STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 15


today the episode is bit longer hope you will like it
Episode 15
Two years spend happily without any interference of Kamya Now Divya is also far from all that crap now she is in believe that what she did till now was just a crap which destroyed most of the lives but in these all negative thoughts one thought was turned out to be positive that her daughter in law will be the reason of his son’s happy life she was believing that all is true but through those craps, but when she got rid of them, then she got to know that without those thoughts also it was true that Pragya was Abhi’s happiness of life. This was the only thing which was turned out to be positive in these two years Anirudh was randomly visiting Pragya and Abhi to know there well being and now one thing was also change that after lot of efforts and with support of Abhi and family she was out of that astrology factor too. She was normal now living happily with two of her daughters Ganga and Kaustuki. Kaustuki is now 11 years old she is turning out to be a good and caring sister at that age just because she remembers that once her mother said to her that she is elder and she had one responsibility and that was to save her sister in every means so Kaustuki was taking care of Ganga like a brother not like a sister and these two girls were Son of Pragya and Abhi according to Abhi. He never treated them like a daughter never let them do any girly activity too because he believes that a girl is better in all terms, he didn’t allowed them to play with dolls and any household game. It was his schedule to take them out at every evening and play some outdoor games with them. Life was going on smoothly but one thing wasn’t change and that was their bonding but the difference was that first there was only one now there were two whom he have handle. Let’s see what’s going on in the house.
A Fine morning Pragya is busy in her work and here Abhi is getting ready for office and Kaustuki is busy with Ganga as she woke up early today
Abhi: Kaustu get ready fast do want to get late for school.
Kaustuki: what should I do she is not leaving me see how she had held my skirt she is not leaving me and you are too busy who will make me wear tie.
Abhi: Offo your problems will never end Ganga… come here bachha
Ganga came biting her fingers to him and he lifted her in his arms
Abhi: Why are you troubling her let her get ready beta didi will come at afternoon then you can play with her okay
Ganga: Didi…
Abhi: okay so you want to play with didi
Ganga: Yes
Abhi: then do one thing go fast and give this glass to mummy then come back and play okay
He makes her stand on the floor and hands over the glass which was on the table and she runs with her baby feet here screen shifts to Pragya she was preparing breakfast when Ganga came
Ganga: Mummy…
Pragya: beta
Gaga: mummy (showing glass to her)
Pragya: beta……. Oh! Thank you who gave this to you
Ganga: Papa.
Pragya: Papa gave this to you he made a small kid work like this
Ganga: Papa didi going
Pragya laughed as she was trying to speak: Oh so he trapped you come we will scold him
Saying this she lifted her in her arms, took breakfast in her hands and went to see why he did so and as she enters the room she saw that Kaustuki was standing on the bed listening songs and jumping on that Abhi was making her wear her belt and tie
Abhi: Kaustu stand straight like this
Kaustu keeping her hands on his shoulder: That’s not fare you always do this I won’t wear this belt and tie they always disturb me like this.
Abhi: this is not their mistake it is your mistake you are listening such songs on the wrong time understood now stand straight and wear this tie.
Pragya: Again the struggle started
Abhi patting Kaustu’s head: This girl always have to do so.
Kaustuki: I haven’t done anything he is the only one who is not letting me to listen songs.
Pragya turns of the TV: Who said you to watch TV early morning every time I have said you not to do so and this is all because of you I am telling this girl is doing this much (to Abhi)
Abhi: now happy! Because of you I also got scolded
Pragya: Okay do fast and please make her eat this I know she is like you will leave the breakfast once got late for sure
She handed over the Plate to Abhi and he handed one of the Parathas to Kaustuki and she eats it he makes her wear tie and then shoes she makes him eat bite while he was helping her in getting ready and finally she was ready and both came out of room. Pragya was feeding to Ganga
Pragya: so ready
Kaustuki: as always I am.
Pragya: had your breakfast?
Kaustuki: full
Pragya: not full madam half I know you made your half eat to your papa and as always beloved daughter was feeding and your father ate your share (in little bit stern voice)
Abhi: I was busy…
Pragya: No need of playing explanation, explanation just go it’s getting late.
Abhi and Kaustuki looked at each other then said
Abhi: come it has became our daily dose before leaving because every day you are trapping me by making me eat your half breakfast.
Kaustuki: stop complaining like a kid and let’s go it’s getting late
Pragya: here are your lunch boxes and listen I have packed some extra for you please do breakfast on time.
Abhi: Ok madam now shall we leave
Pragya: oh sure

They started heading towards the car when Ganga started crying and the reason was as always Kaustuki she was insisting that she will go with her but as she was small kid no one was listening her and as usual according to her daily routine after so much of crying she slept and Pragya was busy in arranging bed as both father and daughter had left their night dresses as well as wet towel on the bed when she received the call by Kamya
Pragya: Hello Ji mami speak what happened now (arranging bed sheet from one hand)
Kamya: Pragya beta how are you?
Pragya: fine mami you tell what happened you called like this suddenly
Kamya: Actually I was thinking Pragya since you have married you didn’t returned back home so
Pragya: so you want me to come there for some days
Kamya: exactly my smart girl how easily understands what her mami wants
Pragya rolling off her eyes: Mami I will think about it but 100% chances are it is impossible
Kamya: don’t say like this beta see Arjun and Radhika were also saying that they want to meet you
Pragya: Mami Kaustu is having school and he is having office how can I come like this and you are saying bhaiya and dii wants to meet me they also come here na
Kamya: Beta they are not having time na all are busy in their works
Pragya blabbered: yes, yes they are busy and I am free every time I don’t have any kind of work
Kamya: what you said?
Pragya: I said I will try mami let me talk with him and other family members
Kamya: okay

Saying this she hanged up the call and Pragya said in frustration to herself “Hell first handle these two daughters and a kid like husband then hear her also don’t know how suddenly her motherly love woke up I am sure this BBC London is upto something gosh (maro siyappa pehle do bachhiyan sambhalo fir ek husband jo bachhiyon se kam nahi ab ye inhe ek le lo pata nahi kaha se suddenly mamta jaag gayi pakka kuchh socha hoga is BBC London ne tabhi bulaya hai)
At evening all were back to home and Pragya was as usual frustrated with that call and her frustration increased when Abhi told her something
Abhi: Pragya Kamya Aunty called me today she was saying that she wants to meet you
Pragya: she called you too?
Abhi: what do you mean by me too? Did she called you earlier
Pragya: yes she did it and now I am sure that BBC London will surely say Pragya do this happiness will increase Pragya do this wealth will increase.
Abhi smiled and in teasing manner: so will you do had wealth increased?
Pragya: wealth my foot it will not increase but what will increase it will be my head ache I think this time for sure my head will get blast for sure
Saying this she left from there and Abhi thought “Now she is out from that and for sure she won’t return in all that” ahm Pragya listen what I was thinking
Pragya: don’t say you are going to send me there
Abhi: Smart girl I was here to say that only
Pragya: no.. this is not done I am not going anywhere
Abhi: arey just visit once and her point is also right that you didn’t went back after our marriage so see what is going to happen you will get change for sure
Pragya: change nahi earthquake aa jaana hai
Abhi: Pragya….
Pragya: no please
Abhi: If one more time you said no then I will send you for sure by lifting you.
Pragya: haw you lift me are you out of you mind I am looking now a days you are talking like those silly lovers that’s not good.
Abhi: really then you should be my lover right!
Pragya: No I am your wife and let me remain it only okay and tell me one thing if I will go then what about your office Kaustu’s school tell me
Abhi: you don’t be worry for that we all together will go there after all how much far my in laws home is?
Pragya: don’t you have problem?
Abhi: No problem at all we will go together at Radio’s home.
Pragya: okay but I am telling you BBC London said anything crap to do then I will leave from there at that moment itself.
Abhi: Okay but tell me one thing what you said just now BBC London right!
Pragya: wo mai wo…
Abhi: Wo kya Pragya
Pragya: Mummy use to call her that she always use to call her BBC London actually that was a news channel
Abhi: I know that silly by the way the name is good
Pragya giggled like a kid and Abhi said
Abhi smilingly : Hey that was cute
Pragya: cuteness overloaded you must say
Abhi: really!
Pragya while going from there: yes you should
Abhi nodded his head in disbelief. When suddenly Ganga came and held his pant
Abhi lifting her in his arms: What happen sweety (rubbed his nose on her cheeks)
Ganga: didi…
Abhi: Uff Your didi love beta sometimes it is better to remember your father or mother also
Ganga giggled at him and he also smiled then Kaustuki entered in home like a storm
Kaustuki: How dare he did that
Abhi: Kaustu what happen you are late today is this the time coming home back see the time
Kaustuki: it’s not my fault that idiot duffer
Abhi: whom you are scolding now?
Kaustuki: Rajan papa today he lost my flying disk now how I will play from tomorrow and when I said that to him he started his blame game and didn’t found it also
Abhi: not to worry I will bring a new one for you but before that just go and change we are leaving to your nani’s place
Kaustuki: No… I will not go at radio’s place
Abhi: okay then we all are going you stay here
Kaustuki: aaannn… this is not fare
Abhi: take her also from past 15 minutes she is asking where is didi where is didi now go here is didi
Kaustu made a weird face and said to Ganga holding her in her arms “can’t you leave me for some time every time didi didi song” and she laughed on that. Kaustu also forgot her anger and frustration looking her sister smiling like that and Abhi was smiling looking at them.
At night itself all of them headed towards Khurana house and as they reached there, Anirudh welcomed them Kamya hugged Pragya and she also did the same with lots of thoughts in her mind Arjun and Radhika also came there they got extremely happy looking Pragya and then they greeted Abhi and after some casual chit chat they all had their dinner next day morning Pragya was helping Kaustuki in getting ready and Abhi was also getting ready as their home was near to their home but still Pragya didn’t used to come there neither Arjun or Radhika went to meet her this was the reason she was hesitating in being so frank with them and this was clearly visible by Abhi and he was also not forcing her as well as Anirudh was too supporting her as her thoughts were having point that when they all were living near her home but never came to meet her and suddenly Kamya called Pragya and she understood that something she is going to say for sure
Kamya: Pragya beta come here
Pragya: yes mami what happened?
Kamya: actually Pragya look at this pendent Acharya ji given this to me he said that you should wear this then your house will be full filled.
Pragya stared at her then she looked at something and said
Pragya; mami look here that cockroach
Kamya: so what happened they are at everyone’s house beta
Pragya: Arey mami I was hearing one astro show once and you know he said that the home where cockroaches are that home cannot full fill with happiness ever mami
Kamya: really then I must call pest control
Pragya: do it fast mami otherwise all wealth will be lost
Kamya rushed from there and Pragya turned as someone patted her back it was Anirudh and he said smilingly “well done Junior I knew it you can do this” Pragya smiled and said “of course mama”.
Like this two more days spent and one day suddenly Pragya got panicked as Ganga was having fever and it was high then to her shock she got call from school too, when she reached there she her point of tension increased as Kaustuki was also suffering from fever and this was the reason she was called to school when she came back to home then as usual Kamya again started. Pragya wasn’t saying anything as her full concentration was on her children Abhi was also not picking up the call and she was getting feared as the fever was increasing. This time her patience got over and she shouted on Kamya as she was already tensed
Kamya: I said you to wear that pendent see what happened now
Pragya yelled: oh enough mami how much you will become superstitious everything has a limit do this do this for god sake just leave me alone for sometime my kids are not well.
Kamya: how can you shout like this on me Pragya this all is your fault they are having effect of your stars.
Pragya irritated: enough mami fine it is because of my stars na then I will take care of them I am taking them from here I will make them well on my own as it is effect of my stars then I will look after them no need to worry
Arjun: Pragya you are over reacting now
Pragya: fine bhai I am over reacting but you know why because now I am done with this crap
Radhika shouted: Pragya don’t you dare talk like this have you forgot how to talk with elders
Pragya: really! Then tell me one thing before today they never got ill like this then why suddenly they got ill like this
Radhika: you haven’t cared about them that’s why
Pragya: then why are you blocking my way I am going na why you called me here to insult like this
Arjun: Pragya enough
Pragya: Enough of you people because till now I was tolerating all this and now I am not able to do so sorry for that I have to go
Kamya: Abhi is not here you can’t go like this alone
Pragya: My daughters are feeling fever I have to go I don’t care whether he is here or not
Kamya: it’s about our reputation you can’t go like this
Then suddenly a voice came from back and it was Abhi
Abhi; I am here she is going with me and sorry for the inconvenience you had because of us these days but I really thought that you want to meet your daughter
Pragya: leave it first take them to hospital fever is not decreasing
Anirudh: Pragya beta now no need to bound in this fake family relation you have relation with me as I promised your mother that I will be your saviour so I will be there for you every time no need of them you come with me
Abhi: Thank you so much mama…
Anirudh: say thank you later Abhi first let’s go to doctor
All of them left the place and headed towards hospital and as they reached doctor informed that Both of them were suffering from Viral and after taking prescription they went back to their home there Abhi asked Anirudh to look after Kaustuki and Ganga for some time and dragged Pragya to other room holding her hand as her face was turning red in anger and he wanted to know the reason
Abhi: blurt it out
Pragya: what?
Abhi: I said blurt it out soon! And tell me why you fought with your aunt
Pragya looked at him: I fought with her I didn’t I just said the truth and that too after much time I must have said that earlier I didn’t said but today it was enough everything has its limit today she said that because of my fault my daughters are ill and that wasn’t accepted to me how can child suffer because of mother tell me hell crap everything starts at me and ends at me Pragya glass has broken your faulty stars Pragya spoon missing your faulty stars Pragya water fallen bad omen your faulty stars I mean seriously! Spoon missing and water fall who calls them an omen yr this was too much she states responsible me for every bad thing happen with anyone I wonder what if Radhika didi suffer from the same she didn’t made her marry at the age of 23 she is still at home and she is 35 still unmarried but me for me she was finding a groom from age 18 what the hell I was burden on her did I asked her ever to give me something no! I never because Maa and papa left a lot for me but I lived with her that I will get a family I swear that beside mama no one cared for me he said that Kamya girl is just 18 let her study and she didn’t agreed then with lots of efforts of mama I completed my graduation that too was a bad omen according to her and thereon the other side look at Radhika and Arjun both are still studying at the age of getting married but look at me where I am. That also not a problem for me because I got a good companion who was there to support me but the problem is why she is always possessive of my happiness today when I am living happily having my own family again she have a problem with that always Pragya, Pragya, Pragya I wonder why don’t she killed me this problem would have ended long ago if she had killed me I am telling you seriously that in these past 30 years today I feeling to kill myself because now this all is going up for me I am feeling like if every problem according to her arises because of me then I must kill myself then her problem would get finished but what to do (kneels down) I can’t do so there are three lives which will get affected because of me if I died then what will happen to those three lives.
Abhi went ahead and sat beside her and she rested her head on his shoulder and he just sat like that then said
Abhi: why you use to hide all this frustration I can’t understand Pragya you shouldn’t do this you know how it affects your health
Pragya: I always think that why a girl have to suffer in all the terms mummy always told me that Nani also suffered like this as Nanu didn’t accepted her till three years of their marriage and behaved bad with her she told me that Nanu had this guilt till his all life that he didn’t respected her feelings first until he got hurt like that by someone nanu told this to all of them and then I think that do my destiny is same like nani then I think that it is similar not same because I got what I wanted what a girl wish after marriage but I didn’t got that attention from my maternal home my mother also tolerated all this that’s why we were separated and now I am doing so and the fear that raise in my heart is what if our daughters…
Abhi cuts her off: they will not as I will not let that happen and you will also not you know today how much happy I was as you raised you voice finally for yourself
Pragya: there wasn’t any other way she was taking that crap on our daughters and that was not tolerable for me and she is not my real mami also that she will get right to say that all
Abhi: relax yr all will get fine lets go mama is there waiting for us
Pragya: you go I will come in some time
Abhi stood up and started pulling her hand: no way come now itself otherwise what will I answer to our two princess that their mother is crying in dark
Pragya resisting: arey leave I am getting up
Abhi: that’s like my silly by the way listen
Pragya: what!
Abhi: don’t you dare say that you want to die and hide this frustration from me from next time understood.
Pragya: why! You get affected by that?
Abhi: silly of course I do and if you even tried of doing so then I swear that I will follow you and by pulling your legs I will bring you back (winks on her)
Pragya laughed: Oh then I should try this
Abhi: silly……
Pragya: Joking baba just kidding come otherwise mama will say that both husband wife are careless about kids
Abhi: come
While they were leaving room Abhi reminded the words of Pragya “I cant because three lives will be affect from that” and thought “I know silly who the three lives are I know you was saying about whom and I really feel happy that I am this much important to you”
Screen freezed on his face9:35 pm i am uploading it dont know when TU will upload it but on Sunday i mean tomorrow you will get double episodes for sure 😉

Precap: Abhi ” i am going out for the project and you are also coming with me to Delhi” Pragya “but….” Abhi “i said you are coming its final”
so what is next twist waiting in the life of Abhi and Pragya what will happen in Delhi to know that all stay tuned my dear Kbians and dont forget to comment 🙂 see you tomorrow with GOD and SOF both it is

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