kaustu you didn’t told us your nani kept Basudha with her
Kaustu: how would I have tell you bua I was thinking he must have done something that’s why nani gave him punishment
Abhi: you all started among yourselves will anyone tell me the solution
Yashika: let us think
Abhi ok you think I will get fresh n up till then

Naira: of course
Both of them started thinking meanwhile Kaustu also went for getting fresh n up then after half an hour Abhi came out Yashika and Naira was there and Kaustuki was listening to her songs after having breakfast
Abhi: did anyone got any idea

Yashika: no not yet
Kaustu: I got one
Naira: really! Then tell us please
Kaustu came there: just call Nanu and say this like Honey Singh said in his song
Yashika: tell us
Kaustu: just call him and say directly “Hello uncle, namaste, chalo kaam ki baat pe aate hain(“Hello, Uncle, namaste, let’s come to the topic of interest,)
Ab aap ye poochhenge ki Aap kitne paise kamate hain.( Now you’ll ask how much money I earn.)

Bas jitna aapki beti ek mahine mein udaati hai (Just as much is spent by your daughter in a month,)
Ek hafte me meri gaadi utna tel khaati hai (my car takes just as much (worth of) oil every week.)
Hai ghar, hai paisa, hai gaadi (I’ve a house, money, a car,)
Ab do jodon mein ladki bhejo ladki hui hamaari. (Now send the girl in two pairs of clothes and she’s ours.)

“Uncle ghar, hai paisa, hai gaadi (Uncle I’ve a house, money, a car,)
Ab do jodon mein ladki bhejo ladki hui humaari, OK Bye.” (Now send the girl in two pairs of clothes and she’s ours. OK bye.)
Yashika: great idea Abhi you can do it yr

Abhi: haan kyu nahi phir wo kahenge beta gun hai belt and aari ab dobara ye harkat kari to khair nahi tumhari (yea why not and then he will say that beta I have gun, belt and saw if you called here again then it will not result good for you)
Naira: this also have point
Yashika: now what to do
Kaustu: I know one thing what he will do now
Naira: what!

Kaustu in teasing tone: Tujh se door hoon main bhi majboor (I am away from You and I am helpless)
Dil ko sataaye teri ankhiyon ka noor (The shine in Your eyes troubles my heart)
Baat ye sacchi aaj tujhko bataaun (I’ll tell You the truth today)
Mujhe samajh ni aata kaise dooriyaan mitaaun (I can’t understand how to remove these distances)
Bas tere liye main ye geet likhta jaaun (I just want to keep on writing songs for You)
Din raat hi main inhe gungunaaun (I want to hum them day and night)
Phone me photu dekhu teri baari baari (I see Your picture in my phone now and then)
Jee karda main aa jawaan maar ke udaari (I strongly feel that I should jump across to You)
She ran saying this immediately

Abhi being irked: she took her with herself and why did she left this crazy one here for me (maa usey le gayin isey kyu chhor gayi pata nahi) she and her honey singh some day he will take out my carnival for sure (ye aur iska honey singh kisi din mera juloos nikalwayenge pakka)

Naira and Yashika laughed screen freezed on their faces

Precap: struggle to talk with each other part 1
so here we go for somethings which are filmy and crazy too lets see what is hidden there in further episodes just trying to write something different thats it hope you will like it have a nice day 🙂

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