STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 35

Episode 35
Abhi: How can you manage two things on your nose
Basu: What do you mean!
Abhi: your anger is also living on your nose and your specs also, so I want to ask how you manage them both on your nose
Basu: Do I get angry on small matters too
Abhi nodded in yes

Basu relieving her hands from his: Then don’t talk na why are you talking to an angry person
Saying this she left from there and Abhi laughing on her antics said “SILLY”
Basu came out from the room and looked at her family members who were laughing on something when they saw her Yash dragged her
Yash: Hey junior did he said that!
Basu: Mama how dare you! Why you changed his attire and more than that how can you think of do so
Yash: we just made that simple person somehow stylish you know after all I am rock star yr I have some image in society

A voice came from back
P1: yeah and that image is of old sentimental rock star
P2: exactly bhai where we didn’t see any sensible song from this rock star
Prabhas and all laughed while Yash got irked
Yash: tell me one thing you are my son or my enemy
Yeah they were Priyansh and Gaurav
Priyansh: he he he enemy is better
Gaurav: because being son is an old factor now a days.
Yash: like really!!
Priyansh: yes mr torn over bamboo
Yash: what did you said.
Shreya: Priyansh (in a stern tone)
Priyansh: Ok got it sorry dad
Gaurav: leave him didi you tell us now what he did
Basu was looking at them with a confused face as she never met them in these two days and earlier also when they met her they both were not with them so she was unable to understand who were they
Prabhas: don’t be confused Junior they are your younger brothers only who use to show their face once in a month busy people you know
Priyansh: nothing like that bade papa Dad said that he is going in some kind of meeting so we were enjoying at home then mom told us the whole matter so hurriedly we came here to meet our elder sis
Subuhi: waah I always use to say he is an metal person now he proved that nothing can be happen to him
Yash: first look at your self
Subuhi: shut up
Yash: again you are saying to do my shirt up didi what will people think only girls are mad over my body
Subuhi: Say it full which kind of body

Priyansh: potato shaped body
Gaurav: right bua
Subuhi sharing high five with them: of course yr
Abhigya: Oh Mr will you meet me or not only want to meet your sister and Dad
Pryansh: arey darling how can we forget you
Prabhas: sorry there was a mistake she is not darling but she is boring
Gaurav: oh ho badey papa leave it for now na
Prabhas: huh
Everyone started meeting each other and Basu was looking all of them in anger as they forgot what she was about to say then Abhi who came out patted her back gently and whispered in her ears
Abhi: I think your scolding won’t work now
Basu gave him a stern look and went from there as everyone was busy in themselves now
Time spend it was the time of evening when all the one was sat out in the garden having evening tea when Yash came there with a confused face which Abhigya noticed
Abhigya: What happened Yash? Why your mood is off
Yash: Arey didi I was wishing to go out but
Subuhi: But what happened?
Yash: I don’t know how left tire of car was punctured and then headlight was broken then this was not enough someone cut the seat
belt too

Prabhas and Prateek burst out in laughter Basu was trying hard to control her laughter Abhi was looking them unable to understand anything
Prabhas: someone well played with you boy
Subuhi: very good I wish you could victim this situation more as every time you are breaking my headlight na this time happened with you
Prateek: your headlight Subuhi!
Subuhi: offo jijs I mean headlight of my car
Prateek: oh
Abhigya: arey but who did this
Abhi was about to say something when Basu stopped him holding his hand and said
Basu: leave it na mama already it was an old car its good that this happened at least you will purchase new one now
Yash: yeah there is a point in that
Abhigya: ok now we are leaving Basu we will come tomorrow
Basu: going means!!
Abhigya: leaving to our place Sangwang villa
Prateek: as we have to see take some old stuffs from there na
Basu: so you will not come here again (in a sad tone)
Prateek: nothing like that in morning itself we will be back here
Basu: promise
Abhigya: 100% now smile
Basu smiled
Prabhas: that’s like our junior
Kaustu: I heard someone is going
Yash: what to do we have to go na but don’t worry devil we will be back
Kaustu: then it is fine Mr senior devil
Priyansh: don’t say senior say him senior most
Kaustu: that is also fine mama
Yash: you are my partner or their
Kaustu: Kaustu the great is everyone’s partner who so ever will help me in teaching pranks
Yash: Basu I am saying your daughter is double faced
Basu: what! Don’t you dare mama you are double faced
Yash: me!! See didi what this girl is saying look girl you are blaming a sweet innocent person
Basu: haan haan sweet like green chilli
Yash: wait what!
All of them laughed as Yash didn’t noticed what she said
And saying bye to each other all of them went to their respective homes

It was the time after dinner when Basu was busy in completing left over office work and Abhi was lost in some thoughts when Kaustu entered
Kaustu: excuse me can anyone tell me where I have to sleep today
Basu while busy in her work: now what happened?
Kaustu: Dangu is sleeping like spread over water on the bed now tell me where this poor girl sleep
Basu: Ok then sleep there on the bed
Kaustu: NO you go and bring her here I will sleep there only otherwise make her sleep properly I will sleep with her itself
Basu: then ask him he will help you
Kaustu: excuse me
Abhi didn’t heard
Kaustu jerked him: papa
Abhi with a sudden jerk: yea what happened?
Kaustu: come with me
Abhi: where!
Kaustu dragged him: come first
He went with her and on the way she made him understand that what was the problem and after solving it he came back that time Basu was setting up bed she noticed him lost again somewhere
Basu: Where are you lost today?
Abhi: I was thinking that who might have done this with his car
Basu trying to cover up: aah what have to be happen it happens why are you thinking about it now
Abhi sensed her changed tone: why I am thinking that….(in doubtful tone)
Basu: what do you think I have done this!
Abhi: I didn’t said that you yourself saying that
Basu: wo I was trying to completed your sentence that’s it
Abhi in a stern tone: Basudha….
Pragya making a kiddy face: wo then why he did that to you and compared you with Nanu
Abhi: he did that so you did that with his car are you a kid!
Basu: so what would I have done they were not ready to listen me
Abhi: you will ask them sorry tomorrow itself
Basu: but…
Abhi: I said that and you have to do so
Basu: But…. (insisting with innocence)
Abhi: Basu you are not a kid now this is not the way you are going to ask sorry that’s it
Basu know that she can’t argue with him she can argue with anyone but not with him she herself don’t know why her words get freezed infront of him everytime whenever he speaks something pointing towards any matter so she cant do anything now and with those thought she drifted to sleep.

Next morning
Before arrival of Abhigya and rest of Mehras Abhi took Basu early morning to Sangvang villa before leaving for office there Basu asked Sorry from yash and he was shocked that she did it because he thought she is changed but that girl of 7 who once broke head light of his bike just because he compared her father once with The senior most Abhi she did that Abhi wondered what happened next because he thought Yash will atleast say something to her regarding that matter but instead he praised her for this as she did what he use to do once with Prabhas here Priyansh and Gaurav also praised her saying “Atleast sometimes loss is better for our money saver dad” they both Abhidha left for office and here all the Mehras were discussing something serious Abhigya was looking out for something in her room Prateek was with as usual with his in laws
Prabhas: I think this didn’t worked because again he was in same attire
Yash: yes and he made her ask sorry too I didn’t liked that how innocently junior asked sorry I didn’t like that
Prateek: now this plan failed what else
Subuhi: we can do one thing
Prabhas: yeah subu tell please
Subuhi narrated the whole plan
Yash: idea is superb didi but how we will do so
Subuhi: we need didi’s help in this
Prabhas: you think that dumbo will help us
Subuhi: I can do that easily
Prateek: and rest of it leave on me
Yash: that’s why I always use to say I got best jijs ever you are best
Subuhi: so we have to do this now……..
All the one kept hand on each others hand making a determinant face

Precap: scene1 Abhi “But why are you doing this” Subuhi “Now if you have to meet her you have to propose her first” Abhi shocked scene 2 Basu “But maa this is not fare you are separating me from them” Prateek “It is for your betterment only you have to live here only until he fulfil our demand” Basu shocked

Spoiler: a funny separation and sweet too
Uff what is going to be happen just wait for it lets see what is this funny separation

Durga dear dont be sorry yr i was wondering that where you are in these days but i thought may be you are busy in some exams or work so its ok no need to be sorry yr
Varsha sis i have replied to your comment in previous episode and given my id too 🙂

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