STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 27


Episode 27

They all were reached at the spot Abhi had already booked the hotel so they just took their room keys and went to take rest it was the next day fine morning birds were chirping out of window Abhi was the one whose eyes open first he looked out the view everywhere only beauty was visible those high mountains peaks covered out with snow which was exactly looking as white sheet covered on them but more than that was the beauty of that garden in which he was looking now flower beds swings fountain and benches near so that anyone can enjoy the garden was looking more of a park rather than park there was a play area too he hurriedly went from his room after getting fresh n up leaving a note on the table that he is down in the garden it was about 8:00 am when he was wandering around the garden people were started coming there some were for morning walk and some were romancing some were just admiring the beauty of the garden there was one couple who was different from others Abhi was looking in that direction the boy was on his knees it seems he was proposing her and in return she smiled and gave a bone crushing hug to him looks like she accepted him he looked that and for a moment he was lost somewhere actually he was imagining himself there and her at the place of the girl although he was confirmed that she will never do this her reaction will not be this but he was lost in that and came out of thoughts with a jerk hearing a familiar voice near him and when he looked it was she, she was looking in the same direction folding her hands
Pragya: Hmm…. It seems she agreed Na!
Abhi first looked at her then them and repeated it twice then he turned her to back
Pragya being irritated: What are you doing! Let me see the next move of him Na
Abhi: Basu it is extremely bad haah we shouldn’t look into another’s matter
Pragya innocently like a kid: but all were looking Na and you too were looking Na
Abhi thoughts something for a while and then with a naughty smile: Wo I was feeling pity over the girl see how is her husband she must have get someone handsome like me after all she is so beautiful see her…

Pragya raising her eyebrows: aan han beautiful great so you must tell her na come we will say to her that madam you are too beautiful
Abhi with shocking eyes: no… NO need of that you leave I will tell her for sure and thinking to make her friend too after all she is so sweet (trying to covering up)
Pragya rolling off her eyes: shall I tell you something!
Abhi: yeah sure
Pragya: stop trying to make me feel jealous because you also know that I will not get jealous for sure
Saying this she went from there and he followed her
Abhi in his mind: Why she is like this if there was some other girl in place of her she must have burnt out with jealousy but she uff what to do Inhi adao par to dil aaya hai (this is the style of her I am mad for)
Pragya sat on a table which was there everyone was having there breakfast there as she sat Kaustu sat
Kaustuki: What happened did you find him?
Pragya gestured that he is coming
Kaustuki: where you went in the morning itself don’t you thought about us those two poor girls who came with you will be tensed that where their father went Oh God why he is so irresponsible
Abhi patting her head: Shut up drama queen blabbering out anything
Kaustuki: Ok jokes a part where you want?
Pragya looked at him a gave a mischievous smile: Actually he went to search a girlfriend for himself
Abhi who was drinking juice spill it out in shock that what she said just now and looked how she was trying to hide her smile
Kaustuki: you want a girlfriend!
Ganga: what is the meaning of girlfriend?
Pragya: new mummy

Ganga: New mummy! No papa old one is best
Abhi dragged Ganga to his lap giving a glare to Pragya: Nothing like that today your mother has gone mad I just went for a walk.
Kaustuki: walk! Aap subah uth kar talk na karo walk ki kya baat kar rahey ho (walk! You will never talk after getting up early and talking about walk huh!)
Pragya and Kaustuki shared high five: Exactly my dear that’s what I was saying
Abhi was looking at her in disbelief : Kaustuki just shut up okay and Basu what the hell are you saying yr
Kaustu: don’t scold her I have full faith on you
Abhi: that’s like my daughter love you dear
Kaustu: first hear full then speak please
Abhi: yes say it
Kaustu: I was saying that I have full faith that you can do it
Abhi grinning his teeth: you…..
Kaustuki raising her collar up: Kaustu the great won the argument again thank you thank you
Abhi shook his head in disbelief looking at Pragya who was giving him an teasing smile while eating fruits : You have gone mad (in gestures)
He went saying to Ganga

Abhi: Come dear we will wander around the garden let the mother daughter sit together okay
Kaustu looked towards Pragya and she gestured her to go she ran and held his hand he smiled and went Ganga was walking holding his one hand and she was holding another hand he was going and Pragya was looking him going with two of them she rested her back at chair’s back and took a deep breath smiling at his face which was at that time she sat there lost in thoughts remembering all the incidents which were happening in mid of both of them that game of hide and seek both were enjoying making fun of each other he was doing it at the very first but now she also started that and her thoughts were disturbed with a voice it was Abhi he was back now but girls were not with him
Pragya: where did you left my daughters
Abhi: aan haan your daughters then who are they to me
Pragya: I don’t know you only use to fight with my sweet kids
Abhi: they are my son that’s why I use to fight with them understand and that is not fight it is style of my love
Pragya: Oh ho that love factor
Abhi: what is your problem Basu that time you said like that infront of Kaustu now you are saying this have you lost it
Pragya: really! I don’t know
Abhi being irritated: now it is going over
Pragya: listen if you can tease me then I have another ways to tease you
She was about to leave passing a mischievous smile but he held her wrist and made her sit again: you can’t go like this just tell me why are you doing this
Pragya: first tell me why you are doing this all then I will tell you
Abhi being frustrated: I am doing it because I L…
He was about to say but stopped in mid
Pragya calmly: Leave me People are looking us like we are aliens
Abhi realised he has held her hand till now then immediately left it and she left from there with a smiling face
Abhi running his hands in his head: Uff I was about to say that but again stopped why this happens every time but today when I had spoke one word I will say it fully for sure
It was time of evening Kaustu and Ganga were playing in the kids area and here Abhi was near a flower bed wandering here and there blabbering sometime lets see what he was doing
Abhi: How shall I say it should I say “ Basu I love you” (making an awkward face) naah it is so simple so what should I say (one hand on waist and one on the chin thinking deeply) Haan got it I will go to her with this flower and say “Basu I love you will you be my life partner” (patting his own head from back) Sheah Abhi what are you doing man she is already your uff
He was roaming around to think of a idea when someone tapped his shoulder it was a waiter
Waiter: sir are you practicing to propose some one!
Abhi shocked: Yes but how do you know
Waiter: I also did the same long years ago
Abhi with excitement: then! What happened did she accepted
Waiter: no sir I waited for the best way and while waiting and waiting and waiting I turned into a waiter and she got married to someone else (kuch nahi wait kar kar ke kar kar ke waiter ban gaya aur wo chali gayi kisi aur ke sath)
Abhi being irked: I am already married and finding the way to propose her thank you for your opinion now you may leave please
Waiter went from there and he being irked gestured as want to punch them but relaxing himself started back again but again disturbed again he was totally irritated that without looking back he shouted

Abhi: How many I have to tell you that I don’t want your opinion why you are here now
The person: what happened Mr. you are looking frustrated and wandering here and there so thought may be you have any problem that’s why I came here
Abhi looked back and got shocked as it was Yash and he too got shocked
Yash: you!
Abhi: you here
Yash: now what you are trying to break these flowers
Abhi: sir I have already said sorry then why are you taunting like this
Yash: okay jokes a part tell me what is the problem
Abhi: nothing sir
Yash: eh first stop calling me sir it sounds too old yr
Abhi: Okay fine I will not call you that
Yash: yes now its okay so tell me why you are here in this alone area
Abhi: nothing just looking out here and there
Yash: okay

In a meanwhile Prabhas also came there
Prabhas: Yash yr where are you we all are searching for you
Yash: Bhaiya I was going from here then I looked him roaming around the area madly so I came to check weather he is up to something as I had a doubt
Abhi was shocked hearing his statement while Prabhas noticed him
Prabhas: you! So young man what are you doing here
Abhi: Fine sir how are you
Yash: you know each other!
Prabhas: I told you right about a person who is here for field journal
Yash: Oh yes yes you told me you met him in that fair too right!
Prabhas: yes Mr Abhishek he is my younger brother Yash
Yash; we have met already as he is the one who broke Subu didi’s head light I mean head light of her car
Prabhas: oh that’s good you taught him a lesson Abhishek he has bad habit of using other’s stuff without asking them
Abhi and Prabhas laughed while Yash felt irked
Prabhas: come I will introduce my sister and others to you as you have already met my brother
Abhi: sure sir by the way you here!
Prabhas: just to change for a mood
Abhi: oh got it
Yash: shall we move
Abhi nodded in yes and trio moved from there Prabhas took him to the area where his family was enjoying
Subuhi: Bhaiya did you find that idiot
Prabhas: yeah he was with him meet my friend Abhishek
Subuhi looked Abhi and became silent Prabhas jerked her she came back to senses
Prabhas: she is my younger sister
Yash: and my elder sister Subuhi
She smiled and greeted to him
Prbhas: he is my brother in law Subhash and my sister-in-law Shreya and my wife Vibha
Abhi greeted them all Prabhas looked Subuhi lost somewhere so he went aside to talk with her
Prabhas: what happened Subu!
Subuhi: nothing just reminded Papa his face was similar to him na
Prabhas laughed: Offo just because you was his princess it doesn’t means that you will remember him looking like this just see him Subu he is younger from us and moreover he is a simple man who is here with his family his casual shirts and pants did you ever saw Papa wearing that and more than that look at his age he is just around 30 or 35 silly girl
Yash also joined them: yes and by the way this world have seven people of identical faces so everyone is papa?
Subuhi: shut up you don’t speak it will be better for you coz already because of you my car is suffering okay and by the way I didn’t said he is I said that he looks like it means not completely okay see him he is just a normal boy our father was a rock star his style was special and he is just in boring pant shirt
Yash: point hai baat me
Prabhas: stop fighting over him now come otherwise he will feel awkward
Trio headed towards him and started talking randomly he forgot that he has left Kaustu and Ganga in the garden itself (play area) Pragya went to take them from there and as he was looking missing she called him he answered the call and informed here where was he then she followed the direction and reached there it was the back of hotel where the Mehra family was enjoying in that view Pragya looked he was laughing as nothing has happened she got extreme angered adjusting her dupatta she went ahead and called him
Pragya: Listen come here
Abhi: Oh excuse me my wife is there I have to go
Subuhi: call her here na we will also meet her
Abhi: oh sure
He went to Pragya smilingly and she was giving him dead glare
Abhi: what happened!
Pragya: where are Kaustu and Ganga
Abhi smiled: I am sorry I forgot them but I know you must had received them
Pragya: I am telling you if you will leave me forget me like this I will never complaint you but if you did this with our daughters na I am sure I won’t forgive you
Abhi smiled as she was complaining like a kid: Okay so your highness what is my punishment!
Pragya: see again you are doing that I am leaving from here because I am talking about serious matter and you are doing this
Abhi laughed: okay sorry once again now come with me
Pragya: where
Abhi held her hand: Mr Mehra’s family is here I told you about him na they wants to meet you
Pragya: we will meet some other day come now
Abhi: Arey give me two minutes na
Pragya: are you sure
Abhi: yup now come
Pragya: okay
He took her to them and Pragya saw Prabhas she became numb

Precap: Abhi holding Pragya’s hand she moves forward and Abhi is looking her confusingly”


what the hint was actually Vaishu dear guessed it right planning to write a murder case but i am not sure to write about it so dont keep hopes and now coming to the questions which are to be asked frequently that why none of the mehras identified him so let me answer you that be practical and think if someone matched in reality from any of your loved ones so will you react like he is the one no according to me you will think he is similar so here also the thing is same he looks similar but doesnt like serials matters reincarnation and all sorry for saying that but it cant be reincarnation but a similarity roles are different personality are different there we met a rock star and a simple girl here we are meeting with a simple boy or man whatever you want to say and a sweet simple girl who turns out to be crazy sometimes so everything will be simple in this thats why i said to stay tuned as i also dont know what will happen and when just writing a simple story trying to put on some cuteness thats it i will try my best to give you satisfaction just stay tuned and yes Aytac Asmitha and Adhya dear i didnt used photoshop ii was just going through some editors on play store i got this name is photo funia and it works out with net only hope you got my point see you with next episode

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