STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 20


Hey yo i know it is late update you all an scold me for that but not now after reading the update haha so lets go to the story

Episode 20

Pragya has cleared all the steps for the job her interview was also completed and to that surprise the interview was conducted by Abhi and one of his senior but it was totally professional Pragya also took it professionally but one change happened here and that was her name here in the office she was named as Mrs. Basudha Mehta she was selected for the job now the main work for her which was allotted was the documentary and she have to think about that so she was planning the topic and searching for it by taking a small tour in lanes of Mumbai to find something relevant and here Abhi was at home as per the order by his senior today he completed his work so soon and Pragya wasn’t at home too she went for her documentary Ganga was playing and he was teaching Kaustuki who was now irritated fully as he was teaching her since one and half hour which Pragya never use to do so she maximum makes her study for one hour but Abhi was in full swing he was fully interested now in teaching so he now took the book of general knowledge and Kaustu was fully irritated now
Abhi: Ok so now few questions and answers of G.K then it will be okay for today
Kaustuki: you are saying this from past half an hour and continuing with it still
Abhi: so what is the problem if you will study for few hours more?
Kaustuki: Problem there is a great problem I am in higher classes I am just 10 and studying in 6 standard

Abhi: it is not about class it’s about knowledge okay now answer these
Kaustu: aannn hann papa this is cheating mummy is not here so you are doing this to me that’s not fare
Abhi: stop your over acting and answer these questions understand
Kaustu being irked: okay
Abhi: so the first question is when did Babur came to India?
Kaustu: On Tuesday at 12:30am he departed then he got traffic in mid so it took four hours to clear it then he reached about 5:00 am in Wednesday morning and left on Saturday as it was holiday at 11:30 am morning
Abhi: What! Who told all this rubbish!
Kaustuki: Okay fine he came in 1524.

Abhi: right answer okay now tell me another one
Kaustuki: yes
Abhi: when did the battle between Alexander and Porus took place?
Kaustuki: in the month of March the day was Saturday and time was at night 9:00 pm
Abhi: what!
Kaustuki: I don’t know the answer
Abhi: so you can tell it to me directly what’s the need of giving such type of answers
Kaustuki: ok
Abhi: ok then answer the next one it is when did Vasco de Gama came to India?
Kaustuki: He didn’t came to India

Abhi: what!
Kaustuki: yeah he didn’t come to India he was about to come then his mood got changed and he went somewhere else and he didn’t come here
Abhi: but I have read he has came to India and he was the first European reach to India
Kaustu: no I am saying Na he didn’t came it is quite possible that he had went to America but I am sure he didn’t came here
Abhi in a stern voice: Kaustu….
Kaustu: Ok he came in India in 1497 now leave Na please I am really done with studies please
Abhi: Okay one last
Kaustu: ahannn you are saying this again and again but you are not leaving me not fare
Abhi: okay so tell me how much part did Gandhi ji played in Quit India moment
Kaustu showing her palm holding her wrist: This much
Abhi: and who told this to you
Kaustuki: the one who gave birth to him
Abhi: Oh you mean his mother only told this to you okay then tell me when you met her did god called you up or she herself came down to tell you all this because according to me and this book she died when even I wasn’t born

Kaustuki: neither god called me up nor she came down to tell me all this actually when I wasn’t born na then I met her one day she was very fed up then I asked her why is it so then she answered me that because his son played a major role in giving independence to India that’s why he created a big history about which now a days students have to study and as they are studying this in long long chapters so they are cursing him mentally that why he did that and that’s why I am fed up now
Abhi understood that she is really in no mood of studying and in her this silly answer she really gave the answer so he smiled on her talkative answer and she looked that
Kaustu being jumping beside him where he was sitting and rounding her arms to his shoulder from back : Hayee how much cuteness why don’t you became a star I am damn sure girls would have die upon your this smile just one smile and girls will be like OMG what a smile.
Abhi laughed hearing her: okay ok I understand you don’t have mood of study now so no need of this buttering now go Ganga is calling you
Kaustuki: finally you mercy on me

Abhi: now end your drama and go otherwise I will start again

Kaustuki: No no I am going don’t pick up books again please
Saying this she went and Abhi shook his head in disbelief and thought “I don’t know whose copy is she Basu didn’t seem that she would have like her and I was not liker her definitely anyways it is quite possible that she is copy of didi god knows” He was doing his work and in mid of that taking a break he went in room and took his bag to take his one of the important project papers while leaving he saw some CDs in his bag and then he reminded that they were the same CDs which he brought from Pragya’s home and in his work load he didn’t got time to watch them and as Basu was too with him so he didn’t got to see them but now he decided to watch them so he took his laptop inside looking all the way clear as Ganga and Kaustu were busy in watching TV so he went inside his room and took one CD where it was written memories he decided to watch it first so he played and it was the video where a lady was chasing a girl who is looking just 6 years old the lady is running behind the girl holding a bowl and a spoon she has worn a long collar neck kurta and a black pencil jean and she was continuously saying to stop that girl sometimes she was scolding the person too who was making the video and looking that Abhi was smiling continuously (lets peak in who is there in video and why he is passing a smile looking at that video)
Lady: wait I said don’t run like this just stop there Junior please don’t trouble me now
Girl: No maa I will not eat this it doesn’t taste good
Lady: Look girl you have to eat it otherwise..

Girl: I will not eat it
Lady; Prateek don’t laugh over it she is becoming too stubborn now a days and that’s all because of your company
Prateek: Hey Abhigya don’t drag me into this my princess doesn’t want to eat it then why are you forcing her
The Lady turns out to be Abhigya
Abhigya: Look I am forcing her this is not done now a days she is not eating food you know just living on fast food and this is not good.
Prateek: Oh then you continue I will not laugh

Abhigya shook her head in disbelief: one idiot was gone another is here with me god..
Prateek: did you just said me idiot?
Abhigya: no I was missing Prabhas this time
And she again began to follow her the girl was none other than Basu aka Pragya and finally she caught her and started feeding her while which she began to cry as she didn’t wanted to eat what her mother was feeding her and it was bottle guard with gravy and rice

Video stopped at her crying face then he played some more of it but there were no videos but photos then finally he got one CD In which there was again a video and written concert part 1 here Abhigya was in her rocking style the concert was going on for any charity function and after the concert got end the video shown black for few minutes it seems the camcorder wasn’t stopped that time but closed then again video started and this time Abhigya was in green room there Basu was jumping and looking her like that Abhi laughed at her antics and while jumping she was shouting
Pragya: woo hooo look at the stunning beauty which is over here Mrs Abhigya Sangwang my dream girl with whom I want to rap one day just like Its yours Hard Kaur (lady rapper hard kaur)
Abhigya: enough of your drama basu now come down and don’t jump over couch come down
Pragya: are you looking baba what she said don’t jump over couch how many times I have said not to jump over couch still you are jumping over it not done see maa I scolded him he will not do so okay
Abhigya held her ear: Achha ji who is jumping there papa or you
Pragya: Oh maa leave me it is paining I will ask him not to do so for sure

Prateek: oye when I did that you are blaming me un necessary
Pragya chuckled: Oh chhore thane pata hai na k mai jo bolun hun us rya k matlab ho sai (oh boy you know right! What I say an what it means)
Abhigya: again dadi’s language Basu….
Basu: oho okay sorry now leave me I will not do so saying it straightly okay my dear Mother
Prateek: better
Pragya sat there making a pouty face and Abhigya and Prateek were laughing over that
Abhi laughed at that video and said “I have named her correctly silly haha see how she is reacting” then he played the part 2 here they all were at home and now Pragya was roaming back to Abhigya she was following her where ever she was going
Abhigya: I have told you already Basu that I am not going to take you there
Basu: But maa please once you know now I am 10 and I can also go there but only with parents please maa
Abhigya: No way I am not going to take you there
Prateek: why you are insisting Basu its just a function beta there she is coming and she will sing that’s it you can also watch it on TV then why are you insisting like this
Basu: don’t say her singer she is rapper the great rapper Hard Kaur ugh you will not understand maa please na
Abhigya: look girl If you one more time said it to me that maa please take me there I am saying that I will not take you at any of my concert understood

Pragya: No don’t do that okay I will not insist you I don’t want to go there
Saying this making extremely sad face she left from there and camcorder was closed it seems Prateek closed it but the voices were still there it seems he didn’t off it and everything was looking upside down as he has left it there only then they were arguing over it.
Prateek: what is this Abhigya she is a kid and you are warning her with this kind of statements is this the way
Abhigya: sorry I said it just to make her quiet
Prateek: and now she is quiet very good well done
Abhigya: why are you scolding me you know it very well these type of shows are not for kids too much sound is their
Prateek: Oh really then why don’t you remember your childhood papa was a rockstar maa was a singer then you must have attended there concert or shows right! Did papa said like that to you that if you will ask me to go to someone other’s concert I will not permit you to show mine or maa said to you that if you will love any other singer then I will not sing ever
Abhigya looking at floor; no
Prateek: then why you said now come we have to make her happy
Abhigya: yeah for sure otherwise you will kill me
Prateek: of course she is my only daughter how can I leave you for hurting her
Abhigya: same here Mr
Then he heard some laughing sounds and then after few seconds there was complete silence and he played another one and screen shifts in the hall here Kaustuki was playing Honey Singh songs at high volume and as Abhi was with his laptop and ear plugs with closed door so the voice wasn’t troubling him Kaustu was playing one of his songs and jumping then she held Ganga’s hands who was standing on the couch both started jumping while Kaustuki was repeating the rap
Kaustu holding Ganga’s hand who was fully enjoying her sister’s craziness
Pindo nave nave aaye ne kothi a gyara e (we are recently came here and we have 11 bungalow )
Sector satara ae (in sector 17)
Jinna ne sannu rokeya saddi sadgi ne sadho gholeya (who ever tried to stopped us thought we are villagers and took advantage of our simplicity)
Jado tu mil gi (when I met you)
She was continuing but that time Pragya came in and switched off the TV by which Kaustu looked back and saw it was her mother standing over there
Kaustu: mummy what is this yr…. we were listening to Honey singh after a long time
Pragya: oh really then is this the way to hear the song you know how much loud it was I can hear it from the ground floor this much loud you are playing it and by the where is papa why he didn’t stopped you is he not at home where he went (in scolding manner)
Kaustu doing her eyes down: he is in room there
Pragya: still he didn’t stopped you disgusting what the hell he is doing inside
Pragya went like a storm towards the room and Kaustu turned to Ganga

Kaustu: Ganga see now he gone (both chuckled)
Pragya opened the door and with that in hurry Abhi hid all the CD with a pillow
Pragya: these girls are making this much noise where was you.
Abhi: What! They were making noise no they were so quiet
Pragya taking a deep breath: they were listening the song on buffers and you are saying they were silent great
Abhi: Offo Basu what happened in that they are kids only
Pragya: Mrs. Khurana was complaining
Abhi: you was listening to her don’t pay attention to her I am saying that lady will spoil you her own children are fed up of her
Pragya: don’t try to escape
Abhi winking at her: how can I escape from you sweet heart
Pragya’s eyes got widen: what!
Abhi: What, what! Sweet heart?
Pragya: ugh leave it tell me what I have to pack for UK trip
Abhi: just some warm clothes sweet heart
Pragya giving an irritated expression: Oh okay
She went out and while going she turned : don’t call me with that irritating name
Abhi: which one baby or sweet heart?
Pragya: both
Abhi: Okay sweety

Pragya being irritated left the room and Abhi passed a smiled shaking his head “Silly” and here Pragya was irritated she was thinking “what has happened to him what do he want what is all this first baby then sweet heart and now sweety what has happened I think he is getting out of mind as from past one month he is at home na that’s why anyways if he will continue like this its better to stay away from him.
Abhi: its not possible sweety.
Pragya: aan how he knows what am I thinking
And the screen shifts a valley is shown a big bungalow is shown in that valley and as we move inside someone is inside a dark room reading a diary and it is written there
“he went that day completely and I got to know that now he is happy and his happiness is my happiness my son is now free of himself”
And a lone tear escaped from person’s eye he closed the diary.

Precap: “You idiot wait i will kill you for sure i am damn sure today you are dead and this time maa is also not here to save you” “oh how many times you will trouble maa at least now leave her yr”

who is that who was in dark room? among whom this argument is heating? will be revealed in tomorrow’s episode yes you will get an episode tomorrow too so till then bye bye and yeah GOD is on the way

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