THE STORY WE HAD {episode 3}

hello friends i seee all of ur comments and it was awesomee.just love u guys yaar u all are just amazing but I am Sorry for the late update actually my S.St exam was their .So I have to prepare for it .Really sorry .and i have replied for ur comments in the previous episode plz seeeee.
so without wasting time I would start Episode 3

Sha-mahek u are amazing
mahek smiles a little but then says
M-oh plz just shut up i know boys like u .i dont know why u are u tremendously behind me I am seeing it from starting first u chase me then come to my seat now tomorrow u will come to my home .Dont u have any work to do except flirting
S-Mahek do u know what u are overreacting and for ur kind information i want to tell u that a research has proven that flirting helps to boost your self esteem,improves ur mood as it activates ur pleasure receptors and reduces stress…….
as shaurya was about to speak more about flirting mahek says
M-oh god means u except that u are flirting woww,……..see sonal ur MR.handsome is flirting
sona-I know mahek

Mahek-oh my godddd means I am scolding others but my friend is also like this.Amazing…..why dont u people continue flirting.
Sona-arey mahek chill yaar see no one is so lucky that someone handsome and smart like shaurya will flirt with them
mahek-Oh my sweet god now i will become mad sitting with u both…..I am going
shau-where out of the train ………..its good u go… for sometime there would be peace in the train
mahek-youuuuu……… i am not going out of the train i will not leave my friend alone with u
sona- oh no for 1 minute also u can t leave me alone
mahek-whaat means i am protecting u from him and u are scolding me
shau-u were going somewhere right so now u dont want to go
mahek- thank god u remind me …sonal i am going to the upper birth
mahek goes to the upper birth from which sonal and shaurya were visible
mahek see them with her sidedoors of eye
shaurya smiles at her and by seeing her
he says
sha-u are very cute
sona-who me
sha-(looks at sonal) -yes

mahek frowns and thinks he is too smart kahin par nigahein aur kahin par nishanaaa (this phrase is a very popular phrase in hindi which means that a person looks at someone and aims the other )
like this only they share a cute fight and now it is the time of night
mahek tries to sleep at the upper birth but it was not comfortable
m-oh god how will be i sleeping here its like i will fall in a second
sonal sees this
sona-what happen any problem
mahek(with attitude)-so what u continue with ur so called MR.HANDSOME
sona-what happen mahek i know u are not comfortable at sleeping in the upper birth.come sleep in my birth .
mahek-oh so now u remember that there is ur friend also
sona-mahekk..come na

mahek smiles and says if u are forcing too much i would come there
mahek comes down and sees shaurya too their
m-are u not going at the upper birth
sha-what have u gone mad
m-why are u scared and laughs
then sonal speaks from the upper birth-mahek u forget that u are also scared sleeping here
m(angrily)-why u always speak in between
sha-oh so MS khadoos who is not scared of anyone is scared of sleeping there
sonal-oh god plz sleep u both of u and let me too sleep.
m-ok sleeping ..good night sonal
sona-good night mahek
sha-good night to both of u .i know that one person wants to say bad night to me .but its ok
mahek-i dont want to say it
sha-i have not said that u want to say it
mahek-oh really i know u re complementing me
sha-who said that i am complementing u
mahek-my sixth sense
sha-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…great sixth sense
mahek-so now u accept that u were complementing me if u want that i should say u bad night then

sha- same to u sweet heart
then they both sleep in their sleepers that were parallel to each other
mahek sleeps but shaurya was not getting sleep so he sat upside down in his sleeper
sha-so ms kahadoos wish come out to be true…dont know how to sleep in this train
then only mahek’s phone rings it was kanta chachi on the phone
mahek sees it but she is still lying on the sleeper
mahek(in sleepy tone)-what happen chachi
ka-are u fine mahek
mahek-chachi u have call me at 10.30 to ask this question
k-no beta i was just worrying about u re u fine know
mahek-haan(yes) chaachi dont take tension
k-ok beta so bye
m-bye chachi
when mahek cuts the call she sees shaurya staring her

she sits upside down
mahek- what am i fine or is there any pimple in my face or my skin is dry
sha-what do u m ean
mahek- what should i mean u are checking me out right means u will not let me sleeep
sha–oh hello what do u think of urself are u MISS INDIA that i will stare u all the time
m-i am not MISS INDIA but not less than that
sha-oh give me a break
m-so eat kitkat
mahek-it says na kitkat-take a break
sha- oh come on do u know how much calories it contains
ma-no and i dont want any speech on the disadvantage of chocolates
sha-if u were knowing about it na then u would not be fatso
ma-Do u want to marry me..
sha(with a great shock)-whattttttttttt noo not at all
mahek-then why are u concern about my figure
sha-I am not concern about ur figure .I was just giving u advise
mahek-but i have not ask
sha-so i am giving u free advise
mahek-shaurya u know what free things are cheap like u
sha-oh hello I have a class

mahek-but it dont seems that u have any class
sha-youuuuuuu I was just trying to behave properly with u but when i am humble u blast on me when i am arrogant then also u blast on me.Whats ur problem
mahek-if I will tell u my problem then will u give me solution
sha-may be
mahek-then listen my problem is u…..
sha-oh god!even my problem is also u.Atleast onething match in us
mahek-oh yaaa u are right but now i want to sleep so let me sleep and u too sleep
sha-but i am not getting sleep
m-OH woww means my wish come true
m-then I would have a good sleep bad night shaurya may ghosts come in ur dreams
shaurya huffs and says even I too wish the smae
and she sleeps

—————————————————————————————————————–Ihope u like it .Please put ur precious comments and suggestions below
with love

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