STORY OF FAITH (a fresh start)(KB ;-) ) Teaser [coming soon]

Pragya is reading something and Abhi comes there
Abhi : Hey Fuggy what are you reading hah ?
Pragya : I was reading about astrology see it is written many interesting facts here like…
Abhi : Eh what crap have you starting reading haah all this is crap nothing happens like that
Abhigya who was passing by their hearing their conversation stopped and sitting beside Abhi said
Abhigya :Yes maa papa is right
Prabhas also joined them : exactly maa you know because of these astrologers many lives are destroyed
Yash sitting near Pragya and resting her hands on her shoulder: hmm but some lives are made by these craps
Subuhi : Like our Abhi and Pragya…
Abhi : oye!! when our lives are made by astrology does your maa and me looks like Jodi made by astrology only hmm?
Pragya :exactly our Jodi was made by our parents and that was also by considering priest not any astrology…
Prabhas :Oh ho we are not talking about you people does it mean there are only one Abhi and one Pragya no na..
Abhigya : exactly we are talking about them
Abhi :ooh so you are talking about them..
Abhigya : haan we are talking about them…
Pragya : Hmm we have to agree that Jodi is being made by astro. only
Abhi smiling : do you want to see whats going on so see….
Screen shifts to a big marriage hall where a marriage is going on and bride groom is seated on mandap they are none other than our Abhi and Pragya they are taking seven rounds and while doing so Abhi thought
Abhi “for me it is a sin (mere liye paap hai ye)” Pragya whose eyes are filled with tears and anger thought “for me it is a curse (mere liye abhishaap hai ye)” Abhi and Pragya both are doing the rituals and Pragya is looking at fire place with anger and Abhi with a guilt.. Pragya thought “he is thinking that I am his going to be better half but what if he come to know that this marriage is curse his wife is cursed (inki soch me mai inki ardhangini par kya hoga agar inhe pata chal jaye ki ye shadi abhishaap se jyada kuchh nahi)” Abhi while looking at her face thought “you are looking me as your husband but what if you come to know that marrying you is a sin for me (tum mujhe apna pati man rahi ho kya ho agar tumhe pata chal jaye ki ye shadi mere liye paap hai)”
A voice over says “hearts meet by destiny why are they thinking a pure bond of marriage like sin and a curse (kismat se bandh rahe do dil phir kyu hai shadi jaisa bandhan Abhii ke liye paap aur Pragya ke liye abhishap)”
Screen again shifts to family
Abhigya : see what I said
Pragya : hmm so behind this there is the game of astrology
Abhi resting his hand on her shoulder : so let’s see how the destiny will play its game
Family together :yes and to know this you have to go through the story once that is KB STORY OF FAITH A FRESH START
Abhi winking : coming soon
Pragya : till then stay tuned

did you like the surprise yes it is the second teaser guys what it means you know it means that the trailer is coming soon now it was the second teaser and now you will be able to read the trailer of the story soon and then the promo and then finally your beloved story so excited or not haah leave your comments because they will only decide 😉 till then see ya and yes love you all kbians

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  1. Oh whta a surprise yaar…the way u tell the story was brilliant….honestly waiting for it surbhi and missing ur another ff

  2. Surbhiii diiii….am very excited but little bit confused…you gonna start story of faith from first ah?????

  3. It’s a super surprise…waiting for it….surbhi

  4. pls start it soon…..waiting eagerly…….

  5. It lyk a Halloween surprise…..hahaha…loved it…..waiting for d story to start soon#fingers crossed#want#kkb story of faith fresh start#sooner#pls#update#sooner# tc dr….

  6. I am so exited. When will you start this. Eagerly waiting for that. Missing your another ff badly. Plz start it soon. Waiting for that.

  7. What a surprise ! subah subah hee ???????????? yeh dil toh hai deewana ,hai pagal srif iss story k liyea hee afterall yeh shuru say aakhir tak padhy! Now fresh story is something I loveeee with all different story ??????????? bhai m toh pagla gayee! Dil sambhal toh jaye per sambhalay nhi tum hee koi rasta dikhao na! aaj poora din mera 100 on 100 janay wala hai! loved it truly!
    Aai dil kisi ki yaad m hota hai be karar kyun!
    Jis ne abhi abhi surprise diya usee story ka h intezaarr kyuunnnn?
    Sweet love! I wish i always haddd! This story is my sweet love seriously pehla pyaar ???????? can’t get enough of it!

  8. Hey Surbhi actually I haven’t read your KB story of faith the whole I wanted to read from there any way please tell me..cuz I didn’t read I couldn’t catch up with this new one..pls help me to read..

    1. yes there is a way Akanksha u can search it on google itself u will find it there and there are two seasons of it one and two and the name was KB story of faith hope u will find it if u will not I wll give u the link ?

      1. i couldnt find all proper episodes for season 1 pls send me the link

  9. Wowwwwwww I am really excited my most fav ff is gonna be back such a great surprise thank you actually I was a silent reader but after reading ur first teaser I really started commenting and by the way eagerly waiting for my fav to b back

  10. Wow diii superb eagerly waiting fr nxt trailer and also to knw who are tat anothr abhi & pragya?great dii love u and ur ff??

  11. Awesome teaser. Excited for ur story and waiting for the trailer..

  12. The best ever surprise??

  13. Omg omg is this real k

  14. Omg omg is this real kb story of faith is coming more soon .I dancing in happiness but what is the track for this?

  15. The best surprise surbhi ❤️❤️❤️?…superb excited for my fav ff to come back…

  16. Ohhhh it’s really interesting yaar I’m excited yaar really superb teaser yaar…

  17. Superb.. Awesomeness overloaded..

  18. I am really very happy to say fun of u r ff dr u know u i very impressed in u r lost episode in kkb hope pulkit death scene and pragya speach dialoge u remind me always dr.I love u r ff dr. I welcome u dr u come back nice to see u dr. I am also read the current ff in kkb game of disteny also i love the story very much dr.i am really don’t know how to express my feeling dr

  19. Ooo wow…..sooooo exciting teaser yaar…….different story auperbbbbbb……

  20. Wow diii wat a surprise I really excited diiii my favo ff is coming sooon egarly waitng fr te trailer………..

  21. Surbhi Di !!LOVE OF LOADS!!!!! I am in love with all your WRITINGS!!!

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