THE STORY WE HAD {episode 8}

hello friends so here is the eighth episode.Hope u will enjoy it and their is a good news that I will try to post continuouly bcoz my mock tests re over .guys thnk u for ur support and sorry i have replied u late because my internet connection was banned by my father because of mock tests but now its over naa.. here is the episode

shaurya drops Mahek at her home and later shaurya moves to his house
in shaurya’s house
shwetlana is talking to her friend,shaurya sees it(guys u know that the real age of swetlana is 25)
shaurya grabs her phone and says to her friend that that swetlana is busy and cuts the call
shwet(angrily)-what the hell is this ??who are u to talk like this to my friend
shaur-and who are u to stole my papers
shaurya-oh please maami ji ,just stop this drama I know very well how u stole my land papers and give it to KD.if u were not the relative of my moher I would have thrown u out
shwet-u will throw me out
shaurya-this is my home
shwet-please show this tantrums to others,not me.Do u forget that I am not dependent on u

shaurya-I remember it very well that u are getting money from ur ex-husband KD.But till when 4 years or 5 years after that u would be begging outside my home
shau-mami ji u do anything but I will win the case because I have the best lawwyer(and remembers mahek and smiles)
shwet- lets see
shaur(attitude)-we will see
shaurya move towards his room and started watching TV
*in mahek’s house
mahek was eating food and then talk with her family
like that time passes
in mahek’s room
mahek changed herself into red gown type nighty with lose hair and sees the time its 11 pm mahek was not getting sleep so she decided to read newspaper
mahek saw the add in newspaper
it was written that KD wants a cook for his home
mahek was very happy as she finds the way to get in KD’s house
she calls shurya
shaurya was sleeping but then disturbed by mahek’s call and wake up
he sees that it was mahek and takes the call

s-why u have call me at 11
m-were u sleeping
s-no just counting stars
m-very funny , u sleep so early
s-I dont sleep early u sleep late
m-ok..ok leave it just come to my home,fast
s(shocked)-whatt,have u gone mad
m-dont argue just come
s-but why,are u missing me
m-yes i was missing u anything else
s-very smart
m-i am born smart
s-just leave it and tell me whats the matter
m-arey said na I was missing u
s-mahek tell na
m-first u come to my home then I will tell u
mahek cuts the call
shaurya comes near mahek’s house in his night dress
and calls mahek
s-mahek,I have reached
m-ok ,do u see a park their
s(looks around)-yes
m-come there
and he cuts the call

shaurya goes to park but didnt find mahek so he waits for mahek after 5 mins he saw mahek coming in her red nighty
shurya was continuously looking at her she comes near her
m-what!am I looking this much beautiful
shaurya nodded his head as yes but then realise what he is doing and then nodded as no
m-means I am not looking beautiful
s-u have call me for this
m-noo,I have called u because
s-u were missing me
m-noo,not at all
s-but when I was talking u at phone u said this only
m-arey that ,I have said to keep ur heart
s(winks at her)-ohhh!!!!
mahek smiles and looks down then looks at him
m-dont try to change the topic,I have call u for the case
s-but u can call me tomorrow also
m-have u not listen the famous quote that tomorrow never comes
s-but it is coming after 1 hour(1 hour left for 12am)
m-u wnt me to call u at 12

m-leave it and see this(she shows him newspaper)
s-why are u showing me con**m’s add
m-whaaaaat and she sees the newspaper
s-whats going on ur mind,see i am not that type of boy
m-will u shut up,why u boys always see this only,i am showing u the job which is just above the add u are seeing but uuu
s-but what I will do from that job add,I have my own company
m-are u seeing the add published by KD
s-hmm,so what
m-arey we get the way of going in his house
m-means that I would apply as a cook in his house and then get the documents
s-but what if he rejected u
m-he will not
s-how are u so sure??
m-because I am the best cook
s- u know how to coook..
m-yes,thats why i am applying as a cook at KD’s house
s-but..then also..he is very cheap person
m-so what

s-mahek,we can hier someone else,he or she can do this work
m-mahek sharma do her work herself only
s-mahek butt
m-oh plz shaurya u are not my bf or husband ,that u are taking too much tension
s-yaa right but I am ur friend
m-who said
s-so I am not ur friend
m-hmmmm,maybe not but I think u are a good person (mahek smiles)
shaurya looks at her and they share an eyelock
m-so we will implement this plan tomorrow
s-hmm,but u should think once again
m-oho shaurya ..u dont know me I have said u na that I am
s- blackbelt of karate
mahek smiles and nodded her head as yes
s-btw u can tell be the plan tomorrow also
m-yaa we can ,but tomorrow we would have only 2 days left and then we would discuss and then implement our would be late thats why
m-so… bye
mahek was moving but shaurya calls her
mahek turns back

he comes to her
s- mahek can we become friends
mahek remains silent and looks downwards
s-no problem if u dont want we will not be friends..hmm ok bye
mahek remains silent
shaurya was moving
and goes near him
shaurya turns
s-yes mahek
m-we can be friends they both smiles and they both shaked their hands
s-have u listen the quote that a girl and boy can never be friends and he winks at her
m-but they can be good friends
shaurya laughs
m-see its late night and I want to sleep also and i have also not informed anyone that I have come bye
s-ok see u again tomorrowbut at what time
m-9 am at ur company
s-cool,so bye

PRECAP-s-is this the house of mahek sharma
k-yes,but who are u
s-i am his client and friend she told me that she will meet me at 9 am but she didnt came yet where is she ,is she fine
k-yes she is fine ,actually she is sleeping
s-whaat..till now

thank u guys for reading it and if u want me to add any dialogue or want any improvement please put ur comments below…
loads of love

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      thanks dolly and I hope u find next episode longer

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  7. hey shagun. thank god you posted.
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  8. Meri choco chipssssss!!!!!!!amazing epi yaar n their convo in park z toooooo funnnnyyyyyy……..
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