STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 23


Episode 23

The episode starts with Pragya saying to Abhi
Pragya with anger in voice: Just get inside the car now
Abhi looked at her and didn’t uttered a word as he understood that now he is dead as the anger in her eyes was completely visible Pragya went to check the car Abhi tried to speak
Abhi: Car’s isn’t starting…
She turned towards him and he put his face down looking at her
Pragya: Give me the phone No from where you hired this car
Abhi: Leave it na Basu we will check it out later now please lets go home as I am shivering now you know from past three hours I am standing in rain and now I am fully drenched
Pragya with a cold voice: did I asked you all that
Abhi: NO but it is my responsibility right! To tell you what I was doing (trying to make her calm down)

Pragya: are you giving me no or I have to search it on my own
Abhi gave her no she snatched the phone and called the agency and Abhi said to himself “Great Job Abhi now you are dead for sure because first time you made her anger to such an extent RIP in advance to that person who is talking on phone as I don’t think she is going to leave that person they way her expressions are I think the person on the line will be dead after hanging up the call just think about yourself Abhishek Mehra as you are looking her angry first time so what is the deal what you are going to face the punishment” he was dying in tension when Pragya ended the call and came inside the car she started to driving off there was a complete silence between both of them in the car he was looking her she knows very well that he is looking at her so she spoke
Pragya: May I know that do you have mobile phone?
Abhi: Of course I have

Pragya: fully charged or dead?
Abhi: Well not fully it Is fifty percent charged (in joking tone)
Pragya: That’s good now tell me how much did your phone cost when you purchased it?
Abhi: it was cost about..

Pragya: leave it tell me do you have balance in your phone?
Abhi: yes I have but why are you asking such questions to me like an interviewer?
Pragya yelled: when you was having balance in phone your phone was charged then why the hell you didn’t informed me that you are stuck over there can you tell me
Abhi: Sorry!
Pragya: this sorry of yours keep it with you only don’t ask this from me
Abhi: now don’t scold me like a kid yr first time a mistake happened from me that also I didn’t informed you and you are talking like this by the way network problem was there
Pragya: Network problem was there then wasn’t you able to take a taxi or some other transport beside it what was you doing you was looking out the view very good here we are dying in tension that at new place that also in such condition where natural calamities are taking place where you could be and Mr was looking out the view
Abhi thought: Declared now I am dead for sure

Pragya: now you are quiet, great!
She was driving while scolding him continuously when she saw that two persons were talking in the mid way blocking the way by their cars and were talking something without any tension Pragya blew horn five times but they didn’t listened she was already at the peak of anger and when they didn’t heard so she got out of car taking her umbrella she went near the persons and Abhi again said “RIP IN ADVANCE you are going to face your future death now only” she went near them
Pragya: excuse me
Person1: Yes

Pragya: do you have plan to settle down over here
Person2: why would we do so we are just talking
Pragya: so who use to talk by standing in middle way when people are facing difficulty in travelling if you want to gossip about something cant you stand on side ways what is the need of standing in mid way what the hell are you wishing that one car should come and hit you
Person1:Oh mam who will wish so

Pragya: then why you are not ready to give me way you just clear the way I am saying otherwise
Person1: you are threatening us how dare you now we will not give you way what you will do let us see

Pragya: you want to see wait I will show you
She went back in the car Abhi said “Leave na we will take some other way”
Pragya: Just shhh….
She closed her eyes taking a deep breath she started driving the car in speed and the person who were stood there got feared so they cleared the way by falling in alter directions and here Abhi was looking at her shocking he decided to do something so that she could calm down so he started saying

Abhi: you know Basu the view was there so beautiful and I met with retired general Mr Mehra today he offered me coffee today I felt extremely good as such a positioned man was so calm with people like us
Pragya glared at him raising her eyebrow said: Coffee! Beautiful!
Abhi to himself: Damn! What are you doing digging your grave on your own
Abhi: yes but it was in afternoon and due to rain only
Pragya : Oh then what happened?
Abhi: nothing I was driving off for coming to you people when my car got break down in mid and then I was looking here and there as the valleys were looking so beautiful
Pragya stopped the car with full break
Abhi: what happened guest house is two stops ahead why you stopped the car here
Pragya: get down

Abhi: What!
Pragya: I said get down of car
Abhi: but why? Ooh I understood you want to spend quality time with me no problem husband and wife must do that
Pragya grinning her teeth being irritated: I said just get out now
Abhi did it sensing that It can result worst if he made her more angry
Pragya closed the door of his side: View of valleys were too beautiful na
Abhi: of course
Pragya: so now come home by enjoying that view
Abhi: Oye no what are you saying I will walk this much distance by walking no way
Pragya: view is so beautiful Basu (mimicking him)
Abhi: don’t tell me your are serious

Pragya: actually. I am serious now come home by marching
She started the car and drove off towards home and Abhi was shocked by this as he didn’t expected this much anger from her side he started walking when he came to know that he was actually out of guest house he didn’t remembered while blabbering with her that they were at their guest house now as he went inside the gate Pragya came after Parking the car as they entered inside she gave him a dead look and walked ahead she found Kaustuki was slept on couch itself Ganga was in her lap she was sleeping encircling her arms to her elder sister’s waist and Kaustu was sleeping holding her tightly Pragya caressed her cheeks and carefully took Ganga from her hands and went to make her sleep properly then she came back and asked Ranjan ji

Pragya: Ranjan ji please serve the food to him I will be there after making them sleep properly
Ranjan ji : Okay madam by the way both the girl had their meal on time
Pragya: thank you so much for doing so you made my half tension cleared
Ranjan ji smiled and Pragya lifted Kaustuki in her arms and while sleeping she said
Kaustuki: Mummy is that you
Pragya: yes I m here now sleep
Kaustuki: Did papa came back?

Pragya looked at Abhi who was looking her: Yes my bachha he is back you sleep now come we will sleep
She went in and now Abhi came to know the real reason why was she angry to such an extent because it was not Pragya who was scared it was his daughter too who was waiting for him and slept like that waiting for him after having her meals Pragya made her sleep calmly and took one towel and some clothes and went to Abhi she handed over towel to him and he took it silently and went from there it was clearly visible from his face that he was feeling guilty to make them tensed like that Pragya handed over clothes to him and went near the dining table he came after changing and both had their dinner silently and then Pragya went to sleep while he wasn’t able to sleep as Kaustuki’s words which she spoke while sleeping were rewinding in his mind again and again.

Precap: the second meeting
what will Abhi do now to get forgiveness from Pragya and now how will she meet her family and what twist the story is going to take just stay tuned for further episodes it is 6:30 pm when i am uploading i dont know when telly update people will upload it

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