STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 19


Episode 19
It was the dinner time all were having their dinner Kaustuki and Ganga were going to sleep after having dinner and now Abhigya were in the hall Abhi was looking at some files with him when Pragya brought something and kept it in front of him it was the application form which was to filled to appear in the examination the selection process of staff
Abhi: what is this now?
Pragya: read yourself
Abhi reads it: you filled that form but how I didn’t told you
Pragya: But the one whom you asked for this told me
Abhi: Oh It means baba told you
Pragya: hmm and I came to know that you will not agree until I will fill this form so I filled it and you have to submit it now.
Abhi: But madam do you know that we have to submit some of the certificates too of your college and school
Pragya: is it so then wait I will bring them
Abhi: sure

She went and Abhi thought “finally she agreed upon something without arguing like a kid thank god” Pragya came with some of the certificates with her and Abhi started looking at them and then he noticed out the name on the certificates which was shocking for him
Abhi: Are you sure that these certificate are of yours
Pragya: yes! Do you have any doubt?
Abhi: any doubt! I m sure that these are not yours your photograph is there but name is not yours I am sure that there is some default in them
Pragya: There is no default actually that is my name which was written in school data as per the wish of maa she didn’t wanted to make this Pragya name my official name and don’t ask the reason because I don’t know that
Abhi: so it means your original name is Basudha Sangwang!
Pragya: yes
Abhi: Oh the name is invisible everywhere but tell me one thing if it was your name then why those so called college mates of yours why they were calling you Pragya
Pragya: because everyone knows my nick name there as I was habitual of this name and according to them this name was quiet easy for them to recognise this short name Pragya that’s it
Abhi: Oh I see well I liked this name Basudha more than Pragya
Pragya: you are first who liked this name otherwise everyone use to say this is very old name
Abhi: aah let them say whatever they want to but this one is best for me you know
Pragya: Okay

Abhi looked rest of those certificates and then he saw one extra and asked
Abhi: You have done your PG from Modernity University!
Pragya: Yup
Abhi: In drama!
Pragya: Not in drama but yes I have done PG in writing a drama beside the theatre
Abhi: Are you the same who wrote the drama LOVE OF A NIGHTINGALE
Pragya: yes I wrote it I know it was a lame drama but don’t know how it got this much popular among everyone that it went out of college too
Abhi: are you mad silly! Seriously I have read that drama and believe me it was best every feel was just awesome it as feeling like the characters are alive and they were true for me
Pragya: You have read that! But how I mean it was published only in Nagpur and you are in Mumbai than how you read it?
Abhi: Ahm I read it I didn’t remember but believe me that drama is my favourite
Pragya: That’s great okay now I am feeling sleepy if something is missing please tell me I will complete it tomorrow by morning but for now good night
Abhi: Okay you go I will come after sometime as I have to prepare this report before the trip of Uttrakhand
Pragya: ok then good night
Abhi: good night baby
Pragya got shocked: what you said just now repeat it again
Abhi: what baby
Pragya: what was that!
Abhi: what are you talking about baby
Pragya: you just said me
Abhi: baby (winks at her)
Pragya turned and while leaving : Oh god I am sure something happened to him for sure morning he lifted me now winking at me and calling me baby ugh I hate this uff My husband is lost of mind I think soon I have to consult with psychiatrist goshh..
She left and Abhi shook his head thinking: its so much fun while teasing her the expression she makes my cutie pie
She went from there and he was smiling then thought so you are the one whose writings were my obsession that time

Abhi was doing his post graduation in media and he was In the same college in which she was studying and there was a play one day which was to performed and that was The love story of a nightingale and he went to watch it after the play ended he was so quiet one of his friend asked
F1: hey Abhishek what happened yr from the moment the play have ended you are lost somewhere
F2: Exactly are you lost in that play or the writer
Abhi: Oh shut up! You don’t know that even I don’t know what is her name and name is another matter I haven’t seen her till now
F1: Ooooohh so you wish to meet her
Abhi: Of course who will resist in meeting such a wonderful writer
Saying this he went and like this he went through some of her plays and got totally impressed by her and wished to meet but as she was in another department he never met her and as he didn’t ever saw her face he never thought that it was Pragya who was same Basudha who wrote that play.
Flashback ends

Abhi thinks: So my crush was with me and I married to the same person who was my crush once but I have one complaint now that why you never show me your these certificates earlier and why I never asked her to show them she is the same Basudha uff now I am feeling like how lucky I am because whatever I wanted in my life I got that now my crush Is also with me no no not crush but the first crush and the same is my first love now I think I soon have to find the way to ask her those three words uff but not now let me end this mess which is created by my idiot boss I wish I could be at his place then I would have told him how much he irritates me and baba how can he employ a person like him ugh I just want to kill him anyways now back to work as this is to be end in 15 days now and in morning I have to submit these documents of Basu too wait what did I said just did I said Basu yes I said that Basu how sweet it sounds I will call her by this name now with love but I will not replace silly for sure.
Saying this he went back to his work and from the next day after submitting the documents he started helping Pragya in preparations of the entrance exam and finally the day came she was in examination hall Abhi wished her best of luck and she went to give exam after some days results were declared and she got third position in clearance of exam she was selected for the job now only few things were left and that was presenting a documentary infront of the head which was Kabir and all the candidates got the time of one month to present their documentary now her biggest task was about to find the topic on which she had to prepare documentary and with that she has to do packing also as they have to leave with Abhi to uttarakhand for his field journal which was the link of his success in working with the dream person so next day as per the plan they left for UK.

Precap: Someone is shown reading something kind off diary and a drop of tear fall on the page of diary
Ok so lets see who is reading and who is going to enter the show you will get to know by tomorrow or day after tomorrow but before that i want to know which kind of proposal do you want expected or unexpected tell me your opinion in comments please because after reading todays episode i think Abhi got his crush Basudha haha see what the destiny is i wish i could also meet with you people someday like this but it is not possible because aisa sirf filmo me hota hai haha i know the episode was short but as you know my short leads to long one and yeah the maintanance is over you can get the regular updates from day after tomorrow till then bye bye and yea Happy independence day to all of you belated too for my Pak friends 🙂 and yea Aadhya you call me darlo right! hehe i love reading that in comments dear wait why should i call you dear i will call you darlo too 😉 stay blessed

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  1. Hai surbhi…this was really surprised…pragya play writer…u giving daily a surprise I love it….and i want unexpected proposal…it will be interesting?…..

  2. Saranya24

    Wow dii awesome missed it a lot abhi teasing was superb????and dii i love to see the proposal as unexpected but ur wish dii love u dii???

  3. Nice episode really superb one n it’s awesome thn I want an unexpected proposal bt whatever u choose u vl give the best I HV full confident so based on ur wish which one s best do u thk that way u do yaar today’s episode s awesome n superb I enjoyed especially when abhi called baby n winked pragya really sooooooooo cute

  4. superbb yarr………………………………………….i need a romantic unexpected proposal which makes pragya to say the 3 magical words

  5. Maahi

    basuuuuuuuuu..omg in love with dizz name now heyy hw got his crush i mean his first love thts realllyyyy cooool so excited diii u rocked itttt keeep rockingggg

  6. Angita


  7. Awesome yaar…

  8. are you mad silly! Seriously I have read that drama and believe me it was best every feel was just awesome it as feeling like the characters are alive and they were true for me…….yeh baat surbhi ko kaise smjh a skti hai…..jis ko tou ye lgta hai ke aj ki epi mai kuch nahi……ik dum sahi kha….kiya hai…iss mai….ke mujhe ik unexpexpected proposal chahiye……pragya ka real name kiya hai mujhe kiya pta ……uss ki 3 rd position ayi….mujhe kiya maloom…..abhi ka crush uss ki biwi…i don’t know…..silly get a job….omg ye bhi nahi pta mujhe….sub se imp baat nahi mili mujhe ke day after tommorow under maintaince khtam….how would i know…..gigi…right…Aur FD yr….bataney ke leye aj ki epi mai kuch nahi tha….sachi mai ik dum bus ….kiya kahu ….woh epi thi…….

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    AMAZINGLYYYYYYYY AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVED IT TOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Aur haan mujhe unexpected proposal cahiye….

  11. i have to say finally something that probably i hate to say yeah but today i wanna say it because of you i m in love with abhigya again 🙂 this was so sweet and best a way too! abhi’s crush Basudha seriously amazing 🙂 yeah again as a hater i came and again as a lover i m returning 😉 Hats off dude! i love you

  12. Monesha

    Awesome sorry for my late comment

  13. Pata nai TU ko kya hogya hai mein 3baar comment kar Cuki hun magar se publish he nai kartey… Umeede hai iss bar ho jay ga…anyways coming to the episode it was awesome! I loved it!??????????? aur haan yar mujhe unexpected proposal cahiye…..

  14. Maya

    Finally after my freedom I read both ur GOD and this SOF! Oh god! What have I missed! All episodes were like awesome awesome awesome….thousand times awesome! Its awesome until I only feel like watching this as an movie or drama series????! But its ok ur writing itself is doing that???????Eagerly waiting no! Eagerly expecting for unexpected proposal!???????

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