STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 31

Episode 31
Abhigya: Mother is never a person for whom you have to clean your hands for meeting I am here to do that now understand you have become too responsible haan Basu that you will not come in front of me and will run from there looking at me haan (still looking at her palms) you know you thought that I didn’t noticed you and didn’t recognised you but the truth is that beta my heart at that moment itself said that I know you very well how can I not after all you are my own daughter na but the need was of confirmation that my doubt is exact and that got confirmed when I went back to home now tell me are you angry upon me
She looked at Pragya who was controlling herself nodded her head in no
Abhigya: then why you didn’t told me and met me that day what did you thought that I am grown too old how will maa recognise me she will never believe me
Pragya remained numb for a while
Abhigya keeping hand on her head: Basu.. come on now don’t say my daughter doesn’t want to share her pain with her mother (emotional monotone)
Pragya hugged her
Abhigya caring her head: I am sorry my dear I kept you away from me for this much time
Pragya didn’t uttered a word just keep on crying silently hugging her Abhigya was caring her head
Abhigya: Now will you answer something or going to cry like this only silently
A voice came from back it was Abhi
Abhi: try to make her speak if you can because since we have married I have seen her crying silently only the mute cry
Ganga who was in his arms: Mute cry cute cry rhyming na!
Abhigya: hmm let me see this girl
She lifts up her face and said
Abhigya: Oho silent cry hmm Prateek how she use to cry when she was kid
Prateek who was standing nearby: Oh more than a loud speaker
Abhigya: and when she use to become silent I use to slap her
Prateek: try it once more may she will speak something in one slap
Abhigya: I think we have to try that right!
Pragya wiping her tears like a kid nodded in no. Ganga who was looking all that started crying
Abhi: Now what happened to you Gangu
Ganga: she will beat Mummy……(while crying)
All the three laughed on her statement how cutely she said that Pragya widened her arms to take her
Prateek: arey junior first stop crying yourself then only you will be able to stop her
Pragya was still looking down and crying this time Abhigya and Prateek both hugged her and Abhi left the place with Ganga to calm her down went to his room there Kaustuki looked Ganga crying so thought maybe she was getting stubborn for something which papa doesn’t gave her so she is crying she ignored as he was there to calm her after few minutes he heard voice of door bell so asking Kaustu to look after her sister he went to open the door and got surprised as there was the Mehras on the door he welcomed them Abhigya was with Pragya and Prateek trio came out Pragya’s eyes were red now along with her face
Prabas: OH so junior that’s why your smile was faded away after meeting us
Subuhi: I was saying na that I am feeling we have connection with her
Yash: oh please subu dii my crime partner she was how can we not have any connection
Abhigya: Oye don’t start fight here now
Prabhas: yes don’t start here otherwise dumbo will prison you
Abhigya: I am in no mood idiot so don’t start now we will continue later
Prabhas: If you want that later then take appointment for that ok
Abhigya: to hell with your appointment I wont purchase any ointment for you if you are feeling pain and you are thinking I will take appointment to talk with you
Prateek: Abhigya enough yr don’t start now
Vibha: Prabhas you can continue it later right!
Prabhas: yeah I can leave me junior Abhu otherwise she will become dumbo like you
Abhi was looking all that with shock as how Abhigya and Prabhas were fighting that time Kaustuki came out of room she was finding something which she wasn’t able to find so she went to Pragya
Kaustuki: mum have you seen my book anywhere which I brought from library librarian will scold me for sure if I didn’t found it (searching it nearby table)
Then she looked at Pragya and her red eyes
Kaustuki: you cried!
Pragya: no
Kaustuki to Abhi: she cried! Right!
Abhi: I don’t know
Kaustuki making an angry face: you don’t know ok then I will tell Dadi then you will know for sure
Abhi: go and tell her I am not scared of anyone when I said I don’t know then I don’t know
Kaustuki picked up the phone and acted as talking to Divya: Haan dadi…!
Abhi immediately snatched the phone and hanged it: why you always want me to be get scolded
Kaustu: then tell me why she cried
Abhi smiled: she met your nani ma after long time that’s why she got emotional
Kaustu: who is she is that lady in white suit boot
Abhi: yes and they all are you maternal grandpa and grandma
Kaustu went near Abhigya and looked at her face she was also looking at her then Kaustu looked at Pragya then said
Kaustuki: Was that radio less to make her cry than this plasma TV also came to make her cry
Abhi immediately shut her mouth making an embarrassed face Pragya finally laughed looking them both like that
Abhi asked sorry from her for Kaustu’s behaviour Kaustu making herself free from his hands said in anger “WHOEVER COMES MAKE HER CRY NOONE CAN SEE HER HAPPY” she said this while leaving the place and looking her behaviour Abhigya remembered her days when she wasn’t able to see tears In her mother’s eyes and for that she even got slapped also once
Abhigya asks Pragya ma was you crying ??
Pragya : no
Abhigya; no ma you are lying you was crying see your eyes are fill with tears. By the way why were you crying ?? No don’t tell me you was crying remembering papa ma you always use to cry remembering papa and you only have told us his name which is “Abhishek prem Mehra” and never showed us even a photo of our papa and why are you crying remembering him as he does not worried about us when he left us so why you use to remember him.
Pulkit intrupts : Abhigya he is her husband as usual she will remember him naa
Abhigya in anger and rude voice: you don’t try to interrupt as you are not our real family member dada.
Pragya shouts : abhigya
Abigya: what wrong I have said ma.
Pragya slaps her hard and she runs out of room crying hard
Flashback ends
She remembers the scene was similar today too but there was a slight difference there one brother was with her to calm her down she was having a son who was able to sought out her misunderstandings but here the girl was alone and it was obvious being an elder daughter that she is feeling anger over her mother’s tears then she came out of thoughts when she heard everyone laughing over something
Prabhas: great Dumbo now we got one competent for you Plazma TV hahaha great name (laughing hard)
Yash: I never gave you pet names being scared of you but she gave you plasma TV lols didi now she is my crime partner for sure Abhishek will you please call her
Abhi in shocked expressions: yes sure
While going he thought: God what kind of family is this everyone is mischievous more than a kid waah
He went in the room and what the scenario was he looked and smiled so thought not to disturb them and went back to the hall again
Abhi: This girl is too much stubborn she is resisting coming back
Pragya: What happened!
Prateek: Oh god thank you so much dear you made us listen her voice finally
Abhigya: don’t tease her understand Prateek
Prabhas: yes don’t tease her Prateek tease your wife it will have great fun
Abhi: I don’t know but she is resisting to come back here now
Pragya: she must have gone upset wait I will call her
She went from there and as she opened the door a loud music came out as she went in Kaustu and Ganga dragged her inside here screen shifts to Abhigya and all
Abhigya: loud music! What’s going on there?
Abhi: why don’t you check yourself!
All of them went in that direction and looked that Kaustuki was behaving with Basu as if a lover is pacing out his angry and upset girlfriend
Kaustuki raising up her collar:
Ab Apni Ke Taarif Karoo (What should I say in order to praise myself)
Upar Waade Se Main Daroon (I’m afraid of God)
Je Koi Banega Bada Landlord(If someone tries to become a landlord)
(Here landlord symbolizes someone in a position of power
and it can be anyone who tries to control or take over something)
Unhein Maaroon Ghusand, Neeche Main Dharoon(I punch him and bash him onto the floor)

Hum Haryana Ke Eklaute King (I’m the only King of Haryana (State in North India)
Bohot hai Apni Fan Following (I have a huge fan following)
Par Apne Ko Koi Farak Ni Padta(This fact doesn’t affect me at all)
Wohi Hai Sabka Karta Dharta (As I know that my life is in God’s hands)

Dil Ka Hoon Thoda Rangeen(I’m a little bit colourful from my heart)
Par Bhains Ke Aage Na Bajata Been (But I don’t play a flute in front of a buffalo(This is an Indian proverb which means ‘Tailor Your speech to Your audience’)
Mujhko To Tu Aa Gayi Pasand (I find You attractive)
Come On Baby, Don’t Be Mean
Pragya paused the song for a while and folding her hands asked
Basu: May I know what is going on
Kaustu: Yo baby you was upset so we are making you smile that’s it
Basu: What if I didn’t smile
Kaustu while playing the song again: This is impossible that Kaustu and Ganga the great are trying to make anyone smile and they will not Impossible my lord
She held her hand and Ganga encircled her hands on her shoulder standing on back Pragya laughed at them kaustu continued

Aaja Taine Sair Kara Doon (Come, let me take You on a ride)
Gucci Louis Tane Dava Doon (Let me buy You presents from Gucci and Louis Vuitton (Gucci and Louis Vuitton are famous designers in the world))
Akshay Kumar To Bhai Hai Apna (Akshay Kumar is like my brother)
Bol To Sahi Photo Kara Doon (Just say it and I’ll get You and him photographed together) (while holding a phone in pose of selfie)

Basu was helpless as she can’t do anything beside of laughing and smiling at that cuteness which was infront of her she was feeling as now everything is completed she kissed Ganga on her forehead and took Kaustu in her arms Abhigya was looking all this smilingly said a priceless moment and Abhi said
Abhi: she is crazy nothing can make her feel like this until Kaustu do so
Prabhas: At least everything sought out easily na look out your mother-in-law whenever she use to upset then starts her screeching and then what maa use to do BOOM a hard slap on her face what say Dumbo
Abhigya being irked: you are saying if as I was the punching bag and ma was practicing her hand on me everytime
Prabhas: actually you were not less then that too
Yash: I think example of volcano will be best for her
Subuhi: don’t you dare to speak that you fool
Yash: ok you can say me fool doesn’t matter but atleast clarify gulaab ka fool ya marigold ka
Subuhi: shut up
Yash: Haww what are you saying didi here if I will do my shirt up then what will everybody think of me
Abhigya: chhotu she didn’t said shirt up she asked to shut your mouth
Prateek: Listen Abhu
Abhigya: you don’t interrupt please it our matter
Vibha: Prabhas atleast you..
Prabhas: you don’t say anything please just leave our matter on us
Prateek: Vibha shreya Subhas come we will watch the show Abhi beta do you have popcorns at home
Abhi: let me check papa
He went in room to Pragya
Abhi: Basudha… see whats going on yr
Basu: what happened now!
Abhi: the home is turned out into battle field
Basu widening her eyes: don’t say Maa and Mamu are fighting
Abhi: great basu you guessed it very right
Basu: they are fighting! Don’t worry I know how to stop them
Abhi: really! Great then do something
Basudha: But I don’t know weather that idea will work or not
Abhi: let us try
Basu: Okay then have some earbuds and close your ears
Kaustuki in feared expression: are you going to shout!
Basu winked on her: just rock and roll baby
Kaustu: baby! Listen Mr what have they done to her that she said baby to us but she never said like that Papa mummy ko kuchh ho gaya pakka (something happened to her for sure)

Abhi: May be don’t know what she is going to do
Pragya was searching for something and a mischievous smile formed on her face she took out an USB from her bag and mobile too after transferring something to that USB she plugged that in TV and said
Pragya: close your ears now.
All the three did it Pragya played the music it was an scratch music of glass breaking which was really irritating sound all the four APSY(Abhigya Prabhas, Subuhi, Yash stopped and she put the music off

Prateek: It is Basu for sure
Shreya: Whatever but atleast they all stopped fighting
Vibha: well done junior
Abhigya: Ok now I understood we have to stop please off this music yr
Prabhas: who said she is changed
Yash: It was our mistake we thought she is changed
Pragya came out and with a kiddish expression dusting of her hand said
Pragya: Well don’t it works till now (kiddish evil smile)
Abhi: What was that!
Pragya: Nothing you know whenever Maa and Mamu use to fight I always did this and boom the fight ends even till now I used to do so whenever found someone fighting on road just play it on loudspeaker and everything will be perfect
Abhi patted her forehead gently: No wonder you are really silly
Pragya: hehe thank you
Abhigya came in: You did this right!
Pragya: no I didn’t
Abhigya: don’t lie from me
Pragya: Basu the great never lies maa don’t you know
Abhigya: I know it very well wait I will tell who is telling a lie
Pragya: hehe first chase me
Abhigya: wait you…
Pragya started running and Abhigya was chasing her
Kaustuki in crying tone: aannn….
Abhi: what happened!
Kaustuki: Mummy ko kuchh ho gaya (something happened to her)
Yash came in and lifted her in his arms: nothing happened bete sahab you leave them
Kaustuki: who are you
Yash: your new partner in crime my bete sahab I have so much tricks to irritate your elders
An evil smile formed on Kaustu’s face
Kaustu: do you have tricks to irritate alarm clock
Abhi heard that: Oye don’t you dare Kaustu
Yash: who is Alarm clock
Kaustu : are you looking that man in white shirt and blue pant
Yash: he is your father right!
Kaustu: no he is my alarm clock
Yash: how
Ganga: because every morning he use to call baffuu… bafuu.. and bostu bostu
Kaustu: eh Danga it is not Bafu it is Basu and not Bostu it is Kaustu
Yash: ok then done partners I have various tricks
Kaustu: done partner
Ganga: partner
Subuhi came in and took Ganga in her arms
Subuhi: you don’t become bad boys partner we are good girls and we will be partners okay
Ganga: good girls good partners
Subuhi: yes
Yash: take her take her and form the team of losers I have the strong contestant
Subuhi: we will see it
Saying this she went and screen shifts towards Pragya she was running in hall
Abhigya: I said Basu wait there itself otherwise if I caught you then it will turn worst
Basu: first catch me maa then tell
Abhigya was about to catch her but she pushed Prateek ahead and Abhigya ended up hugging him
Prateek: Haww Abhu what are you doing everyone will make fun of us yr
Abhigya in irked expression: just shut up okay and please be aside see this girl how she is doing
Basu went and hid behind Prabhas: Mamu save me
Abhigya: Prabhas you get a side
Prabhas: touch her then I will tell you how to get aside
Abhigya: you are not doing good saving her
Prabhas: she is mamu’s girl and don’t worry beta mamu will never ever let you happen anything
Basu: love you mamu
Abhigya: okay then no need of mine go and live with him and call him only maa don’t ever come to mee
She went from there in an angry face Pragya went to her and hugged her from back
Pragya: Don’t do this na see just now I have got you back and you are saying this
Abhigya: you are blackmailing me emotionally
Pragya: no blackmailing
Abhigya: then it is okay
Pragya with sparkled eyes: really!
Abhigya: yes but it doesn’t means you will not get punishment (twisting her ears)
Pragya: ok ok ok I got it but leave the ear please it is paining.
Abhigya: okay then your punishment is I will live with you tonight
Pragya: accepted forever
Both the mother daughter hugged each other Abhi was smiling while looking at her thinking “This happiness was missing this was missing now it seems she is happy from her heart thank you god for hearing me you heard me late but heard at least
It was the time of evening all the family members were seated on the terrace Pragya was seated down on the floor as Abhigya was on chair and continuously she was caring her head while talking too and she was feeling it closing her eyes Kaustuki was in Yash’s lap and Ganga was in Subuhi’s lap everyone was doing chit chat
Prabhas: Ok Abhu jokes a part tell me how you found her
Abhigya: arey yr I said you that day I was feeling some connection with her so I neglected that day then next day me and Prateek went to our home
Subuhi: Sangwang villa
Abhigya: Exactly there I saw that everything was well maintained so I praised Dinu kaka but he said that he didn’t but Bete sahab did it and he use to call that to her only and my curiosity raised I asked him he told me that Anirudh bhai comes here often so I can asked him there I got to know that my small gudiya is married now with a gentleman and she have one daughter too so then I waited there in hope that she will return here but Anirudh bhai came there to check and there I met him he told me everything and showed her photograph too I cursed myself mentally that she was infront of me and I didn’t recognised her then by taking address I reached here that’s it
Kaustu was feeling bored: ok so you are my nani right!
Abhigya smilingly: yes my dear
Kaustu: you are a pop star!
Abhigya: I was as now I just use to write lyrics
Kaustu: hmm whatever but my honey singh is best
Abhigya: by the way madam not only me but here everyone can sing
Kaustu: hein! Everyone is singer
Prabhas: yeah….
Kaustu: great Mummy everyone is singer in your family and he Is the one my beloved father he even cant sing a poem too
All the mehras looked at Abhi and said in chorus: you can’t sing
Abhi: yes but whats the big deal in that
Prabhas: There is a big deal
Abhi looked at Pragya with a helpless face

screen freezed

Precap: Abhi and Basu in the room Abhi “like this like this she was staring me i think she didnt liked me” Basu “Offo of course she will like you na dont over think”
next scene
Abhi seated on a chair it seems mehras taking his interview
Prabhas “what! you didnt said that yet” Yash “Bausdha come here you are coming with us we cant leave you with this person” Abhi holding his head in disbelief

Found out any mistake gustakhi maaf please as i wrote it in rush anything you found that was irrelevant or insensible please tell me and sunday leave for me as i have to wind up my work so we will meet on Monday now bye bye hope you enjoy the update till then keep guessing what is going to happen further

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    Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere
    yaar baat ban jaani
    Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
    Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
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    Tum ek musafir ho, main koi raah anjaani
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    Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Main rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    Mujhe khud mein ghol de toh, mere yaar baat ban jaani
    Rang sharbaton ka, tu meethe ghaat ka paani
    O yaara tujhe pyaar mein, battiyan kya samjhawan
    Jaagke ratiyaan roz bitawaan, isse aage ab main kya kahun
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