STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 25


Episode 25
All the four returned to their guest house as they enjoyed a lot. Ganga was slept while returning and Kaustuki was feeling tired and sleepy as they entered home Pragya made Ganga sleep carefully and then she made Kaustuki sleep. Ranjan ji asked about food so Abhi answered that they had it already and he also left for changing after half an hour Pragya came back changing her clothes and went to garden, she sat on the grass there and started to think of something when she sensed that a back is rested on her back she smiled and said
Pragya: so you wasn’t sleeping!
Abhi: No I was thinking that you are thinking something and then thought to ask you directly
Pragya giggled

Abhi: I heard you giggled just now tell me what happened
Pragya kneeling her head to his: hmmm (taking a deep breath) I did that hearing your statement
Abhi: hmm which statement
Pragya: it was not new now a days you are saying many such things which makes me sometimes laugh and sometimes irritated
Abhi: Really! Then tell me what makes you laugh I will talk like that only
Pragya: don’t you think you are flirting with your own wife now a days!
Abhi: I can’t understand silly why are you so straight forward person you are saying it directly other girls would have hid all these they will never tell directly but you are saying it directly
Pragya : nothing is there in hiding anything because it comes forward someday which makes you more hurt or irritated so it is better to say directly
Abhi: do you think it will hurt me if I came to know later that I was flirting with you and you knew it already
Pragya: of course it can as if you come to know that you are doing this and I came to know before itself then you will feel that you are not able to flirt secretly with your wife
Abhi laughed: secret flirt that was something new
Pragya: of course it happens by the way may I know why are you doing so!
Abhi: why should I tell you
Pragya: I am not forcing you to tell that
Abhi: and why are you not doing so
Pragya: because I know that you will tell on your own when you will feel to share it
Abhi: Sometimes I feel why you understand me so well
Pragya: how can I answer that when I myself don’t know that how I use to do that!
There was a silence for a minute after she said that when suddenly Abhi asked
Abhi: Basu did you have any crush in your college days
Pragya: I wasn’t having time to like someone those days I was busy with studies and dramatics
Abhi: oh
Pragya: why you asked this question all of a sudden
Abhi: Nothing I was just thinking that what if I am not the first person whom you are liking and think to be important in your life
Pragya: you know I never thought that someone is important in my life beside Anirudh Uncle because he was the one who was giving me every needed concern after maa and papa and when your marriage proposal came I was not ready for marriage as I was scared what if I got the same environment there also more taunt more irritation so I wasn’t ready for that but when Aunty didn’t seems to be agree with my wish I wished I should get rid of this home first you will not believe I was in full mood of escaping after wedding by hook or crook but only if I got worst situation there then uncle made me understand that it will not be good for my family name moreover a girl who was pursuing her graduation whose age was just 20 years how will she think that for marriage what is right what is wrong so I just agreed with my uncle but didn’t left the thought of escaping
Abhi: then?
Pragya: then I got you as my life partner the thing which changed my thoughts were your thoughts I found that not specially me but you was also going through same situation as maa was also superstitious then I thought when you are doing for me this much directly indirectly you are protecting me from the problem raised by someone else so why can’t I do so.
Abhi: so you knew this also
Pragya smiled: I have seen you crying too
Abhi: Really! But I never cried if I tell you
Pragya: you also know it better that there is no need to lie from me I know it as I have seen you crying hidingly many times
Abhi: really! Then tell me one moment atleast I will agree with you
Pragya smiled: once you was crying in a dark when we met that accident and from that moment itself a fear entered in your mind and you was crying that nothing happened to us then next I saw you was crying on the birth of Kaustu when you held your own daughter in your hand then you cried when we escaped from that incident and Kaustuki was in shock.
Abhi in a serious tone: you knew that I cried but you didn’t told the actual reason

Pragya passed a calm smile: if such things are to be said then our bond must have become weaker a long ago let them remain hidden it gives some different feeling
Abhi got what she said indirectly: Basudha what if we got separated then what will you do
Pragya: separation also brings closeness the more far we will go from each other the more we will realise the value of each other in our life
Abhi smiled: you know after such a long time we are talking like this open heartedly
Pragya: hmm
Abhi: I always wish the time must be reversed
Pragya sat straight hugging her knees: and why is it so
Abhi turned and laid down on the grass resting his head on his palm: so that we would be a lovely couple and then we will spend a lot of time alone far from this world like young boys and girls
Pragya laughed on that
Abhi: I am serious why are you laughing?
Pragya: Nothing but tell me one thing from where you are getting these ideas and by the way have you gone old now an old man
Abhi laid down facing the sky: not old but a family man have many responsibilities so no time for that all
Pragya: so is it necessary to have all that nonsense all the time
Abhi: no but atleast we will spend a lot of time together na now as we are away from home getting enough time but when we will return Mumbai then again that boring life schedule with start
Pragya: After returning also we will spend a lots of time together
Abhi: how
Pragya: have you forgot I am your assistant now
Abhi: oh yeah right
Pragya; now shall I ask something from you
Abhi: yeah sure
Pragya: I am feeling sleepy so shall we sleep now or you want to spent all night by talking like this
Abhi: that is also not a bad idea we can do that
Pragya: you stay over here I am in no mood of skipping my nap
Abhi: okay then as you wish my lord
Pragya got up from there
Abhi: Arey give me hand at least to make me stand
Pragya shook her head in disbelief and offered her hand Abhi held it and stood up she patted on his forehead and said
Pragya: when you will change this habit of yours god knows
Abhi: Never ever
Pragya: you use to call me silly but every activity of yours indicates you are silly
Abhi: this is your influence
Pragya: okay ok now come
They were in the room now she was doing Kaustu and Ganga aside to make space so they could sleep and after doing so she laid down beside Kaustu and Abhi while making space comfortable said
Abhi: by the way if I had not agreed with you that we must sleep this time then you would have thought to escape again
Pragya turned to him: I knew it you will make joke of it later
Abhi: so what will you do now? Try to escape!
Pragya threw pillow on him: No I will not and if I will do so then I will take you along with me happy now! Sleep
She turned to alter side and slept here Abhi smiled imagining her face and soon drifted to sleep.
Next Morning
Abhi and both the girls were having breakfast and Abhi was looking somewhat irked because she was talking on phone from past one hour and on the line it was none other than Yashika she was taking all the news and view of the valley through phone call itself
Kaustuki: Papa why you are not eating it want to raise her temperature again!
Abhi: I am raising her temperature! She is raising my temperature it is one hour she is talking on phone and don’t know who the hell is the person
Kaustuki: what you are saying say slowly otherwise next time she will not leave you if she heard that because it is none other than Yasho bua to whom she is talking
Abhi: she is talking to didu!
Ganga: bua
Abhi: she is my sister never use to talk this much late with me and she is busy with her let her call me then I will tell that dadi maa
Kaustuki: First have your breakfast then talk

Abhi got up from there with the plate they were having pickle and aloo paratha in their breakfast he went to her saying them to finish the breakfast she was walking while talking he was following her soon she got irritated and turned and with a sudden turn they both banged on each other she asked in an irritated expression what he showed the plate to her she said in gestures that she will have it later but it seems he wasn’t ready to listen when she opened her mouth to speak he stuffed a bite in her mouth she shook her head in disbelief and this continued his main intension was to listen what they were talking but as he came his full concentrate shifted on feeding her as she was very busy in talking he thought “Damn what the hell these ladies use to talk this much long” he was making her eat once and having it once from the same when the plate got finally empty Pragya said enough for the last bite in gestures and Abhi had it while he was going Pragya turned back and smiled on his when he too turned back she hurriedly turned back and bit her lower lip like a crazy and cursed her self mentally for looking him like that he was looking at her as he got to know she was looking at him and BG plays
Aye Mere Humsafar, Ek Zara Intezaar (O my life-partner, the wait is nearly over)
Sun Sadaayein, De Rahi Hai, Manzil Pyaar Ki (Look, the destination of love is calling out to us)

Okay here was your episode leave your feedback and yup one more thing regarding the story you all wished me to give you something unexpected so keep that feel and stay tuned as i also dont know when and how he will propose her and stay tuned as it is quiet possible that for this sweet simple couple there will be something special and surprising more craziness is waiting for you and yes it is my promise that if they got separated by chance so it will also be a point of enjoying for you not to bang your head on wall you know it very well so stay tuned lets see what is there further in this package 🙂

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