STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 16


Episode 16
It took two days for Kaustuki for recovering from that fever but Ganga was still suffering from it as her health issues were serious since child hood and according to doctor it will take few days more so now all were became to normal and back to their work as usual office school it was normal for Abhi and Kaustuki but more tension for Pragya as she have to control one side Kaustuki and one side Ganga although Kaustuki was not feeling good that her sister was not well she was the one who after coming home immediately her first task was to ask that how is her sister then she use to sit with her whenever Pragya was having work she was caring her head that she can take complete rest it was afternoon today Abhi came back early
Pragya: What happened today you returned so soon?
Abhi: yeah I have given a task of creating a report on the project so from now I have to work at home till one month.
Pragya: Oh I see
Abhi: Where is Kaustuki she didn’t returned yet?
Pragya: yes she was on time she is in the room with Ganga.
Saying this she leaves and Abhi walks towards room and as he opened the door he stood there on the way itself looking at scenario in the room which was in front of him which was Ganga was sleeping and Kaustuki was sleeping beside her covering her younger sister with her arms and Ganga was holding her t-shirt seems as she was feeling protected in her arms he was admiring the beauty of that relation which was in front of him when Pragya patted his back and he gestured her to keep quiet
Pragya: why are you standing here at door like this (whispered)
Abhi: look at that beauty (towards Kaustuki and Ganga)
Pragya: what’s new they both use to sleep like this daily
Abhi: silly aren’t they looking cute
Pragya widening her eyes: Hayo mere rabba ae ki tussi nazar laga re aan kudiyan nu (Oh my god what are you doing they will caught by evil eye don’t do this)
Abhi: silly now you are talking like superstitious yr how can my eye will become evil eye for my children
Pragya smiled: I am not becoming superstitious but that’s true Maa said that it only happens with children not with elders okay
Abhi: Okay if it is in case of kid then I can agree but if you said that I will get caught by evil eye then I will fight with you like this (showing punch)
Pragya : which eye will catch you see yourself this much horrible face person itself will think god save us (in teasing manner)
Saying this she moved from there putting blanket over two girls and Abhi followed her
Abhi: What do you mean am I that much horrible?
Pragya: I think so

Abhi: what do you mean by you think!
Pragya: I mean that I think
Abhi: silly that’s what I am asking that why I am looking horrible
Pragya : look at yourself this much tired face and sweating shirt
Abhi giving a relief sigh : Oh! You scared me almost I thought really I am looking horrible
Pragya: really! Does my opinion matters this much (widening her eyes)
Abhi: I will think about this later (turned and smiled thinking about her expressions)
Pragya to herself: now a days he is behaving different what’s going on in his mind god knows.
it was the time of evening Abhi was seated on the bed in his room working on laptop when suddenly two hands wrapped him from his shoulder and smiled
Abhi holding those hands: who is this girl having sweet soft, soft hands I think it is Ganga hmm am I sure (holding her hands brought her forward)
Ganga laughed and Abhi made her sit in his lap : so what happened today no didi.
Ganga: didi there…(pointing towards TV)
Abhi: didi there so shall we leave to there.
Ganga: yes

He goes towards the hall where Kaustuki was watching TV he patted her head she was having wafers while watching TV
Kaustuki: offo mummy… see na papa again patted my head.
Abhi: then why are you not making her sit with you and by the way what are you watching?
Kaustuki: I am watching Motu and Patlu.
Abhi: okay so we will also join you
As he sat beside her Ganga left him and sat on Kaustuki’s lap and Abhi was watching her antics she was not ready to leave Kaustuki at any time as she sat Kaustuki made her comfortable to sit and then she started feeding one wafer to her and one she was eating herself then Abhi said
Abhi: will anyone feed me or only sisters love is here
Kaustuki: I am not free busy with my sister so now only mummy is left ask her may she will make you eat.
Abhi : so no care for me haah!
Kaustuki: offo have this (saying this she made him eat one) and now no noise please
Abhi sat beside them and covered them with his arms Kaustu laid her head on his chest and Ganga was at hers and soon both the girls drifted to sleep while watching TV and Abhi was caring their head when Pragya came yelling
Pragya: Kaustu time to dinner come
Abhi: shh they slept
Pragya: What the hell! These girls are troubling me daily
Abhi: Now what happened?
Pragya: you better don’t speak because of you only they are doing so
Abhi: Now what I have done silly?
Pragya: why you made them sleep you know they are not having dinner from past few days as you only use to make them sleep
Abhi: so what yr they already had this much wafers
Pragya: Mr wafers are not enough for meal okay how will they recover if they will not get their proper diet
Abhi: Okay ok my mistake from tomorrow onwards no TV this time okay
Pragya: better because they won’t hear me as usual
Abhi: don’t you think now a days you are scolding us more
Pragya: What should I do then you people are not listening to my words I am saying that if you didn’t agreed upon me na I will tell this to Yasho and Naira then answer them
Abhi : Oye silly now you are blackmailing me yr
Pragya: I will do so
Abhi; don’t tell me you are serious
Pragya: I am
Abhi: okay I will agree whatever you will say but don’t complain to di please
Pragya; better
Saying this she left and Abhi thought : This silly is changing little, little bit but its okay as she looks cute in anger.

Next day
Kaustuki was left to school and now Abhi was on his work and suddenly he received a mail which was from his office as he opened it he shouted on himself “What the hell” hearing which Pragya came rushing to him
Pragya: what happened? Why you shouted like this?
Abhi: no nothing just my senior he found a new way to trouble me
Pragya: thank god! I thought something serious has happened?
Abhi: he is troubling me and you are saying Thank God!
Pragya: offo now what has he done?
Abhi: I was supposed to present a report on the various hospital systems earlier on which I was almost completed with my research and report
Pragya; yea I know I had read them and they were perfectly fine
Abhi: he had changed my topic now he wants me to present a report on the life of retired army officers now how will I do so
Pragya: so he did this
Abhi: yes (holding his head)
Pragya: you are in media company right!
Abhi: is it a question to ask silly?
Pragya: they must have given time to you to present your report
Abhi: yes they had increased my time limit for four months
Pragya: so why don’t you create a field journal
Abhi: field journal! What is that
Pragya: when I was in my third year of graduation I was given a topic of modes of report and research across the world there I came to know this concept very less people use to do so because it cause expense more.
Abhi: don’t think about that please tell me what is it
Pragya: field journal is the topic on which you want to create report just follow it as you have got to submit a report on retired Army officers
Abhi: yes

Pragya: so you have to do so that you have to go among them you have to live between them and that’s how you will come to know about this more and this is expensive as you can’t take one example you have to travel at those places where they have their camp and as a media person with special permission they will allow you to enter their cantonment and then you can take interviews of them.
A wide smile formed on Abhi’s face : and that special permission I can get from office
Pragya: yea
Abhi in excitement: what an idea silly superb I will follow this for sure by the way you didn’t told me that you know this much about media I would have offered you as my assistant in office
Pragya: and why would you do so what will other people say that see Mr Mehta has bought his wife as his assistant
Abhi: I am not going to listen you after this I will appoint you as my assistant for sure
Pragya: ab aap bewkoofo jaisi batein kar rahe hai (now you are talking like silly)
Abhi: no arguments further I have said it is final I am going to talk with Senior now don’t disturb
He went and called out his senior he also agreed and on the company expenses he was allowed to create a field journal and his first spot was Delhi he came and told this to Pragya and asked her to be with him but she refused with again that reason of school and all but he said
Abhi: I am saying that you are coming with me and by the way we can leave Kaustu with Maa and Baba as the school is for two months and our Delhi trip will also be of two months then I have to go Uttarakhand and then we can take Kaustu along with us as her vacations will start till then
Pragya: but..
Abhi: No ifs and Buts you are coming its final

lets see what will be the decision of Prgya. Nivi you asked me to show the pics of all the characters right so dear i will do it for sure and yup i will introduce characters of both the ffs if you people wish to do so and yup Angita dear just go and write the name of ff in the google with episode no you will be able to read it hope this was help ful for you 🙂 so comment below guys weahter i have to introduce characters or not

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