STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 18


Episode 18

Abhigya were back from the party early as they have to depart for Mumbai too their flight was at night itself and safely they landed in Mumbai although Abhi was allowed to work at home and was relieved by office but still next day he went office making an excuse to Pragya that he has some work so he have to go to office and as he reached office he directly went to his cabin and called Kabir asking him to order peon to call him he wants to talk to him as now a-days Kabir was extremely busy because this is monsoon season and news of tragedies were airing from various areas of country he have to look at best report that’s why he wasn’t going home too so Abhi decided to meet him at office itself and as he is working as a normal employee so no one knows that he is son of Mr Kabir Mehta owner and chief and editor of NYA media group so to maintain that secrecy he asked Kabir to call him through Peon only and Kabir did so when Abhi went in cabin Kabir was with his assistant

Abhi: may I come in sir?
Kabir: yes Mr Abhishek you can and Ravish (his assistant) you go and bring those clips after finding relevant one which are brought by Mr Agnihotri I want best news for my channel bring of those areas which are suffering and no one is there to help people
Ravish: Okay sir
Kabir: and while going please close the door I don’t want any disturbance while my meeting with Mr Abhishek

He went and then after getting assured that no one in near the cabin Kabir asked
Kabir: What is the matter that my son wants to meet me in office time?
Abhi: Baba you know very well that you are not going home now a-days ma told me that and I need to talk something from you personally so I decided to come here
Kabir: yes I know that but now will you tell me what the matter is?
Abhi: Actually baba I don’t know from where to start so..
Kabir looking at some files: hmm so matter is related to Pragya
Abhi widening his eyes: how you guessed?
Kabir closing his files: bete sahab the way you are hesitating in talking anyone can guess now tell me what you want to say
Abhi: Baba wo I was thinking what if Pragya also starts working then it will be good na
Kabir: and that too in this company right!
Abhi: waah baba you are genius
Kabir: baap hu tera experience hai tu agey bol (I am your father and experienced too now tell further what do you want)
Abhi: Ahm actually I was thinking that if you… appoint her as my assistant so..
Kabir looks at him Abhi panics
Abhi: No no no no if you don’t want to make her mine you can give some other job also but
Kabir looks at him

Abhi: I mean if you will say to her that she can work here she will also like na
Kabir: you changed three statements at a time Mr look at yourself you are scared of me in talking about your own wife waoo I mean in movies of 60s also hero doesn’t use to scare of his father like this while talking about his love and you are scared of talking about your wife waah beta waah
Abhi: nothing like that just…
Kabir: okay ok I understood that you want her to work but beta this is media company and according to experience this all will be new for her do she knows anything about media you know for the post of assistant we need an experience person because he/she have to handle our matters in our absence and will she be able to do so
Abhi: she will baba you just tell me the procedure I will prepare her
Kabir: Are you sure
Abhi: yes I am you just tell me
Kabir: okay then the procedure is same as was yours selection process
Abhi: you mean first cracking of exam then group discussion, interview, presentation and then a field documentary
Kabir: exactly
Abhi: but baba we are selecting an assistant not any special post
Kabir: Abhi beta the procedure is same if you want to carry with this regular and simple life whether it is post of assistant or any other post but if you want direct recruitment then you have to answer others that how she got this job with any formal procedure
Abhi: Okay ok I understood I will tell her and I know she will crack it
Kabir: I also know that she will crack the exam
Abhi: one more wish baba
Kabir: tell me
Abhi: If she got selected, then please give her the cabin in front of my cabin please
Kabir: Kyu bhai! yaha chhajje chhajje ka pyar nahi chalega samjhe ye office hai (why! look my son this love of quiet feeling will not work here understood! This is office)
Abhi; No you didn’t got me baba I mean if she will have cabin infront of mine then if she will need any help I can help her easily na
Kabir: Look Mr I can’t take risk I am sure that if I gave her cabin in front of your cabin then you will not do any work be side admiring at her and if you requested one time more about this then I will forget about your offer
Abhi: No no no I will not but you don’t neglect my offer
Kabir: Okay then submit her application form by tomorrow as Staff selection process is going to start from next week Monday.
Abhi: Okay sir now I am leaving
Kabir: while going please close the door
Abhi was about to leave when he came back and Kabir asked “Now what?” he smiled and in excitement kissed his cheek
Kabir: han han samajh gaya bohot khush hai tu ab ye dobara na karna warna sabko lagega Mr Kabir Mehta Mr Abhishek Mehta k sath kuchh jyada hi close hai phir teri normal life ki aisi taisi ho jayegi ab ja (ok okay now I know that you are extremely happy but don’t repeat this again otherwise everyone will think that Mr Kabir is so close to Mr Abhishek Mehta then your normal life will be no more normal understood now go)
Abhi while leaving: Love you baba
Kabir: now get out
Abhi: how rude
Kabir: yes I am now get lost
Abhi: but I still love you

He went saying this and Kabir shook his head thinking this boy will never change screen shifts to Abhi he was driving the car happily towards home imagining he will be with her whole day he think
Abhi thinks: Finally I got the way to keep you in front of me every time now I days I think I am going crazy upon you but no I am crazy about you from the day I accepted you but never gathered courage to tell you now also I am not able to tell you what I feel I think I must contact with some love guru now isn’t sound weird I need love guru for myself uff… I don’t need him I think if I will say then how will I say okay leave that now and let me be happy because baba accepted my proposal and now I will be with you full time we will go home from office together then we will come together too how interesting isn’t it. I know when I will tell you first you will say that who will take care of kids and all but I will not listen you this time you also deserve to live like others and after all you are my wife and my wife my love should gain respect on her own in everyone’s heart you know one thing what I felt when in the mall I heard that one of your mate saying like that about you I was feeling like kill him there itself how dare he said that but then I decided that no you should get what you deserve and you deserve this I wish like me no no not like more than me you should face promotions and believe me I will be the happiest person then no one can measure my happiness but in all this I don’t want to miss those cute moments which I use to spend with you like a normal person any ways whatever the result will be I have decided that you are going to be with me that’s it.
And thinking all this he reached home as he went in started shouting her name and as she came out listening noise without wasting a minute he steps towards her and lifted her up she got shocked for a while that what happened to him he put her down and said

Abhi: you know silly I am too much happy today you can’t even imagine what happened
Pragya who was still in shock with that response didn’t utter a word and Abhi went from there then she thought
Pragya: I think I need to consult psychiatrist now a days he is becoming impossible to guess what he is going to do sometimes he use talk like silly lovers sometimes he use to admire me so romantically and now this I think I must consult Yasho and Naira that something has happened to him for sure.
She called Yashika and narrated all the stuffs and Yashika was laughing hard
Pragya: Yasho don’t laugh na see I am in problem and you are laughing I am saying something has happened to your brother
Yashika: Offo Pragya nothing has happened he is getting mad I think something new he is feeling because when he use to feel something special he use to jump like this last time he kissed our cook you know why because the pudding he made was tasting so good so he just went and kissed him that’s nothing new for him he gets mad sometimes you just ignore it
Pragya: Are you sure
Yashika: of course yr now relax everything will be fine okay I will talk to him that not to scare you like this
Pragya: Okay fine talk to you later
Yashika hanged up the call then thought something and called Abhi and that time Naira also called as she narrated whole matter to her too now the trio were on conference call
Abhi: hi dii what’s up?
Naira: Mr what’s up what are you doing now-a-days
Abhi: Nothing just trying to complete the project given to me somehow
Yashika: We are not talking about your work
Abhi: Then?
Yashika: wait come on-line through Skype
All came on-line through Skype
Naira: yes now tell me what are you doing now a days
Abhi: I am doing nothing be side my work
Yashika: then how we got your complaint
Abhi: My complaint I am sure this Kaustu has done this but let me tell you I haven’t done anything
Naira: Don’t you dare blame my rock star for that understood otherwise you know what will happen with you and she haven’t complained
Abhi: then?
Yashika: we are asking about what are you doing now a days with Pragya she has complaint about you that you are behaving weird with her
Abhi shouted: What!

Hearing that Pragya came in hurriedly
Pragya: what happened why you shouted like that?
Abhi: no nothing wo.. wo.. it was a cockroach there I got scared that’s it
Pragya: are you sure
Abhi: Exactly damn sure
Pragya: but why I am feeling that you are hiding something
Abhi: no extremely no big no but why are you feeling that I am hiding something from you
Pragya: because till now you wasn’t afraid of cockroaches but suddenly you have started getting scared of them (folding her arms)
Abhi: wo… wo.. silly it came suddenly na that’s why I got scared by the sudden appearance of cockroach
Pragya : Oh I see sudden appearance now a days cockroaches are also have sudden and special appearance
Saying this went out of room and closed the door then thought “I am damn sure something is wrong with him but Yasho is not agreeing with me I think I have to consult psychiatrist for sure” just then Kaustuki came there asking
Kaustu: what happened mummy why papa shouted like that?
Pragya: because your father has gone mad
Kaustuki: what’s new in this I know it tell me something new
Pragya in little bit scolding manner: Kaustu… what you said just now
Kaustuki making an oops expression: Nothing just blabbered I didn’t said anything
Pragya: exactly If you said anything like that then see what I will do with you
Saying this she left for her work
Kaustuki: Uff today I escaped but I have to control my tongue otherwise I am dead
Pragya shouted: exactly
Kaustuki: Mummy knows everything no escaping just change yourself Kaustu
Again the screen shifts to Abhi
Yashika: what the hell need was to shout like that
Abhi: What can I do I got shocked that she complaint about this to you
Naira: of course she will do
Abhi: why?
Yashika: if her husband start to behave like a crazy boy in front of her suddenly then what will she do tell me
Abhi: but..
Naira: mai taine Thappad maar dena hai je tu ek word aur bola to (shh if you said one more word then I will slap you for sure)
Yashika: just listen to us don’t speak
Abhi: Okay
Naira: what you are doing now a days should happen daily now understand
Abhi: but why (realising what she said just now) wait what did you said just now?
Yashika: she said that what is happening now randomly should happened daily
Naira: yes and should end up that thing which you didn’t did yet
Abhi: You mean to say Proposal
Yashika: ladka samjhdaar ho raha hai (boy is becoming smart day by day)
Abhi: I was smart always
Naira: you wasn’t smart its Pragya’s company that you are turned into smart otherwise you was like an beggar
Abhi: now this was extremely rude
Yashika: shut up

They were arguing just then Kaustuki entered in and as she looked Abhi was with his laptop
Kaustuki: you are talking from Bua right! I will also talk give it to me
Abhi: I am not talking with anyone I am just doing my work
Kaustuki: and while doing so you are blabbering right!
Abhi: Kaustu now you are arguing with me
Kaustuki: look if you didn’t let me talk with Bua then I will tell mummy that the pack of brownies which she is thinking that she has forgot after keeping it somewhere you have finished it
Abhi: you are trying to blackmail me
Kaustuki: I am not trying to blackmail you I will do this
Abhi: you…. Just take this
Kaustuki passing a victorious smile: Good boy papa
Abhi: I will tell you later
Kaustuki: Of course
He sat be side and Kaustuki talked with Yashika and Naira
Kaustuki: Yo bua what’s up
Yashika: hey my darlo how are you did he troubled you
Kaustu: no way bua if he will do so I will tell you for sure
Naira: good now tell me where is your sister?
Kaustu: she is sleeping just as Papa has habit of sleeping she is also sleeping and you know I am getting bored now days My Honey Singh is also not composing the songs aahh so boring
Yashika: why what happened to him did he going die
Kaustuki shouted: don’t say like that bua
Naira: hahah Kaustu chill bachha
Kaustu: its just that he is not fine he is having health issue
Yashika: really!

Abhi was listening widening his eyes and left from there to Pragya as she was in study room cleaning the mess created by Abhi he went to her and kept hand on her shoulder
Pragya : don’t touch no stay away
Abhi being shocked: What happened to you now?
Pragya: I know you will do something unexpected as in morning no no I can’t take risk just stay away
Abhi: silly now you are over reacting
Pragya: I have an idea if you want to talk then (she looks around and find a big ruler on the desk she striated her hand towards him with that ruler) stay at this distance to talk
Abhi: okay fine tell me one thing now
Pragya: yes
Abhi: how Kaustuki knows everything about her so called Honey Singh
Pragya: in news papers bollywood column she use to read everything about him
Abhi: oh you know she is gossiping about that with my sisters
Pragya: let her do na
Abhi: you also supporting her
Pragya: this is just craziness like…
Abhi: like what!
Pragya: leave it I just blabbered
Abhi: Okay now will you tell me one more thing
Pragya: yes ask
Abhi: what I did unexpected that you are behaving like that
Pragya: unexpected! You are asking that now-a-days you are doing everything unexpected like in morning you came and did that in happiness that was also unexpected
Abhi passed a smile and lifting her again said: just like this na
She shouted: aaann not again! Put me down now this is not done I said you to stay away this is cheating
Abhi tapping her nose: everything is fair
Saying this he went
Pragya: My God I am sure something is happen to him this is total siyappa
screen freezed on Pragya’s weird face and Abhi’s smiling face

Precap: Abhi being shocked “you mean you are the one who use to do that but how i didnt even saw you” pragya ” what is the need of getting shocked in that”

What has happened to Abhi suddenly and why he is shocked you will get to know in next episode 🙂 stay tuned for this kind of lightm light episodes

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