STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 21


hey yo i know i am late but there is a reason for that as i am trying to give you good episodes rather than make you bore by writing randomly so as there was much gap in SOF so i am uploading one today hope you will like it lets get into the story
Episode 21
someone is inside a dark room reading a diary and it is written there
“he went that day completely and I got to know that now he is happy and his happiness is my happiness my son is now free of himself”
And a lone tear escaped from person’s eye he closed the diary as someone entered shouting it was a lady of about 40 to 50 years who entered the room
Lady: Bhaiya I am saying stop him otherwise I will forget that he is our brother
Person: what he has done now
Lady: he is Manipulating my husband that I use to eat tasty dishes in his absence and when he comes I use to serve him ordinary food.
Just then a person who is about 35 to 40 years enters
Person: Oh don’t tell lie at least at this age see yourself going to complete half century and telling this much lie don’t you feel shame
Lady: just shut up otherwise I will forget that you are my younger brother and I will kill you for sure
Person: oh ho ho look who is saying this Didi just because your tongue works faster than knife it doesn’t means you will kill me
Lady: you…
They were arguing just then he spoke
Person: enough Subu and Chhotu feel some shame atleast yr you are turned too old now at least now don’t do such type of happenings just grow up how much you will fight yr
Yeah they are none other than Subuhi and Yash and the person is our Prabhas only
Subuhi: then why is he doing that does this suits him it is good that Maa and papa are not here otherwise both must have felt shame on him have died 100 times till now
Yash: don’t think about me think about yourself see yourself Budhiya
Subuhi: yash….. wait I will kill you for sure now mother promise you are dead now
Yash: Didi atleast now leave her yr always remembering maa she must be saying from there that these idiots will never give me rilef after death too
Subuhi yells: chhotu…

Yash went from there and Subuhi followed him Prabhas said to himself
Prabhas: My and Abhu’s spirit has entered in them look at them fighting at this stage also and this Abhu don’t know why she is hiding herself there she must come here for once na but she didn’t came Subu came back with her husband after her children are settled and Yash he came here to live with me with his family silly boy said that he will not live without us I am here Subu is here and our chhotu is here but still we miss you Abhu we are waiting for you but you didn’t came here for once after that incident just hope is there that you will return soon.
Screen shifts to Mumbai here Pragya was working with laptop she was noting down something on the notepad she was looking confused so thought to ask it from him she went out and the scenario which was infront of her looking it a smile formed on her face as Abhi was seated on couch and Ganga was combing his hairs standing on couch and Kaustuki was trying to make different hairstyles she smiled and thought not to disturb them so she again went in and started to solve the problem on her own. After one hour she came out and trio were in same state playing with each other
Pragya: what’s going on here?
Kaustu: We are making him modern you know spikes dog tags bracelets
Ganga: this much big spikes sharp like peedle (saying gestured with small small fingers)
Pragya: Peedle! What is that?
Kaustu: Oho I have to become dictionary all the time
Abhi: stop over acting now
Kaustu: she means needle sharp like needle
Pragya: Oh… so that’s why you make his collar stand and these spikes and these dog tags I think they are the key chains which you have tied with chain right!
Kaustu: yes it is but imagine na that they are dog tags
Ganga: buff buff tags

Pragya lifting Ganga in her arms: yes see didi is saying buff buff tags
Kaustu: Oye Ganga it is not buff buff tag it is Dog tag
Abhi: Ohho now done? I want to go now
Kaustu: no sit here for some more time
Pragya made Ganga stand on the couch: May I tell you something which makes your Papa modern
Kaustu: really! Then tell na.
Abhi: Oye Basu you also this is not fare yr I am tired by sitting like this you know from past three hours they are playing with my hairs please now you don’t
Kaustu started at him: Please stay quiet Mummy will do it Mummy you tell how to do so
Pragya took comb from her hands and while combing his hairs: for being modern first of all it doesn’t needs the spikes like this his normal hairstyle is modern too understood (turned his hairs into normal hairstyle) and then modern doesn’t means to stand collar like this being a normal person and simply sober person is also a modern in itself (folding his collar) hmm look now he is looking good.
Doing this she went from there and Kaustu said
Kaustu: she again trapped me no way you both trapped me
Ganga: didi trapped
Kaustu: don’t repeat it I am going to watch TV now
Ganga: Ben 10
Kaustu: Haan haan Ben 10 ab chalo (yes yes Ben10 now come)
They went to watch TV and Abhi smiled remembering how she set his hairs and folded his collar then thought “she again saved me I cant understand how she use to do that how easily she use to save me” he went in room and was looking towards some files when he saw by chance himself in mirror and was admiring himself today his ordinary hairstyle was looking special to him he thought “Man I am going crazy what to do she makes me crazy but there is one problem that I am crazy for her since our marriage and not even marriage I am crazy for her since I watched that drama and I love to be crazy like this for her but the problem is I every time think that do she feels the same craziness like me”

Time passed they had their dinner and Ganga was still playing with Kaustuki they both were not in mood to sleep today Abhi and Pragya were talking at some random topic when both the girls entered like storm in the room and jumped over the bed Kaustuki jumped and rested her head in her mother’s lap so did Ganga
Pragya caring their hairs: I think this is the time to sleep
Kaustuki: I know but what to do we are not feeling sleepy so play with us today
Pragya: No this is the time to sleep just sleep down
Kaustuki: so do something to drift us into sleep
Pragya: and what can we do
Ganga: lullaby!
Pragya; I don’t know singing
Kaustuki: then story!
Pragya: I don’t know that too
Kaustuki: Then no sleeping today
Abhi: hmmm I know one story
Ganga and Kaustuki turned to him: really! Then tell us
Abhi; first leave her lap and lay down on bed properly
Kaustuki: why? Are you feeling jealous that we can do this and you cant!
Abhi with wide eyes: why would I feel jealous!
Kaustuki: then please tell us like this jealous papa
Abhi: stop calling that to me
Pragya giggled along with both the girls Abhi was irked
Abhi: now no story
Kaustu: Okay okay don’t blackmail me now please tell the story
Abhi: Ok so listen this story is of pair of nightingale okay
Kaustuki: hmm

Abhi started telling the story :
There was one prince nightingale and one princess nightingale, both were living in a flower garden.
Ganga : Flower Garden!
Abhi: yes flower garden and you know who told this story to me
Kaustuki: who?
Abhi: My Grandpa he use to say that This story is absolutely real, my grandfather said it.
Kaustuki: Really! Then tell us na we want to hear
Abhi: ok but keep quiet now
Kaustuki: Ok
Both the girls were quiet now and Pragya smiled on his trick
Abhi: So There was one prince nightingale and one princess nightingale, both were living in a flower garden Princess use to come in that part of garden where there were extreme flowers she use to go there everyday and sing something and that part was the home of prince he use to admire her while singing every time the Princess use to sing like…. Ummmm… Sing like… Sung like…

He stopped at that point and as both the girls were hearing with full concentration they didn’t uttered a word as they were feeling sleepy too by now and here Pragya started to take interest in the story so when he stopped she interrupted

Pragya: How she sing?

Abhi smiled and said to her: Princess Nightingale sing like just how you talk.
Pragya shook her head in disbelief then he started telling the rest of the story
Abhi: That Princess was shy like this…Shy like this…Shy like this…
Pragya: offo again you stopped tell na how.. How he shy?
Abhi passing a naughty smile: The princess was shy like how I become afraid princess Nightingale didn’t knew, why prince use to shy as she didn’t that know her song is making him shy like that and her song was the reason of his heart to beat faster but The things of heart never comes to lips, it remained in heart only. But the feelings of heart, how many days would hide. These are stories which some day becomes thorns and pains. One day princess understood by the reaction of Prince that he is loving her.
Abhi again stopped she was hearing the story with closing her eyes as she was lost in it and he was admiring her when she sensed that he is quiet
Pragya : why you stopped again don’t spoil the mood na please continue
Abhi gestured that girls are slept
Pragya: Oh not to worry I want to hear the full story please narrate na we can continue with it right!
Abhi laughed at her as she was behaving like a kid now then he said
Abhi: okay come out as here let them both sleep well
Pragya hurriedly ran into hall and seated on couch Abhi also came and sat beside her
Abhi said to her in teasing tone: If you like it then I will tell the later part of the story.
Pragya: No Tell me now, why are you stopped?

Abhi sat down and held her hand she was surprised by this act of his but didn’t said anything as he started narrating rest of the story
Abhi : They become overwhelmed to become each others. Stories of their love became famous in the garden. Will live together, will die together, both of them says.

Pragya: What happened then?
Abhi kept head slowly on her lap: Then on one day one hunter came to the garden and he went away by tracking the Princess nightingale and when the prince came back and came to know that princess is not there one hunter took her away the lover, Prince wilts Poets says
the narration of their separation. That Both of them (prince & nightingale) were singing this song without you it’s hard to pass the nights. That was the beautiful season, tears were flowing from the eyes. One sound always comes from these sparkling stars. The name is love
and it never stops by any separation it increase by every separation and gives hope to live for the loved ones and it never stops by the walls too so he was having full faith that princess will return to her. And it was proved as One day the sigh of Prince and Princess nightingale hit the cage of princess nightingale. The cage get broken, and the princess nightingale became free.
Nobody was able to stop her, not the world, not the god. And as the prince was believing the Princess came back to him To sing a song for prince, princess nightingale came back in garden.

Pragya who was unknowingly running her fingers in his hairs resting her head on the head board: the story is very beautiful
Abhi smiled: Remember this story always, whether you live or die If you love someone love like prince and princess nightingale.

Pragya opened her eyes and looked that he was looking at her with a wide smile on his face she replied back too as she understood what he was trying to say and what he was asking to do he was indirectly saying not to leave him ever and she understood it very well so in reply she nodded yes with a smile

precap: Abhigya leaves for Uk and first meeting of Abhi and Prabhas

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