STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 17


Episode 17

Abhi and Pragya were in Delhi along with their both the daughters it was decided by Abhi that he will take Ganga along with them and leave Kaustuki with Kabir and Divya as he thought that he will spend at least one month for his field trip but to his fate company allowed him the trip only for five days and that too in a month so now he was in Delhi for five days on the expenses of company and he decided to hang out for two days on his own he was doing his work smoothly and got close to few members in cantonment as he has met them before too and this week in which he was there was the Army fest week so the senior of the cantonment had thrown a party because he was retiring this week Abhi along with family too was invited there. Five days of his trip was already spent and now Abhi was on his leave for two days as the party is on Sunday so he decided for shopping for everyone. He decided the venue for shopping that was the DLF place which is the biggest mall in Delhi all were in car

Kaustuki: Mummy I am saying I will not purchase any colour which papa will prefer I am telling you
Abhi: Is my choice this much bad that you will not take what I will buy for you
Kaustuki: No it is nothing like that
Abhi: Then what is the matter
Kaustuki: because it is your punishment of not taking me to out for visiting some places which are famous In Delhi and for not purchasing Magnum too
Abhi: I think Magnum is available in Mumbai too then why you want it eat here
Kaustuki: because I want it
Abhi: Arey what is this just because you want it than you will do this Pragya why you are not saying anything to her
Kaustuki: because Mummy also know that I am right

Pragya: Kaustu just because I am quiet it doesn’t mean you will say anything you want if you don’t want to wear clothes of his choice then don’t wear but why are you becoming stubborn like this
Abhi: Oye you are accompanying her that is also not fare is my choice this much bad haah?
Pragya: I am not taking her side I am just asking you both to keep quiet as Ganga is sleeping right!

Kaustuki: No you are wrong look at her once while you was talking with us and shouting on us she awake
Pragya: You both father daughter can’t keep quiet for a while too every time arguing over a lame reason weather it is ice cream breakfast or dresses every if you both cant stay quiet so please don’t be together from next time while coming back Kaustu you will sit with me at back understood (in a scolding manner)
Now there was a complete silence in the car for few minutes when Abhi said to Kaustu
Abhi: just because of you she scolded me (whispered)
Kaustuki: not because of me just because of you because you asked her to speak cant you continue your argument without including her
Abhi: no I can not

Pragya: Arey yr again you both started
They both again kept quiet and Ganga was laughing when they were being scolded by Pragya soon they reached to mall and shopped a lot then it was the time for Kaustu’s shopping and Ganga too so they were heading towards kids section
Abhi: you do one thing Pragya I will choose dresses for them and you go with them for trial okay
Kaustuki: No mummy please you come with me na
Abhi patting her head; Oye drama queen what will people think if I will stay out of changing room and that also of girls
Kaustu making sad face agreed with him and both shopped for their kids when Pragya took Kaustuki with her to trail room after a long time also Kaustuki wasn’t able to chose a dress for her she wasn’t liking any dress so Pragya asked Abhi to carry on she is going out for sometime she went she was stood out of the store as Abhi was inside now with both the girls. Few boys and girls were passing out from there who looked Pragya and came to her
B1: Pragya!
Pragya: yes! But I dint know you

B1: Stephenson college same batch Rahul remember
Pragya: Oh yeah Rahul how are you?
Rahul: I am fine yr how are you?
Pragya: I am fine too and by the way if you are here then they must be Priya, Karuna and Shanaya right!
Shanaya: Of course madam
They hugged her then Priya said
Priya: by the way madam you are totally changed haah looking cool in this look long black Kurta and heavy plazo you wasn’t like that
Shanaya: by the way this look is telling that you have married
Karuna: you got married and didn’t called us yr that’s not fare
Pragya: Arey nothing like that it just happened in hurry
Shanaya: okay, okay so tell me when you married?
Priya: what type of question is this yr Shanaya just because you and Rahul are married two years back it doesn’t means everyone has married like that look at her the freshness is telling that she is recently married
Pragya: No, this is not true actually

Karuna: Oh come on we can understood not recently then it must be few months before
Rahul: by the way these girls were saying that you are not Pragya and I bet them you are see I won
Priya: this is not the answer of our question let her answer first
Just then Ganga came running out and holding Pragya’s dupatta asked her to lift her up she did so
Priya: hahaha Pragya till kids use to misunderstand you that you are their mummy remember Rahul how in college days small kids use to misunderstand her
Rahul :haan but now she is changed see
Pragya: At least listen to me
Shanaya: now the look is totally changed she is looking classy dude
Mean while Abhi came there searching Ganga
Abhi: see this girl is here I am searching her there you know how she scared me
Pragya: have done shopping?
Abhi: yeah

Rahul interrupted : Oh she is your daughter Pragya
Pragya: yes this is what I was trying to tell you but you people were keep on speaking by the way he is my husband Mr
Shanaya: Abhishek Mehta right! OMG I know him he is the senior editor of NYA Media group
Abhi: yeah I am
Rahul: waah Pragya you got a good companion yr so she is your daughter it means you would have been married about three years ago senior haah
Just then Kaustuki came from back yelling at them
Kaustuki: very good I knew it will happen first you left me with him now he also left me in the store no one needs me everyone is just trying to leave me
Abhi: Oh my dear I am so sorry I was just searching your sister I was coming back
Kaustuki: this is not done papa first you brought all my stuffs of your favourite than you left me there I will not talk to you
Abhi kneeling down : Oh my bete sahab I am sorry yr how much will you trouble your buddy
Kaustuki: Okay if my buddy is asking sorry then I have to forgive him but mummy I am telling you not next time haaah I know I am young now from every one but it doesn’t means that every one will leave me

Pragya: Oh yes madam
Priya interrupted: Oh she is also your daughter but you…
Karuna: Offo Priya she must have adopted her
Abhi stood up hearing that: excuse me why do you think she is adopted
Shanaya: it means she is your own daughter
Pragya: yup
Rahul laughed: I knew it Pragya the way your life style was you will be a house wife probably see you are
Pragya felt extremely hurt and Abhi fumed in anger
Abhi: Excuse me who said she is a house wife Mr she is my assistant too a good house wife at home and my assistant at my office and by the way if your thoughts are like this about house wife then I am sorry I must have to say that your thoughts are too low understand you are taking the word house wife so lightly do you know how much she works you cant even imagine how much she sacrifice for her family how much she is dedicate towards her family you should respect them not to insult like this I am sorry Pragya but your friends are too narrow minded
Rahul who got irked: excuse me we are not friends we were just college mates
Abhi: whoever you are but you don’t have right to say anyone like this understood
Saying this he dragged Pragya and both the girls from there and left while in the car he was staring at her through rare view mirror and so was doing Kaustuki
Abhi: Kaustu you know one thing I spent how much time in making her understand that she should speak but see
Kaustu: I agree with you I can’t understand why mummy use to stay quiet when any one speaks like this

Abhi looking at her with rear view mirror: I think she is the most decent person on the earth who is obeying Gandhi ji that speak less don’t argue over matters like this
Pragya: Offo people have habit of speaking we shouldn’t take that seriously
Abhi while driving turned back : people don’t have habit of speaking
The car was about to hit the other car when Pragya shouted
Pragya: look forward otherwise you will hit someone
Kaustuki: don’t worry I will look back side you look forward

Abhi: yes what I was saying…
Kaustuki: you was saying that people don’t have habit of speaking
Abhi: yeah you know silly people don’t have habit of speaking but you have habit of listening that’s why people say whatever they want to say understand
Kaustuki: no arguments maa I am saying you have done a mistake you should have accept that
Pragya: Okay now will you both stop scolding me or not
Kaustuki: no we will not right Ganga!
Ganga: right
Kaustuki: see my sister also said that
Pragya: oh so now three of you are at one side
Abhi: of course we are because we are angry why you didn’t spoke
Pragya: okay I am sorry from next time I will not do so
Ganga: hold your ears mummy
Pragya holding her ears: okay sorry I am extremely sorry now okay
Abhi with fake anger: okay
Pragya: okay now don’t spoil your mood we have to go to the party tonight na
Abhi: yeah

Kaustuki shouted yeah and then she put the music system on again with Honey Singh and hearing that loud music all reached home and then after few hours all got ready for the party which was at Hayatt Hotel Abhi was wearing black suit boot and Pragya was in black saree which was looking extremely beautiful on her Abhi looked at her that time she was handling her plates and he thought to praise her
Abhi thought: she is looking so cute wait did I said cute yeah she is looking cute not beautiful but cute after all cute is much better than beautiful without fake beauty she is cute I think today I will die god damn it why don’t I said her to wear this kind of black simple saree earlier if she had worn it I am sure I would have proposed her that time itself I think I should say that but how I will think about that for sure but for now her cuteness is making me crazy I just want to spend time with her but how lets see whether I will get time or not to spend with my cute silly I want to praise her but how ugh.. how dumb I am in these matters I think I need a guru but who will help me yasho dii no… she will tease me Naira dii No.. she will first beat me up for sure leave it I will find a way my self

His chain of thoughts were broken by Pragya when she came and asked “SHALL WE LEAVE” and he nodded his head in okay then again while driving he thought
Abhi thinks: Oh why she never ask that how she is looking if she would have asked then I would have told her na that she is looking cute but… why she is so simple but whatever she is simple that’s why I love her atleast she is not fake like others.
They were reached at the venue and as they reached they came to know that kids party were separated in kids area so they send Ganga and Kaustuki with a care taker to the play area where rest of the kids were playing eating and drinking in short were enjoying and Abhi entered in the party one of the member welcomed them and as the party was formal army style party so it was not like high loud music dance and all it was a party of an senior person so there was not such stuffs only eatable items and drinks and in last one ball dance which was use to be of old days then finally a music played and some singers were there they sung one melody type of song on which all were doing ball dance Abhigya first resisted then agreed as all were doing so and the song started
dekha hazaaron dafa aapko (I have seen you thousands of times,)
phir beqarari kaisi hai (then how’s this restlessness,)

sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil (this heart doesn’t get controlled even on trying,)
kuch aap mein baat aisi hai (there is something such in you.)

while these lines were sung Abhi was looking into Pragya’s eyes with a smile on his face as she was looking cute and looks like he was praising her through his expressions

lekar ijazat ab aap se (with your permission)
saansein ye aati jaati hain (my breaths now come and go )
DhoonDhe se milte nahi hain hum (even when I search myself, I can’t find myself,)
bas aap hi aap baaki hain (as there is just you everywhere.)

Pragya was looking at him looks like she is saying thanks with a wide smile on her face he also gave a sweet smile in reply when the time came to change the partners and someone came and took permission to dance with Pragya and he said sure

pal bhar na doori sahein aap se (I won’t bear distance from you even for a moment,)
betaabiyaan ye kuch aur hain (this eagerness is something different.)

He was looking at her while walking away and smiled when he striked to a couple who were busy in photo shoot and he disturbed them by mistake then he looked towards Pragya she was giving a sweet hiding smile to him while dancing

hum door hoke bhi paas hain (We are far, and yet close,)
nazdeekiyan yeh kuch aur hain (this closeness is something different.)

then finally they were again dancing together

dekha hazaaron dafa aapko (I have seen you thousands of times,)
phir beqarari kaisi hai (then how’s this restlessness,)
sambhale sambhalta nahi ye dil (this heart doesn’t get controlled even on trying,)
kuch aap mein baat aisi hai (there is something such in you.)

i know not much was there in the episode as i already said that it is under process but as you people wanted me to upload so i uploaded it hope you will like it and wait many more twists are there waiting for you

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