THE STORY WE HAD {episode 4}

hello friends I have updated this episode with episode 3 as I have not updated my ff since long time
so here it go

mahek sleeps
shaurya continues staring her
mahek while sleeping only- if u will be staring like this how would i sleep
sha-how do u know that I am staring u
mahek-my sixth sense
sha-wow ……..great
m-ok now dont stare me
sha-why …i will

Now mahek sits updown and look towards him
m-why u will
s-because of u only i am not getting sleep so i will not let u sleep
m-have u lost ur brain..what i have done that u are not getting sleep
s-u have wished me a bad night
m -whatttt i mean seriouuuuuuusly
sha-just stop it and do something
m-why should i do something
sha-because if u will not do something i will not let u sleep.Will that be fine?
ma-ok fine i will give u a sleeping dose
sha-noo… then I will not able to wake early
ma-ok then.. may I give u poison u will sleep forever
sha(huffs)-may be but its very bitter
ma-how do u know ..have u tasted it
sha-yes … are u less than a poison
ma(with ego)-yaaa right
sha-ok now solution no.2
m-count down sheeps
s-I have counted 1000 sheeps now I can not count more
ma-but when
sha-just now

ma-u have counted till 1000 ..i cant believe it
sha-arey I have counted u are u less than 1000 sheeps
m-whatttt.. youu just wake whole night i will not tell u any solution.I am going to sleep
sha-ok ok sorry yaar i will not do it again u tell me next solution
ma-hmmm..u have headphones right ..then listen a sweet song
sha-oh wow nice idea..why it doesn’t come to my brain
ma-how can it come for that a brain should also be their but u have lost it
sha-very bad joke i dont get any laugh
ma-how can u get laugh for that it should be a joke
sha-u are so rude
ma-like u… whole night we would talk for the same or u want to sleep and let me sleep
sha-ok ok u sleep i will listen a song
shaurya listens a song but then also he was not getting sleep
sha-mahek ,mahek wake up I am not getting sleep
mahek (opens her eyes slowly)-so what
sha-what means what…. do something

mahek sits upside down
ma-I have said u na listen a song
sha-I have listened it but then also I am not getting sleep
ma-SO get out of the train
sha-oh plz
ma-ok… I have a solution but u will not agree
sha-what u tell me I will do anything for my sleep
ma-ok but before it tell me ur qualifications
ma-arey tell na .. ur sleep is related to it
sha-ok so i have done bba,mba..
m-great even sonal is also doing mba last year
sha-so how it is related to my sleep
m-do u have a good handwriting
ma-dont ask much questions .tell me do u have a good handwriting

m-awesome actually sonal was very tensed about her work so u can do her work
sha-her work or ur work
ma-oh please I am a lawyer and i have not gone in the field that u have gone
sha-oh wow liar liar pants on fire(famous dialogue of big bang theory)
m-will u shut up and do sonal’s work
sha-but how it is related to my sleep
ma-see if u will do work then u will get sleep and her work would also be done
sha-right then give me her work I will do this not only for my sleep but also for her as she is a very good person
ma-Yaa i know
mahek goes near shaurya sleeper as sonal’s luggage was below it
sha-sonal’s work is just a excuse actually u want to come close to me right
mahek ignores her and take out sonal’s work and give it to shaurya
and she sleeps but shaurya continues doing sonal work

now its morning
sonal wakes up and comes down and see shaurya with the notebook he wakes him up
sonal-what are u doing with my nb
sha-ur work
sona-but why and who told u
sha-u were tensed about it so i have done ur all work see
he shows her the file
sona-oh my godd u have done my all work.thanku so much shaurya but who told u about it
sha-ur BFF
then only sonal wakes mahek
mahek wakes up
m-have u gone mad why are u shaking me so vigorously

sona-mahek u have told about my work to shaurya
m-so what
son(happy but confused)-but why
m-he was not getting sleep so i told him to do ur work
sonal hugs mahek and thanks her
sha-I have done ur work not MS.khadoos
sona-thanku shaurya
sha-its ok
then only announcement is there that Delhi station has come
they all pack their bags and was going out of the train
mahek and shaurya collide with each other
mahek-u go first
sha-u go first

sona-MAY i go first
Mehrya says yes
sonal goes first followed by mahek and shaurya
sona-bye shaurya
sha-bye sona hope we will meet again
sona-even me too hope for the same
ma-but i dont
sha-Even I hope for the same
ma-i hope we never meet again
sha-ya right
ma-lets go sona
sona-ok by shaurya
mahek and sonal boarded the auto and left and shaurya call his driver and left

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………I hope u guys like it .If u want any changes i would try to make it .as afan fiction is for the fan and by the fan.please give ur suggestions about it .
loads of love

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  1. Jaan tu ne toh aj kamal hi kar dia????…yaar mehrya r so cute….loved their fight its damn hillarious????????…jabardhast epi????….kya likhti he yaar tu its so so so so so good……hpyyyy teddy day meri choco chips…..tu konsi state se he????or me odisha se hun…..or han next epi jaldi post kario k…ab toh sabar hi nehi kiya jaa he mujhe???……he he soch rahi hogi kesi ladki hun me bas bak bak kiye hi jarihe…kya karu yaar adat se majhboor..lyk kya karu me choco me hun adat se majhboor????…..jaan tujhe na me abhi phone me ghuskar ek tight so jhapi n pappi dono de rahi hun…itne cute cute epi post karne kelie???????….k tata reply jaldi kario me chali sone…..k jaaneman maanu toh nehi kar raha Jane kelie phir v jaa rahi hun barns mujhe pata he sadhe hue tamatar phekegi mujhe par tujhe meri worried comment se tang karne kelie…so dil pe pathar rakh kar me tujhe tata kar rahi hun….next epi jaldi post Karna…or reply v jaldi dena…k k final tata…..lov u my choco chips??????????????….???????????????????????….
    With lov??
    Urs sweta

    1. Shaguu

      first of all thanks sweta for a detailed comment and for being the first one to comment.chal ab apni language mein baat karti hoon mehrya are always cute arey yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai mein itni bak bak karti hoon ki meri friends ko bhi mujhe bolna padta hai araam se shagun par tune mujhe bataya nahi ki tu mujhe choco chip kyun bulana chahti hai .dekh tune 1 baje comment kiya 3 baje meine reply kiya ha ha

      1. Shaguu

        btw I live in Uttarakhand

      2. Shaguu

        sorry meine na episode 3 mein comment nahi dekha tha to isliye meine choco chip vaali baat puch li .I got now why u call me choco chip

      3. Are bah ham dono ki same quality he???…..aur hum state se padosi hue me odisha n tu uttrakhand…..air Han next epi kab post karegi….tu konsi cls me he???

      4. Han jaan me toh puchna hi bhulgayi tera b’day kab he n tu kitni saal ki he??????

      5. Aur han tu gussa toh nehi he na mujhse….mene tera kitna weird pet name rakh dia?????

      6. Shaguu

        I am in class 9 and 14 years old born on 27 august 2002 ..fine..

  2. Shagun baby…its awesome yaar…???
    One comment
    Dont keep only fight n arguments between mehrya
    One suggestion
    pls do concentrate in ur exams too??

    1. Shaguu

      thanks dolly for a lovely comment.I wan to tell u that S.St was my last exam and then I will have my exams from 18 feb (pre boards) and thank u for showing so muchhhhhh concern dolly and ya I will try to reduce fights between them but they will havesome fight .will that be fine

  3. Ashifa

    Are yaar…Cant wait for the next episode..u knw dis is really amazing….bt i have a suggestion..can u give a precap after each episodes…atleast mera tension thoda kam hoga…u knw..waiting for nxt episode is really horrible for me….ur ff is so amazing….superbb shagun dear…keep going…all d bst..

    1. Shaguu

      ok fine from next episodes u will find precap and mein tumhara thora tension kam karne ki bhi try karoongi

  4. Thanks Shagun, well done.
    Where are the other ladies that started their FF’s I was also enjoying theirs very much.

    1. Shaguu

      thanks shama and even I am also thinking that where are their ffs because from getting inspiration by their ffs I have started my own ff

  5. Moni7

    Awesome shagu????????
    I loved there arguments and cute fights…too good ,too good.. superb?????

    1. Shaguu

      thank uuuuuuuu so much moni for such a lovely comment

      1. Moni7

        All the best for your exams shagu

  6. awesome imagination shagan continue writing. …love it a lot

    1. Shaguu

      thanks priya but its not only my imagination but my bff’s too

  7. This was the cutest conversation I have ever seen ? this is just awesome.. Always waiting for the next updates. Finding solace in your ff.. Great writing skills dear.. Loved it..
    Aur exam kaise ja rahe hain??
    Yar itna achha likh leti Ho.. Ek request h, serial se to mujhe zyada hopes nahi hain.. But tumse to kar hi sakti hun. Valentines day ka special update banana.. Actually mujhe in dono Ki chemistry itni pasand h k I’m always dying to see some cute moments between them..

    1. Shaguu

      exams khatam ho gaye hai aur fir 18 se start hai and I am 10001% sure that u will see their cute moments in episode on valentines day special episode

      1. Thanks a lot.. I really like it that you take the pain of replying to each comment individually. So sweet of you dear ?

      2. Shaguu

        thanks vishi but its not a pain we should care for them who care for us

      3. Shaguu

        thanks vishi but its not a pain we shuld care for them who care for us

  8. hii shagu….nice epsd…gud conversation. …….upload d nxt epsd….I am waiting. ……

    1. Shaguu

      thanks akhila amd I will tey to update the next one soon

  9. hey shagun.
    just superb episode. its tooo good.
    I just love it. so keep posting.
    post next epi soon.
    loads of love. tc

    1. Shaguu

      thanks reema I will keep posting it

  10. Priya12

    Hey, again ths epi was so funny…..amzing ..I luved it…nd I have replied 2 all the cmts 4 the previous epis …do see and reply it….all the best 4 ur exams and post asap…

    1. Shaguu

      thanks priya I have seen ur comments .no problem some misunderstandings happen and ya we are friends

  11. Nice work Shagun.
    Really enjoyed it..
    You know what , I read the whole 4 episodes in one go.
    One of my fav ff ever read.
    I liked ur theme….its different….
    Loved neyi andaaz of mehrya.
    Post nxt prt asap…..
    Intezar karti hoon….

    1. Shaguu

      oh thank u so much for reading them all in one go thanks for praising that idea but it is of my bff .thanks again and I am very happy to see ur comment

  12. Suprb sagun yrrrrrrr…
    Its tooooo goood
    I love this…
    And love you also??????????????????

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sapna I love u too yarr

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