STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 24


Episode 24
The episode starts with a fine morning sun was raising up sun rays were touching the peaks of mountains and then entering into the valley and then from the window of the bed room of guest house it she was sleeping calmly with two of her daughters and he was sleeping on the rocking chair which was there in the room with a book it seems he was reading something last night as the sun rays enter the room through the window she wakes up as the room was filled with light and looks around, she finds him sleeping on the rocking chair she shook her head in disbelief and covering him with a blanket left for getting fresh n up and then she went down for ordering breakfast for everyone before they get up and gave the order to Ranjan and he went to bring. Mean while Kaustu and Ganga both got awake and came to her
Kaustu: Mummy when you came back in night you know how much scary it was the dark night and light wasn’t also cut off
Ganga: light cut off I said to her be brave mummy but she scared
Pragya: Oho Kaustu why you got scared when your brave Danga was with you your protecting shield!
Kaustuki: don’t listen to her she herself was afraid and blabbering here I am telling you she has started speaking a lot

Pragya cupped her face from one hand lifting Ganga up : she is growing up na that’s why (rubbing her nose gently to Ganga’s nose) right Ganga!
Ganga: mummy right didi wrong
Kaustuki: shut up huh no one cares for me here (folding her hands)
Pragya: Gangu….. didi go angered now what will you do! (raising her eyebrows)
Ganga: didi don’t get angry (holding her ears)
Kaustuki: I will not talk to you go
Ganga left Pragya and went infront of Kaustuki she held her both ears and then kissed her cheeks and hugged her
Ganga: didi never be angry from me
Kaustuki smiled helplessly on innocence of her sister then both went to take bath and Pragya was looking smilingly on both of them
About one hour later Abhi woke up from his nap and checked the time it was about 11:00 am morning he wondered where the trio went as there was totally silence in the house he went out of the room and looked that Pragya was busy in reading some magazines and Kaustuki and Ganga were busy in watching some videos in mobile using ear phones which were given by Pragya Abhi went in again and came back after getting fresh n up this time Pragya was serving on breakfast for him and he looked weather she is angry or her anger is calm down he went near Kaustuki and she glared at him
Abhi: What happened? Why are you both looking me like that?
Kaustu: where was you yesterday you know we were worried about you
Abhi: sorry… now forgive me my lord
Ganga: no
Abhi: you too angry with me (raising his eyebrows)
Kaustuki: of course we are and if you want to apologise then go to mummy as she was worried for you more than us huh promise breaker
Abhi: your temperature is too high okay I have one deal today I will not go for my work we will go to that fair okay
Kaustuki: will you buy candy floss
Abhi: okay

Ganga: Ice cream!
Abhi: ice cream in cold weather no no wish something else
Ganga: then I want wafers
Abhi: your sister has given you bad habit of eating wafers okay fine you can have them
Kaustuki: okay then we forgiven you
Abhi: Thank god now tell me what is the temperature?
Kaustuki: minus 10 degree
Abhi: idiot not weather I am asking about temperature of your mother
Kaustuki: she doesn’t have fever she is perfectly fine
Abhi patted his head: I am not asking about her health how is her temperature? means is she angry till now!
Kaustuki: you are almost dead it is 1000 degrees
Abhi: you are joking looking at her doesn’t seems she is angry at all
Kaustuki: check yourself
Abhi turned towards her and Pragya called him out
Pragya: do have any intention of having breakfast or want to trouble me for this too
Abhi: coming
He went to have his breakfast and there was a complete silence among them so breaking the silence he asked from her
Abhi: Basu you are not eating?
Pragya: I ate it earlier
Abhi: still angry?
She looked at him for a while and left the place he followed her she was in room getting clothes to change as she heard all the conversation between father and daughters
Abhi: Basu I am asking you something! Are you still angry with me?
Pragya: who am I to get angry I don’t have tension of anyone I don’t use to get tensed when someone which is an important person of my family and my life doesn’t inform that where is he when someone don’t think about his kids that they are waiting for him when someone forget us completely I am not angry so leave thinking about that (said in a cold manner)
She said that and again a silence was in the room completely although she said all that as she is not angry but her words were a taunt to him and he understood that she wasn’t angry but upset by this activity of his she cant be angry too because post marriage it was the only thing which didn’t took place in their married life she was upset and the reason was he according to him so he decided to rectify his mistake he looked at her she went in to change and when she came back she was in her suit yes after three years she wore that simple salwaar kameez that also in a combo of black and white this was the colour which suits of her perfectly and the best part was she knows that he likes that colour on her that’s why she use to wear that randomly but from past three years from when Yashika and Naira brought a new stylish suits for her and added in her wardrobe she left wearing that it is a long time he was looking her in that
Abhi: when you purchased this one
Pragya while keeping the clothes back in bag: yesterday from a shop nearby that fair
Abhi: you know my choice right!
Pragya: hmm

She said and went from there Abhi was looking her while going when she turned and said
Pragya: I have kept your clothes over there change it soon otherwise they will not forgive you again
Saying this she went and Abhi was still looking at her those complaining eyes of her were unforgettable for him BG plays
raaz aankhein teri, sab bayaan kar rahi (all the secrets, are being told by your eyes)
sun raha dil teri khamoshiyan (and the heart is listening to your silences.)
kuch kaho na suno, paas mere raho (say nothing, nor hear, just be close to me.)
ishq ki kaisi hain ye gehraiyan (what a depth of love this is.)
saaya bhi jism se (does the shadow ever)
hota hai kya judaa (go away from the body,)
jitni bhi zor ki ho aandhiyaan (however strong the storms be.)

His thoughts were that weather you say it 1000 times that you are not angry with me but I can sense that this troubled you a lot as your eyes said this clearly to me I can hear that silence of yours which is trying to complain from me for my carelessness this is all due to that love which you have for me and I have for you we didn’t confessed it yet but that silent love of ours without confession is most pure according to me but I cant do that now as I want to live my love life I want to live like others and I will do that for sure because I cant let me soul get away from me

They all headed towards the fair and as it wasn’t raining today they got to see the real charm there were many swings and rides (mini rides) games and many other shops for eatable items Kaustuki and Ganga started becoming stubborn looking at Giant Wheel that they want to ride on it but first Abhi let them take mini roller coaster ride and both the girls agreed there Kaustuki was so much excited she went and took the roller coaster ride which was shaped as snake and as Ganga was small for that ride so Pragya sat with her and that coaster started Abhi was looking all of them their faces were showing extreme joyness his Basu was also looking in some other world today the way she was laughing was different she was laughing today like a kid it was clearly visible from her face that she was enjoying a lot his thoughts were disturbed by a voice
Person: what happened young man today you are looking extremely happy it seems you are with your family today
Abhi sensed he had heard that voice so he turned and looked that person it was Prabhas he greeted
Abhi: Oh Mr Mehra you here! What a great surprise by the way yes I am here with my family
Prabhas: great actually me too today my brother and sister insisted me to come so I came with them they are taking fun of ride and me and my brother-in-law were playing games over there he is busy in his turn now I looked at you so just came to pass my time
Abhi: That’s great sir by the way you are much interested In shooting games haah!
Prabhas: No not at all I am much interested in video games
Abhi: What! In this age also you love to play them
Prabhas: what can I do it is my childhood love first me and my sister use to play together but then after marriage she left us
Abhi: Oh sorry to hear that
Prabhas: Oye don’t kill her yr she is not with us because of some reasons she is alive
Abhi: oh sorry for misunderstanding by the way it seems you love your sister a lot
Prabhas: yes
Abhi: why she is not with you if you don’t mind can you tell me
Prabhas: of course I will tell you but not now some other day as my brother-in-law is done with his game so I have to go
Abhi: oh my bad luck anyways meet you soon Mr Mehra
Prabhas: sure
Saying this he went and Abhi continued to (making a confusion clear that as Pragya and both the girls were enjoying ride and Abhi was looking them from far so Prabhas didn’t looked at them) look at them soon ride was end and trio came back
Ganga skipped in Abhi’s arm : wrooom wroom it was much fun
Abhi: so you enjoyed
Kaustuki: a lot now please we want to go on giant wheel please
Abhi: why Giant wheel we will go on a ride which she will wish tell us Basu which is your favourite ride?
Pragya: my wish! You will ride on my favourite ride?
Abhi: of course yr tell me
Pragya: actually I also like giant wheel (she said childishly)
Abhi: you also like that it means they totally resembles you
Pragya: I knew it you will taunt me that’s why I was not telling
Abhi: okay baba again sorry come lets go
All the four headed towards the Giant wheel Pragya looked at Abhi when he brought tickets she whispered in his ears
Pragya: What happened you are looking worried if you are not feeling comfortable we can go at some other ride!
Abhi: I wonder how you use to caught me
Pragya: I am living with you from past 13 years day and night I know when and what you are thinking very well
Abhi smiled: actually I am feared of that giant wheel from childhood itself that’s why I was asking you three to go
Pragya smiled: don’t worry try it today your all fear will flew away come
Abhi: I believe you that’s why I am coming
Pragya: so just relax I am with you

Abhi smiled and she smiled in assurance they four went to have a ride of Giant wheel it was three seat so Kaustuki sat infront of Abhi and Ganga was in lap of Pragya and she was with him as the wheel started all the four shouted wooooo and Abhi clutched Pragya’s arms tightly as he was fear of that wheel and closed his eyes the wheel stopped at height and then with a force came down as Pragya and Kaustu along with Ganga hooted with fun Abhi shouted “Mummy” In fear Kaustuki and Ganga was laughing at him as he didn’t even opened his eyes for once and clutched Pragya more tightly she was enjoying that and finally when the wheel was in speed in fear Abhi hid his face in her shoulder she laughed and kept her one hand on his head Kaustuki and Ganga were fully enjoying the ride Pragya looked at Abhi he was extremely feared she make him to look up and enjoy the ride holding his hand tightly he sat straight with her confidence still in little fear when she was looking at his expressions she smiled and BG plays
tu aata hai seene mein (you come into the heart,)
jab jab saansein bharti hoon (whenever I inhale,)
tere dil ki galiyon se (from the streets of your heart,)
main har roz guzarti hoon (I pass everyday.)
hawaa ke jaise chalta hai tu (you move like the wind,)
main ret jaisi uDti hoon (I fly like sand.)
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega (Who would love you)
jaise main karti hoon (like I do..)
he started feeling relaxed in the third round and it seems he started enjoying as he was too laughing now with both the girls but still held her hands she was noticing all changes with a smile on her face
meri nazar ka safar (The journey of my sight)
tujhpe hi aake ruke (stops at you only.)
kehne ko baaqi hai kya (Is there anything more to say,)
kehna tha jo keh chuke (Everything that had to be said is said.)
meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki (My eyes belong to your eyes,)
tujhe khabar kya be-khabar(what do you know, O unaware one.)
main tujhse hi chhup chhup kar (I hide from you only,)
teri aankhen paDhti hoon (and read your eyes,)
kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega (who’d love you so much)
jaise main karti hoon (as I do..)

She was admiring him he looked at her and raising his eye brows asked what she nodded in nothing and then again he got busy as he was enjoying now that it was their third round to that ride and time to leave it as it was only for three rides so all of them got down and he expressed his happiness that it was really enjoyable for him he was feared of nothing he thanked her and now all of them moved towards gaming section
Abhi: Basu you was right it was really fun I enjoyed a lot thanks you yr for making me get rid of fear you are the best person I have got in my life
Pragya felt with happiness when he said that but controlled herself: okay ok now stop buttering and move ahead I am hungry
Abhi: sure madam
They went and had food after that all the four headed towards a park which was near by actually it was a picnic spot all the four rested there when Kaustuki started teasing Abhi with that ride expression he was getting irked
Kaustuki: did you seen his face how he screamed Danga can also tell show us Dangu
Ganga: he said Mummmyyyyy….
Kaustuki laughed hard : I will tell this to dadi and mostly to Bua for sure
Abhi: wait both of you I will tell you
Both the girls tried to escape but he held them and started tickling them all the three were looking extremely happy Pragya was enjoying by looking them when Kaustuki said
Kaustuki: see you are doing this and mummy Is laughing
Ganga: yes yes she is laughing
Abhi: so shall we punish her
Kaustuki: we can?
Abhi: not you but I can
Kaustuki: then punish her
Pragya sensed he is upto something she stood up and started moving back: look this is not fare you cant do this to me you know I can’t control
Abhi showing fingers that he is going to tickle her: No no you were laughing on us now you will bear the punishment
Pragya: no please (pleading like a kid)
She ran from there and Abhi Kaustuki and Ganga followed her they were running round and round suddenly Pragya’s leg twisted and she fell down Abhi laughed on her she asked to help her to get up but rather than doing so he also lay down on grass keeping his head on her stomach (looking T shaped)Kaustuki and Ganga laid beside Abhi
Abhi: today enjoyed a lot
Pragya: wish this time freezes here itself
Abhi: hmmm…
Kaustuki: enjoyment overloaded
Ganga: yes yes
All the four closed there eyes and felt the calmness of environment Abhi thought
Abhi thinks: you are wishing this moment to freeze here but I am thinking something else with it Basu I wish we both could spend some quality time together alone and I can say those things from you which are in my heart I want to let them out but don’t know why I am unable to say but believe me I will say it for sure and that also soon

sorry for the late update actually my college is started now so lil bit busy with my assignments hope you will like this episode see you soon with next episode

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