STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 10


ok so here is episode 10 i want to say thank you to those who liked last episode and sorry to those who didnt like that episode but believe me it happens and i feel extremely bad for those who suffer with this problem so here we go to the story hope you will like the episode

Episode 10
Pragya is shown lying on bed in hospital and Abhi is wandering here and there in tension waiting for doctor to come out and when the doctor came out Abhi went to him and asked about Pragya and doctor said
Doctor: she is fine just because of weakness she fainted like this you brought her here at right time that’s good.

Saying this he went and Kabir came to him and asked him to go ahead and look weather she has gain consciousness or not I will look Kaustuki and as he peeked in he found Pragya was still unconscious so he just went out where Kaustuki was seated holding her younger sister in her hands she was looking extremely afraid and shocked too Abhi looked at her and went to her Kabir went to her and took that small new born child in his hands and went from there saying Abhi that his daughter needs him now and Abhi nodded his head in Ok he went near her and she looked at him
Abhi: Kaustu my beta what happened my child see everything is fine now
Kaustuki didn’t responded so Abhi lifted her in his arms and made her sit on his lap she hugged him and he covered her with his arms where she felt extremely protected Abhi started caring her head as he came to know that this was not the time to talk all that so he tried to divert her mind from all that

Abhi: Kaustu My shona My sweetuu what happen to my brave bachha I think Kaustu the great is not that much great that’s why my bete sahab is sitting so much silently right! But let me tell you one thing I don’t like this sad Kaustu
Tears started to flow from her eyes she clutched his shirt more tightly as she can and started sobbing she was just saying one word MUMMY Abhi understood that she is unable to forget all that horrible things which are just happened Abhi started pacifying her by rubbing her back gently
Abhi: Yes Mummy is here only don’t cry like this ok now stop crying Oh this much big tears oho it means you are not strong haah!
He tried a lot but in vein because she was scared to the hell and looking her like that a layer of tear formed in Abhi’s eyes and a small flashback is shown.
After Pragya escaped from that place Abhi and Kabir immediately reached at their home and looking all them tensed and that some men are wandering here and there he asked Divya and Dadi that what happened where is Pragya Dadi took them both inside and asked Divya to stay here only if anyone try to come in don’t let him or her allow Dadi narrated all the incident and hearing that one side Kabir was fuming in anger on Divya and other side Abhi sat there in full shock and started blabbering “Pragya Kaustuki” and when Kabir shook him his fear was totally visible that he was feeling because of losing them Kabir shook him and he came back in to senses and in a stammering tone said

Abhi: Baba…M…My… Fa..fa…family baba Pr..Pragya Kaustuki and my gudiya I haven’t seen her yet baba
Kabir: Relax Abhi relax we will find them okay come we will search them and try to find them before these villagers find them come beta
Gathering all courage he got up and went with Kabir he asked from Dadi that “Ma from where did they escaped what way” Dadi replied “from the way of jungle of our back yard which directly opens on the main road”

Kabir: Abhi beta come we will reach on main road it is possible that she will be there by this time as already few hours are spend they left from here Maa do one thing you stay here and send Divya and Prajayi to rescue Pragya from the same way from where she ran come Abhi we should not do late any more come
Abhi: But Baba how can she be there she’s not having that much strength I know she must be weak and Kaustuki she is kid of 9 baba how will she run this much more distance I think we should follow the jungle path.
Kabir: try to understand Abhi this is not the time of getting panic it’s your family you are their armour understood you have to stay positive

just agree with me what I am saying I know that they can’t believe me once we will reach at the end of the jungle we will be able to find her come beta.
Abhi nodded his head saying Ok and they both went taking their car and Divya went following the Path which Pragya followed and started to rescue her. Abhi was feared so much that his mind was getting thoughts of only the situation in which his beloved wife and daughter would be a lone tear escaped from his eyes Kabir was able to see the tension on his face he just kept hand on his shoulder and assured him that everything would be fine here Kabir received the call of Divya she told him that she has checked three pathways she didn’t found Pragya there now fourth and fifth one is left and Kabir asked her to go back as this was the much time and Dadi was alone she can’t stop the people for more time and after hanging up the call he thought “Divya if anything happened to them I don’t know how will you forgive yourself” and suddenly he asked Abhi to stop as they were on the same road which was the end of that jungle so Kabir asked Abhi
Kabir: Abhi you wait here I will check the pathway four which is their okay
Abhi: I will also come baba please

Kabir: Abhi try to understand I am asking you to do so because it is quite possible that they may come out from here then if anyone of us will not be here then they may ask someone else for help and then it will be difficult for us to find them so beta just stay here the pathway no four is more dense you don’t know about that if you went in you may lost so I am asking that I am going because I am fully aware about these paths.
Abhi nodded in okay and he waited there for them to arrive but in vein Kabir came out first and his answer made him more tensed
Kabir: Abhi I didn’t found them there it but people are all around they are searching them badly beta do one thing go this way I think they must be in this way only just go Abhi this is not the time to think.

Abhi went to path five which (boards are there indicating the path number) his heart started beating fast as he was getting in he was totally lost in thoughts that where she could be and his chain of thoughts were broken when suddenly he strike with someone and he was unable to look that who was he or she but it was sure that it was a kid so he thought of his mobile and put on the torch he was able to listen the sound of weeping he light the torch in the direction where he was and got somehow relaxed to look at the face it was Kaustuki and on her back his second daughter which Pragya made her hold with her dupatta he kneeled down with tears in his eyes and Kaustuki also looked at her father then he widened his arms and she hugged him tightly as she can and it was clearly visible from her face that how much she was scared she said
Kaustuki crying continuously : Papa take us from here they are bad people very bad people they are chasing us badly to beat us with sticks and stones what we have done wrong
Abhi hugged her tightly: It’s Okay now I am here na we will see them no one will touch my brave beta okay now come fast we have to run come beta

As they met at very short distance from the entrance so he put off the light of the torch as some people were there also he took Kaustuki silently from their and reached to his car there he asked Kabir to take them from here he is going to find Pragya and asked Kaustuki
Abhi: Beta where is mummy where you seen her last time
Kaustu: at back the way from which I was coming (while sobbing)
Abhi: now listen to me I am going to take mummy okay you stay here with dadu and remember don’t try to peak out of car just lay on the back seat till I come back with mummy and give this dupatta to me Baba you take care of gudiya I will come soon.
Kabir: what if…

Abhi : I will Baba I will
Kabir smiled and Abhi left from there he started moving ahead with a hope that he will find Pragya and after reaching at some distance he saw that some people were coming towards his direction and they were having fire lamps in their hands whose light was showing few shady images and then he saw that in a dense area there was someone who was seated resting back on the trunk of tree and in hope that the person could be she he moved ahead in that direction and as he reached there he saw that people were coming near so he just sat down and there he saw the face and smile formed on his face as it was she he finally found her but she was not opening her eyes it was the thing of fear for him but he waited and covered her with dupatta which was hers and hide there for sometime then when people left from there he got up and lifted the unconscious Pragya in his hands and started to move he was about to exit when he saw that some people were enquiring about two girls and one lady which was escaped from their town and the description was same as of Pragya and they were asking this from the Kabir Kaustuki was hidden as per the instruction of Abhi and gudiya was hidden by Kabir he laid her near the front seat door so anyone could not see her looking that Abhi hide again in dark and Kabir told them that he didn’t saw them as his car has break down and he is waiting for a mechanic then people moved and Abhi came back with Pragya

he asked Kaustuki to move aside and laid Pragya on the back seat keeping her head in his lap and then they all moved from there Kabir was taking care of the child from one hand and from other hand he was driving car Abhi was caring Pragya’s hairs from one hand and he was covering Kaustuki from one as now she was quiet after looking her mother and they drove off from there to hospital in Amritsar the big hospital and finally they were escaped.
Flashback ends
Abhi lifts up Kaustu’s face and said
Abhi : Come we will see her come
And they both left to the room where Pragya was by this time she was awake and Kabir was with her she was sitting hugging her child tightly and tears were flowing from her eyes when suddenly Kaustu enters and she sees her, she calls her and Kaustu runs to her she hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead and cheeks while crying Kabir keeps his hand on her head then leaves and as he leaves Abhi comes in and Pragya saw him there was a complete silence there when he entered the room and he went near her, sat near her and caressed Kaustu’s head and covers them all in his arms and said to them

Abhi: It’s Okay all was a bad dream forget about that all now we are together okay so don’t remember about that.
They all shared an emotional moment and here screen shifts out from the room here Kabir was wandering here and there when Divya and Dadi entered the hospital Kabir hugged dadi and when Divya tried to ask something he ignored and left the place Divya can feel now that he was angry upon her
Dadi: Kabir how is she how are the juniors
Kabir: All are fine maa you can meet them after sometime as now Abhi is with them
Divya; Kabir where did you find them?
Kabir left the place and dadi asked Divya to go with him she also followed him and Kabir got irked with that he stopped at some place which was lonely and Divya said
Divya: Kabir I am trying to talk with you why are you ignoring me
Kabir: What now there is left to say Divya I already said you that don’t do this otherwise It will not result good but you didn’t heard me right and did what you wanted to do now see the conclusion
Divya : I agree that I did a mistake but at least don’t ignore me like this you know that very well that your anger hurts me a lot

Kabir: if is it then let me tell you Divya that you all these crap thoughts hurt me a lot because they are destroying you. You know that earlier that what will happen then why you stayed there damn it! Why you didn’t left the place at that time tell me.
Divya crying: Kabir Kamya… asked me that nothing will happen
Kabir: Kamya Kamya Kamya this all problem is created by her she herself left the place one month before leaving you all there and Divya why cant you understand that Kamya cant change now she is living in that environment from childhood her mother was also the same she can’t change Divya but you can you was never like this believing on such craps believe me you have done too much with our daughter in law this time you have experienced all this at the time of Yashika also we were escaped from the inch otherwise we all would have died till you did this with her look at yourself Divya what you were and what you have changed into
Divya crying: I am sorry Kabir its all my mistake

Kabir: I cant stay angry with you it is well known by you but how will you face your son you know how much worried he was how will you face that girl who is still in shock from all that how will you face that family which was about to destroy just because of you just think about that Divya
Kabir left the place saying “Think about that once” and Divya stood there alone crying then after sometime she went to meet Pragya was patting Kaustu’s back as she was seated on her lap resting her head on her shoulder and Abhi was admiring his both the daughters and there was a unknown happiness in that room which was visible on their faces and they were looking like nothing had happened with them as Divya entered and closed the door the smile which was on Abhi’s face got vanished off he woke up and giving the child in Pragya’s hands asked in ignoring tone
Abhi: what happened ma did you want to talk something with her?
Divya: No I was here to….
Abhi: Its okay maa I am leaving
From his way of talking it was clear that he was angry upon her not the less he was extremely angry
Divya: Abhi I am here to talk to you both
Abhi: Kaustuki see beta dadu is calling you I think now come on get up and ask him that why Is he calling you
Kaustuki went and then he asked

Abhi: What you want to talk ma
Divya: Sorry I have to say sorry to both of you it all happened because of me
Abhi was getting extremely angry was about to shout on her but Pragya held his hand and nodded her head in No he looked at her and smiled then turned to Divya and said
Abhi: No you are wrong maa this didn’t happened because of you this happened because of your stubbornness if you would have agreed with baba this would never ever had happened anyways what happened we cant change it now right! So better not to talk about that any more the fact is now all are together and I don’t want to give any kind of pain to anyone by getting angry upon that matter so just forget it
His each word was showing that he is feeling extremely painful just because of stubbornness of Divya this happened and he was about to leave the room Divya was remained in tears when he turned and said

Abhi: Thank you maa thank you for the efforts you have given to maintain happiness of mine thank you for that extreme happiness and you know what my maa is missing somewhere because now I am feeling that I am not with that mother who use to call me with full affection who wasn’t having any kind of tension when I was out of the home at late night also I am missing that maa who use to help me in escaping from Baba when I use to commit a mistake I don’t know where that ma lost I lost her much time before now the one who is standing infront of me is the one who is extremely tensed about me and this much tensed that she can put anyone’s life in danger thank you so much maa (calmly).
And as he went out a lone tear escaped from his eyes (you can imagine when you hurt your parents specially mother you yourself feel hurt) and he left there in room Pragya held Divya’s hand and said
Pragya: He will be fine maa don’t take tension about him I assure you he himself will come to you
Divya cupping her face: How can you be so much kind heart you know what I did with you was wrong still you don’t have any kind of sorrow from me
Pragya smiled: What would I get if I will be angry upon me rather than people would say that Daughter in laws are always similar they show their true face once for sure
Divya smiled
Pragya: Offo now stop crying maa otherwise your makeup will be spoiled then surely baba will taunt you
Divya slightly slapped her head and hugged her: Now I know why he use to call you silly. My silly daughter (kissing her forehead) okay now take rest and I am taking gudiya with me you take rest.
Divya smiled as well as Pragya and then Divya left

Precap : Divya “Enough of you Kamya she is human not animal this is too much she also feels hurt yr now I am not going to listen you even for once” another seen Pragya is shown driving harshly in anger and Abhi follows her.

so the sad part is end for today few more episodes and your surprise will be there and i think it is quiet possible that you can get that surprise in next update also so please leave your feed back

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