hey yo i know its not 23 june but i am free now so i am uploading it and i have tried to end half of the confusion in this episode itself hope you will like it and forgive me if you get boared after reading it because i am here with some realistic cases so here we go
Episode 1
A man is shown entering the room and said “Kaustuki come on get up fast it is being late for school come on get up bachha” and a girl is shown covering her face with a pillow saying “Oh papa please two minutes more” the man said “Ok but only two minutes till I am getting ready you should wake up till then ok” the girl said “ok” the man goes from there and went to kitchen and there a lady is shown preparing food and the man enters in the kitchen and said to her “Listen Kaustu is still sleeping please make her wake up otherwise this girl will get late and make me also late” the lady just smiles in reply and said “ok I will you go and get ready otherwise you will also be late” he smiles and leaves and after sometimes he comes back after getting ready and again goes into that room to check weather this time Kaustuki was awake or not and he went in the room started calling out her name and suddenly he felt that someone was hanging on his back and some small hands were covering his neck and it was his daughter Kaustuki she was hanging on his back and said “Looking too smart papa and see I am awake now don’t shout that Kaustu wake up soon” he smiles and said “Ok baba now get ready soon otherwise you will be late for school understood” she smiles and rush to get ready for school in a hurry and after few minutes she was near her mother and said “mummy tie my hairs soon otherwise my alarm clock will start ringing in few minutes please hurry up” she smiles and said “Kaustu does your papa looks like alarm clock to you?” she was plating her two braids and Kaustuki was seated and then she said “Mummy papa is not less than any alarm clock see in few minutes he will start shouting that Pragya! Pragya! Where is my lunchbox and you will say wait a minute just bringing it Abhishek wait for a while” she patted her head and then a voice came “Kaustu are you ready or not?” Kaustuki said “see what I said my alarm clock rang now I am going mummy see you at dining table with breakfast “ and she smiles and says “silly girl” then after sometime Abhi and Kaustuki were one dining table for the breakfast and Abhi was about to say something when Kaustuki interrupted and said “Pragya! Pragya! How much time you will take in preparing breakfast it’s getting late…. Come on soon hurry up” she said and giggled then she said “you was about to say this na papa” she winks on him and he smiled and patted her head and said “does any child take their parents name? Bad girl” Kaustuki giggled and said “what should I do every day you use to ring this alarm so not me only everyone knows that what are you going to say” Abhi shook his head in disbelief and till then Pragya was there he said to her “Look what she is saying I am telling you control this girl she is getting too much mischievous it’s not good” Pragya asked “now what have you done Kaustu?” Kaustuki says “nothing mummy I just mimicked him and by the way why are you scolding me when he use to say it regularly then you don’t use to scold him then why me?” Pragya stares at her and said in a stern voice “Kaustu…” Kaustuki smile get faded and then Abhi said “How dare you Pragya you scolded my Kaustu this is not fare don’t worry Kaustu I will scold her” Pragya looks and Abhi and said “you are impossible seriously now only you said that she is getting out of control and now you are the only one who is taking her side if you have to do so then please both father daughter from next time handle the matter on your own don’t include me in all these pranks of yours” and she left in anger then Abhi looked at Kaustu and both said in chorus “again she got angry huff!! This mummy na” then Pragya came back taking lunch boxes for both and she was still angry for that morning prank so Kaustu and Abhi looked at her and again said in chorus “Mummy take a chill pill” Pragya stared at them and said “Mr. and Miss chill pill now both of you aren’t getting late?” Then Abhi looked at his wrist watch and said to Kaustu “Oh! Its running late hurry up Kaustu” saying this he left the table and Pragya shouted “Arey! Complete the breakfast at least” he answered “I will have it in a way come Kaustu” Kaustu hugs Pragya and kissed her cheek said “Bye mummy!” and then Abhi came in again as he forgot his car keys and said to Pragya “take care ok don’t do enough work as it is not good in this condition” Pragya smiled and said “how many times you will say this I know that very well” Abhi smiled and so did the Pragya and he left from there in car and Pragya nodded bye to both of them and after they went she seated on a chair as all the work was end and opened her desk draw and took out one diary and started writing in it.

Dear diary,
Today 11 years are completed of our marriage today is the day when we were bound in this relation called marriage with lots of misunderstandings hidden in our both of heart I still remember the day when I was being called by Kirti from office in a hurry and I asked “what happen Kirti why you called me this time, I am in office right now” she said “dii don’t ask anything just come home in half day the groom’s family is coming home to see you” I was feeling shocked that time because it was the seventh family which was coming to see me that time I agreed with her but while going to home the only thought which was in my mind was “will they accept me or again I am going to see one more rejection” because all of my relation which were fixed were broken by the grooms family because of one reason the FAULT IN MY KUNDALI yes the same reason because of which many girls are being killed and remained unmarried or get married in early stage I was also the victim of this situation although first I didn’t have believe on these crap but as the relations were breaking so rapidly after getting being fixed now this was settled in my mind that I am cursed. Did I said cursed? Yes of course because my Aunt use to say this she believes that death of my mother and father when I was just 10 years old and Kirti my younger sister was 5 years old don’t she always said that we are the only reasons and that was became my mind set now I was also believing that I am cursed that’s why this happened and now she use recite it like a poem because from being past five years the relations which were coming for me they were broken after checking my Kundali as it was having maanglik dosh you know what is maanglik dosh this means that the girl who is having such default in her Kundali can’t marry a person and if she will marry her husband will die and it depends on the movement of stars sometimes he may die within a year or month and all this crap was filled in my mind now and with these crap thoughts I reached home then I looked that my whole family was busy in arrangements and as I came my aunt said “Pragya get ready soon the family of groom may arrive anytime” and I was sent to my room immediately Kirti came their and said “dii you have to wear this suit today so get ready soon and please don’t wear these specs today have these contact lenses” I just nodded my head in ok and does what she said but as I was lost in thoughts I forgot about those contact lenses and a call from my aunt came that groom family was there and I went down for meeting them the groom wasn’t there only his family was there it was his family only he was not there and his mother and dadi accepted me as their daughter-in-law they just saw my face and smiled when I realised that I forgot to wear those contact lenses I was In those specs only and looked at my aunt faces she was ready to scold me if they reject me because of those specs but they accepted me as I was so she didn’t said anything and I was also little bit happy as for the first time the relation was accepted but at the other side I was thinking that don’t they care about their son they are ready to let him marry with me and with those thought the day ended. One day I was just back from my office when I saw that my Aunt was shouting and as I went in she yelled at me as he was met with a small accident and she was saying to my uncle “see before marriage itself this happen if she got married then what will happen I am saying from the beginning that this girl is unlucky girl for everyone” and my Uncle said “Nothing will happen and stop bad mouthing about her otherwise It will be not good for you” in my support and she went in anger from there and my uncle hugged me and said “don’t worry nothing will happen it’s just a small accident” we never talked with each other as it was restricted according to rituals and that night I was all in thoughts that what my aunt said and those words became my mindset and I started believe that this all is happening because of me only and I dozed of thinking of those thoughts and again days spent and it was the day of our marriage we both were in the marriage hall and the last rituals were going on and all the while I was thinking that why I was doing so this marriage is a curse for me why I am putting his life in danger why and with these thoughts our marriage completed after I came from my home to his home now which was the only home of mine some more rituals were took place and I was not happy with this marriage and so was he it was clearly visible from his face but I was thinking about my luck and then after completing those rituals I was taken to our room there I was seated on the bed as the new bride sits but as his family members left I got up from there and looked at that room which was filled with several awards some were for singing and some were for best employee of the year and many more were there and his photos were all their in different poses some were funny that I just smiled looking at them and some were really cool then I looked that there was a balcony so I headed towards there and it was very calm place as the clear sky was visible from there with stars on it and I was glancing at it when I sensed someone was stood near me I looked that he was there and I just turned my head as I was very much hesitated to talk with him can you imagine I was having hesitation with talking to my own husband he looked at me then he also started looking at the sky and said “what are you looking in those stars” I said “its looking like a blue velvet stugged with shiny stars looking extremely beautiful” he smiled and said “you are having same thoughts as mine that’s pretty cool” I also smiled then he continued “look I know this marriage has took place with our parents and our acceptance but I need some time to accept all this” he was about to say but I said “It’s ok I was also wanted to say the same I want to take some time to accept this all” he smiled and went in to sleep and I also went after sometime then I saw that he was slept on couch so I slept on bed next day early morning I woke up and arranged all the room when he got up with some disturbance and said “Look Pragya please don’t make sound I really want to sleep I am too much tired” when I realised that it was my bangle which was making sound and what can I do I also have wear them till one year of our marriage so I thought to arrange my stuffs after he will go out from our room it was my first cooking in his home and all were happy with the food which I made so was I and all was going smoothly that thoughts negative thoughts which were filled in mind were buried somewhere not ended but buried we both were enjoying each other’s company and life was going on smoothly when I sensed that he was also hiding something from me but it doesn’t mattered to me because It wasn’t affecting our relation and those thoughts were also not bothering me that I am a bad luck to everyone but it seems my destiny was not ready to let me forgot those thoughts that day we both were going somewhere by bike when in mid of the road his bike slipped and we met an small accident as he balanced it we both got some scratches his hand and leg was injured a little and my foot was injured and this was arising of those worst thoughts again as my aunt she came to know about this and she started her words attack on me that this all is happening because of me don’t know why but that time my heart accepted that and I was living every moment in a worry the every moment was going in tension that is he alright or not and my condition was that every time I was in front of god that nothing should happen to him because of me and one day my fear come true again he met with an accident and this time he was very much injured he was admitted in hospital and Dadi and Maa asked me to come as he is my husband but it seems my legs were freeze there I was not able to step ahead in fear of those thoughts and Maa left me there itself and all of them went to see him, and after few hours they were back to home and he was discharged from hospital as it was a small injury only on head and a fracture in hand according to doctor but what was going on my mind only two persons know about that one my husband yes he and one is me myself when he came back to home Dadi asked me to take care of him as I haven’t seen him yet after the accident because I wasn’t having courage to do so but how can I tell this to his family so I just went and looked at him he was seated resting his head on headboard of bed when I entered with coffee he smiled at me in funny manner to lighten my mood and also passed a fake smile that time but my fear was getting worst moment by moment minute by minute. Days passed now he was recovering and I was taking care that I shouldn’t let him know that what is going on in my mind, all was going smoothly when one day I heard a voice yes it was my aunt who was at my home a smile formed on my face that after so much time someone from my home was there to meet me but in vain Maa told her about the accident when she inquired about him and her taunts started but those taunts were extremely harsh they were enough to make a person dead she wasn’t my aunt by any relation my Maa use to call her husband as bhai so after her death I and Kirti were living with them my mama brought us up and he wasn’t having any problem with us but it was aunt who didn’t loved us ever so it was common for me to hear those words but don’t know why that day those words hurt me to the core I was totally broke down what was happen was this that she came to meet me in my room and said that “you showed here also that you can’t be a good one for anyone you only you are the reason that this is happening to him understood nothing can be happen good when you are near anyone understand you are a bad luck Pragya a true bad luck you can’t let anything happen good with anyone..” she was continuing but some voice came from back and she stopped her blabbering and that voice was in my support and that voice was of him, he came forward and answered my aunt in such a way that she left from there without uttering a word I can’t forget what he said at that time because for the first time after my uncle someone was stood in support of me he said “How can you declare a person as bad luck when this all is a crap the mistake was mine I drove the bike on the slippery road in a hurry that’s why I got accident and how can you curse her for that it doesn’t seems that a person like you can think anything else I am sorry for disrespecting you but you was disrespecting my wife and I can’t tolerate that someone come and badmouth about my wife and I will listen it peacefully don’t expect this from me at least now she is my family not yours I know you have rights to speak to her as you have brought her up but now she is my responsibility and I am saying that she is not a part of your crap anymore aunty” I was extremely touched by his words but one thing which was not leaving me was those words said by aunty that day don’t know why my all the courage was broke down and those words were echoing in my ears continuously it was becoming impossible for me because whenever I was looking him in bandages that accident and all were rewinding in my mind and finally I broke down I broke down in tears I was crying vigorously as that day I was totally hurt I was crying hard that my eyes were swelled I was cried that much when he came back to home as after meeting my aunt he left for office so when he came back he entered our room and putted on the light and I sensed his presence so I just wiped off my tears and went to wash my face but in vein it seems my tears were not ready to stop that day and I tried hard to escape and did so but the time when all were sleeping I was on the bed and his sleep disturbed because of my sobbing he woke up and putted on the light and looked at me and now it was hard for me to control and this time I got break down in front of him and he was panicked that what happened to me and I was just blabbering that “don’t come near me my presence will harm you I….I,, will leave from here then nothing will happen to you and your family I…I …. Will surely leave then you will be out of danger (sobbing hard).” And he said “what are you saying do you have any sense I think you have taken your Aunt’s crap on your heart nothing is like that baba just forget about all that” and I said “No it is because of me she was saying true all says true that all happens because of me I am truly a bad luck” he said “what all this you are thinking yr it’s all just crap don’t think about all that they all are lies nothing else” and I said “No they are not saying lie because when that day we met that small accident I was with you that all was happen because of me only and now this accident I am sure that this is all because of me now those thoughts are overcoming me (breakdown into tears again)” he asked “which thoughts” I said “that if I married then the person whom I am married will die within a year and see its been about 6 months spent and this happen this began then how can I resist that they are saying true” he just held my hand and it was for the first time he did it first time he held my hand and I was looking at him he said “Look Mrs. Mehta 6 months are spent and now more time will spent we will be together ok we are married now and what is bothering to anyone of us I think we should share this and look at me nothing will happen to me ok as my appointment with god is after 100 years so stop thinking all this crap” and I was looking at him when he said “Madam don’t think much you are thinking about this accident na I already told that fault was mine and if you are thinking about the accident which we met that day so I must say that I was also with you then It is possible that I was bad luck for you..” I just kept my hand on his mouth before he could complete his words and said “you are not the bad luck don’t say this please” he hold my other hand also and said “then how can you be a bad luck for me” and smiled for a while but my tears were not stopping so to console me he hugged me tightly and said “don’t think anymore about that because if you are my bad luck then I am also your bad luck ok so nothing is like that this all is just a crap forget about it” he made me stop crying and I was relaxed by his words but something new was happen from that day yes I was feeling different for him as his trust was making me to think more about him yes now his trust was my everything it was became my strength and he was also making sure every moment that I should not think about that anymore and I was liking his care a lot and one year spent like that and with his support I was out from those thoughts and to support me he left his home because these things were somewhere in his house also his mother and my mother-in-law was also surrounded in all that stuffs when he just decided to leave that home and stay away in the flat which was given to him by the company and right now we are living in that only he asked me that day whether I will support him or not and I just smiled and holded his hand and he understood that I am with him always so he took that step and we both left that home and started living separately now we were going to meet other family members usually on Sundays or on his vacations time was passing like this when one more thing was new the one relation which he accepted a long ago that relation was accepted by me now yes I accepted him as my husband and gave him all the rights which a husband have on his wife because he done a lot for me which I think a lover will also wont do for his loved one girl and he did that for me and then on that basis of that trust yes just by the faith on that trust we took our marriage to next step just on trust and after few months I got to know that I was going to be mother, mother of his child not his our child and we were blessed by a daughter and the most happiest person was in our house and he was the one who was extremely happy I was getting all attention which a women should get on those days and never thought about LOVE yes love people says that if you are going to start a marriage life then you should have love for your companion but this wasn’t in our case we are spending our happy married life on just a trust and now just on trust now 11 years are completed of our marriage and all is going smoothly and now one more guest is going to come in our family People use to say that I am living in a thoughts of extremely old era when the thoughts of people were that if a girl is married then she should accept the man as her husband from that moment itself and there is no need of love you have to accept what is going on with you now a days love is important as without love you can’t live with anyone and my answer to them always remains the same which makes them their mouth shut and It is “and what if there is no trust in your love then what’s the need of love any relation is start on the basis of trust and we are having that trust his trust is his love for me his care is his love for me and his concern is his love for me” it’s true I know in these past 11 years he has hardly hugged me as always shown in movies or TV serials that the married person or couple have a hug various times in a day that is not in our case and I don’t have any problem with that because he is with me at least I can feel that love what else is needed that doesn’t matter for me whether he express his love or not he is with me it is enough we are living happily what else is needed for me I have got my whole world full of happiness and now I am fulfilled with happiness of my world which begins with my husband and ends at my daughter and after some days it will end on new guest of our home… so now good bye dear diary for one more year again I will return again on our anniversary till then time to shut you…..

Precap : Abhi’s POV
i dont know weather you like it or not your comments will decide that but one thing i am telling you that all this really happens in India what problem Pragya described it is true and i my self has look one case with my own experience i have written it not on the basis of any other story hope you will like it this was the first episode hope you all liked it

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