THE STORY WE HAD {episode 7}

Hello guys thanks for ur support here is the seventh episode.Hope u enjoy it
s-lets move to mr mukesh
m-yaa right
they move to shaurya’s car
shaurya opens door for mahek
m-so u have manners
s-from childhood
mahek smiles ,they both sit in the car and shaurya drives it
s-u should not tease them like that
m-so in what way I should tease them
s-u hve not seen their condition they were very scared
m-so what they also wanted me to scare ,but i dont,and u know what these type of boys deserve like this treatment only

s-yaa ..right
m-u know if they would not have run i would have beaten them
s-u know how to beat
m-beat humm..I am blackbelt of karate and i teach it to other girls also
s-whaat .. u know how to fight
m-why are u this much shocked..dont worry if u dont know i will teach u too,fine.,
s-amazing mahek ,even I think girls should know how to fight u know i work for a ngo of girls
m-even me too

s-means one more thing same same
they both laugh
they reach to mukesh’s house ,shaurya knocks at the door
mukesh comes out
muk-arey sir u ,plz come
s-leave it,can u give me the land papers
mu-which land paper sir
s-that land which I have bought from u
mu-sir that
ma-please give it fast
mu-i have lost it
mahek-no, u cant lost it,it is not possible every seller keeps the record of his property
mu-arey ,what type of girl are u i have said na i have lost it
mahek-ok so do u remember the last place u have seen them
mu-yes,in KD hands (and bites his tongue)

s-tell me the truth otherwise..
mu-I hve sold them
s-to KD
shaurya grbs his collar nd says-but why
mu-he was giving me double amount
s-whaat,one time just ask me i would have given u triple amount
mu-please leave me
m-leave him shaurya we would not win the case like this
shauruy left his collar
,mukesh can u give this statement in court
mu-no,no I stay away from these matters ,I cant

and he shuts the door infront of mehrya
m-listen mukesh,mukesh and she glares at shaurya
m-u are the worse client I ever met
s-but u are the best lawyer I ever met
m-if u have shown this much descency to mukesh he would give the statement,but u boys dont know how to talk,how to behave
s-ok ok please stop it lets find another way
m(saccarsting way)-yaa ..right ,what another way would be there please tell
s-how would I know ,u are the lawyer,u should know
m-seriously,when I make ways u blockk it ,so u only tell the next way..tell na
s-ok sorry this time seriously i will not block the way
s-yes really,now what to do next

m-hmm,the papers would be with KD right
m-urs too and his too
m-oh no,what if he would have burn the papers
s-he would not have burn my papers
m-how are u this much sure
s-because ,i know him he is a very coward person,he would have surely keep them safe
m-are u sure na
m-but how will we get inside his house
suddenly mahek’s phone rings,it was her kanta chachi
k-beta where are u ,its almost night and u have not eaten properly

m-coming chachi ,was busy with my client
k-come fast beta
m-ok chchi,bye
and se cuts the call
m-we will discuss about it later ,I want to go
m-obviously in my house
s-but its too early

m-too early means what
s-means u are leaving the case in between
m- I am not leaving the case in between,I will just talk about it later on..fine
s-ok,may I drop u
m-no need ,I will go by my own
s-fine then,I thought this is very silent street,no one is here
m-mukesh house is here
s-but he will not open door for u
m-sooo,see i am a blackbelt of karate i have told u naa ,so
s-but for how much time u will wait for ur vehicle to come,it will take time
m-no problem i will go
s-ok then
by saying this shurya was moving
suddenly mahek sees two dogs barking and running behind her
m-oh nooo and she runs saying-help,help
shaurya sees back and then only mahek collides with him and hugs him
shaurya smiles and hugs her back
m-plese help me ,they are behind me

shaurya see dogs and laughs
s-mahek seriously u are sacred of dogs
the dogs bark more loudly and she hugs him(shaurya) more tightly
m-shaurya please help me,plz
s-see they will not do anything u just hold me tightly
and the dogs move away
s-see the dogs moved
mahek tries to get apart from shaurya but he continues hugging her
m-shaurya the moved right
m-so leave mee
shaurya realises that he is not leaving her and leaves her suddenly
s-what youu say thanks to me i have save u from dogs and laughs
m-so what …and she sees the lipstic mark on his coat whivh comes when she hugs her and stsrt speaking
she feels embarassed

m- shaurya wohh
s-I know what u want tosay u want to say this only na that u are ready to go with me and he raised his eyebrows
s-think again miss mahek they(dogs) will come again
m-fine ..I am ready
s-ok lets move
in car
m-woh that,I
s-what woh,that I tell me what u want to say
mahek closed her eyes and says-that lipstic mark is in ur coat
shaurya stops his car -whaaat
and raised his eyebrows
m-sorry ,but that was not intentionally,see I can explain
shaurya was smiling inside but didnt show
s-oh god means u kiss mu coat
m(angrily)-what u it is done by mistake and she takes her hankerchief out and hoes near shaurya
s-want to kiss again
she glares him and started wiping the mark on his coat
shaurya smiles
s-done ,i know u want to come near me

mahek gets apart-no not at all u just drive
s-ok but
m-are u driving or I should move out
s-no no..going btw where is ur home
and he started driving
s-btw where is ur home

m-near parathein waali gali
s-whaat i have not heard about this place
m-but now u heard na
s-but u are such a big lawyer and live here
m-their is a reason behind it
s-what is that reason
m-i dont tell it to everyone,now please drop me their
s-ok ,fine
and he drops her near parathein waali gali

PRECAP-mahek calls shaurya at 11 o’clock
s-yes(in sleepy tone)
m-come fast at my home
s(shocked)-but why

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  4. hey shagun just superb one. & really sorry for not commenting on previous parts I was hell Bussy with my studies. so sorry ones again.
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