STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 26


Episode 26
Abhi’s work was now over so he was on his vacations there he was travelling towards the tourist point by their car and Pragya was continuously talking to Kaustuki and Ganga as both the sisters were fighting for something lets see why they were fighting
Kaustuki: I am the elder one from you Dangu so Mummy is first mine then yours okay don’t argue now
Ganga: mummy is my mummy (in a irked tone)
Pragya: Offo I am both of yours
Kaustu: Yes but first mine then hers

Ganga: no…… she is mine only (Hugged Pragya tightly)
Kaustuki: No she is mine first you go from here (Hugged her by waist)
Ganga: I will sit on her lap then how will you love her she is my mummy (said in a kiddish irked tone)
Kaustuki: this is cheating mummy you let her sit on your lap that’s not fare
Pragya: Arey baba..
Kaustuki: No I will not listen get her down and make me sit
Pragya: Kaustu why are you getting stubborn like a small kid
Kaustu: Oh yeah small kid! Why will you care for me I am not you kid na now
Pragya looked at Abhi he was admiring her through mirror and laughing at his daughter’s silly fight he was laughing when she looked him with pleading eyes to help her in escaping he said No by moving his finger she gave a dead look to him and he again laughed at her condition as she wasn’t able to speak now Kaustu and Ganga’s fight was taking a hike when he didn’t helped her she shouted
Pragya: Enough both of you (Making Ganga sit down) listen girl one more time you spoke I swear I will get angry for sure
Kaustu teasing Ganga: see she is my mummy that’s why she made you sit down
Ganga was about to cry she was making cute emotional faces when Pragya turned to Kaustuki
Pragya: again your fight started Kaustu okay now let me tell you one thing neither I am your mummy nor her.
She scolded both of them but poor girl both of her daughters didn’t took her seriously
Ganga: if you are not our mummy then whose mummy you are?
Kaustuki: Papa’s mummy!
Pragya widening her eyes looked at Kaustuki she said
Kaustuki: Oh no his mummy is in Mumbai na then whose mummy are you umm let me think
Pragya: I am not anybody’s mummy

Ganga held Kaustu’s hand which made a seatbelt on the passenger seat as Ganga was on Pragya’s right and Kaustu was on left and trio were seated on the back seat
Ganga holding Kaustu’s hand: you are our mummy (hugged her)
They said that and she smiled on them helplessly Abhi was laughing while driving and then he said
Abhi: oho so everyone wants only Mummy no one is there for me!
Ganga hopped on the front seat with Abhi
Ganga: who said no one is there Ganga will live with papa
Kaustu rounded her arms around his neck from back: we are here my Darlo alarm clock will never be alone
Abhi: wait. What did you said just now Kaustu
Kaustu: why you didn’t heard it in first time why should I tell you again I have no wish of being scolded
Abhi: you said me darlo right! And Alarm clock too

Kaustu: when you heard it why are you asking me then
Abhi with an irked expression: Basu are you looking what is she doing
Kaustu: again dragging her in the matter again you will make us punish for sure
Abhi: Then say sorry just now
Kaustu: No way! Why should I! I didn’t said anything wrong
Abhi: you are wrong at every time Kaustu who says alarm clock to their father
Kaustu: then who shouts as alarm clock in the morning Pragya…. Oh sorry sorry now a days you changed her name na what do you use to say um…. Haan Basudha come soon Basu where is my hanky Basu… where is my breakfast I also don’t use to call her this much time
Abhi: excuse me she is my wife and its my wish whatever I call her
Kaustu: that’s it! You are my father and its my wish what I want to call you
Abhi: Kaustu… you…..

Kaustu showing winning expressions to Pragya: Kaustu the great won the war my lord please give me the honour of sleeping in your lap
Abhi with irked expression was looking through the mirror Pragya was laughing when he was asking her for help and she showing attitude said to Kaustu
Pragya: Of course my dear come

She cared her head and soon Kaustuki drifted into sleep and Abhi sensed there was a complete silence in the car Ganga was also not speaking and when he looked at his side Ganga was slept holding his phone seems like she was playing on it Abhi carefully covered seatbelt around her as he didn’t want her to get disturbed with sudden breaks finally both of them slept after all they were tired because they were travelling since four hours as the spot was at little far from where they stayed just two hours journey was left more as it was at the distance of 6 hours. He was looking at Pragya who was staring out the view with an unknown calmness what was it how can she be so calm just looking out the window and that smile what she is thinking while looking outside from the window he was keeping on stealing gaze and she was busy in looking out the view when suddenly their come back to senses and Abhi said “damn!” as he banged the car with someone else’s car he got down for apologising and the person was already looking at his car whose headlight was gone with his strike

Abhi: Oh I am so sorry sir I didn’t noticed it all happened because of my carelessness
The person who was still looking on headlight: Yes it happened and I think now I am dead(it seems he is in shock)
Abhi: Sir I am really sorry don’t say like that I will pay the loss
The person in irked manner: Oh will you please shut up for a while Dude you broke headlight now she will break my headlight.
Abhi: who will do it call her I will apologise to her
Person: Just shut your mouth for a while yr let me think how to get rid of this and you are saying you will talk to her if she got to know that I took her car and this happened with it because of you then she will kill you later but will shoot me first
Abhi in thought: Hein! Is she a Mafia that without listening she will just kill everyone for her loss.
He sensed that he has seen him somewhere and the person was continuously looking at the car with a scared expression
Abhi: Are you rock star Yash Mehra!
Yes it was Yash
Yash: Arey to hell with that rockstar if my sister got to know her car is in this condition she will surely beat me with rocks and make me a star for sure
In a meanwhile a lady also came there
Lady: Yash what happened!
Yash: Yr shreya see this what happened
(Shreya is Yash’s wife)

Shreya looked at car and burst out in laughter
Shreya: Now you will be dead Yash didi won’t leave you
Abhi: I am so sorry madam
Yash : Now listen Mr you already made my mind off and decided my future that I am going to be killed by my sister’s hand for taking out her car and then if you didn’t left from here in just two minutes I swear that I will hit your head like drum and punch you like a punching bag
He was about to say further when Pragya came out car and asked to him (she didn’t noticed Yash there)
Pragya: what happened what you did now?
Shreya: Nothing he did a right thing thank you Mr
Abhi: as our car banged there head light gone..

Pragya shook her head in disbelief and went back in the car he understood that she will taunt him now for sure and as Yash was already irked he asked him to leave so he left to his car and when he started driving he looked that she was staring him
Abhi: now come on Basu don’t stare like this just say what you want to say
Pragya: why don’t you leave driving when you cant drive properly
Abhi: mistake happens sometime
Pragya: in your case it happens everytime
Abhi: Now you are over reacting

Pragya: okay fine now come back I will drive the car I don’t want such mess again
Abhi: then no need to drive the car just come and sit with me here
Pragya: what do you mean by that! Just come
Abhi slapping himself mentally for giving her hint that he was looking her when that car banged : Nothing I was just saying that you must sit with me and both the girls back
Pragya: no need of that just drive now
He being irked started the car and to lighten his mood turned the radio on the RJ played the song and as he heard that song which was first at a volume which was only audible to him then he thought of something and a mischievous smile formed on his face and he raised the volume so that she also can hear it the song continued
Jhatak kar zulf jab tum tauliye se baarishein azaad karti ho (when you jerk your hair and free rains with the towel,)

achcha lagta hai (it feels good..)
Hila kar honth jab bhi haule haule guftagu ko saaz karti ho (when u move ur lips slowly and talk musically,)
achcha lagta hai (it feels good..)

She sensed that he is doing it again the flirt with his own wife she glared him and he winks at her it was clear that she was asking him to turn it off but his mind was on full swing of flirting today he raised the volume little bit (not loud as not want to disturb both the girls)
Khushboo se behlao na, seedhe point pe aao na (Don’t fool me with talks, come straight to the point,)
Aankh mein aankhein daal ke keh do, khwaabon mein tehlao na(see me in the eye and say, don’t walk around in dreams,)
Zara short mein batlao na (tell me in short,)
Seedhe point pe aao na, seedhe point pe aao na (come straight to the point..)

He didn’t thought that this will be the girls line but he continued as he was enjoying her expressions then he just look ahead and song continued
Alag ehsaas hota hai, tumhare paas hone ka (hai it’s a different feeling to be near you,)
Sarakti sarsarahat ki nadi mein reshmi lamhe bhigone ka (of soaking silky moments in the moving river of rustle,)
zara sa mod kar gardan jab apni hi adaa par naaz karti ko (when you turn your neck a bit and feel proud of your own style)
achcha lagta hai (it feels good..)

He was imagining being close to her always being with her those sweet moments which were not like other couples but it was sweet because they were together some talks were there in mid of them which made smile her and sometimes he too was forced to laugh at some topics those time memories were not that they usually spend together but they were that which they use to spend only with each other that sharing of secrets and incidence it was the life of their bond. He was lost in thought but as the next line started without hearing it fully he turned of the radio and Pragya turned her face trying hard to control her smile at that silly antic of her sweet simple husband and Abhi was turning out to be red which was unbearable for Pragya she wanted to laugh aloud looking at his face which was because of some thoughts and she knew what was he thinking do you want to know what the lines were so listen or read
lafzon se behlao na, Jhoothi-mooti behkao na (don’t fool me with words, don’t amuse me with lies,)

Haathon ko haathon mein le ke woh teen shabd tapkao na (take my hands in your hands and drop those three words)
Abhi looked at her she was trying to control her laughter hard
Abhi: what!
Pragya shook her head in nothing and turned her face towards the window imagining his face here Abhi thought

Abhi thought: Relax Abhi relax you are feeling like you have said something romantically to her infront of her parents relax (made his face like helpless person) this is the reason I am not able to confess damn it I feel this whenever I use to hear these words infront of her uff but not now I will leave this shyness but how will I uff I have to do so.
Mere dil pe fateh lehraane(To wave the flag of victory over my heart)
Meri rooh ko bhigaane(To make my soul drenched)
Mere dil pe fateh lehraane(To wave the flag of victory over my heart)
Meri rooh ko bhigaane(To make my soul drenched)
Yeh noor kahan se aaya(Where has this glow come from)
Iss baat ko allah jaane (God knows this)

Screen divides among Abhi’s thoughtful face and Pragya smiling face

Precap: “Basu I want to say i..i… i Love you, is it better no no this is not better comeon Abhi try it once again Okay so Basu i love you will you be my life partner, ishhh Abhi what are you doing man she is already you life partner find something better”
Tomatoes are welcome if anyone found it like written while thoughts were in air and it looks like he is going to propose her lets see weather he will be successful in doing so or not and guys i have replied to each comment in last episode of GOD 🙂 see you in next episode and want to give you a hint just in Archie style lets see who will guess right “EK KAHANI KHTAM TO DOOJA KISSA SHURU HUA” Keep guessing winner will be announced in next episode and one question to you how many of you want Richa to be back i am not asking about Abhigya i am asking about Richa so if you all want Richa aka Kuljeet please tell me and hope you like the montage today

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