THE STORY WE HAD {episode 6}

here is the sixth episode.hope u will enjoy it
s-even I dont know her
m-oh seriously,btw I dont care
m (to employee)-btw we have come here to meet Mr.Shaurya Khanna,where is he??
e-maam he is the one
m(in shock)-heee ,means I hve to fight case for him
e-yes maam
s-she will fight case for me,I have said u too hier the best lawyer but u hier cheap
e-sir she is the one,the best lawyer

s-(stands from his chair)shee
m-yes mee,any problem
s-a lot
m-If u have this much prblm,then shall I leave
e-no maam,please dont
s-what dont ,hier another lawyer I will not beg infront of her
m-and i am also not here to make u beg ..fine
e–sir but no one is taking ur case asKD’s lawyer is very strong so everyone is scared of taking case
s-whatt in this whole country u find her only
e-sir please try to understand..there is only three days left for the hearing of court..
s-ok u go I will talk to her
the employee goes
s-plz sit

mahek sits
m-after all i came to me right(aakhir ghoom phir ke aa hi gaye na mere paas)
s-oh plz i am paying for this much amount u want 2 lacs,3lacs
m-2se 3 lakh ka to mein apni gaadi mein petrol hi bharti hoon(2 to 3 lacs I spend on my car’s petrol only)
s-whaaat..u spend 2 to 3 lacs on petrol,but how
m-simple..i in one week i spend fill petrol three times in car..for one time it costs Rs1000,so for three times it will cost Rs3000 and for whole month it will cost me,Rs 12000
m-then fo whole year it will cost me1,44,000

s-but it is between 1 to 2 lacs only
m-but i have 2 cars multiply it by 2
m-so means I spend 2 to 3 lcs on my petrol and u will charge me this much only
s-ok..ok then how much
m-We will decide it larter on ,first u tell me about the case
shaurya tells the whole matter u would having papers …right..can u show me
s-yes..wait a minute

shaurya opens his drawers but didnt find the papers
s-where are the papers
m-what happen u didnt find it
s-no i am not getting them they were in drawers only
m-hmm..u were not here for 2 days right
s-yes ,so what u want to take revenge
m-will u shut ur mouth and just answer me in yes or no

m-better,ok tell me now is there any enemy of u
m-is he or she a relative or someone else
s-both,and one is u
m-I have said u just answer in yes or no
m-ok then tell me are the both together

m-ok ,so one of ur relative has only steal ur papers and given it to KD
s-but how do u know
m-simple..see someone from outside will not allow to come in ur cabin in ur absence so they cant steal ur papers but ur relative they can be allowed as they know u and mostly they would be coming in ur company
s-yes but I have locked them
m-where in these cheap drawers

s-oh hello they are not cheap
m-just lock it once
he locked them
m-see know,she stands from her chair and comes close to Shaury and removes her hairpin
s-oh hello,I am not that type of guy
she comes more close to him and opens the drawer with her hairpin
m-see ur drawers
shurya was shocked
s-(remembers swetlna smiling)I will not spare them
m-yes go and we will lose the case with ur this attitude
s-what attitude they have steal my papers and thats why my hotel opening stopped
m-yes right…have u not listen ur employee only three days are left for the hearing of court
m-u will spend these three days on ur that relatives and we will lose right
m-what sorry..tell me from whom u have buy this land
s-from a human
m-ha ha very funny
s-I have bought it from mukesh lal

m-so he would have papers right
s-yes,lets go to his house
m-ok lets move
they both were coming out from the company
s-Plz wait for a minute
m-ok I will be waiting outside
mahek was walking outside the company when two boys stared her but she didnt notice
boy 1-sings bahoon mein sitare lapete hue janejaan kahan ko chali(where are u going beautiful lady)
boy 2- kuch bhi kaho suit ki fitting achi hai(oh god nice fitting of suit)
they both laughs
mahek turns and come towards the boys
boy 1- oh see she is coming

boy 2-let her come
mahek comes near them and sings-kya khoob lagte ho bade sundar dikhte(u both look very smart,handsome and good)
boy 1-what
m-seriously fitting of jeans is very good ,frome where u bought it janemann(darling)
boy 2-have u any shy u are teasing us
m-so what u feel any shy while teasing me
boy 1-but we are boys
m-if u are boys it doesnt mean u will do anything ,lets leave it dont off my mood,jaaneman lets meet on a date
boy 2-just run from here
boy 1-yes

they both run
mahek laughs
both collide with shaurya
boy-just be aware from that girl she teses boys,we are going u just be aware haan
shaurya sees mahek laughing hard he smiles seeing her
he goes to her
s-what happen
m-they..they and laughs and she dictate the whole matter while laughing, shaurya folds his hands and admire her but she cant stop laughing and holds his shouder and then notice him
m-whatt(while laughing)
shaurya nodded his head as noo

s-u look very cute
mahek stops laughing and takes back her hand-whattt
m-I heard u say something cute
s-I say case not cute btw u tease them
m-first they tease me ,just forget it and tell me what is the day today
s-what the…
m-nooo ,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday
s-oh sorry
m-lets move to that mukesh lal

PRECAP-m-so mr mukesh u sold them to kd
mukesh-yes he was giving me double amount
shaurya grabs his collar-youu
m-shaurya leave it please leave it,dont waste ur time on him we have already less time
shaurya leaves him

hope u all like it and i hope i followed all the instructions
dolly i hope i have reduced fight
vishi sorry next one will be for u a special episode
ahifa-i have given precap
lots of love
shagun and shivam(my brother)and vartika(my bff)

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  1. Awesome … Shagu

    1. Shaguu

      thanks salma

  2. It Was super excited…. I love this story…

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sapna and I hope u find next episodes also good

  3. Hi shaghu…
    Both ur FF’s was fantabulous….???
    Good goin dear…liked both FF…
    Tq so much for remembering abt my comments n nice to c tat u had taken it as a positive feedback…mehak teasing the boys was very funny dear…keep it up…???

    1. Shaguu

      thanks dolly because of your comment I can make my ff better so how would I not remember ur comment

  4. Hey shagun…. You are continuing very well… Awesome.. Loved it…
    Ek saath 2 updates, din bana diya yar.. And best for your exams girl ?

    1. Shaguu

      thanks vishi..vaise aaj hi maths ka mock test deke aa rahi hoon

  5. Huh!!!!!!!!????????….itna late koi hora he bhala???????jaa choco me tujhse baat nehi karungi….pata kitna wait kar rahi thi teri shakar Ku bori….har din sochti thi han ajj choco post karegi usaka ff par nehi….finally tu aahi gai…..chal abb me do epi paar chali ajati hun
    Epi 5- I really loved mehek family moment…..its so good…..her family members r so sweet…..
    Epi 6- uff choco yeah bala epi bole toh jhakas???????…..mehrya being shocked to see each amazing…..n mehek teasing goons n goons running…hahahahaha so hilarious jaan…..n us swetalina n kd ki toh giving dem punches??????????
    Aur han choco me tujhse pehele naraz thi paar abb tune itne ache ache epi dekar mera dil kush kardia……..pyaar Han agar next tym late hui toh sach me naraaz ho jaungi samjhi……so next epi jaldi post kario……Thik he abb me chal ti hun…….lov u choco???????????…..yeh le choco tere lie chocolate??????????….next epi jaldi post Karna barna baat nehi karungi……

    1. Shaguu

      ok shakaar ki bori abhi abhi meine dusra episode post kiya hai patanahi kab tak aaega tere liye meine ff itna jaldi post karne ki koshish ki hai vaise aisi chocolates se baat nahi banegi mujhe to silk oreo chahiye

      1. Choco thank u jaan….for posting ur ff soon for me…..n choco abhi ish chocolate KO hi silk oreo samjhi me khale hahaha???????????….n once again thank u for posting ur ff soon……lov u my choco??????

  6. Moni7

    Shagu dear superb???

    1. Shaguu

      thanks moni

  7. dude its toooooooo short dear make it long plz
    btw your story is superb……………

    1. Shaguu

      thanks likitha and I will try o make it long

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