STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 11


Episode 11
Pragya was discharged from the hospital and beside going back and taking their stuffs Abhi decided to go back home as he wasn’t able to see the silence of his daughter and Kabir decided to forget about that village for ever all of them went back to their homes it was mid night when Abhi and Pragya reached back to their home with their two sweet heart daughters both were slept by that time Abhi first went in and make Kaustuki lie on the bed carefully and then went to Pragya as she was still walking to the stairs due to her weakness and being careful that gudiya shouldn’t wake up (Abhi’s apartment is at third floor and they have to climb few stairs after lift as the lift is in corridor) Abhi hurriedly went and took gudiya in his hands and helped Pragya they both came in and he made her lie in a cradle which he brought for Kaustu once when she was small kid
Pragya: when you took it out (surprisingly)
Abhi: The night you went I thought to prepare the home for her as now both the sisters will be in the same cradle and when it will be night she will sleep with didi and her papa
Pragya: how can you love them so much (being little emotional happily looking his love towards his daughters)
Abhi: it’s simple silly because they are my daughters and don’t you think now a days you have started crying a lot.
Pragya smiled wiping her tears and then he said

Abhi: Now you are looking my silly otherwise I was thinking that I am with someone other’s wife who is there with me because mine is silly and the one which I was looking for was the one who was continuously crying for no reason (taps on her nose) now go and change I will also change I am extremely tired and finally got one leave so I am going to sleep till late morning
Pragya: okay and you think I will let you do so
Abhi: Exactly
Pragya: No I will not and if you did it I will cut your coffee from full to half cup
Abhi : don’t tell me you are serious
Pragya: yes I am
Abhi: aahh that’s not fare Mrs Mehta
Pragya: everything is fare Mr Mehta
Abhi: That’s only in love and war so what are you having love or war
Pragya looked at him with a smile and left the place
Abhi smiled with attitude: I know what you are having as your smile always tell me
Pragya: don’t over think it is because of war
Abhi shocked : hey how did you got to know what I was thinking
Pragya: just like you know that what I am thinking
She laughed and left the place then Abhi shook her head in disbelief and smiled at her that how she is expert in changing the topic and went to the room in room
Pragya: Listen we have left our luggage there and now
Abhi: What happened?
Pragya: no dresses leaving this saree now what I will wear
Abhi: don’t worry you have one we will go to shopping tomorrow then you can purchase them right and those sarees were old too so no need of getting worried.
Pragya: Oh and what if budget of home.
Abhi: oho silly I will ask Baba na why will I spend my salary I will spend that money which Baba gives as being his son to me and after all we have to buy clothes for all of you three right!
Pragya: I was joking
Abhi: I know that

Next day morning Abhi and Kaustuki were sleeping and Pragya was doing her household work as both the daughters along with father were sleeping and suddenly the door bell ringed and Pragya rushed to the door because if one more time it would have ringed then their gudiya will awake so she rushed to the door and as she opened the door a wide smile came on her face as there were two ladies which were not actually ladies they were girls
Pragya: Yashika didi Naira didi you here (with a big surprise)
Both in chorus: surprise surprise (hugged Pragya tightly)
Pragya : come in please come in
Naira: what you thought if you will not say we will not come in
Yashika: it is our home also right
Pragya: is it the thing to ask
Naira: so where is our sweet heart
Pragya: he is sleeping
Yashika: Pragya we asked where is our sweet heart we didn’t asked where is our high grade idiot
Pragya: Oh sorry she is also sleeping
Naira: and where is our new cutie pie
Pragya: bad luck di she is also sleeping
Naira: first of all you stop calling this dii diii it sounds odd yr either call sis or call us by name
Yashika: let us remain didi for that Ghochu
Pragya laughed : sit I will bring coffee for you
Yashika: no do one thing take out Kaustu and gudiya we want to tell our high grade idiot bro that how should he sleep
Pragya: no need of that gudiya is here with me in that cradle and it’s already 8:45am so just 15 minutes more Kaustu will be awake then do whatever you want to do with your brother
Naira: then we can have a coffee
Pragya: wait I will bring it
Yashika: Arey no need we will also accompany you
Pragya : okay

Trio went to kitchen and started preparing coffee Pragya was preparing coffee and Naira was searching something to eat as she is the foodie one who loves to eat only snacks and Yashika was preparing snacks when Kaustu came in rubbing her eyes and Hugged Pragya still her eyes were closed and as Pragya gave her a kiss on her cheek she opened her eyes and said
Kaustuki: good morning (resting her head on her mother’s shoulder)
Pragya: if it is morning then someone should wake up
Kaustuki: yeah.. I am
Pragya smiled and then Yashika and Naira shouted
Yashika: Oh yo yo Honey Singh
Naira: isho boy Badshah
Kaustuki being irked : who took that fatty copy cat name here
She doesn’t like Badshah because according to her he use to copy lines she without opening her eyes It seems naira bua is here
Naira: open your eyes sweety
Yashika took her in her arms : and Ysho bua is also here
Kaustuki opened her eyes : Bua Yasho bua Naira bua you both here yipiiee now it will be fun but where are Manav and Dhruv
Yashika : Manav is with Baba (Manav is son of Yashika who is four years old)
Naira: Dhruv too (he is son of Naira who is six years old) by the way your father is sleeping so do you have any plan to wake him up
Kaustu: I know how to make him awake
Trio said in chorus : Honey Singh morning punch
Pragya: whatever you three want to do just do it in room don’t outside the room
Yashika: yeah sure madam

Trio went in the room where Abhi was sleeping and closed the door from inside and without doing on the music system they raised it sound and connected to buffer then Kaustuki played one CD in it and then as they put on the system it start playing with buffers which were making enough sound to make a person jump from bed so as they played the song played “Yo Yo honey Singh” and Abhi with that loud sound jumped off the bed in shock and as he woke up he saw two of his sisters were standing infront of him and Abhi looked them both in shock
Abhi: Tell me it is a dream please
Yashika: hey sweet heart will you please leave us alone for sometime as bua wants to talk something important with Your papa
Kaustuki went out and then Naira slapped Abhi’s head and then Yashika slapped his face gently
Abhi: Ok ok di I got it I am not dreaming
Yashika: got it soon dear idiot bro
Naira: if you would have take some more time then I swear I would have treated you well
Abh: sorry di sorry extremely sorry but atleast now stop scolding to me now I am father of two
Yashika again patted his head : you are still an idiot for us no argument further understood
Pragya came in with coffee for Abhi
Yashika: Pragya take it back
Naira: don’t you heard take it back
Yashika: he is not any king that he will get bed coffee first go and get fresh n up then only you will get coffee
Abhi: But dii its just a coffee
Naira: you are going or should I ask her to bring broom stick
Abhi: who said I am not going I am definitely going Pragya take the coffee back please I will have it after getting fresh n up
Yashika: just I five minutes we are waiting out come soon

Both of his sisters left the room then Abhi murmured “Beta Abhi this is called end of enjoyment who called didi here yr”
After some time he came out after getting fresh n up and saw that Kaustu was playing happily with Naira and Yashika and Abhi smiled at her as he was looking her like that almost after two days he came and sat there then he picked newspaper as per his habit
Naira: waah dada ji sat here with the news paper
Abhi: Now what is bad In that dadi ji
Yashika: ghochu you are just a ghochu nothing else you are on leave you should go for outing with your family and you are reading this boring newspaper here
Abhi: Oh madam elder sister of Ghochu I am going sometime later we are going for shopping not like you unwanted guest
Naira: dada ji bole
Abhi: Dadi ji boli
Yashika: we are not unwanted guest the one who is unwanted is you understood Mr great idiot
Abhi: dii don’t call that infront of kids at least
Yashika : I will and let me inform you one thing
Abhi: What
Naira: we are also coming with you for shopping understood now no arguments further
Abhi made a pouty face and continued his reading while both of his sisters passed a smile over him later all went to shopping Pragya was selecting sarees but Yashika and Naira stopped her and said that they will buy clothes for her and she have to just quiet so she was standing with Abhi and both the sisters did shopping for the three girls of the house and Abhi was watching them when Pragya asked him that she will be back in some time and he agreed and after sometime she was back with a bag in her hand and gudiya in one hand and surprisingly Abhi was also having a bag in his hand when she asked about that he said that its nothing but some clothes for Kaustu and when he asked about hers she answered the same then soon his sisters also were back and they left for their home Yashika and Naira drove to their home as it was late and their son were alone with their grandparents and Abhi drove to his flat there Pragya went to check her dresses and when she looked them she called Abhi
Pragya: listen see what yasho and Naira have chosen for me I haven’t wear them how can I
Abhi: Arey Pragya try something new yr don’t think like this
They were plazos and long cut kurtas she went and changed one of them and came out Abhi was dumbstruck to look her like that she with lots of hesitation asked
Pragya: not looking good right I knew it

Abhi held her hand and dragged her in front of mirror : look at yourself silly you are looking more beautiful than you look in saree seriously my sisters are best
Pragya thinks: if you like this then it is sure that this suits me
He leaves from there as Kaustuki called him because younger daughter was crying and Pragya also followed him Kaustuki looking at her
Kaustu : looking cool now you are looking rocking mummy
Pragya smiled and then she called Abhi
Pragya: listen come here for a while please
Abhi went : What happened
Pragya: Please try this (giving him a hand bag which she bought it was a shirt for him)
Abhi: so you lied (smiled)
Pragya: yes
Abhi: okay I also have something for you (he bought the bag which he was handling and handed over it to Pragya) try this while I am trying this
Pragya took it and after changing came out and Abhi also both were admiring each other when Kaustu said
Kaustuki: woah a princess doll with a prince charming doll looking cool mums and pups
It was a red coloured long Kurta with black border over sleeves and at the end and Chinese collar cut with a long skirt type plazo and Abhi was wearing shirt which she gifted him and decided to take a family picture in that attire as all were happy so he took one family picture of all of them with a timer cam

It was the naming function of gudiya when all guests were coming Pragya and Abhi wore the same dresses which they gifted each other and Kaustu was wearing a ball gown which Yashika gifted her with the choice of Abhi and Pragya they were busy in welcoming the guests when suddenly smile from Pragya’s face vanished off as the radio entered and hugged her she also did so but with a fade smile
Abhi: you called her?
Pragya: no I didn’t. Do you called her
Abhi: no
Pragya: hope everything would be fine
Abhi was amazed as first time he heard something against radio from Pragya’s mouth
The naming function started and priest suggested the letter G for her name and dadi decided to keep her name Ganga
Divya: Why Ganga nothing else maa
Dadi: because as she entered in our lives she saved her mother from everything she is that much lucky otherwise it was quite possible that
Abhi: its okay dadi we will keep her name as you suggested
And she was named Ganga

All accepted it and were happily enjoying the function radio was chatting with some ladies Pragya was with Ganga near her cradle and Abhi was busy with Kaustuki when Radio started saying again about luck and bad luck Pragya was feeling extremely irritated and she was losing her temper this time Abhi was looking that from far and noticing that there was a change in her behaviour when she heard radio was saying “They are saying that this girl is lucky but actually she is unlucky because as she took birth she send her as well as her mother’s life in danger how can she be lucky just naming her as Ganga can’t prove that she is lucky.” Divya said “Enough of it Kamya she is a human not animal even the person don’t behave like this with animals too.” Pragya was unable to tolerate all that she just stood up in extreme anger and took Ganga in her hands Abhi was looking at her she was going out of the door in extreme anger Divya tried to hold her hand but she said “Don’t stop maa today I want some answers when I will get them I will be back for sure” and went from there taking car keys and Abhi followed her because everyone was looking her anger for the first time that sweet calm girl was turned into angry woman who was not ready to listen anyone she started driving car with full speed and Abhi was following her in another car as he was totally tensed about that and the point of tension point was that also that Ganga was with her he was trying to call her but she switched off her mobile and finally she was at destination it was a big villa looking like a palace which was near the beach Abhi was looking at it shockingly and confusingly outside the villa the board was there in huge letters THE SANGWANS as she came gate keeper opened the gate and she drove in the villa Abhi also followed her and to his surprise gate keeper didn’t stopped him also he entered the villa following Pragya as he entered inside it was really big he felt still confused because Pragya didn’t mentioned about it to him ever and it was really big than his mansion now he was standing in the hall and looking Pragya rushing to stairs taking Ganga in her hands and one old man came in her way she said to him something and went inside the door and banged the door then than old man came to Abhi and asked “sir do you want something as after marriage you are coming at your in-laws home for the first time” Abhi was looking at him confusingly then he asked “where that madam went” old man answered “Pragya baby went to madam’s room she always come here whenever she feels extremely hurt she spend some time in madam’s room and then she use to return its been 20 years have passed the daughter of Great Sangwans have some kind of pain which she don’t want to show to others don’t know why she is so much reserved about her sadness I am care taker of this house” Abhi thanked him and took excuse and now he understood that it was her house now he was thinking that the girl who have such a big empire with her she was living like that never told that she was not the person of our class but an extremely high class person and with these thoughts he reached to that room and slightly opened the door and what he looked it was shocking to him she was crying alone as she was crying as child cries infront of his/her parents she was looking at photo it was a wall size family photo

Pragya crying: why you left me here tell me for looking all this only Maa answer me naa from past 10 years I am asking you this question but you are not answering me atleast once but today I want answer maa why you left me here once I was able to tolerate all that crap but now my daughters what is there fault why now they are being dragged into them this girl who haven’t seen the world yet this is unlucky that girl who was just four years her stars were faulty why all this only with me I cant say anything because they have brought me up Kirti have better luck than me she is living better life but why I stayed here I am thinking maa why I thought to live here only why now I am facing this (she broke down) maa I am fed up now I need to come out from this darkness now I cant live in this darkness it suffocates me a lot I want to get rid of this maa so I am saying this either come and take me with you or pray to god that do something that your Pragya come out from all this please maa please now I can’t live like this all this has started on my children also and that is unbearable I can’t look my daughters in those condition which I have came thru maa (she looked at Ganga whom she placed over the bed and went to her keeping her head on near her) I am sorry bachha today you heard that but I promise you that from now onwards I will not let these craps effect you or didi promise bachha (she kissed her palms)
she was crying hard when she felt someone’s presence as someone placed hand on her shoulder she turn back and got shocked to see Abhi there she didn’t expected that he will follow her till here all her house knows that he was her husband that’s why that caretaker respected him and then she came into senses then she saw that he was staring at her he was too having tears in his eyes it was clearly visible and said

Abhi: when you have this much pain then why don’t you shared it with anyone it means you don’t believe me yet right!
Pragya : it nothing like that
Abhi: Day by day you are dying keeping all this in your heart and you are saying that its nothing like that today she said something to your daughter then you felt this much bad that you came and broke down but don’t even think that how we feel when she use to say this all to you don’t you ever feel that how I feel when you agree upon that craps just for their happiness don’t you feel that how we feel when maa tells you to do all that just for god sake and you agree upon that craps why are you doing this Pragya why whats the need
Pragya: so what can I do tell me if I will argue with them then people will say that I don’t even have respect for the woman who is giving her efforts to bringing me up if I will argue with your mother then people will say that daughter in law crap tell what should I do in every means I am the one who will suffer and today I broke down because it is following my daughters also now that is unbearable for me (saying this she striked her forehead to his chest and he rubs her back to console her)
Abhi: will you agree upon that if I say something to you
Pragya lifts her head and looks at him
Abhi: listen you feel calm here right
Pragya nods her head
Abhi: okay then spend sometime here whatever time you want till you feel relax okay
Pragya: but how can I
Abhi: just do what I say silly trust me you will feel good and yup don’t take tension about Ganga and Kaustu I will take care of them and dii are also there na they will see them in my office hours and while returning from office I will come here and when you feel to return home just come down I will be there for you okay don’t take tension of home till you feel totally relaxed
Pragya looks at him :Thanks

Abhi cupping her face: there is no space of thank you or sorry among us did you forgot that
She smiled and he left from there taking Ganga in his hands Pragya followed him but he stopped her at the door and said “take care and just remember whenever you feel to return…” Pragya smiled “I will look back and you will be there for me” Abhi smiled “exactly” and he went from there and Pragya went inside.

Precap: Yashika “beta kaustu go and bring one broom stick” Naira” today is your fathers baraat” Abhi “dii this is not fare on small matters you are black mailing me” Yshika “You fool is this the small matter” Kaustuki laughs looking Abi’s expressions
so get ready for the surprise guys we are heading towards it i hope you would like it

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