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Episode 2
Pragya kept her diary and smiles then the screen shifts a big media company is shown as we peek inside people are working in various topics and a peon is shown taking some files when someone asked where is taking those files he answered to our senior editor and the person says Ok and the peon leaves from there and walks towards a cabin on which a heading plate is there written senior editor on it and as he moves inside focus goes on table as no one was on chair their then a name plate is kept their written ABHISHEK MEHTA and peon looks out for the him when he found him near a shelf and said “sir these are some files our chief has send” Abhi turns around and said “keep it on the desk and what else sir has said?” the peon said “sir he said to complete these reports as soon as possible as these are the articles by some socialists which have to publish in our weekend edition of magazine then there is one circular also which you have to read” Abhi said “ok I will! You go” peon leaves and Abhi starts checking the files then he found a circular he opens it and checks it there was written that he is selected for taking interview of famous personality and that also with our chief editor Mr Sharma and after reading it a smile formed on his face and he took a deep breath and said “Finally I got this chance” then he started looking at files and after completing one file he stopped as he was feeling tired then suddenly his eyes fell on a photo frame which was kept on his table and took it in his hands it was his family photo his family only which means he his wife and his daughter and then he looked towards calendar and again smiled and thinks “finally 11 years completed of our marriage sorry sorry not 11 years happy years completed I can’t forget this day even in my work load see because this was a great turn in my life I still remember how I was made agree to marry you that time I was little afraid but then you after you came in my life my fear flew away somewhere I still remember that day when Maa came to me with some photos his her hand and said “Abhi you have to select one of them as these are the marriage proposals which have came for you” and I wasn’t ready to do so at all because I was just 24 the age in which people are busy in achieving their carrier I was being tortured by my mother for getting married wait did I said torture yes of course I said it because day and night the only wish of her was Abhi you have to get marry and this was not for that she will get her daughter in law but the reason was something else yes she was being trapped in some disbelieves some craps you know why because one priest said to her that my Kundai is having some faults gosh the same reason yr but little bit different actually she went to temple one day and there some priests were there who use to tell future of people and she also did it she asked my future as being a lovable mother she was always thinking about me and that priest told her that I can’t get marry because if I tried so then my wife will die either within a year or before marriage itself and when she was telling this to dadi I was like what the hell she is doing she want to do this for just this crap totally disgusting but what can I do she is my mother I cant argue with her otherwise people will think that I am not a good son or having an affair that’s why I am not agreeing upon her thoughts so just with a heavy heart and anger and to escape from her taunts and emotional blackmails so I said yes to marriage and the girl was daughter of a rich person I even didn’t know her name because I wasn’t interested and didn’t even tried to enquire about her my mother brought that proposal so I said yes I even didn’t know that how she looked just know one thing that her name was Tanu nothing else I know about her all was going smoothly and I was also taking everything so casually as Maa was happy and so was dadi and somehow Baba also but Baba was not fully happy because he was also thinking the same that my mother is not doing this good on believing such craps but what to do we both love her a lot but Baba loves her most as their marriage was itself love marriage can you imagine parents were having love marriage but son was going to do arrange marriage don’t know what is written in my destiny. It was day of my engagement I was getting ready when I received one phone call it was my mother who again went to temple to take blessings from god with my going to be wife she was coming there with her family and my family was going from here so she went and when she called me I was shocked to the hell because she said that brides family met an accident she was coming in a separate car when her car lost balance and faced accident and she was badly injured and after hearing this I left to the hospital whose address my mother told me but in vein because till then she was no more yes she died because of huge blood loss because she wasn’t admitted at right time my mother said that they were passing by that way when she saw a crowd near road side and when she went to look at that it was she and her family now only her mother was alive as she was coming in another car with some stuffs and Tanu and her father was in one car. That moment was totally worst for me my Baba somehow consoled me make me believe that this was just an accident and then we went to our home I directly left towards my room because I don’t know why I was feeling restless then I decided to talk with Baba so I headed towards his room but I stopped on the door itself because my mother was saying something and baba was trying to make her understand something what I heard was just this that she said “I said it early that this will happen that’s why I was saying to make him marry soon that priest also said the same that with his faults of stars his wife have to suffer and see it was his engagement and my son this happened with him it was true” I just heard this and again went in thoughts and started thinking about maa’s words and for started thinking that this really happened then surely maa is saying right so I was totally shattered out and scared from that moment although Baba tried hard to make me believe that this is just crap don’t believe on that and I also nodded yes at that time but somewhere in my heart I started believing on those things and suddenly when my Maa again brought one proposal for me and that time also I said yes to her and you know it was your marriage proposal I was too scared about that but gathering some courage for my mother’s happiness I agreed even without looking at your photo and the day of marriage came and I was too scared remembering that incident I was totally scared then after our marriage completed I was just thinking all the time that it is a sin for me I was thinking that your life Is in danger with me when I looked at you at first you was looking at stars I don’t know why I felt that you will be with me forever and all that what my said is really a crap I was looking at you calm face but there was some tension on it for sure I sensed it and keeping my thoughts aside I just said that I need some time to accept that relation but in reality I was feeling that I don’t need time to accept you I was feeling like I must talk with you full night but I was hesitated a lot yes can you imagine I was hesitated with my own wife because It was the first time I was living with a girl in same room so I just left from there and laid down on couch but don’t know why that face was captured in my mind for the first time I was feeling something different and that night I just stopped my thoughts and slept and every day I was looking some tension on your face I was also too tensed because somewhere those thoughts which were taken place in my mind when we met that small accident when my bike slipped and we met accident I know it was not big but when it happened the first thought came in my mind was of you so I just looked for you beside handling myself I just turned around you and you won’t believe that time I thought that I got a big relief when I found you fine and same day I shared this with Baba and you what he said he said that “I already said that you are heading towards believing in craps just like your mother” and I thought that he was saying extremely right and from that moment my thoughts filled with positivity and I accepted our relation but I wasn’t sure about you as you didn’t told me that weather you accepted me or not so I just remained silent over that. Now only one thing was bothering me and that was the tension on your face which was clearly visible when I got to know that you was also a victim of same crap but yours was hell for anyone I felt that you was living every moment in those thoughts and they were turning to hell for you and that’s why I decided to take you out from that as I don’t know why I wasn’t able to look you like that and that’s why I supported you that day when your aunt was confronting you and I know that you was crying a lot but you was trying hard to hide that from me but I wasn’t able to control myself as your tears were making me extremely sad and that’s why I just consoled you and hold your hand I was feeling that not to leave them ever and our first hug gosh I was feeling like whole world is near me don’t know what was that feeling and when you smiled over my silly joke I can’t describe that how I was feeling seriously something was there between us but I was confused that why I am feeling so and I know that still you think that I left my home for you but no I left it for us yes as one day I heard my mother was talking with dadi and she was saying “I Think Bahu’s aunt is right may be she is unlucky for my son” and again I was shocked and I thought that if this continued then I will lose you that thought troubled me a lot and so I discussed this with Baba and he said me to shift in the home which was allotted to me by my company so I did it and my father made an excuse that it is in terms and conditions of company so maa also agreed and you know when I asked you that whether you will come with me or stay there and in answer you just hold my hand I was feeling on cloud nine that you are there to support me finally I got someone beside my father who is supporting me. All was going on smoothly when I got promotion from an employee to employer in same company after I married you and Baba said that you are not any bad luck but yes you are my luck I am nothing without you that’s why I respect you a lot and this didn’t end here it was a memorable day for me when you accepted me as your husband and we moved ahead. You know when I got to know that I am going to be a father what I was feeling I was all the time praying that I must get a daughter who should be sweet like you and I got her also and as she came in my life I again got promotion again and now I was manager of that company and then just few years before I became chief editor I cant describe how much you matter to me Pragya you know beside that what made me fall more for you when one day our neighbours daughter was playing with you just after few days we shifted to our new home and I came home back door was already open so I didn’t made any noise just heard some sound of songs were being played and when I peeked in you were dancing with that girl who was calling you sweet aunty continuously and you both were dancing very smoothly and when you turned and saw me you went in shock and the girl left from there and I was looking at your face which was turned totally red and was extremely shy and with that you ran from there and after entering in kitchen you started blabbering and messed up all the kitchen and I didn’t said anything because I was totally enjoying that innocence gosh but to my luck I am not able to see that again till now. But beside this I am again and again saying that you are my life people use to say me my friends use to ask me that I should say I love you to you at least one time but I didn’t know that how to say that because I feel very awkward when I look to those married couple who says I love you to each other almost 100 times a day and I think that is it necessary to make you realise that your companion loves you does your day won’t spend if you don’t say I love you to them do you have fear of losing them or what I can’t understand this factor and I didn’t ever feel to confess these words to you because I know that you also have same feelings towards me otherwise you won’t have any trust on me yes I know you trust me more than yourself and you know how I know this because I have seen this whenever I use to take you at some parties other wives fumes in jealousy when they looks their husband talking with other ladies so much happily and I have always noticed that you don’t even think like that there is always a trust on your face that I will never leave you so let me tell you Mrs. Mehta I won’t leave you ever never ever understood and let people say what they are saying but I know that your trust your faith I me is your love towards me and you know some of my friends are saying that I should give you a gift on our 11th anniversary as you will like it but I won’t gift you anything because I know what you like and as usual I will do so for you to make you feel happy because my world roams around you which starts upon you and ends upon our doll Kaustu and soon it will end upon our new guest and I want to share one thing now that I wish to have a daughter again because everyone needs son but I need a daughter and I wish they have same qualities as you.” He was thinking when his thoughts were disturbed by someone it was peon again who came to inform him about that the chief asked him to come to his cabin he said to him to leave and again looked at that photo and smiled then he too left from there and went inside the cabin of chief and here it was written “EDITOR AND CHIEF MR.KABIR MEHTA” he said “sir did you called me?” and he answered “who called you Mr. Abhishek Mehta I called my son here not you” he smiled and said “Ok Baba (papa) tell me what happen?” Kabir smiled and said “Happy anniversary Abhi” and Abhi answered “Thanks baba” then he made him sit near him and asked “What you are going to do today to make my bahu cum daughter happy?” Abhi smiled and said “I will only do what she loves and that is being with me” Kabir smiled and said “Abhi you know she is extremely lucky to have a husband like you a decent person who himself is working as employee in his own company where he can be a owner of company” Abhi smiled and said “baba everyone wants to have everything so easily and they enjoy their wealth but Baba I want to live my life as a normal person with my family I am working as an employee here and I am able to enjoy each and every moment with my family like a normal person will do and having my own world so I enjoy this life a lot” Kabir said “god bless you beta may your happiness live long like this only Ok now I think you should leave otherwise my nani your daughter will say that DADU is not sending papa so soon and I will get punishment for sure” Abhi laughed and left from there after saying good bye to Kabir and drove to his home and as he entered there he saw that Kaustu was troubling her mother for something she was saying not saying but insisting

Kaustuki : mummy please mummy just one ice cream after that we will come back home for sure please …
Pragya: Kaustu please beta I am already tired we will go some other day ok
Abhi was smiling on Kaustu as she was holding Pragya’s hand and jerking it again and again and Pragya was again and again saying “Kaustu I am really tired please try to understand” when she saw him he was on the door and she said
Pragya: see Papa is there he will take you to eat ice cream go
Kaustu looked at Abhi and went to him and said
Kaustuki : Papa see mummy is not agreeing upon me I am saying that we will come back from park after having one ice cream but she is not listening
Abhi: Not to worry you want Ice cream then I will make you have it and we will buy some balloon also ok
Kaustu: really?
Abhi: yup and mummy will also accompany us
Pragya : listen I am really not in mood please
Abhi: Oh ho Pragya you will feel good come with us ok no argument further now come
Pragya thinks now he is insisting how can I resist but I am not feeling good seriously but I have to go
Pragya: Ok at least change your clothes then we can go
Abhi : It’s Ok just come I will do it later
Pragya: ok
Kaustu : finally we are going out
Abhi winks at her : and mummy is also coming
Kaustu: yeah
And they trio left from there in car Pragya was seated on back seat and Kaustu was with Abhi on front seat and Abhi was looking at her with the help of rear view mirror and asked calmly
Abhi: What happen you are not feeling good is everything alright
Pragya: I was saying this only that I am not feeling good but its ok nothing to be worried
Abhi : are you sure
Pragya: hmm..
Abhi thinks “that’s it we use to talk just like this but it is also having a sweet fun beside having some silly romantic talks but all the way I just think that is really a confession Is necessary” and soon they reached a nearby beach Abhi parked the car and it was night he carefully took his family to beach and there the first thing he did was he purchased ice cream for Kaustu and some balloons for her and she started playing near to them and then he purchased two ice candies for him and Pragya and offered one to her she accepted with a smile then they both sat there near the place where Kaustu was playing and looked at the sea waves there was a complete silence between them when Kaustu came and said that she is feeling lazy want to sleep Abhi smiled and make her sit in his lap and soon she dozed off and then Abhi looked at Pragya she was continuously looking at waves with a smile on her face and lost in thoughts cool breeze was touching her face and brushing her flicks as the hair were tied in a form of braid and he was admiring her then breaking the silence he said
Abhi: Pragya..

Pragya: Hmm…
Abhi : Happy anniversary
Pragya smiled : Thank you for the gift I liked it a lot
Abhi : I know you like it sitting with me for a long time alone together that’s why I was insisting you to come
Pragya : I knew it that’s why didn’t resisted
Abhi: so happy 11th anniversary Mrs. Mehta
Pragya: haha Happy anniversary to you too MR. Mehta
Abhi: so if you don’t mind can we leave as our Kaustu is slept already in my lap
Pragya nodded yes and he gives Kaustu to Pragya for stand and then he took her in his lap and Kaustu rests her head on his shoulder and sleeps again then he forward his hand to Pragya and she holds it then she stands with his help and starts walking but Pragya said
Pragya: listen.
Abhi: yes
Pragya: can we walk here for some time
Abhi nodded Ok then they started walking on the beach where the waves were touching their feet and then Abhi again forwarded his hand and Pragya hold it then they both started walking hand in hand and soon they left to their home there Abhi makes Kaustu lie on bed and then Pragya said
Pragya: Go and change I am bringing food
Abhi went and soon came changing into his night ware and asked
Abhi : so what is special today?
He looks at table and find all his favourite food items on table
Abhi: Thank you for this gift as usual this gift rocked
She laughed on that and screen freezes on their happy faces

Precap : No precap
No precap for today because i havent thought for upcoming episode lets see what comes in my mind and what will i write so you have wait till day after tomorrow as i cant post both the ffs at same time hope you will understand so i decided that one day Story of faith and one day game of destiny, Ok so how you find it how was the episode is anything new or some kind of repetition or 1% or 2% repetition is there you have to tell me because i have tried to write in some new way and tried to portrayed the character in another way beside portraying them into KKB style i will try my best to make them different from the real ones you have to vote whether you liked these Abhigya or original one are best its upto you guys and yup while going i am leaving one question for you, you have to answer it to Abhi IS CONFESSION REALLY IMPORTANT because he is getting everything without confessing also so help him to clear his confusion ok then meet you tomorrow see ya till then

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