STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 32

so sorry for late update i was not well from two days so didnt uploaded hope you will forgive me lets get in the story now
Episode 32
Kaustu: great Mummy everyone is singer in your family and he Is the one my beloved father he even cant sing a poem too
All the mehras looked at Abhi and said in chorus: you can’t sing
Abhi: yes but whats the big deal in that
Prabhas: There is a big deal
Abhi looked at Pragya with a helpless face
Pragya trying to save him: So what! If he can’t sing many are there who can’t sing right Mamu (to Prabhas)
Abhigya: don’t try to cover up him Basudha I am telling you and let us handle this matter
Yash: yes Abhu di is right so MR you can’t sing haah!
Prabhas: this can’t be happen in family of singers one person who can’t sing is here no no this is not done Basu ji how you find him haah!
Kaustuki: arey I just said it and you all took it seriously (in a shocking tone)
Prabhas: there is something to take serious that’s why we are taking it seriously you know Basudha we all are from the family of the great singer Pragya Mehra whose voice was the voice for everyone and our Papa great rock star leave him your mother herself is pop star
Basudha: so what Mamu it is not necessary right! That the one whom I should get married must be singer or an army officer
Abhigya patting Pragya’s head gently: you shut your mouth better we are talking na
Basu: but ma…
Abhigya: just shut up Basu
Basu held her head: Hun pai gaya siyappa (Problem created now)
Prateek: father-in-law’s wish was girls of his home will married with an army officer and son will be with singers or the girls should know singing that is the reason Yash and Prabhas are married to those girls who know singing what if they are not professional singer but this girl broke that rule and married to this voice less person.
Abhi: But this is not the big deal right
Kaustuki jumped from Yash’s lap and went to Abhi and stood near him he encircled his arms around her
Kaustuki: What if he can’t sing still he is the best person for me (turned and buried her face in his chest) atleast he loves us na he have time to spend with us if he was a famous personality surely he will be busy
Abhi smiled and kissed her head caring her hairs
Prateek: Its okay when my granddaughter is okay with him but it is impossible that you can’t sing because a person who have worst voice can also sing irrespective of fact that weather he is singing in bathroom so I can’t believe that you can’t even sing
Abhi: its nothing like that I said I can’t sing I didn’t said that I don’t know how to sing I used to do so long time ago so now singing for me is an impossible thing
Yash: long time ago means? When you was born haah! Singing in a crying voice
Basu threw a pillow over Yash: Mamu….
Yash: Oh ho possessive …(in a teasing tone)
Basu: Mamu.. enough haah..
Yash: Ok jokes a part so when you use to sing
Abhi: I didn’t remember but if I am not wrong I sang last time when I was in class 10 after that I quit it due to studies
Subuhi patted her head in disbelief
Subhas: now why you did that
Subuhi: I am able to tolerate only one book worm okay and got the another one too (mai is ghar me ek hi pagal jhel sak ri hun aur yo ek aur aa gaya)
Subhas: did you just said me book worm
Subuhi: Oh waooo you got it so soon aah great well I said that to you only
Subhas: Subu you know what you are sick
Subuhi: it is all effect of your company
Yash: Waah jiju continue I am with you
Subuhi: you stay away Yash
Subhas: yes she is right
Yash: At the end both goes together only huh
Prabhas: guys chill now yes Abhishek what was you saying when did you sung last time
Abhigya: in class 10 right!
Abhi: yes
Prateek: ok then sing something

Abhi widening his eyes: I already said I can’t
Yash: Oh come on yr we are not asking you to go on a war we are asking you to sing few lines just it
Abhi: But I can’t I am saying you believe it will be worst
Yash: Now sure it will be good now sing
Prabhas: Oh junior rockstar why don’t you sing hope it will built up his confidence
Yash: Any time bro Shreya please bring my guitar
Subuhi: from where does the guitar comes here
Shreya: he takes it everywhere dii with him in the car he doesn’t cares if someone gets seat in car or not but his guitar must be there and that is the reason Priyansh and Gaurav doesn’t use to drive that car
Prabhas: such a great idiot waah
Yash; thank you thank you now Shreya stop complaining and go
Shreya went and brought the guitar Yash tuned it and started
Yash: so are you ready guys
Subuhi: stop your rock star speech and just sing
Yash making a weird face: okay ok

He pulled the strings of guitar and sung two lines
Kahin Na Laage Mann, Kya Hai Yeh Sunaapan (My heart doesn’t get attached anyplace, what’s this loneliness)
Mujhe Tum Bata do, Koi To Wajaah Do (Tell me, give me a reason)
Har Ghadi Ab Khayaalon Mein Keh Raha Hai Koi (Every moment someone is there in my thoughts)
Har Ghadi Mere Khwabon Mein Aa Raha Hai Koi (Every moment someone is there in my dreams)
Is This Love… (Maine Na Jaana…)
I didn’t know
Is This Love..
Tu Hi Bata na (You only tell me)
Could this be love
Can You tell me
Could this be love

He ended singing and all the one who were there clapped for him when Subhas taunted him
Subhash: waah budhon ke arijit singh waah maza aa gaya (great Arijit Singh of old age people waah we enjoyed a lot)
Yash: I didn’t knew It jijs you think yourself an oldage person (back firing on him)
Prabhas: don’t say him Arijit Singh of old person say him Arijit Singh of poor person (gareebo ka Arijit Singh)
Yash in an irked tone: If you are thinking me that then tell why you asked me to sing and it doesn’t matter you liked it or not my fans like it a lot so it is okay
Abhigya: so now all will stay quiet and Abhishek will sing
Abhi: Maa I am telling you really I can’t
Prateek: You can’t what do you mean by that at least sing two to three lines
Abhi: Its been a long time I can’t do that
Vibha: At least for junior na
Abhi: it is waste to talk about that matter mami ji I can’t sing that’s it
Prateek: If you didn’t sung we will take Pragya along with us
Abhi: you are blackmailing me now
Prabhas: no he is telling you directly and believe me he will do it
Abhi : if it doesn’t sound good then!
Yash: AAh not to worry we are habitual of hearing donkey’s neigh
Abhi looked at him with wide eyes
Yash: did I said something wrong!
Basudha: You just made his joke mama that’s not good
Yash: Ohoooo possessive…
He again teased her and she hid her face in Abhigya’s lap all were laughing
Prabhas: so tell us are you ready
Abhi: Ok but just few lines
Yash: sure
He pulled the strings but Abhi stopped him, said he can play it let him try, Yash agreed
Abhi while playing (Kaustu sat near him resting her head on his arm)
Tum Jo Ho Toh Gaa Rahi Hai Yeh Hawa…(As You’re there the winds are singing)
Tum Jo Ho To Reshmi Si Hai Fiza… (As You’re there the breeze has a silken touch)
Jao Na… (Don’t go)

Phir Na Yeh Raat Aayegi (This night won’t come again)
Phir Na Yeh Rut Chhayegi (This atmosphere won’t be cast again)
Phir Na Yun Milna Hoga(We won’t meet like this again)
Phir Na Jaane Kya Hoga…(Who knows what will happen later)
Jao Na…(Don’t go)
Pragya looked as he actually sung and then after few lines he stopped and kept the guitar down
Yash: why you stopped it was really cool please continue
Abhigya: yes it was really sweet please continue na
Abhi: Wo I don’t remember it properly
Subuhi: Oh come on dear it was really good please continue
Kaustuki: Please na continue it was really good continue please
Abhi agreed when she insisted then he sung further
Yeh Raat Thodi Toh Dhalne Do(Let the night pass a little)
Dheere Dheere Isko Pighalne Do(Let it melt slowly)
Aage Hai Do Raah Maana Magar(I know that we’ll be on separate paths after a while)
Thodi Door To Saath Chalne Do(Let me walk with You till that time)
Khone Wali Ho Kal Tum(You’re going to go away tomorrow)
Ruk Sako Jo Do Pal Tum (If You can stop just for a few moments)
Kuch Tumhari Tasveerein (Some pictures of Yours)
Rakh Loon Apni Aankhon Mein… (Let me store them in my eyes)
Jao Na…(Don’t go)
He ended the song and all clapped Pragya gestured him awesome he smiled and Kaustu kissed his cheeks said
Kaustuki: Woah you are really awesome superb what a voice but don’t think that you will leave My Honey Singh behind he is still at his place understood
Abhi: I don’t want to compete with him too and I am not going to do this everyday too
Subuhi: But dear you have really a great voice
Yash: Just like Prabhas Bhaiya he never use to sing and Subu dii too but still their voice are just aah…. I can die over that melody someday we will do a small concert at our home itself for sure
Subuhi: Just like we did it with papa right!
Prabhas: yeah what a memorable day it was
A small flashback (episode 14 sof season 2)
Abhi goes to Pulkit’s room and Abhigya Prabhas Rahul and Subuhi were also there..
Prabhas : Papa are you okay now see we are playing someting..
Rahul : what are you saying Prabhas chachu can hiself tell because he is a rock star…
Abhi smiles just then Pulkit asks..
Pulkit : Papa you love maa.. so much na
Abhi : is it the thing to ask of course I doo
Pulkit :hmm thats why you easily bear her anger okay jokes a part Papa as bhaiya is saying you are a rock star so we haven’t heard you singing yet please papa sing some song na we want to listen..
Abhi : Areyyy but how as it need… much preparation to sing.. a playing instruments etc..
Pulkit : papa please na don’t take tension of instruments as the full band is with you but sing a song dedicated to ma we want to see her smile while listening your song.. pls na papa
Abhi : but beta…..
Subuhi : papa please na….
All insists him to sing and he agrees
Pulkit :I will beat drum..
Prabhas : I will paly keyboard..
Abhi : okay so ready….
Rahul gives him his guitar and he starts playing it and Pulkit plays drum and Prabhas the keyboard Pragya in her room listens and thinks soo the rock star is back and smiles just then Abhi starts singing
At last he says thank u and all the children says.. superb papa your voice is just…. Prabhas says papa you tooo rocking papa Abhigya says first time this idiot is right and Pulkit says papa I think in earlier days if you were singing like that so I am sure that girls would have flat on you and dying for you na …. Abhi feels shy and Pragya smiling continuously
Flashback ends
Abhigya with slight emotional voice: That time dada was also with us how good it will be na if he was here with us
Prabhas : can you please just stop taking that man’s name here there is no need to discuss about him (with a stern voice)
Subuhi: oh by the way we really enjoyed you song Abhishek (trying to change his mood)
They again started their chit chat when suddenly Basudha asked
Basu: Mamu where is Ranvi what is he doing now a days
Prabhas whose mood was lighten again became rude said in stern voice: He Is running of Papa’s company he is not with us
He said and left the place immediately in anger expression
Abhigya: what happened to him now he was the one right who always treated Ranvi as a friend more than a father then what happened suddenly?
Vibha with a sad tone: you are not here from past 20 years na so you don’t know that he sent Ranvi to study in shimla as there are best colleges in terms of discipline and as usual when a child grows face changes so when he came back he was about 18 years when he came back he was happy that he is going to meet him but to his fait when he saw him he neglected him and from that moment itself he never use to talk straight with him and that boy is having an unwanted guilt that he has done something wrong so his Baba is not talking to him
Basudha: Sorry mami I didn’t knew it
Vibha: Oh its okay not your mistake he will be fine after sometime
Abhigya’s confused face is shown every one left the place
Some time later
Abhidha gave one room to each of them as their flat was three bed room flat so in one room all the ladies were there and in one room all the men and one room was separated for our cute family Kaustuki and Ganga were busy with their partners that means Ganga was with Subuhi and Kaustuki was with yash in separate room Abhidha was in their room was seated down on the floor again and again acting as having eye on someone Basu was making the bed when she looked at him she sat on bed and while keeping her hand on his shoulder said
Basu: what are you doing?
Abhi: Did you saw maa she was looking me like this even she wasn’t looking she was staring at me like this
Basu: you are over thinking nothing is like that
Abhi: I think she didn’t liked me at all
Basu: it is nothing like that I said na you are just thinking that’s it
Abhi: no no I am damn sure she didn’t liked me at all what if she is thinking to separate you from me
Basudha came forward and sat before him, started checking his temperature
Abhi: Now what are you doing?
Basu: I am checking whether you are having fever or what?
Abhi jerking her hand: I am serious and you are joking yr
Basu laughed: I am checking that as you are talking like a lost person from when did you got that fear of separation I think It is new
Abhi realised what he said just few minutes before and cursed himself mentally: wo.. wo..(trying to cover up) I was saying as our kids will miss one of us na that’s why
Basudha: you have gone crazy today better take rest
Here screen shifts to Kaustuki she entered in Abhigya’s room like storm finding Ganga when Abhigya called her and made her sit in her lap
Abhigya: arey beta talk with your nani too for sometime you are always busy with you chhote nanu
Kaustu: yes sure why not I can tell me what you want to talk I can tell you anything
Abhigya: achha let me ask you first
Kaustu: haan haan
Abhigya: How old are you?
Kaustuki: 12 years old
Abhigya with a serious tone: you are 12 years old!
Kaustu enjoying with Abhigya’s mobile: yeah and in December I will be 13
Abhigya: but you doesn’t seems you are 12 anyways that’s good then what Is the age of Ganga
Kaustu: she is just two
Abhigya’s face become serious hearing that as well as Subuhi’s attention also went towards what they were talking
Abhigya caring Kaustu’s head: Beta will you tell me one thing
Kaustu: yea ask what you want to ask
Abhigya: why you said that time that everyone comes here to make your mother cry
Kaustu: because that is true
Subuhi: how!
Kaustu: see first that Radio I mean Kamya Mami she always use to come to just to blame her for something I don’t know about what but yes she always use to scold her but its long time she didn’t came dadi also was like that but then she changed but listen one thing nani
Abhigya who was getting anger tried to calm down with a jerk by Kaustu
Abhigya: haan bachha
Kaustu: don’t talk about Radio in front of papa because he hates her to the core
Subuhi: hein!
Kaustu: yes as what I know till now that is Whenever that radio come she do something which hurts mummy to the core and then when she cires Papa’s blood gets boiled then he scolds mummy for crying and then she use to ignore radio as she know na that radio is elder than papa so he can’t say her anything so he use to scold her for crying at everything like a kid that’s why mummy hides her tears and cries silently whenever anything hurts her that’s it
Just then she heard a voice it was Basu who was calling for her
Kaustu: coming mummy…. Nani now I am going otherwise we both will get shock of 440 volts for sure
She ran from there with Ganga and Abhigya laughed at her antic then Subuhi kept her hand on Abhigya’s shoulder
Subuhi: didi what are you thinking
Abhigya: she snatched my daughter’s happiness from her
Subuhi; what do you mean!
Abhigya grinning her teeth: did you heard what she said she said that she is 12 damn it and can you guess age of Basu (Subu was looking clueless) you cant as she is not your daughter but I can she must be hardly 30 or 32 and she is having daughter and that too of 12 so can you guess at what age she made her married
Subu: it must be…
Abhigya: yes right it is she was hardly 20 or 23 when she was married and my dear sister this is not the age for any girl to get marry at this age girls use to concentrate on her careers they use to think something for themselves they have some dreams that their life will be according to dreams but do you think that she got time to see dreams
Subuhi: but didi when we talked to her that time at our first meeting she told us that she is fully educated and….
Abhigya: That must be because he supported him you heard it right! That whenever she cried he scolded her rather than consoling her from that I can guess that he is the one behind every happiness she is getting he will be the one who helped her and gave her every happiness
Subuhi: quiet possible
Abhigya: Its all my mistake why I didn’t tried to search for her god! (banged her fist on wall in anger) now I want to talk with Anirudh Bhaiya because I asked him to take care of her like his own daughter and he did that to her

screen freezed and divides one side Basudha’s happy face and one side Abhigya’s face full of anger

Precap: no precap
Whats going on in Prabhas’s life why he dont want to listen Pulkit’s name and why he dont want his son infront of him and a misunderstanding is created in Abhigya’s mind for Anirudh will it get clear soon? what is going to happen in Abhidha’s life stay tuned to get these answers and one message now
Durga dear where are you i hope you are fine it is been long time i have seen comments by you on any ff hope you are fine dear

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  3. awesome dii it was amazing yeah our rockstar is back again not again but in a new birth hey na dii but dii i must say u r the nest it makes me more desperate to read the next episode may be prabhas is angry as his favorite pulkit bhaiyya left him and waiting to know fr further updates love u and dont forget me take care with lots of love and hugs ur choti..

  4. First i was confused who is the new character abhisha then i came to that is abhi+basudha= abhidha! Nice name!! The episode is just filled with awesomenes when the family members asked abhi to sing i thought he would sing rhymes??? but he sang just like basu’s grandfather abhi the rockstar!!..this episode is so nice!!…and yeah take care of ur health because to do any work we need our health to be good!!

  5. Hai surbhi pls take care of you first…and coming to the ff…Yash sang a beautiful and my favourite song and flashback (KB sof) I read the epi daily my favourite episode in that epi the mareez-e-ishq song was awesome..and the suspense and twist in the story eagerly waiting for it…

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