STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 30


Episode 30

Kaustuki and Ganga stayed there as Abhi instructed them he was walking with Pragya all were out now and two people came out of the car Pragya got extremely emotional want to cry but can’t because her mother was in front of her not only mother but father too yes Abhigya was standing there along with Prateek Basu was in mixed emotions happy as she was looking her there and sad thinking that whether she will recognise her or not Abhi looked at her and held her hand more tightly assuring her that everything will be fine. Abhigya was moving ahead to meet Prabhas, Subu and Yash Pragya was feeling like just few moments more if she stayed over here her heart will pop out for sure she was trying to escape from there tears were about to come out getting hard to control again and again she was trying that when Abhi loose his grip on her hand, when she can run from there and cry out loud where no one could hear her it wasn’t easy to come in front of that person from whom she stayed far for a long time more over she was thinking that she is not the same person who was her daughter whose mother was stood infront of her the Pragya whom she left with Anirudh she was changed now as she was bound in some socialistic and superstitious people’s bond moreover what she got till her teenage was only neglecting eyes which were telling her every time that she is burden on them don’t know why those thoughts were suddenly rewinding in her mind she was continuously thinking about the life she had lived till now it was not going to be easy for her to face her mother she was thinking what will she say to her and how that how that cherish girls changed into a scared person although she was not the same now Abhi’s company brought a slight change in her his support was the one who helped her to get out of that black world of superstition where she was bound because of some ill mentality person his support was the one who helped her out to stand for herself she was very great full that she got him as her life partner but why he is forcing today to do what she can’t she was scared to meet her own family just because she was not the same.

She came out of thoughts and looked at the hand which Abhi held tightly she tried to move and looked at him with pleading eyes that leave her she is not able to face she. A thick layer of tears was clearly visible he looked at her and couldn’t hold her eyes which was showing pain clearly pain of separation today he got to know that the girl who was being strong these much years was not so strong he loosed her hand and she went away from there. Abhi came taking excuse from Mehras and before Abhigya could notice that someone else was there too he left with Kaustuki and Ganga. He made them both sit with him in the car and Pragya was at back seat she was keep on wiping off her tears her eyes were swollen to red and face was getting red too she was keep on wiping her tears trying hard that they both shouldn’t see it otherwise what will she answer that why she is crying! Just because she is unable to face reality she knew that very well that Abhigya will find her so soon if she went to Sangwang villa she will get to know about her soon but…. What if she didn’t went there thinking that she must stay away from remembering past.

It was six hours been spent today Abhi leaving Pragya at home went to meet Divya and Kabir and told them everything they suggested him not to force her and asked him to leave both the girls there they will take care of her and spend sometime with her because this is the time she needs someone to share her pain to forget what was reminding in her mind again and again to get her rid out of her fear they asked him to handle everything carefully because this was the time she was too sensitive and even a harsh tone can hurt her. He nodded his head in yes and went from there thought how to cheer up her mood that she should come out off all that pain with these thoughts he reached home the door wasn’t open he was ringing the bell but no one was opening the door so he opened it with spare key and went inside he saw that all the lights were off the food was kept on table as it is when he left the home with both the girls asking Pragya to eat the food for sure he understood she didn’t ate it but the question was where was she ? he took the plate and kept in kitchen then went to is room heard the voice of sobbing understood she was there he turned the lights on of the room then looked she was there in the corner of the bed sobbing hard burring her head in the bead he looked at her and remembered that incident when he faced accident and Kamya was blaming her for that (mentioned about accident in episode1) that time she was new to him that’s why she was hesitated to tell her problem but now they were familiar with each other still she was doing this he went and kept hand on her shoulder she looked at him and wiped her tears He kept his both hand on her shoulder and shook her lightly saying

Abhi: Basudha…. How much you will cry in a day enough yr
Basu: I…I am not crying (her voice was stammering)
Abhi wiping of her tears with hanky: No….. you are not crying who said you are crying you must have cut some onions that’s why these tears are there in your eyes
Basu while sobbing: I didn’t
Abhi: Oh you didn’t so I think GOD has fixed pipeline in your eyes and that is leaked that’s why these tears are coming out
Basu shouted: what do you want
Abhi in a serious tone: stop crying now and come with me.
Basu: I don’t want to go anywhere leave me alone
Abhi: did I held this hand to leave you?
Basu was now speechless as she also know that nothing is kept there in ignoring him he stood up and forwarded his hand to her she stood up

Abhi: Go and wash your face now and come we will go somewhere
Basu with a scared tone: we are not going back there right!
Abhi holding her hand: no we will not go there okay! Now go and change yourself because if you will come like this then people will say that you are married to an onion that’s why always your face looks like a crying cat
Pragya: you called me cat!
Abhi: No I called myself onion
Pragya looked at him and laughed
Abhi: Finally…I made you laugh well done Abhishek (patting his own back)
Pragya came after changing and washing off her face
Abhi: come we will go
Pragya: hmm

They both went and when Abhi started driving
Pragya: where we are going?
Abhi: don’t know
Pragya: please tell na
Abhi: Okay fine we are going park
Pragya: Park! At this time!
Abhi: oh come on basu it Is just 7:00 it is not my fault that you spent whole day while crying like a kid
Pragya: you are taunting me
Abhi: no my lord I am telling you

They both reached at a park there Pragya went ahead and both were silently Abhi thought to divert her mind from all that he saw an ice-cream man and said to her
Abhi: Basu have you ever ate ice candy
Basu: Ice Candy!
Abhi: yes Ice Candy you know what they do these local ice-cream sellers use to freeze crushed ice with orange juice or soft drink and then they use to sell it and believe me it tastes yummy I use to eat it when I was in school
Pragya: You use to do that!
Abhi: Yes of course I did it you know I use to save all my pocket money for this only baba use to give me some money daily for lunch as maa was a working women as she is Naira and Yasho didu were in their graduation period so no one was there my most of the time use to spend in either studies or watching TV shows but most of the time I was committed to my books so what I use to do in those days….
Pragya: what you use to do
Abhi: first tell me will you try this or not
Pragya like a stubborn kid: No first tell me then only I will try it
Abhi: okay silly calm down I am telling
Pragya : Haan tell me come we will sit there
Abhi shook his head on her antics laughingly: come

They sat on a bench
Pragya: haan now tell me further
Abhi: so what I use to do was the money which maa and baba use to give me for lunch I use to save half of that and as I was restricted to eat those ice candies so I use to eat them hiding from everyone’s eyes by saving that money
Pragya: hein! You use to do this Maa didn’t got to know ever that you are eating all that hidingly?
Abhi: uff she got to know one day as cough cold caught me and doctor got to know the reason that because of eating excess ice only that happened maa asked me and I blurted out because no option was there as I ate 4 candies that day because it was the day when four of them gave me some money
Pragya: Then! Did she punished you
Abhi: Punished me! She stopped giving money from that day. You know she went to her work late as only for me she use to go after preparing lunch and there was the person who leave me school and the pick me up too
Pragya: driver kaka!
Abhi: hmm… that was the day from when these ice candies got far from me

Pragya laughed on his expression as he said like someone took his love away from him he was happy as she forgot all that for sometime
Abhi: so madam will you like to taste it
Pragya: hmm
He went and brought two ice candies gave one to her and ate one himself as it was his favourite he finished it soon Pragya was having it calmly he was looking at her she noticed it and asked what raising her eyebrows Abhi made a face like a kid and asked her to share her ice candy
Pragya: what! No never you ate yours
Abhi: please…. See I will have it little only
Pragya: no you have ate yours it is mine
Abhi: please see after a long time I am having it
Pragya: that is not my fault
Abhi: basu…
Pragya: I will not

Abhi turning his face : okay then I got to know this is the fruit for my happenings that I cannot have one more ice candy
Pragya widening her eyes shook her head in disbelief: such a drama king you are now I got to know why Kaustu use to do all that
Abhi: say whatever you want to say
Pragya: okay you can have it but only one
Abhi with glittering eyes: okay then
Pragya: but only one bite
Abhi: yes sure only one
She shared it with him and he had it
Pragya: relaxed!
Abhi: Super….

Both sat there for sometime talking about some of the past memories then headed towards home few days passed like that one day Mrs Rawat (neighbour) came there for some chit chat she was talking something randomly as she was there for time pass because her husband went for a trip and whenever this happened she use to come to chit chat with Pragya she was busy in preparing lunch and in kitchen both the ladies were talking here Kaustuki and Ganga was busy in playing Abhi was talking to Yashika and Naira after a long time trio brother and sisters were sharing their moments with each other Abhi shared his all the incidents which took place during their UK trip and Yashika, Naira were teasing him

Naira: you are saying truth she did that!
Abhi: yes she did and you know she said to Kaustu that I am searching girlfriend for myself
Yashika while laughing: she will say that of course after all you didn’t said that to her na
Abhi: you again started upon that dadi ma
Naira: so what!
Yashika: by the way that waiter spoiled your timing otherwise you would have said that right dada ji!
Abhi: yes you are right
Naira: you know Yasho I remember one song now
Abhi: now why suddenly you remembered song aah!
Yashika: you shut up dada ji let her speak haan didu speak na I mean say
Naira: that one only silly we use to like a lot
Yashika: Ooh that one! I also remember those words were like
Naira: haan.. that one
Yashika: yes remembered it was
Haan mujhe pyar hua pyar hua allah miya
Bhari barsaath me ikraar hua allah miya
Both were singing in chorus and that tone was teasing tone for Abhi and he was trying hard to control himself
Abhi waving his hand over head from back: enough na how much you will tease me
Naira: its just a beginning bro
Abhi; Okay I think lunch is ready I need to go

He signed off and smiled Yashika and Naira were laughing at their brother’s silly antic
Here he reached at dining table Kaustuki and Ganga also joined him Pragya started to keep food on table their neighbour went from there that time and when she was going she met a lady and a man on the door the lady asked “Is this Mr Abhishek Mehta’s residence” Mrs Rawat answered yes and left from there and the lady turned out to be Abhigya along with Prateek door was open they went in and looked when Pragya was serving food to the family how Abhi and Kaustu were fighting over a share of paratha on table a layer of tears formed in her eyes and some memories from flashback looking her in the salwaar kameez dupatta tied on a waist covering her like saree pallu those hands filled with bangles and hairs pinned in a bun vermilion in the hairline which was filled as like a married women fills not like now a days how girls fills it just for formality she and scolding Kaustuki for something

Abhigya is getting ready at some festival in a traditional way wearing suit and lots of jewellery Pragya came that time
Pragya: uff maa what have you wore this much stuff don’t you feel irked wearing all that I myself feeling irked looking you like that
Abhigya: and why is it so madam may I ask you (taking her into embrace)
Pragya: you know you never look good in suits and all you are rocking in your rocking attire why don’t you wear it
Abhigya: every married women have to do it understand (kissing her forehead)
Pragya: don’t try to get senti wenti with me see how much red colour you have filled on your head is today HOLI?
Abigya laughed: My dear every married women have to do this understand I know my love like me in rocking style but there is much difference in pop star Abhigya and a wife Abhigya
Pragya widening eyes: really! We have to separate our personalities after marriage?
Abhigya: hmm what to do
Pragya: No then I will never do this I will never ever marry I cant wear this much of stuffs and moreover who will wear this much red colour in their head
Abhigya: time will decide now but for that you are too small madam there are so many years for your marriage now you are only 8 so don’t think about that
Pragya: No maa you mark my words I said it means I will never do it
Abhigya laughed
Flashback ends

Abhigya was remembering how that time crazy she was her innocence was the best craziness of hers but today she was looking like her daughter was really changed Prateek was also looking at her his little doll was managing three peoples at a time at once who was having two servants for her every wish now she was working here but not with helplessness but with happiness they were looking at her when the screen shifts to the dining table
Kaustuki: that is fare you ate all the halwa mummy you didn’t gave it to me I also want it
Ganga: I also want it
Abhi: how cleaver you both are just now when she asked you said you don’t want it and now you want it
Kaustuki: that time she didn’t gave it to you but now you ate it and now I want it
Abhi: just because I ate it you want it now
Kaustuki: yes otherwise I will tell to Dadi and Dadu that you are scolding us badly
Abhi: when I scolded you tell me
Kaustuki: bolne me kya jata hai (what is in saying)
Abhi: kaustu don’t you think now a days you are telling a lie a lot that is not good I am telling you
Kaustu: everything is fair in love
Abhi: achha whose love
Kaustu: umm…. Love of a daughter to her alarm clock
Abhi: again you said that Basu are you listening to her

Pragya came out holding spatula in her hand with irked face
Pragya: don’t drag me in this understand this is your both father daughter’s habit fighting on dining table and taking me into argument then when I use to start speaking you both get one side so better solve on your own otherwise it will not be good understand I am warning you
Abhi and Kaustu looked at each other then said in chorus
Abhi and Kaustu in chorus: Mummy take a chill pill
Ganga: chill pill… chill pill… mummy take chill pill…..
Pragya being irked closed her eyes and stamping her foot went from there saying
Pragya: Maro siyappa (Gosh!)

Abhigya and Prateek who were looking this all from far laughed in a monotone looking her irked like that and said in a monotone
Abhigya: anger is same still
Prateek: hmm but have a happy family
Abhi noticed them hearing voice that someone was looking them he went to check and got shocked to see Abhigya and Prateek he greeted them
Abhi: come in please don’t stand on the door
Abhigya: if you don’t mind can we meet her
Abhi: Oh come on mam it’s your home only and your daughter you can meet her whenever you want
Abhigya: aan don’t call mam Maa is okay son in law
Abhi smiled: if you are my maa then better not to call me son in law
Prateek: okay Mr
Abhi: wait I will call her
Abhigya: no don’t call her I will go tell me where is she
Abhi showed her the way and she went
Pragya hearing some sound : who is there from whom you are talking
Abhigya: what if he tell you I am here
Pragya heard a familiar voice and turned back to see who was it and her doubt got real it was Abhigya who was stood there with a smiling face and teary eyes Pragya was confused how to react she was happy too she wanted to run and hug her but then she looked herself and Abhigya. Her hands were dirty so she started searching something to clean her hands but till then Abhigya came to her and held her hands and taking her stole started to wiping them off Pragya was looking at her

Abhigya: Mother is never a person for whom you have to clean your hands for meeting I am here to do that now understand you have become too responsible haan Basu that you will not come in front of me and will run from there looking at me haan (still looking at her palms) you know you thought that I didn’t noticed you and didn’t recognised you but the truth is that beta my heart at that moment itself said that I know you very well how can I not after all you are my own daughter na but the need was of confirmation that my doubt is exact and that got confirmed when I went back to home now tell me are you angry upon me
She looked at Pragya who was controlling herself nodded her head in no
Abhigya: then why you didn’t told me and met me that day what did you thought that I am grown too old how will maa recognise me she will never believe me
Pragya remained numb for a while
Abhigya keeping hand on her head: Basu.. come on now don’t say my daughter doesn’t want to share her pain with her mother (emotional monotone)

Pragya hugged her
Abhi caring her head: I am sorry my dear I kept you away from me for this much time
Pragya didn’t uttered a word just keep on crying silently hugging her Abhigya was caring her head

Screen freezed on their faces

Precap: Kaustu “Papa who is she why mummy is crying that radio was less now this plasma TV came to make her cry” Abhi closed her mouth making an embarrassed face Prabhas Subuhi and Yash looking on in shock
Finally mother daughter met now what! wait for the lightm light episodes now and travel in crazy world of these brother and sisters 😉

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