STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 28


Episode 28
Abhi held her hand: Mr Mehra’s family is here I told you about him na they wants to meet you
Pragya: we will meet some other day come now
Abhi: Arey give me two minutes na
Pragya: are you sure
Abhi: yup now come

Pragya: okay
He took her to them and Pragya saw Prabhas she became numb and stood there itself shocked Abhi with a wide smile introduced her to everyone Yash got somehow emotional looking at Pragya and at that moment itself he left the place Subuhi and Prabhas were just noticing that but leaving him like that asked Shreya to follow him she went Prabhas and Subuhi greeted Pragya and she was silent Abhi was feeling something weird in her behaviour as she was giving a fake smile they talked with them for sometime then they went Pragya was walking ahead there was a complete silence in mid of them both she was lost in thoughts somewhere and he was keep on trying to guess that what happened to her that she is not saying anything after meeting them he held her hand again she looked at him for a while with blank expression and then they both started to move but it seems Basu was not in her senses that time she was just walking like a hypnotised person Abhi stopped to check weather she is listening to her surrounding or not but to his surprise she walked ahead and the grip of hand become loose she went in their hotel room and after changing laid down on bed hugging a pillow Abhi was still confused that what happened to her suddenly why is she reacting like that he also lay down at the side of bed both the girls were sleeping in mid of them.

Here screen shifts to Yash he was seated on a couch which was in his room and Shreya was stood there keeping hand on his shoulder he was lost somewhere
Yash: You know Shreya I just joked from didi that people looks similar when she said that Abhishek is same as Papa his face is same as him but he doesn’t match him in any prospect but when I saw her I don’t know why I felt that my joke backfired on me
Shreya: Yash what do you want to say I am getting confused please say it clearly
Yash looking at Shreya: She looks same like mummy
Shreya being shocked: you know what are you saying! I mean to say that yes she can be look alike of Maa but she can’t be same right! I know I haven’t seen anyone of them neither maa nor papa but I can say that
Yash: everyone will say that only Shreya but……
He was about to say but interrupted as that time Subu and Prabhas entered the room and said
Prabhas: But she is exactly like her right!
Yash: Bhaiya…!
Prabhas: I also felt same Yash that we have some connection with her but what is it I can’t say it why I felt like that I can’t say it
Subuhi: and what I felt was for a moment I thought maa is infront of us
Shreya being confused: she is dead right! Then how you people can think like that
Prabhas in a stern tone: first of all Shreya don’t say she is dead. You can say she is no more you can say she passed away but don’t say she is dead it is a disrespect to a person okay
Shreya looking down: Sorry Bhaiya

Prabhas: yes we are saying because of her look same style only one thing was different that was style of wearing suits she was in her ordinary simple Punjabi style look weather maa always use to wear Saree but beside it those eyes that face structure was all same but as usual
Subuhi: she is too younger than me and you understood but I don’t know why I felt that truly we have connection with her not when she met with us but when she was scolding him then don’t know why I remembered Basu our JD that time

Yash: It’s a bad past didi don’t know where are they so better you don’t raise that topic again didi also left India just because of this reason that she lost her and Ani Bhaiya his contact is also not with us
Prabhas: yes you are right Ani Bhaiya only can tell that where is our Basu that crazy girl who always use to jump here and there
Subuhi: yes Bhaiya do you remember how she use to hide our mobile phones when we use to go to meet didi that we should not leave so soon from there
Shreya: yes I remember how she torn out all the books of Yash when he was cleaning them and finding out something important remember Yash
Yash: and she broke headlight of my bike too that time with much insistence Bhaiya gave me money to purchase a bike and she broke it at first day itself

Shreya: Oh come on Yash she was just 10 that time
Subuhi: By the way I remembered something from head light Mr pay penalty now
Shreya: here is your culprit Subu di punish him I said him not to take your car but he didn’t agreed and said my dear love nothing will happen
Yash being irked: wife always protect her husband and this lady is digging my grave
Shreya: what did you said
Yash: who are you madam I don’t know you

Subuhi: wait I will make you remember
Yash: who are you and why are you saying as if you are jinni of Aladin’s lamp
Subuhi being irked to the hell: now I will truly tell you Shreya go and bring something today we have to fix him and call Priyansh and Gaurav also (Son of Yash and Shreya)
Shreya: arey what is the need of finding something see that curtain rod I will take that wait dii

Yash: Eh Mad women (pagal aurat) she will kill me with this what are you doing and why you want to call Priyansh and Gaurav no don’t call them they have got vacations from school with much difficulty and you are calling them don’t do so let my son enjoy
Subuhi: So come brother I will make you enjoy in my style
Yash: didi have some shame you have to face god after three or four years see your age this much anger is not good for you (Didi sharam karo bhagwaan ko jaan deni hai apne do teen saal baad itna gussa achha nahi hai)

Subuhi being irritated to hell: I will face him after two or three years but you will face him today for sure
Yash started stepping backwards and hurriedly ran from there Subuhi followed him shouting on him
Prabhas and Shreya left laughing there
Two days were spent but change in Pragya’s behaviour was same she wasn’t talking more although she was talking her best that no one should get doubt wh
at happened to her she met with Mehra’s as per wish of Abhi very friendly they roamed around there visited many places together but that silence was killing him because she was not ready to tell what happened and as per his understanding he was not ready to ask until the matter turns out to reveal itself it was the day of returning back to Mumbai

Abhi greeted the Mehras thinking they are meeting last time but he exchanged there numbers as if time allows they will meet for sure Pragya was somehow feeling emotional after all she was going to leave her maternal family again but don’t know why she was not saying anything neither to him nor to them why she was not going to tell that she is their Basu she wanted to hug them all specially Prabhas who was the one by whom she was pampered a lot then Yash he was always her crime partner whenever she plays any prank with Abhigya or Subuhi with these thoughts all left for Mumbai leaving them behind she was still in that silence mode Kaustuki and Ganga both were busy in their silly arguments when they enter her into their argument she just use to smile on them but her silly expressions pleading eyes to save her from their conversation for Abhi that all was missing her face was looking like she has lost something precious again and Abhi somewhere was getting doubt that may she knows them very well and she has some connection with them but he was neglecting it thinking that maybe she is sad as she felt her family was also like that he didn’t knew it that they were not resembling her family but in actual they were her family whom she lost past 20 years ago.

Time passed and soon they reached Mumbai here also two days spent like this but she was still lost somewhere Abhi’s report also got much appreciation and he got selected to work with chief he shared it with her and in reply she just smiled and said “Congratulations finally you did it” she said that but for him these words were not enough that craziness was missing somewhere as per her habit she didn’t bought sugar cubes this time and he was totally curious now but didn’t gathered courage to ask that from her.

It was the time of morning as per their schedule Abhi and Kaustuki were ready for school and office they nodded bye to her while going he again turned to her his eyes were still asking questions from her but again the expressions were blank while in a way to Kaustu’s school Abhi looked today she was also silent
Abhi: what happened today you are so silent I think there is something mischievous is going on in your mind!
Kaustu: no nothing is there like that
Abhi: then what happened! To my bachha why she is so quiet
Kaustu: Have you noticed there is a change in mummy she is not talking or behaving like earlier
Abhi sensed that change in Pragya is bothering her : nothing is like that see we have returned from a long journey that’s why she is tired nothing else by the way she is working day and night also na
Kaustu: no papa there is a change see she didn’t scolded us from two days for not eating breakfast and making you eat it then she didn’t scolded me for irritating Ganga too
Abhi: look just relax okay nothing is there like that she is just tired uff now see your school is here so get the rid off from these thoughts and go to school happily otherwise everyone will think that you haven’t slept whole night

Kaustu nodded in ok but she wasn’t satisfied with his answer according to her there was something which was bothering Pragya she can think so afterall she was entering her teenage the age which brings a lots of curiosity that time she just left her thought for sometime and entered into school making her mind satisfied with her father’s answer
It was the time of night after having dinner Kaustuki and Ganga were slept in their room Pragya was here on the terrace she was looking out the view seated on the swing being lost in thought when she felt that two hands were pushing the swings she smiled for a while as she understood it was Abhi he asked calmly
Abhi: Basu..
Pragya: hmm
Abhi came ahead and sat beside her: Do you want to share something with me (He asked indirectly)
Pragya nodded her head in yes
Abhi: Then why don’t you share it with me
Pragya looked at him: don’t know how to start

She spoke finally but her voice were sounding as if I forced she will blurt out in cry but why is she feeling like that afterall its long time I was completely successful in wiping out tears from her life three years before then why this is happening again is she hurt from something I don’t know why but there is something for sure that’s why she is behaving like that! Abhi thought
Abhi: Basudha shall I start
Pragya nodded in yes
Abhi: Why you are numb after meeting Mehras?
Basu didn’t answered but smiled then she looked at him and said
Basu: What will be your expressions when you meet your lost family after 20 years
She said that Abhi was like someone has given him electric shock
Abhi: They are your family means your…
Pragya with a monotone : hmm Mamu and maasi
Abhi: if it is then why didn’t you told them that
Pragya: I am scared
Abhi: scared! For meeting your own family
Pragya: yes I am what will I say to them that Mamu I am your Basu your JD what if he said that what is the proof it is been 20 years they don’t know me that time I was just a kid now I am not kid I am changed how will they accept me
Abhi: but you have atleast tired it na what’s the need of being in thoughts just clarify what you want
Pragya holding on her tears: I just want her back I know they didn’t recognised me but if she would have there she will
Abhi: and how can you say that what if they also don’t know where is ma then!
Pragya: They know it because Prabhas mamu will never stay happy if Maa will be missing and that selfless smile was telling that he know where is maa
Abhi: Then also you did a mistake right! You must have atleast tried to tell them that you are alive and.

Pragya: it is not that easy it happens that our heart wants to say see we are here but a fear that what if they didn’t recognised us it still happens even if we are meeting with a person who is so close to our heart its not that easy
Abhi: If I say something will you agree upon it?
Pragya looked at him
Abhi: Just calm down okay forget all that Mr Mehra called me today he said he is coming Mumbai after 15 years so they need a hotel here as their home is not in a condition suitable for living so why don’t you tell them everything
Pragya was about to say something Abhi held her both hands
Abhi said calmly holding her hands: Look I know some fear remains there but we can try atleast once na even an Ant knows while going in search of food that she will not get anything sometimes but still it goes for search na to give its best to give a try so Basu (cupping her face from one hand) you should also try once
Pragya: but…..

Abhi: no but you know I don’t like being loser like this then why are you behaving like this look now I don’t want to see tears in your eyes so better to wipe them off and think about it just go and ask them about yourself then only you tell them
Pragya: Its not easy why don’t you understand
Abhi: Nothing is easy Basu but we have to face it if you will not do so then you will not get your family back don’t do it for them just do it for your happiness now promise me that you will talk to them just for your satisfaction you will try it once
He forwarded his hand and she kept her hand back on his in promise Abhi smiled
Abhi; That’s like my silly
Pragya: shall I ask you something
Abhi: hmm first take it
Pragya takes what he gives and opened the fist she smiled: Raisins (kishmish)!
Abhi: Hmm you didn’t celebrated my success in your way na so it was looking incomplete so I thought to complete in my way and now please don’t go back in that mode because Kaustu was doubtful looking your behaviour so don’t do that again
Pragya nodded in yes
Abhi; now will you proceed with your question my lord

Pragya: why you want my happiness every time why you want to fight for me every time
Abhi smiled and rounded off his arm to her shoulder: Because there is a link
Pragya: link!

Abhi: hmm look if you will stay happy then your heart will also happy and when your heart will happy you will live happily like happy person then if you will be a happy person you will keep happy to everyone and looking you happy our kids will also stay happy and when kids will stay happy I will be happy so it happened link right!
Pragya nodded with a silly smile : got it
Abhi: now if you don’t mind shall we move to sleep or you have plan to spent whole night like this while thinking
Pragya: you go ahead I am coming
Abhi : come soon Mrs Mehta otherwise you will be in hospital tomorrow because if you stayed here in cold weather like this you will surely face fever
Pragya: arey baba I am coming you go

Abhi left from there giving a slight push to swing which made Pragya scared for a second then she saw back he was going winking at her she nodded her head in disbelief smilingly and said
Pragya: I know what you are trying to do but don’t know why you are trying to make me realise that what I know already why you want to confess when I know it already

Screen freezed on her smiling face

Precap: Mehras in Mumbai rents an apartment Yash “What! Oh no hide all this otherwise we will be dead Shreya” Prabhas “Vibha throw all these things out otherwise we will be dead” Subuhi “Offo Subhas just keep them somewhere otherwise we are dead for sure”
Someone is shown getting out of car


Who is that and why all the Mehra’s are behaving like this stay tuned for this lets see how she gonna meet them 😉 have lots of surprises for you all

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