STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 29


Episode 29
It was the time of evening Kaustuki was busy in her work and Ganga was feeling bored so she went to Kaustuki and started pulling her hand
Kaustuki: Dangu what are you doing yr let me complete my work first I will play with you later
Ganga: No please come na…
Kaustuki in a stern voice: I said it once Ganga let me complete my work first
Ganga: when will it end?
Kaustuki: soon now go till then you watch TV go there will be Tom and Jerry airing this time see
Ganga: you will come soon na
Kaustuki: Promise I will come now go
Ganga went from there and switched on the TV and started watching it sometimes later Kaustuki joined her she sat beside her Pragya was busy in her work here Ganga and Kaustuki were watching TV and Ganga while watching TV kept head in Kaustu’s lap she was holding her hand and caring her hairs she was fully taking care that she should sleep before dinner and that also she shouldn’t suck her thumb as instructed by Basu once Ganga started to suck it she slapped on her hand gently then she sat by hugging Kaustu said
Ganga: I will not do It don’t get angry (in a childish tone)
Kaustuki: Better because they are bad manners now let’s see TV
Ganga made her face towards TV and both sat there after sometime both of them got bored so started playing with some building blocks making different, different things here screen shifts to Basu she was surfing out on the laptop then the door got knocked she asked Kaustu to open it as this was the time to return of Abhi she said not to open directly first ask who is it Kaustu did it and as it was Abhi he came in was looking extremely happy as he entered he directly asked
Abhi in a low voice: Where is she?
Kaustuki: working inside

Saying this she continue with her sister and after closing the door went inside and she was seated on the bed busy in laptop didn’t noticed him he went and kneeled down before her she noticed it.
Basu: What happened? Why you are sitting like this down on the floor!
Abhi: I am thinking something
Basu: yeah I can see that too without changing
Abhi: today I will not change I will remain like this only (turned around and spread his arms in bad resting his head on the edge of the bed
Basu: Are you Ok! Or something has happened to you
Abhi: this is all because of happiness silly
Basu thought: silly! For sure something has happened today
Abhi: Uff I am thinking that how to take treat
Basu : Treat! What has happened why cant you say directly! Why you are happy and why do you want treat and from whom you want that!
Abhi smiled looking out her curiosity then he took out a letter from his bag and asked Pragya to read it loudly
Pragya took it with confused expression took it and read it
Mrs Basudha Mehta
We are hereby informing you that you have been hired for….(her expression got shocking) the post of assistant rather than secretary analysing your ability to work and we are granting that you may get promotion according to your dedication and work. You have to work as a assistant of senior editor Mr Abhishek Mehta your joining dates and details are mentioned in an e-mail send by us.
Thank you

And reading this she was surprised a lot as she gave exams for the post of secretary but got selected as assistant
Basu: wha… what! Is this how this happened
Abhi being happy like a crazy: Arey silly don’t ask how this happened but tell me what I am getting as treat
Basu: But first tell me one thing that there is no difference in secretary and assistant right! Then
Abhi patting her head gently: Oh my silly wife there is a difference see if you were selected as a secretary you have to keep record of everything what I am doing where is my meeting what I have to do and all but here the assistant means you have to do that work also and In my absence you have to complete my left over work
Basu: really! Ok fine now don’t kill me in suspense please tell me how this happened?
Abhi now was laughing on her as she was really behaving like a silly: calm down calm down I am telling you actually the documentary on that poverty topic you showed them something different through it by capturing some moments which everyone use to ignore beside taking videos of children who are wandering here and there you took the video of their real life so they found something unique in you but as you are not from media field they can’t give you any senior job so you got this assistant job now tell me how you are going to celebrate
Basudha: In the way you want (with a sweet calm smile)
Abhi: really!
Basu nodded in yes
Abhi: Let’s go out then long walk on a beach
Kaustuki and Ganga came that time only Kaustu rushed and laid down resting her head in Abhi’s lap and Ganga jumped over Basu
Kaustuki: where you both are going alone
Ganga: lonely, lonely
Abhi: not lonely, lonely but together out for celebration
Kaustu: which kind of celebration!
Abhi: your mummy got job and she is joining from tomorrow celebration for that
Kaustuki with a loud voice: no way mummy resign it now you cant go on job who will take care of us and then who will play with us in afternoon who will make us eat food no, no you just resign it now

Pragya felt point in what she said and before she could change her mood Abhi spoke
Abhi: she will be back by the mid of the day and more than that both of you will live with baba and ma
Ganga: with Dadu and Dadi
Pragya kissing her head: yes dadu and dadi
Kaustuki: Oh then it is fine (with some mischievous smile)
Abhi: don’t you dare do something okay Kaustu (as he understood that she is up to something)
Kaustuki: I don’t have any plan for now lets go na why are we waiting then
Ganga and Kaustu ran from there Pragya got up and Abhi was still seated there she looked back
Basu: come on now get up why are you sitting like this
He smiled and forwarded his hand Basu rolling off her eyes moving her head in disbelief held it and help him in getting up she was going he said
Abhi: whenever I will fall down you will be the one who will make me stand again with my pride.
She smiled in assurance and went from there he came after her and all the family went for celebrating that there Abhi played with Ganga and Kaustu who were playing on sea shore in water he lifted Ganga and started twirling her Kaustu was chasing them in that Pragya was laughing looking all that
The day ended with extreme happiness on everyone’s face

Next day
Abhi was running to make Kaustuki ready then Pragya was in rush today as she have to make breakfast also get ready too for office prepare lunch boxes too she was running on one feet Ganga was also there to take care off she was coming out of the kitchen and Abhi was coming out of room and they both didn’t saw that and got bumped into each other she fell down and Abhi holding her hand make her stand up
Abhi: so sorry I didn’t saw you was coming are you ok!
Pragya: Oh its okay mistake is mine too
Abhi: ok so all set shall we move
Pragya: hmm all set
All moved to their work Abhi first left Ganga with Divya and Kabir then Kaustu at her school and then both went to office here Abhi made her understand her work and she was introduced to everyone. All were busy in their work Abhi was completing some files Pragya was at her desk when Kabir passes from their he smiled for a while looking them both working perfectly like any professional which was actually looking in their working hours neither Pragya looked out for Abhi as being a wife nor Abhi did so for them it was office and they both were really working as an employee and a boss so no one got doubt too that what is the relation in mid of them two some of the ladies who have habit of gossiping started making fun of them due to the matching surnames they were talking about something when Abhi heard some gossips and got irked he scolded them for talking in working hours and went to Kabir’s cabin to get sign on some files as he sent Pragya to his chief for giving him some documents here as Abhi entered the cabin he got shocked as to his surprise Ganga was there and Kaustu too he looked up his watch it was 3:00 pm in the clock he didn’t noticed while working that when lunch too got over and thought that with him she too didn’t had lunch as she was working with he entered in as Kabir called him Kaustu smiled mischievously
Kabir: Mr Mehta you here! Anything important?
Abhi: sir this file is to be signed by you for proceeding of the report
Kabir: yes keep it here
Abhi kept the file and was about to go when Kaustu said
Kaustuki: Dadu how your employees are here no good afternoon no hello too bad dadu they don’t have respect for you I think
Abhi’s eyes got widened hearing what she said as he know Kabir will surely react to it
Kabir: Oh bete sahab you are right Mr Abhishek
Abhi grinning his teeth turned: yes sir
Kabir: don’t you have manners how you have to treat you boss and that too chief of the company
Abhi: but..
Kabir with a glare to him : hmm… (as Abhi was about to say baba there and peon was also there)
Abhi looked around: sorry sir
He was about to go when Kaustu again spoke
Kaustu: Dadu see again this carelessness he didn’t said thank you too as you gave him your precious time
Abhi glared at her she was chuckling
Kabir: Mr Abhishek how dare you stare my granddaughter like this
Abhi: sorry sir
Kabir: better
Abhi: ok sir thank you for giving your precious time
Kabir: you may leave now
Abhi: thank you sir
He left from there glaring at Kaustu but to his luck he can do nothing as she was having support of her dadu and as Abhi was being scolded by him there peon heard it and this news got spread that he has been got scolded because of Mr Kabir’s granddaughter and as Pragya was too working there she got to know about that and said mentally
Pragya: this girl is always doing this at least she would have thought this is office she did it here too hope he will stay calm
She left from the place as her duty timings were over she went at her home later Kabir also came there along with Kaustu and Ganga she greeted him and he had his lunch there then it was the time of evening Kaustu and Ganga was busy with their dadu Abhi came back to home in anger and went inside the room directly Pragya noticed it she followed him looking him upset
Pragya: What happened? Everything fine!
Abhi: yes want to live alone for sometime
Pragya: are you sure you don’t want to share
Abhi looked at her: Why she always do this did I scolded her or did I showed anger to her
Pragya folding her hand: hmm so angry with her
Abhi: no not from her but from baba you know how he scolded me when she was making fun of mine
Pragya: hmm… very serious matter (taunting tone)
Abhi: why I am sensing as you are making my fun
Pragya: no extreme no how can I do so If I did that then you will behave more like a kid no…
Abhi accepted his defeat: actually I felt bad when he scolded me for no reason infront of that peon you know he is a true gossip spreader even a small thing he use to spread like any big matter
A voice came from the door it was Kabir
Kabir: and that’s why I didn’t gave him promotion yet
Kaustuki came running and stood before Abhi, before he could react she held his both ears and making a cute face said
Kaustu: sorry I didn’t knew he is a bad person
Abhi couldn’t hold that cuteness and lifted her into his arms she rounded off her arms in his neck
Kaustu: by the way Mr handsome you are looking so tired see Dadu poor boy na
Kabir: Oh Poor boy
Ganga chuckled: Poor boy papa
Pragya controlled her laughter
Abhi: yes poor boy who is trapped in prank of his daughter and father too
Kabir: don’t you dare say anything to my bete sahab otherwise you know the result
Saying this he left with Kaustu and Ganga
Abhi: but…
Pragya laughed at him finally
Abhi: what!
Pragya nodded her head in nothing
Abhi: no one cares for me here daughters are making fun father is scolding mother will also do the same wife is laughing great family
Pragya: ok fine stop complaining now change the clothes and come I will serve your coffee
She was about to go when stopped suddenly with shocked expression as Abhi said something which shocked her
Abhi with a serious tone: Basu your family is here I got a call few hours back they have rented an apartment here
Pragya: Oh! That’s really great
Saying this she left to kitchen and Abhi followed her
Abhi: its not about great tell me what have you thought
Pragya: for what (trying to ignore)
Abhi: you know very well about what I am talking so don’t try to change the topic
Pragya: you know that…
Abhi cuts her off: we are going to meet them this Sunday that’s final prepare yourself to face them
Saying this he left and she didn’t uttered a word because she knew that she have to do so as now he is serious about this she was having no option rather than accepting what he said.
Days passed and now this was the Sunday Abhi have to meet his family this day but he told them that he is going for some party at friend’s place today along with Pragya and kids he didn’t told them where he was actually going as he wanted that Pragya should tell them on their own all headed towards the apartment where Mehras were staying Abhi ringed the bell and Subuhi opened the door she was looking in a rush so asking them to come in went for her work Abhi and Basu was confused that what was going on there
Kaustuki: Where you have brought us who are they
Abhi: Wait for sometime you will get to know
He tried to ask Yash who was also looking in rush that what happened and he answered “Let us do this dear if this didn’t completed we will be dead for sure she is coming today” saying this he went to his room and shouted taking off all the bottles of alcohol from the cupboard which he brought with him few days back
Yash: Shreya come soon yr throw them out if she got to know that I brought this then she will kill me for sure
Shreya: Yash you are not scared of Subu dii but doing this when got the news the she is coming
Yash: you don’t know she is hungry lioness she don’t like all this if she saw me having all this definitely she will kill me and will not wait to dig my grave too she will be burry me in her one hand now help me
He started packing off all the bottles then Shreya said
Shreya: don’t know whether she is your sister or a don you are scared like hell
Yash: pagal aurat she is my sister but not less than don now help me rather than making faces
Pragya and Abhi heard all that and hearing that Pragya loosed her balance for a while but as Abhi held her hand she got balanced
Abhi: are you fine!
Pragya with stumbling voice: sh..she is com…coming
Abhi: relax okay its good you are going to meet your full family
Pragya stood numb when Abhi heard Prabhas shouting
Prabhas: Vibha throw all these sigar out yr she will kill me if she saw it here
Vibha: I am doing na it is not my fault you have full stock of them
Prabhas: stop complaining and throw those bottles too or do one thing hide them somewhere she will be here in just one hour do one thing hide those cigarettes too
Vibha: I can’t understand Prabhas she is your twin sister you both are twins then why are you scared from her
Prabhas: she is my twin! No madam I am her twin she is elder than me from 1 minute
Vibha: who cares for 1 minute yr!
Prabhas: 1 minute can change your life madam see because of that one minute I became younger than her and moreover that Dumbo is an angry young women now
Vibha: so bad of you Prabhas you can’t understand her pain she lost her daughter long ago and that too whom she use to pamper a lot now she is with Kirti only
Prabhas: if I will say think this then how will I able to keep my sister away from sadness Vibha have you ever thought that (said in a concern voice)
Vibha: I must have to say Prabhas no one can understand your love
Pragya was feeling like someone is holding her neck to such an extent that she will die she wanted to cry as Kirti was with Shiitz that she knew but Shiitz met with her that she didn’t knew and both the sisters lived a different life most important thing was that she didn’t got that love which Kirti got from Abhigya she lost that love of her mother Abhi was looking at her how calmly she was hiding out her sorrows her pain but got diverted when Subuhi shouted from her room
Subuhi: Subhas just throw these magazines out you know she will kill me if she saw these fashion magazines here
Subhas: why are you yelling at me Subu you use to read them why don’t you hide them somewhere
Subuhi: you are such a selfish man Subhas you can’t help your wife
Subhas: woah! Selfish just I didn’t hide your magazines and those catalogues you are saying selfish haah! So bad Subu you don’t care for even my love
Subuhi being irritated: in your love you will dig my grave for sure you know how much she hates these things there was a day when she was also addicted to them but now she hates them to the core
Subhas: really! You never told me about that ever
Subuhi: whats the need to tell she hates them from when Koyal dii started trying her fashion over her
Subhas: Oh because of her then it’s okay even if I would have on her place I also have did same
Subu: now stop thinking about that and help me
Then finally after that chak chak all of them came out of their room and noticed there were guest at their home
Prabhas: I am so sorry Abhishek I didn’t noticed you are here
Abhi: Oh not a problem at all as you all were busy in something
Prabhas: our sister is coming remember I told you about her
Abhi; oh yes
In a meanwhile the car honk
Yash: I think she is here Bhaiya
Prabhas: yes she is here come lets go
Yash: Abhishek why don’t you join us you will also meet her
Abhi: sure why not
Prabhas: come then
Kaustuki and Ganga stayed there as Abhi instructed them he was walking with Pragya all were out now and two people came out of the car Pragya got extremely emotional want to cry but can’t because her mother was infront of her not only mother but father too yes Abhigya was standing there along with Prateek Basu was in mixed emotions happy as she was looking her there and sad thinking that whether she will recognise her or not Abhi looked at her and held her hand more tightly assuring her that everything will be fine.

Screen freezes and divides between Abhigya and basu

Precap: No Precap
Woo hoo hoo she is back like a storm what will happen now will she get successful in identifying her daughter or it will take more time lets wait and watch

Oh Varsha i accepted your request we will see some flasback for sure but how it will be a question for you wait and watch what i am going to do 😉 Nirmal i think you got your answer in todays episode
Guys i want to say one thing from you that from now onwards i will write Pragya as Basudha will you accept the name Basudha in place of Pragya i thought that because it is new story with old faces so the name should get a change drop your opinion in comment box

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