STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 14


i know i am late actually not at all late because TU wasnt responding from past few days everytime whenever i was trying to log in to the website the one message which was visible to me was server maintenance so without wasting a time lets get into the story first

Episode 14
Abhi was in his room seated on the chair holding his back from one hand and as Pragya entered he immediately changed his position and looking at his behaviour Pragya said
Pragya: Are you okay?
Abhi trying to hide problem: Yup I am Okay but why you are caring me so sudden
Pragya : really! I am caring about you suddenly I didn’t cared about you till now?
Abhi: NO I didn’t mean that actually I blabbered that just ignore it.
Pragya: you have started blabbering also strange!
Abhi: don’t you think you are pointing me out more I mean you wasn’t like this before than sudden change!
Pragya: have you gone mad you are saying everything in me has happened suddenly
Abhi trying to cover up what he said : No silly I didn’t mean it yr. I already said it to you that don’t pay attention on me I have just blabbered nothing else.
Pragya being irked: Uff I don’t know whether you mean it or not but let me tell you that today you have started blabbering and that also suddenly.
Abhi giving a fake smile: yeah sometimes something happens then we think that what was the something which happened and what is that something which is going to be happened and which is that something which is going to be happen and what is the need of that something…
Pragya irked: enough! How much something in your something, something I will lose my brain for sure and by the way by blabbering like this and behaving like this your pain would not reduce.
Abhi being smart: pain which pain look I am fit and fine no pain at all I am perfectly fine (stood up and trying to make her believe that everything is perfect and fine)
Pragya folding her hands looking at him with serious eyes: Really! Then it’s okay come with me I have some work for you.
Abhi: yeah yea sure come I will help you
Pragya turned and smiled Abhi followed her and she went in their wardrobe, showing the upper shelf she said
Pragya: Just take that suitcase down please
Abhi looking at her thinks: Abhi beta now you gone first this back pain and then she is asking you to take this out uff
Pragya: where are you lost do it hurry
Abhi: yeah I am doing but tell me one thing why you need this.
Pragya: have you forgot that we have to leave from here from day after tomorrow Kaustu’s school is going to start and then how you will manage tell me because from here the distance will be much
Abhi: ok okay no need to clarify I understood I am taking it out

He was trying to do so and when he stretched his arm to take that he got sprain and shouted in pain and when he looked at Pragya she was looking at him with a stern look and said
Pragya: no, no I am absolutely fit and fine nothing happened to me.
Abhi: Okay ok I understood that you caught me that’s why you said to take that suitcase out from there but I lied because I don’t want to trouble you at all
Pragya: such a liar you are seriously what if it turns out into a major pain like last time then what will you do? And you are not ready to share this with anyone also is this the thing to hide.
Abhi: it’s just a normal pain nothing else I have said you that already
Pragya: you was running again right!
Abhi: you know everything right! How you use to do so?
Pragya: don’t try to escape I know it because whenever you try to jog out in full speed this pain of yours comes out now come have to think about its cure
Abhi: Pragya don’t tell this to anybody please I don’t want to trouble them
Pragya being tensed: I know that but my suggestion is please concern doctor once again because I don’t want this like last time.

A small Flashback started
It was their second year of marriage they were just shifted to that society where they are living right now and that day the society people decided to celebrate sports day as making people aware about health and all for some donation camp and Abhi took part in the race just for fun and after ending of the day he was having worst back pain as he wasn’t able to control himself and he was screaming in pain so Pragya got furious looking at him she discussed it with Divya and they took him to the hospital doctor asked him to take bed rest and as a treatment he has to with some therapies and have to take leave from office for about two months.
Flashback ends
Abhi: Silly, Silly how much you will become tensed yr nothing will happen believe me
Pragya: you can’t listen to me, now sit here and take rest I will come with medicines
Abhi: okay

She was about to leave then Yashika and Naira entered and asked that they want to talk something with Abhi and need time so Pragya excused them
Yashika: come on show us your back
Abhi: and why would I do so
Naira: because if you will not do so then how we will cure your pain
Abhi: I am not having any kind of pain
Naira: Oh come on Abhishek we know that very well okay that whether our brother is having pain or not
Abhi: I said na I don’t have any kind of pain
Yashika: Abhi we know this problem of yours which you are having from your childhood that if you will run or do any kind of athletic activity then you will have this back pain.
Naira: And this was the only reason that Maa and Papa never allowed you to take participate in any kind of sports activity in your school or college days
Yashika: and according to us you was running today to escape from us in whole house so it is obvious that our sweet brother is facing his problem for sure
Abhi: how you can remember this much about me
Naira: because sisters are at next to mother
Yashika: so according to this you are our younger brother so you are equal to our son
Naira: so beta ji without wasting the time show us your back and let me apply this ointment on your back
Abhi nodded in yes like a good boy and Naira applied ointment to his back
Yashika: Dada ji by the way we are right understood (calmly)
Naira: yes you know we can understand that she trust you more than her looking at your bonding but making her realise that someone is there for her, someone is waiting for her, someone cares when she gets hurt and all, trust me by this your understanding will increase
Abhi: Di may I tell you something
Naira: Yup
Abhi: I don’t want to do so
Yashika: but what is the problem in that
Abhi: Now I haven’t confessed her I am looking some kind of care which I haven’t seen in them who use to confess their love about 100 times a day they have a feeling in them called jealousy in them they can’t their companions talking with others also there is a feeling in wives called doubt and all this I didn’t saw in them and by confessing

I am feared that I will see all that in her which I don’t want to do I think to do that on our every marriage anniversary but when I see those people my fear raises so I don’t do so because I am sure that I can see her like this but with those feeling naah…
Yashika smiled and running her fingers in his hairs: it’s your wish Mr our work was to give opinion to our brother.
Naira: Now take rest ok we will meet you later ‘
Abhi : yup
Yasho pulling his cheeks: and never try to hide your problem with us understood
Abhi: aaaah.. its paining yr leave
Naira : okay ok Yasho come let him take rest
They both left the room and then Abhi resting his back on headboard sat on the bed and then suddenly Kaustuki entered like a storm and jumped on bed
Kaustuki: time is 8:00pm
Abhi: so what?
Kaustuki: Papa Piku..
Abhi: now who is he
Kaustuki: PIKU movie papa
Abhi: Okay ok I got it so what’s next
Kaustuki: on the T.V
Abhi: you can also do so
Kaustuki: you know very well that if I did that then mummy will scold me for sure please na you know it is my favourite movie
Abhi: Okay bring that remote then

He turned on the T.V and both father and daughter started to watch the movie and got busy in that after sometime Pragya entered and looking that scenario which was Kaustu was laying on Abhi’s lap busy in watching T.V and she was looking like she will sleep in sometime so Pragya said while arranging the room
Pragya: Kaustu wake up don’t sleep before dinner get up now
Kaustuki: Oho maa mala bhook laagli naai aawat(Mummy I won’t eat I am not hungry)
Abhi looking at her: what are you speaking Kaustu at least speak the language which we can understand
Kaustu: Its Marathi language and who said she didn’t understood
Abhi was about to say just then Pragya spoke from the wardrobe yelling at her
Pragya: then I wont spare you Kaustu no T.V from next time for sure
Abhi first looking at Kaustu then Pragya: what you both are talking about can anyone tell me please
Pragya: no need of that by the way first tell me how is your pain
Abhi; Its fine now
Pragya: Okay so you are coming for dinner or not
Abhi: no take it here I don’t want to disturb movie yr and by the way where is Ganga
Pragya: with her Dadi
Abhi: Maa wont leave her I think I will not get time to play with her
Pragya: no need of that just take rest as tomorrow we have to leave also
Saying this she left and Abhi said
Abhi: Kaustu don’t you think your mother is changed little bit
Kaustu: May be Mr. alarm Clock now please don’t disturb watch movie quietly
Abhi: ok madam no noise

She again got busy in movie and Abhi was caring her hairs and when the movie was at end she was watching it with full concentration when Abhi felt that she was crying
Abhi: Oh you are crying?
Kaustu didn’t responded
Abhi makes her sit and then lifting her face he asked
Abhi: hey what happened dear why are you crying?
She again didn’t uttered a word
Abhi: Pragya… Pragya.. where are you
Pragya came in hurry: What happened why are you shouting like that
Abhi: look at her why is she crying like this I am trying to ask but she isn’t answering
Pragya: Kaustuki what happened now why are you crying now
She looked at her then she noticed the T.V
Pragya: nothing has happened to her
Abhi: what kind of a person you are she is crying and you are saying that nothing is happened to her
Pragya: I am saying na you don’t believe it right! Wait
She make Kaustu sit on her lap and caring her face asked
Pragya: So feeling sad for Piku’s papa haah!

Kaustuki nods yes
Pragya: Then why you use to watch this movie when you use to cry every time
Kaustuki: Mummy do everyone dies like this
Pragya: the one who has took birth have to die too
Kaustuki: So you and Papa also will leave me like Piku is alone now
Abhi taking her into his arms: it is not possible we have our appointment after 100 years with god so there is much time to live with our Kaustu now stop crying
Pragya cared her head
Abhi: you know now I came to know that you are same as silly in every means
And he started tickling her she started laughing and screen freezed on both of them laughing face of them.
I know i didnt mentioned the precap scene but i will write it in the next for sure i have one query guys i am not getting good response so are you getting bored tell me please this is for them who feel it is bored but not for them who are enjoying this 🙂

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