STORY OF FAITH (a fresh start)(KB) TRAILER

Hey yo guys here is the trailer sorry not trailer but the most awaited trailer i know you people were waiting for this and finally i am uploading it as only two days are left and after that i am free and hope you will like it so here we go.
A big house is shown it is written there on the name plate THE MEHRAS and as we enter the house we see a lady is talking to a priest and saying “I don’t know about all that if my son is having fault in his kundali then find a girl who can overcome those faults” then the face of an old lady is shown who speaks “don’t worry our Abhi will get marry for sure we will find a girl for him don’t worry”
A medium sized house is shown where a lady and she is also talking to priest she says “I know if she will marry then her husband will die within a year as per her Kundali but we cant keep her at home also for whole life. Right !” then the man says “Why can’t we keep her she is like my daughter and I can keep her for sure and I can bet that this all is crap she will find her life partner for sure” screen freezes on both the rival faces.
A girl is shown seated in park wearing yellow kurti and blue jean with slight heels and curled hairs with specs on her eyes and writing something in her diary and smiling someone called her and said “Pragya come soon otherwise we will miss the last bus for sure and today groom’s family is coming at my home” yes it was our Pragya and she smiles in return and said “coming” girl asked “I am going to marry but when will you get marry madam ?” she smiles and said “people say I can’t marry but let’s see what’s written in my destiny”
A MNC is shown and there in a cabin a boy is working he has worn white shirt blue tie and black pant he has worn an id card and looking like a decent employee when someone enters and calls “Abhishek are you not coming for lunch” boy turns out to be Abhi and he smiles and goes with his friends there also they are talking about marriage and someone asks “Abhishek we all are getting married but when are you going to invite us for marriage of yours” he smiles and says “very soon”
A marriage occasion is shown where bride groom are seated on the Mandap and performing marriage rituals and everyone is happy there priest is chanting the matras and all is going on smoothly bride and groom are taking seven rounds of fire and turns out to be Abhi and Pragya both are having tears in their eyes Pragya thinks “it’s a curse for me why am I doing so” and Abhi thinks “Its s sin for me why am I doing so when I know that her life is in danger with me” both are in thoughts
A three to four room flat is shown A man is entering the bed room which is fully decorated with posters of voilen and he is saying “wake up Kaustuki its being late” and removes the blanket from her face and a girl of about 9 to 10 years is shown she says “just few minutes more papa please” the man smiles and turns out to be Abhi he says “Ok but two minutes”
Abhi and Kaustuki are on dining table and a lady serves them food and turns out to be Pragya she smiles at Abhi and goes then Kaustuki asked “Papa did you ever said I Love you to mummy?” Abhi answered “No whats the need of that she is my wife and you don’t ask such questions ok just concentrate on your breakfast”
Screen divides between Abhi and Pragya’s smiling faces and a voice over says
Two strangers got bound in a pure bond of marriage and living a happy life then why this marriage was a curse and a sin for them and when they do not love each other then how they are living together and will they be ever able to find their love will Abhi and Pragya ever find their love for each other ? to know answers of such question stay tuned and keep reading KB A Story of Faith from 23 june
So here was your final trailer pheww don’t know that how was that but hope you will get excited from this trailer yes I am coming back from 21 june and bringing this story from 23 june so hope you will like it I thought to bring something new hope you will like it also we have seen confession of love before marriage after marriage now let’s see it after crossing certain stages of marriage hope just hope I am having that you will like it so are you ready to travel in SOF world again ? if yes then don’t forget to leave your comments . 😉

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  1. Maahi

    diiiii I am super excited diiiiii cant wait to cross these two days its just fantastic trailer diiiii keep rocking I vik b waiting fr ur swag entry

  2. Riyashri

    Today is “The Best And Memorable Day in My Life”………….
    Amazing Trailer Surbhi Di……………
    Kaustuki is such a cute name………….Ready to travel in the SOF world !!!!
    Waiting for your update>>>>>>>>> Love u Surbhi Di………..

  3. Finally u r back with ur most awaited ff… Superb trailer.. Was waiting for this… And waiting for the ff to begin… Happy to see you back with a superb ff.. ☺☺☺

  4. Oh my God surbhi.What a trailer.Surbhi ab aur intazzaar nahi hota.Ab bus jaldi se 23 june ajaye .?????????????????????????????????????????????Love u so much surbhi.I am waiting for u.

  5. Awesome trailer can’t wait for this to come

  6. Maya

    Trailer is so awesoooooooome!????????????????????cant wait for the main picture!????????????????????? but its ok i can wait as i am a bit free now ???????????????

  7. Ohhhh god it’s really sema yaar I’m curiously waiting for 1st episode… Really superb trailer I love it

  8. nice surbhi keep it up

  9. Diii awesome iam really excited?☺but dii is kaustuki their daughter but hw?

  10. Loli

    Waiting for your main picture surbhu dii

  11. Trailer is awesome. Eagerly waiting for the beginning. Miss your another ff . Plz update it soon.

  12. Krish

    omg diii its awesomeeee im waitng fr te epiiiiii egarlyyy……….nd dii wat s meant by kaustuki i mean some god name r wat……………..but its sooo sweet ……….superrrrrrrrrr trailer diiiii nd im alwayssss ready to travel in SOF wrld diiiii………………..

  13. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee trailer surbhi di wowwww i can’t sit silently aftr reading dis trailer waiting eagerly pls pls pls upload it soon…….

  14. RiyaDcruz

    Awwwssssoooommmeee trailer surbhi di wowwww i can’t sit silently aftr reading dis trailer waiting eagerly pls pls pls upload it soon…………

  15. Awesome trailer….eagerly waiting for the story to start….???????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????❤️❤️?????????????????????????

  16. Wooooowww I’m so excited!!!

  17. Vaishali

    yes yes yes yes my fav story is back with a bang with my fav dii omg i am in cloudnine now dii awesome one superb ii loved it to the core only u can continue this dii eagerly waitng fr ur episodes why cant i hv a time machine which will make today as 23 june dii no words to say dii just one word I AM WAITNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG…………………………….

  18. Okay! This is a way too perfect (nhi somu nhi yeh bhi nhi chalega) , This is spectacular! (oye spectacular somu yeh bhi nhi chalega) , This got me like this ?????? (somu yaar yeh bhi nhi chalega kuch or try kar) , Ypu are PBTC ( o PBTC ki bachi ,somu yeh bhi nhi chalega) , okay let’s move to songs waqt bhi the hra hai ,kaisay kyun yeh hua, yeh ff yun mila k yeh hee yeh pasand aaya ( somu baree ghatiya tareeqay se tune song ko edit kiya hai, it’s not perfect for this perfect OS) ahhhh dekh na surbhi yaar yeh jo bhi bracket m likha hua hai na yeh mera keyboard keh rha hai! Tujhe kal google ne bola tha na words doesn’t exist! Mera toh keyboard bol rha h k somu kuch alag soch, ab kuch alag soch rhy hun toh iss keyboard ko acha lag nhi rha kyun k mere words teray ff k Trailer ki traah perfect nhi hain na! Ab m kya karoon! Mujhe yeh wala trailer buht ziyada pasand aaya! This is again so different ( somu, tu usay different kyun keh rhy hai, yeh humesha different stories hee likhty hai) arey yaar iss keyboard ko dekh na kuch likhnay hee nhi day rha! Waisay ek tareeqay se iski baat bhi sahee hai tu humesha differently har story ko shuru karty hai! So mujhe ab sochna padega for the words! I loved this story to core! Ab 23rd june tak i m waiting and waiting and waiting and infinitely waiting ??

    1. That was perfect FF***???

  19. Yipeeeeeee?????????????????????? my surbhi di is going to be back with her rocking story??।.. Wow wow wow Wat a trailer dii.. It was outstanding?????? it was tremendous???????????????? just loved it alot?????ahhh I can’t able to wait to read this ff.. But my bad luck I can’t able to come to tu for some days as my exams r nearing..?? Wat to do I want to wait for some more days to read ur ff… But when I am back I will definitely tell how I feel when I read ur ff ??okkk.. Again ur trailer was amazing to the core.. Keep rocking dii??? stay blessed.. Love u???

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