STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 34

Episode 34
After sometime Abhi was with Basu talking about something when Yash called him saying that Prateek wants to ask something from him and he gulping his words looked towards Basu in fear and she encouraged him that everything would be fine he went following Yash and as he entered the room the scenario infront of him was like that he got feared because Prateek was sat on couch like a boss Prabhas was at side of him then Subuhi and then Yash also joined them and for him they kept a chair in middle of the room he sat there gulping his words coz the scenario was looking like he was going to give interview and that also of any investigation department
Abhi: Papa ji what happened why you called me here anything important
Prateek: NO, no nothing like that we just called you to talk with you
Abhi: Oh..
Prabhas: so Mr you are our son in law right!

Abhi with a confused face was looking at his face
Yash: So just answer our questions ok
Abhi: Ok
Subuhi: So Mr first tell us if you ever fall in love with someone before marriage?
Abhi: No
Subuhi: don’t try to tell a lie from me understood I have studies how to read once
Abhi: Okay ok I was
Yash: who was she
Abhi: never saw her face but I know that her name was Basudha that’s what only I know about her
Subuhi: again a lie Mr when you didn’t saw her how can you fall in love with her
Abhi: because when I was doing Post graduation in mass media she was also in same college but in different department and that was dramatics I use to go and watch her written drama which were attracting me towards her that’s it
Subuhi: oh
Prabhas: now tell me was your marriage love or arranged?
Abhi: arranged
Prabhas: what was your age that time?
Abhi: about 21 or 24
Prabhas: tell me exactly 21 or 24
Abhi: 21
Prabhas: Hmmm what was your height that time!
Abhi making a wired face: what!
Prateek: Prabhas enough yr we are not doing any military selection you are asking about height have you gone mad
Prabhas: sorry I said that in flow
Prateek: so Mr did you saw my daughter before marriage
Abhi: to be honest never
Subuhi: you got married without looking the bride
Abhi: yes
Yash: and why is it so?
Abhi: I was not interested in that marriage according to me that marriage was a sin to me and for her it was a curse we know why very well that’s why we never complaint each other for that thought and moreover we washed off that thought so….
Prateek: we want to hear all that just start now itself that why and how that happened

Abhi narrated the whole (episode one and two)
Prabhas: Hmm so you both accepted each other that’s good
Yash: But tell me one thing when and how you proposed her as you looking both it is clear that there is lots of love in mid of you too
Abhi was silent
Yash: I am asking you something answer it fast that how you proposed her and what was her reaction
Abhi gulping his words: wo.. I never proposed her
Prabhas: what!
Yash: what the hell!
Subuhi: you are joking right!
Abhi nods in no
Prateek: you didn’t did that
Prabhas: how dare you touch her without proposing her!
Yash: I am feeling shame now
Abhi: whats the big deal if I didn’t proposed her
Prabhas: just shut up
Subuhi: Bhaiya he is just look alike of papa none of his antics match his personality
Abhi with a lot of hesitation: now how grandpa comes in all this
Prabhas: don’t take his name with you mouth he was much better than you arey didn’t proposed yet
Yash: which kind of a person you are now a days proposal comes first then only marriage or rest of the things and you didn’t proposed her
Prabhas: Papa was much better than him
Yash: yes although it was his favourite song all the time I love you fuggi I love you fuggi
Subuhi: you know about 100 times a day he used to check weather maa is listening to him or not and that also that proposal and you didn’t thought about that
Prabhas: We thought you just look like him and it is true coz none of your antics match with her
Yash: feel some shame yr your father in law itself makes your mother in law realise that he loves him
Prabhas: this idiot Yash also do so irrespective of the fact he calls his wife pagal aurat
Abhi: Mamu it..
Yash: Shut up just shut up
Abhi: But mother in law..
Prabhas: Don’t talk about her if she came to know na that you didn’t even proposed her daughter she will kill you for sure
Subuhi: you are going to propose her that’s it come
Prabhas: like this!
Yash: Yes he is too decent to do that
Subuhi: yes you are right
Prabhas: I know what we have to do

Prabhas winked at Yash and he also understood what they have to do they took Abhi to mall asking Basu that they will be back after sometime in that time Abhigya spent with Basu. Basu was keeping on his stuffs on right place Abhigya was seated on bed
Abhigya: Basu..
Basu: yes ma
Abhigya: how can you be so calm and cool where that naughty basu went who use to jump all the time here and there
Basu while adjusting his files in cupboard: time changes ma everything changes with time even a flower too then who am I just a human being so I also got changed
Abhigya: He is right person right! Tell me that you are not compromising your life with him?
Basu while making keeping his stuffs on place: Maa did you see that I am compromising at any point?
Abhigya: then why there is distance In mid of you two
Basu looked towards her: distance! Why you thought like that?
Abhigya: there is a hesitation in mid of you two and I want to ask that why is it so?
Basu smiled: Maa that is not the hesitation it is respect which we both have for each other that’s it and where there is respect for each other’s thought there is this kind of hesitation and more than that we cant react blindly in front of kids na
Abhigya: Basu are you sure you are happy with him
Basu took a deep breath: look at me am I looking sad from any point I have my small world ma and I am happy in that now tell me one thing how you ended up coming India
Abhigya felt her anger that was because of her that she was far from her
Abhigya: weather I have to tell the real reason or shall I lie
Basu: If you will tell the truth I will feel good
Abhigya: I came here as Kirti’s marriage is there and she demanded that her bridal wear should be unique so I came here and called them too and see my fate I got you
Basu while arranging Abhi’s cupboard: Hmm thank god Kirti demanded that otherwise I wouldn’t have met you ever
Abhigya felt that as a taunt: I know it is my mistake
Basu: Oho maa don’t think like that I am very thankful of that situation that because of it I met you by the way maa can you pass me that box he again broke his button don’t know how many times I have to attach it such a careless person about himself you know what he did two days earlier
Abhigya while laughing: what he did madam
Basu: don’t laugh like that ma he always use to do this he torn out his sleeve button don’t know how don’t know what he use to do with his shirts I think wrestling
Abhigya: so why don’t you change his attire
Basu: No never he is better just what he is
Abhigya: So you know how to attach button
Basu: yeah I know it and did it too see completed
Saying this she went to keep that shirt and Kaustu comes in
Kaustu: Maa what are you doing
Basu: Here I am arranging clothes tell me what happened
Kaustu: Oh doing Alarm clock’s work then continue I will be back
Basu: no no tell me what happened
Kaustu: feeling hungry
Basu: come I will give you something to eat
She left with her and with Kaustu’s statement Abhigya remembers something

Flash back
Abhigya is keeping Prateek’s clothes Basu enters
Basu: Maa what are you doing?
Abhigya: here I am arranging the cupboard
Basu keeping her hands on her waist: and why are you doing can’t papa do it himself
Abhigya: no need of that as he can never do that
Basu: all the time you are doing his work can’t he do himself
Abhigya: offo whats the big deal in that If I am helping him
Basu: you are not helping him but you are doing his every work
Abhigya: then what should I do
Basu encircling her arms around Abhigya’s neck: just take your daughter in your arms and make her listen your pleasant rocking music
Abhigya laughed
Flashback ends
She was lost in thought which were broken by the voice of Kaustu
Kaustu: Nani come na what will you do alone in this room come with me
Abhigya smiled and went with her
It was the time of evening when Basu was working on laptop completing some left over office work when the door bell ringed she was about to go but Abhigya said that there is no need she will do so so she opened the door and she was totally shocked for a while until Prabhas came forward
Prabhas: What say Dumbo looking cool or not
Abhigya: you idiot what have you done to my sweet son in law
Yash: didi sweetness suits on daughter-in-laws son-in-laws must be cool understand
Abhigya: you shut up
Yash: Jijs allowed us so you cant say anything now
Prabhas: Exactly so now Mr Abhishek go and do that now itself without wasting time
Abhishek in pleading tone: but mama ji
Prabhas stared at him with angry eyes
Abhi: Ok ok I am going
Yash: good
He went from there and entered in the room looked at Basu she didn’t noticed him and said
Basu: you are back where did you went?
Abhi: wo… wo… (thinking about the situation when she will see him)
Basu: what happened?
Abhi: nothing

She got irritated with his answer and finally looked at him with a great shocking expression as he was in t-shirt that too fitted and jeans along with spikes with his short hair dog tags and hand bands in his wrist she was shocked and expression were like his blood is boiled totally
Basudha: who the hell are you
Abhi’s eyes got widen on her question
Basu: I said who are you and how dare you get inside my room like this don’t you have any shame that you shouldn’t get in like this get out just now
Abhi: Basu this is me Abhishek
Basu: You are trying to brain wash me look my husband is a decent man not like you, looking like ugh I don’t have words too that much worst you are just go otherwise….
Abhi: Basu this is me only
Basu: you will not listen wait I will tell you Kaustu beta bring that broom stick please one mental person is here pretending himself your father
Kaustu: what happened mummy you called me like that (looking at Abhi) aah what happened to you papa what is this all
Abhi: see she also understood that its me Basu
Basu went near him : you! What all this you had done to your self aah
Abhi: wo… (looked at kaustu) Kaustu beta you go I want to talk something from her
Kaustu: if you will change then only I will go
Basu in a stern voice: what do you mean by if? He had to change you go I will make him change
Kaustu: ok
She went from there
Basu turned to him: now speak up what the hell is this all
Abhi: wo mama and papa said I should dress up like this
Basu: really! Then I will see them later first you go and change
Abhi: they hid my clothes somewhere
Basu: go and take the another pair
Abhi: ok
He went and came out changing himself as she was looking angry with what he was, her face was looking like a red balloon when he came out looked at her and said
Abhi: now ok?
Basu looked at him and made him sit on the bed: hmmm ok
Then she took one comb and turned his hairstyle into old one in anger he was smiling at her then while adjusting his collar she was continuously saying to herself
Basu: Everyone wants to change what I like even a person they can’t leave like what I like huh just want to fulfil their wish I am damn sure they must have given you example of nana and nani don’t know what they have done but if you are being dragged into that then I am damn sure for me they have done a blunder and mainly nanu I hate him because of him only every man is suffering first poor papa listened all taunts about him from ma then you everytime Nanu is problem everyone of them wants him
Abhi was smiling while she was blabbering as this was passiveness of hers she can see him with anyone but seeing him change was unbearable for her she like everything just how it is in a good manner she never likes change in her loved ones and he was her loved one he knows it
Basu: I am angry and you are smiling huh no one cares for me
Abhi taking off her hands from collar and holding them: relax madam how much anger you have in yourself
Basu: haan hai to
Abhi: so it shouldn’t be there na every child wants his or her relative or loved ones look alike of their parents so what’s the big deal
Basu: there is a big deal you know what people say that they want their mother or father in their life partner but the actual life is this shouldn’t be because mother and father their place is something else in everyone’s life and that is the reason I don’t want you to be resemble anyone you are different and that’s why I …..
Abhi raising his eyebrows with a smile: that’s why you… ! complete the sentence please
Basu: no nothing just don’t ever try to change yourself and mama! I will talk to him just because I didn’t said anything to him yet he will do whatever he wants to do now let me handle him
Abhi: By the way madam I want to ask one thing from you
Basudha: And what is that!
Abhi: How can you manage two things on your nose
Basu: What do you mean!
Abhi: your anger is also living on your nose and your specs also, so I want to ask how you manage them both on your nose
Basu: Do I get angry on small matters too
Abhi nodded in yes
Basu relieving her hands from his: Then don’t talk na why are you talking to an angry person
Saying this she left from there and Abhi laughing on her antics said “SILLY”

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  1. Wow surbhi…..u r damn awesome…. Seriously the episode was so cute and funny…when prabhas asked abt the height of Abhi is sooo sweet and conversation between Abhigya sry Abhidha ??????? I want to speak to you more will u give me ur FB or Email id pls…..

    1. SURBHI

      Sure 🙂 it is [email protected] you can talk to me at hangouts too 🙂

  2. Awesome ????loved it so much??You know i am a big admirer of your writing ??Love you❤️❤️

  3. Saranya24

    ??awesome to the core dii u r jst rockng loved it a lot muuaahh love u dii?????

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    Surbhi you nailed it ??? Poor Abhisheik biwi aur rishthadhar ke beech mein chutney!

  11. B_Ani

    this is awesome di. when i read this i just remember previous season and esp rockstar and fuggi love and also pulkit. it makes me sad every time i remember him?. i am terribly missinf old abhigya.?
    but todays epi was awesome di. you rocked it asusual. it was super cool..esp the costume change part???. loving this and love you too. take care.??

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