STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 12


Episode 12
She smiled and he left from there taking Ganga in his hands Pragya followed him but he stopped her at the door and said “take care and just remember whenever you feel to return…” Pragya smiled “I will look back and you will be there for me” Abhi smiled “exactly” and he went from there and Pragya was staring on him while he was going and suddenly he came back and said
Abhi : silly you are standing like this and agreed upon what I said but tell me one thing how will this child live without you keep her with you Okay
Pragya: that’s why I was standing here because I wanted to see that you said that you will take care of both the girls but how will you take care of baby who is just seven years old tell me
Abhi : yea yeah I know I talked this time like an idiot now what keep her with you I am leaving
Pragya: I am also coming
Abhi : I said it already that you will live here for some days until you feel relaxed okay now no argument further I am leaving that’s it

Saying this he left and Pragya was staring at him and as he went she went inside and hugging Ganga said “Uff how much papa care about everyone but tell me who will take care of him will Ganga look after her papa naah.. My Ganga will take care of Mummy and let Kaustu didi be with papa right my bachha” she caressed her face and the screen shifts to Abhi he was driving the car and while driving he was thinking “I know it will be difficult to handle Kaustu without you but it is necessary because if I wont have left you there you will never feel relax from past 11 years the thing which is visible through your behaviour in anger is that frustration which you use to hide and now I want that to be out and it is better that when you will live at your own home you will be able to forget that but who are you it is to be known because till now I know that you are Pragya My wife and then I got to know that you have seen your mother not seen but you have lived with her and today I came to know that you are not of our society you belong to highly high society so the question is still there who are you and why you are so much sweet and kind by heart and if you belong to high profile people then how you are not an arrogant like others use to be these questions I want their answers Pragya and I know you will answer me after coming from there and I will wait for that” and finally his thoughts stopped as he was at his home now it was night as he came back to home Kaustuki runs to him
Kaustuki: Where is mummy and where Is Ganga why are you alone tell me where are they (shaking his hands and making cute eyes)

Abhi cupping her face: Mummy will come back soon beta
Kaustuki: No tell me first where is she I will also go to her
Abhi kneeled down: Hmm so tell me one thing you use to go school you have holidays am I right!
Kaustuki: Don’t try to change the topic please tell me where is mummy why she left the home in anger
Abhi: she is on holiday
Kaustuki: Holiday?
Abhi: Yup as she also works all day in home that’s why I gave her holiday for few days and she will come soon
Kaustuki: Are you sure she will come back soon
Abhi: I am saying na she will come back soon now go and play with Dhruv and Manav they are calling you
Kaustu went from there convinced by words of Abhi and he sat on the sofa leaning his head on the back of it
Yashika: Abhi bhai where is Pragya
Naira: we are worried as she left from here in anger
Divya: Abhishek we are asking to you where she went and you went following her you also came alone why
Kabir: Abhi we are asking something why you are not answering it
Abhi was silent for some time and then he looked towards Kamya and said
Abhi: She went to find peace of her mind to get relaxed and to stay away from some people for some days I will bring her back when she will feel relaxed till then let her live hiding from all the world in her world of happiness
Saying this he went from there and all were understood that he has make Pragya to stay somewhere but they were confused that where she was living and as he went from there Kamya also left with her husband and then again his all the family went to him
Yashika: where you made her stay
Abhi: she is living in her own house
Naira: but home is at Kamya aunty’s place right!
Abhi: No di it’s not her home she was living there as she was alone and Kirti was living with her another Uncle
Divya : Oh now I got it but when will she come back
Abhi: I already said it ma that when she will feel relaxed I will bring her back but at this moment she is totally disturbed
Kabir: Okay we understood and now I think we should leave as maa is alone at home as she went earlier from here and her health is also not well
Divya: yes we should Arey Abhi come with us beta Pragya is also not here so why would you live alone with Kaustu come to our place

Abhi: sure maa as I also need a change
And they all left from there to Mehta Mansion. Then screen again shifts to Sangwang villa there Pragya was wandering in corridor as Ganga was feeling sleepy then after making her asleep she went to a room which was fully looking like a princess room she made her lie there and then started to head towards the balcony she went and stood there for some time as the beach was clearly visible from there and the cool breeze was brushing her hairs, she just closed her eyes and stood there for sometime then she also went to sleep.
Like this four days spent Pragya’s mind was started to change its thoughts now she was feeling little bit changed as she was before getting into such craps Abhi was so genuine about his words from past four days he was coming after office and use to stand outside her home leaning himself on his car where he found her standing in her balcony every time and after looking at him she use to get inside and then he use to stand there for about an hour and then he too use to leave from there and Kaustuki was continuously missing her mother and like this one more day spent today also Abhi was standing as usual there and she was in balcony and then she went in after sometime Abhi also left from there it was late night and Pragya was on her desk writing something in a diary which was looking as special one let’s see what is she writing

Dear Kitty
Long time na what to do I didn’t felt to write anything in you what to do didn’t got any special thing from past few years you know very well right! That I only use to write in you whenever I get something special or someone special first I wrote in you when I got such a loving parents when I crossed my childhood and was about to enter in teen age then I came back to you when I got such a sweet sister like Kirti and then I came to again after few months of marriage when I got such a understanding soul mate and now I am again here because I found again someone special no he’s not any other person he is himself now you will think that why I am here then I have already told about him actually today I am here because I found someone special in him yes neither my husband nor the father of children but yes the person whom I am seeing out of my house everyday he is for me he daily comes in hope that today I will return to our home and after knowing my response he use to stand there for an hour I know it is little bit rude but what to do I am feeling something different these days looking his extreme care towards us make me feel proud to be his wife more what to do. You know kitty maa always use to say me that Nani told her whenever you feel alone just close your eyes and try to remember your loved ones they will send someone for you sure if they are not in world then they will send an angel and if they are alive then you will got some messages through them for sure and I have experienced it too whenever maa use to leave me alone due to her work and I use to do the same then it was sure that either I will get a call by her or she herself was in front of me and again I am looking this I don’t know Kitty where is Maa but this is sure that she saw that her daughter is feeling alone that’s why she send an angel to me hahah talking like a silly kid na what to do his presence make me feel this much special that he is my angel because how casually he use to handle my pain and ease it Only an angel could do so and I want my angel in my life till my last breath lolz kitty that too is not possible because he has said that he has fixed both of our appointment with god after 100 years. Uff silly this is the word which he use to call me but I love that you know why because there is some feelings hidden in this silly also today I am remembering the song which Maa use to sing while playing with me umm what words were those yeah I got that

Uff mere dil me thodi khali si jagah thi (uff there was a vacant place in my heart)
Uff tune aa ke bin kiraye ye jagah li (which is occupied by you)
Kuchh keh bhi na saki ye kaisi berukhi (I am unable to say something see how is this situation of mine))
Yun chhup k chhup k aaya bin bulaya mehmaan (you have came like and unwanted guest)
Haha that time I didn’t understood why maa use to sing it so casually but now I know that she was giving this message secretly to papa and I think this better suits on me because he is unwanted guest who is living in my heart. Okay now Ganga has woke up I have to go and yes go means not going for a while I am going seriously as it’s been six days I haven’t seen junior Honey Singh she must be missing me na so I have decided that tomorrow when he will come his silly will go with him and how I know that so till our next meeting bye bye kitty.
So it was her diary whose name is Kitty she ended up writing and went to Ganga as she was crying and after few minutes she again made her to sleep and she herself also drifted to sleep then next day she was already to leave to her home and she decided that to make him agree to do so it was the evening time today also he came as usual and when he stopped his car he looked at the same direction she wasn’t there he waited for about half an hour but again she wasn’t there so he went inside and as he went he saw that today that interior was little bit changed it seems that she had changed it while living here he went ahead and met that old man again he asked about her and he answered that “Pragya Baby is out with Ganga bitiya in her garden” Abhi thanked him and went ahead to search the garden and finally the found the way as the villa was really big and when he went out he was amazed as there were the flower beds of roses and petunia on the boundary of the garden which was increasing its beauty and grass was looking like any velvet carpet is spread over there then his eyes stopped at her she was laying on the grass and Ganga was above her she was patting her back and her eyes were closed it seems she was feeling the calmness of environment there he went ahead and sat beside her keeping his coat aside and he was about to touch Ganga’s head to care it but to his surprise a voice stopped him yes it was her voice she said

Pragya: shh don’t touch just now she has slept
Abhi: you are awake I thought you are sleeping too
Pragya while sitting: Yeah I was until I heard your foot steps
Abhi: you got to know I am here by my footsteps strange
Pragya: yeah come now let’s go in otherwise our neighbour will say that our home is locked and Dinu kaka have thrown us out of the house for some kind of punishment
Abhi: And why would they think so
Pragya stood up handing over Ganga to Abhi: because since my childhood he use to do so whenever I use to commit a mistake he use to punish me because he was elder one in the home so Papa gave him all the rights as a family member have
Abhi while standing up: so he is with you since your childhood
Pragya: yup dadi send him here to take care of her son and daughter in law then I came and then he was here to take care of me also
Abhi: when he was here then why you lived with your Uncle
Pragya: because I was scared coming here after I lost my mother because some memories were here and remembering them I cant overcome that sadness so Dinu kaka insisted me to live with Anirudh mama and Maa also said last time to be with him as Papa and he both were posted in the same area so I escaped only with his help.
Abhi: so maa died that time I am sorry I didn’t knew it
Pragya: no need to be sorry she didn’t died but she lost after all that incident I went there again in search of her with Anirudh mama but she wasn’t there and we didn’t found her body too so we know it that she is somewhere alive but we aren’t able to find her neither my other relatives
Abhi: other relatives ?
Pragya: yup as relatives from paternal side they left us because maa gave birth to a girl again it was nothing like that they wasn’t happy with that they were but the problem was that villagers would have boycotted our family if they accept or save us from villagers because giving birth to a girl was a sin in papa’s village so they left us like that and papa also was not there
Abhi: What happen to him?
Pragya: While saving us he died people were throwing stones on us and he came and stood infront of us as an armour and then you know the rest then Dadi thought that her son gave her punishment for not supporting him and she left from that place with rest of the family and now where are they I don’t know
Abhi: Oh and what about your maternal relatives
Pragya: Oh that’s my favourite because they are more of my friends rather than relatives I have two mamas and three maasi

Abhi coming infront of her in a jumping manner: Anirudh mama and shitiz mama right but who are your maasi
Pragya: not Anirudh mama he is not real brother of my mother but the one who is real are another beside them I have them but now where are they I don’t know that too
Abhi walking forward facing Pragya: great this much big family by the way don’t you get lost in your home this much big house you should name it different ways like this is the way to garden name of the way is Rajkumari Pragya marg and this is the main way so its name is Rajkumari Kirti maarg
Pragya laughed: no I don’t forget ways as this is my home right!
Abhi: right by the way silly today you are talking too much don’t you think like that
Pragya: so should I keep quiet
Abhi: Oye when I said like that I said so because till now you use to speak only casually either on few matters or use to stay silent but today you are speaking record broke yr
Pragya: yeah yea
Abhi: So mood changed ready to go home right!
Pragya: I knew it you will come to know what’s in my mind
Abhi: That’s me
Pragya: I know that and let me tell you one pole is behind you and if still you didn’t took turn then I will not save you from being hit with that plant support pole
Abhi turning forward: hey this was new
Pragya: it’s me
Abhi : I don’t know
Pragya: you are unbelievable
Abhi: you too
Pragya: you wait I am coming with my stuffs
Abhi: hey Pragya
Pragya: what ?
Abhi: will you not show me your house its quiet big haah
Pragya smiled : come with me
Abhi: this one I knew

Pragya started to show her full house to him but his concentration was on one room and that was her room which was like any princess room it was still like that she was showing him her room when he saw some CDs in her room desk and he decided to take them when Dinu kaka called her for something she went lying Ganga over her bed asking him to take care of her while she is returning and he found the moment suitable for take them and he started searching whole room like a thief and found many CDs there on which there was written memories he took all of them in curiosity and kept them in his bag and as Pragya came he pretended that he was with Ganga then they both left from there and started looking for the whole house and after sometime they both left to their home.

Precap: no precap
didnt got much time to write so just uploaded half of the part and yup i think from todays episode you will get hint that what is your surprise so forgive me for not writing precap scene it will be in next update and those who understood what is surprise i request not to disclose let me do it please okay till then bye bye take care love you all and Mukund raj i am uploading daily but TU is posting it late its not my mistake hope you undrstood dear

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