STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 13


i know i m late but what to do telly updates was not responding yesterday i tried several times anyways lets go to the episode

Episode 13
Both were driving to the home she was playing with Ganga and he was admiring at her she noticed it and asked
Pragya: if you wish I can drive
Abhi: you want to drive and why is it so
Pragya: Because then you will get to enjoy sometime with your daughter
Abhi: and why you are thinking so
Pragya; because from past 30 minutes you are admiring her and wishing to play with her
Abhi: you know me very well (stopping the car)
Pragya: you have any doubt on that?

Abhi: No madam (opening door of her side and helping her in getting off)
Pragya: that’s great (handling Ganga to him )
Abhi: so shall we leave now as it is already late
Pragya: did I say you to stop here and spend whole night here.
Abhi: silly you have became impossible yr I wonder what magic does that home did at you
Pragya: magic of love (winks at him)
Abhi laughed: great let’s leave
Pragya was driving the car and he was playing with his daughter as she is too small so he was just caring her head and looking at her rubbing his nose with her nose and she was rubbing her small hands on her eyes and he was smiling looking at her when she again slept and then again he turned to Pragya and asked
Abhi: Pragya shall I ask you something
Pragya: yeah sure
Abhi: why you don’t know that where your family is
Pragya: arey how can I tell you about them because I didn’t even met them in these years last time I met them when I was about 6 to seven years old according to Mama after that Papa got posted somewhere else and they all went far from us
Abhi : Oh I see

They were talking casually whole the way and finally they were back at home and they headed to go in Pragya and Abhi both went in and as they were late because Abhi spent time in looking out her house so it was late night and when they reached home everyone was slept by that time so there was no scope of making noise and make them disturb so they silently entered in and went to their room their Kaustuki was sleeping hugging a pillow and murmuring “come back soon mummy” Pragya smiled looking at her and went to get fresh n up as they were returned after a long journey Abhi said
Abhi: see how she is sleeping every night I have to struggle with her to get my place now again I have to sleep on couch this girl na from past 6 days she is sleeping like this and due to which I have to sleep at couch
Pragya: look at yourself you are more enough then her till now you didn’t faced any problem and now suddenly when I left you all for few days you are having problem with her then why you said that you will take care of her

Abhi: Okay madam my mistake now please do something I am feeling tired yr
Pragya lay near Kaustuki and as she laid Kaustuki felt her presence and turned to her and again slept hugging her. Pragya rounded her arms around her and kissed her forehead then Abhi made Ganga lied next to Kaustuki in his arms and all the four drifted to sleep.
Next Morning Pragya woke up and again started her work and first work was giving coffee to everyone so she asked Robin to give coffee in everyone’s room and as he went and given it after sipping the first sip itself everyone got to know that Pragya is back here Abhi was sleeping with his both the daughters peacefully Ganga by now was in her cradle and Kaustuki’s head was Abhi’s chest and legs were hanging down the bed and it was looking like they are trying to make alphabet T when his eyes opened with sudden voice
Yashika: get up Mr. Kumbhkaran how much you will sleep
Naira: I think from the moment he is here he forgot that he is having office also
Yashika: dii today is Sunday
Naira: oops sorry sweetu my mistake anyways till he don’t have the right to sleep this much late
Yashika: What to do if we will pour water on him our doll will get disturbed
Naira: but we can do one thing
Yashika: what?

Naira: just few minutes are left our doll will get up then we will teach him the lesson
And as per their assumption Kaustuki woke up and found Yashika there on the couch she was about to wish her good morning but Yashika stopped her gesturing not to wake up and come out then Kaustuki followed her and they both went out
Kaustuki: What happened bua why you stopped me are you going to do some prank on him?
Yashika: today Naira bua will wake your papa up you mother has spoiled him totally see how he is sleeping
Kaustuki being sad: why are you saying like this bua you know that she is not here still you are blaming her
Yashika: don’t get sad my sweet heart I have a surprise for you come with me in kitchen
Kaustuki followed her and both went towards kitchen there Pragya was preparing breakfast for every one with Divya and Kaustuki felt that she is cloud nine she was about to shout but Yashika stopped her and said
Yashika: don’t call her like this just go and surprise her

Kaustuki: but how
Just then they saw that Pragya kneeled down to take something from the down shelf so Yashika winks at Kaustuki and she understood so without wasting time she went and rounded her arms to her neck from back and rested her head over her shoulder saying
Kaustuki: you don’t love me right! You only love Ganga that’s why you didn’t took me with you papa told me that you don’t love me
Pragya kissing her back: he told you and you agreed! Is that my Kaustuki who agreed upon what her papa said (bringing her forward facing her?)
Kaustuki with teary eyes: then why you left me alone
Pragya: who said I left you alone your so called handsome and beloved papa said that he will take care of you very well so I should go on holiday (being busy in her work again)
Kaustuki: who said this you know he lied to you he didn’t took care of me well he don’t know how to make braid of my hairs he don’t know that how to comb girls hairs he don’t know how to do fun with Honey Singh he don’t know how to pack my lunch you know Yashika Bua and Naira bua did that all otherwise I had asked him once and he comb my hairs so tightly that my head started paining
Pragya: Oho is it like that then why you didn’t complaint about this to your dadi (looking at Divya)
Kaustuki: because she is his mother she will not believe on her sons doing but I am your daughter so you will listen to me only
Pragya: so what I have to do now
Kaustuki: come and scold him he is the one because of him I have to stay far from you
Pragya: Oh how can I do so what if he scolded me then what will I do I will be alone then who will support me
Kaustuki making a sad face: Oh so no punishment for papa it means you will leave me like this again
Pragya lifted her into her arms and rubbing her nose gently to her nose: offo how much complaints my junior Honey Singh have
Kaustuki: yes I have because I was missing you
Pragya: Mummy was too missing you bachha

Kaustuki: Then why you left me
Pragya was about to say something but all of them heard some sound so to know what was it all the four went out and when they came out they came to know that it was Abhi who was shouting and coming down from the stairs and Naira was following him both were arguing and as he came down all looked that he was fully drenched in water and as he came down Divya scold him
Divya: Abhi what is this why you came out like this if you forgot to take towel to bathroom you must have called one of us for that Na why you wore these drenched clothes every where water sheah…
Abhi: don’t scold me Maa ask your daughter she only spilled water full of bucket upon me
Naira: shut up dada ji Maa is this the time to sleep see the clock it is 10:30am this much late this is not done Maa
Divya: I think we should leave from here let them solve on themselves
All left from there
Abhi shouted: Maa this is not fare you always use to leave them this is not fare Maa
Naira: everything is fair you understood first sleeping this much late then after all work done sir will woke up and start ringing his alarm clock

Yashika: that is Pragya please bring my breakfast in room Pragya please give me my clothes Pragya why I am so late
Abhi: so what! She is my wife I can order her
Yashika: this is the thought which makes me desperate to slap you
Naira: useless person now stop crying like a kid go and take bath then change your clothes
Kaustuki: scold him more bua he deserve this
Abhi: Kaustu you are my daughter or her
Kaustuki: then why did you send mummy on holiday and lied to her that you will take care of me
Abhi: so I didn’t do it?
Kaustuki: no you didn’t bua scold him more he separated a child from her mother
Yashika: of course bête sahab
Saying this Kaustuki went and Yashika and Naira stood there staring at Abhi and he looked them
Abhi: what!
Yashika: are you going or should we
Abhi: no I am going it’s okay don’t do that
He left from there
All were after seated gathering in hall as Abhi told them about where and who Pragya was Kaustuki was playing with Dhruv and Manav and Ganga was with Divya so Kabir asked
Kabir: Pragya if you were aware that who are your parents then why didn’t you told us about them ever
Pragya: baba because I always feel sad remembering all that
Dadi: then you can tell us now at least
Pragya: and what should I tell you?
Divya: Who were they and whose daughter you are its simple
Pragya: okay so I am telling
Divya: we are hearing
Pragya: My full name is Pragya Sangwang I am daughter of Major Prateek Sangwang and Abhigya’s Sangwang
Kabir with shocked eyes: what! You mean that Prateek Sangwang who was the owner of Asya industries whose branches were overseas too
Pragya: yes
Divya with shock: Abhigya Sangwang your mother! The same Abhigya who was pop star once!
Pragya: yes
Kabir: it means you are the only daughter of the great Sangwang and Mehra
Pragya: yes
Kabir: go and call the doctor I think my BP is low or I am not well that’s why I am hearing those words (standing up from the place)
Divya dragging him down: Abhi go and call the doctor soon I think my ears are defective I am hearing that we are having the daughter of great Sangwang as our DIL
Abhi: Then What’s so shocking in it Baba
Kabir: Shut up you idiot you know who is she? Do you have even idea that who is she
Abhi: yes Pragya Mehta my wife
Kabir: Just shut your mouth idiot she is daughter of great Sangwang you know if she wish she can purchase all of our business firms in just a second
Abhi widening his eyes: what!

Kabir: yes both mother and father were celebrity her maternal grandfather was a great rock star of that era grandmother was too the same and Father was having such a vast business grandmother was the well known head of their town in that time and you are asking just what! Are you mad?
Divya: I am great fan of Abhigya and see my fate her daughter is my daughter in law
Pragya: Maa baba will you please relax that’s why I didn’t told you about this I knew you all will react like this
She went sadly from there and Kabir and Divya were looking at her then Anirudh came there
Anirudh calmly: what have you done Kabir and Divya you know that she is trying hard from past years to forget about her family but she is not and then you reacted like that
Kabir: I am sorry but I wonder this much wealthy girl and she was living like this tolerating whole crap of your wife
Anirudh: she is not tolerating this Kabir even she was born and from day one these craps are following her
Divya: how can you say this Bhai Sahab?
Anirudh: you know why her name is Pragya not anything else

Kabir: because it remembers Mrs Mehra
Anirudh: People think that this is the reason but the reason is something else
Divya: what was that?
Anirudh: again the same crap Bhabhi that time our Abhu was at her due date and she gave birth to a daughter and you know that day was the death anniversary of kaki ji and that child who was just born was rounded by some craps at that moment itself it was her sister in law who was there for that it was naming function of her and Abhu wanted her name Kirti but no one was ready everyone said there that since she is born at death anniversary of Kaki it means Kaki has come back in her face so she should name her on her name and because there was a majority in this crap she had to do so you know she didn’t use to call her by name Abhu always use to call her by either gudiya or junior and rest of our bro and sis use to call her junior Dumbo it was a fun loving family but all because of that sudden incident all got separated now only me and Shiites are in contact and that too because of Kirti otherwise I would have lost contact with her also.
Kabir: Oh I am so sorry but believe me she is here as like our daughter
Anirudh: I know that’s why I didn’t said her ever that beta come to our home sometimes and by the way this is not Pragya if original Pragya came in front of you na then you won’t be able to tolerate that
Abhi widening his eyes: Original Pragya means
Pragya: Oh she is too mischievous than your Yashika and Naira
Abhi: oh then its okay she should remain like that only because I can’t tolerate three mad persons in house
Yashika dragging Abhi aside: Excuse us please
Naira: we will be back uncle you continue
Abhi: what? Why you dragged me like this

Yashika: tell me how you trapped her
Abhi: trapped! What do you mean di?
Naira: means how did you trapped this bird who is this much rich
Yashika: yeah you have flied to high tell us how
Abhi: dii what you both are talking about yr you know that our marriage was arranged right! Then also you are asking such silly question
Yashika: yeah we know but you both are living happily so you must have proposed her right that you love her
Naira: so tell us how this love bloomed among you both
Abhi: What’s this love and all I didn’t proposed or said such word to her
Naira: look Abhi now you are taking footage in telling haah what’s the need of hiding such things form your sisters yr
Abhi: I am not taking footage yr really I haven’t speak such words to her
Yashika: so how you both are living together like so calmly it is impossible without love so tell us without hiding that how this love started we want to hear all the story
Abhi: dii really I never said any word like this to her I don’t know what feelings we share but yes one thing I know that we have a special thing which has kept us bound and that is trust she trust me more than herself she never said that but I know and I trust more than myself because she is the special one for me

Yashika in anger: Trust ke bachhe
Abhi: What happen?
Naira: how you can live without expressing your love to her
Abhi: but…
Yashika: beta trust also survive there where only love has its place
Naira: so go and propose her if you haven’t proposed her yet
Abhi: no I will not
Yashika: what did you said?
Abhi: I will not propose her like that because we are okay with what we are
Naira: you won’t agree like this wait I have another way also
Yashika: wait now

Abhi: what are you going to do?
Yashika: beta Kaustu come here
Kaustu: yes bua
Naira: beta bring that broom stick from kitchen
Kaustu: why bua
Yashika: beta aj tere baap ki baraat nikalni hai ja le aa (today we are going to recreate his baraat scene go and bring it beta)
Kaustuki went and brought that broom stick

Abhi widening his eyes being scared: di what’s the need of that it’s my wife right! I will decide whether to say that or not
Naira: Abhi tak tujhe naak pochhni aati nahi aur chala hai meri biwi jataane (till now you don’t know how to wipe your sneezing nose and you are saying your wife haah)
Yashika: beta Kaustuki go from here today we are going to take your fathers baraat (beta Kaustuki tu jaa aj tere baap ki zara baraat nikalne de hume)
Abhi: dii its not fare haah I know how to wipe my nose
Yashika started on him with Broom: dii ke bachhe ruk tu zara
Abhi started running and Yashika and Naira were following him when he striked to Kabir and hide behind him
Kabir: arey what happen why you people are fighting like this
Yashika: baba he is such an idiot person
Kabir: What happen Yasho will you tell me

Naira: Baba he this useless fellow haven’t proposed her yet can you believe it (whispered in his ears)
Kabir: Abhi is it like that I was thinking that everything like this had happened that’s why they are living like a happy couple
Yashika: this ghochu his thoughts are worst than movies of 50s or 60s you know he said that trust is enough
Kabir: Abhi is It like that
Abhi: baba what’s the need of increasing complications we are living happily na and why these both Dadi’s are inserting their nose in my matter
Yashika: I will kill you idiot today itself
Naira: baba make him understand otherwise one boy will become less from earth and that is sure (baba samjho lo isey warna dharti se ek ladka kam ho jayega bata rahi hoon mai)
Abhi: you have to catch me first for that
Yashika raising broom stick: you..
Kabir : yasho what is this you will beat him with this broom
Yasho: yes but I want something more strongly so that it can hurt him
Kabir: that too bad of you Yasho you will beat him with this
Abhi thinking that he has won: haan baba look they are beating their younger brother with this broom
Kabir: that’s not good Yasho give this to me and go in garden bring that big one from which we use to clean our garden

Abhi widening his eyes: baba..
Kabir: baba k bachhe you have made me feel shame today you know my marriage itself was love marriage still your thoughts are like this
Abhi: but baba that’s not fare you three I am alone no..
Abhi ran from there and Yashika and Naira started chasing him screen divided and freeze showing one side Pragya’s sad face and one side Abhi’s feared face.

Precap: Pragya” No no mami i cant stay here according to my zodiac my daughter will get ill if I will stay at home where cockroaches no maami i cant please Listen come soon we have to leave”

lets get ready to see the torture which Pragya is going to do on Kamya lets see how will it result
Okay i know you will throw rotten tomatoes because i have made your favorite characters old but what to do i didnt got any other names so just re entered them hope you will like their presence lets see what blunder they are going to bring sweet and calm life of Abhi and Pragya and did you saw Kaustu today cleverly she is washing her mothers brain what a smart girl know any ways meet you at next episode love you all

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