THE STORY WE HAD {episode 2}

thanku friends for ur support u would be shock but its true i was dancing while reading ur comments .Really very very thanku for ur support
so here is the second episode
m(to shaurya)-now go and sit their
shaurya goes and sit with sonal
a lady comes and says to shurya that its her seat
shaurya-u can sit with that lady(mahek)
l-why should i go,u should go its ur seat

l-i will not listen anything .u are going or I should calllTC
s-ok going
the lady sits near sonal and the train starts moving
the lady was feeling sleepy so she sleeps and sonal was looking outside the woindow
suddenly a jerk came which made shaurya fall over mahek

they were apart within a second
mahek glares at shaurya she was about to speak but before she could say anything shaurya saus
SHA-now say that I have done it intentionally say na
mahek gives him a look and ignores him with loads of attitude
sonal see the lady sleeping and saw shaurya and she was smiling to him
sonal-MR. handsome btw do u know any song
sha-yes I know
sona-plese sing
shaurya sings bachna e hasino lo me aa gaya(be aware beautiful ladies I have come)
mahek-btw sonal even i too know a song

sona-then sing.What are u waiting for
mahek sings- awaara bhanvre u haule haule gaye koyal ki co co (awraa bhanvre means flies who look like honey bee and roams around flower while roaming around flower they produce a sound of buzzz so mahek is singing this for shaurya )
shaurya sings-gore rang me na itna gumaar kar gora rang do din me dhal jaaega(means dont be proud of ur fair color it will be get away in two days here shaurya is singing this for mahek as she is a very egoistic girl)
mahek now becomes angry and sings

m-kabootar ja-ja ja kabootar ja(means piegion go go go here mahek sings for shaurya exptressing that when he will go)
shaurya tries to flirt with mahek and sings mere saamne waali khidki mein ek chaand ka tukda rehta hain afsos hamein iss baat ka hein ki vo humse ukhda ukhda rehta hai(means shaurya want to say that their is a very beautiful girl nearby me but she is very angry with me)
sonal was enjoying their fight
sona-mahek sing

mahek sings kabhi idhar chale kabhi udhar chale jaane kahan tum kidhar chale are fisal gaye ye tumne kya kiya(means sometimes u go here sometimes their dont know where u want to go and in between u faal dear what u have done she want to express that sometimes u flirt with me sometimes with sonal u are very confusing)
shaurya says- are iwrong lyrics
m-i know but i have sing for u
shaurya -ohh so now listen
shaurya sings teri baaton ka seedha jawab hai mein batameez meri niyat kharaab hai(there is only one sentence for ur talks that i am bad and i am like this only)
mahek glares at him
shaurya to sonal why dont u sing miss
sonal says my name is sonal
shauraya-ok then sing miss sonal
sonal sings
sona-tune kya kar dala mar gayi mein mit gayi mein oho mar gayi mein mit gayi mein oho ji aha ji ho gayi mein teri deewani(means she want to say that what he have done that she is just dying for him)
mahek gives a look to sonal and sings
m-dushman na kareee dushman na kare dost ne jo kaam kiya hai duniya bhar ka gam hamein inaam diya hai(means enemy will also dont do that thing hat my friend has done)
sonal and shaurya both laughs
by seeing them mahek too laughs

meanwhile TC came nd ask for the tickets everyone shows their ticket but the lady was still sleeping so he ask sonal to awake that lady and sonal do so
lady -are what happen
TC-mam ur ticket plz
lady shows her ticket

TC-mam this is not ur seat
L-are waht are u saying see this is my seat
TC-maam see here it is written 43
l-so what i am sitting in that seat only
TC-No mam u are sitting in seat no.34
lady see sthe seat no. and found that TC was right
shaurya ,mahek and sonal glares at her
L-are why are u looking likde this some time it happens i am sorry
the lady goes from their
sonal-now u can sit here MR.handsome
shaurya-oh thanku sonal (he sits near by her)
shaurya-btw my name is shaurya and waht is ur name MS. khadoos(to mahek)
m- why should i tell my name to u

sonal-are dont worry shaurya i will tell her name her name is mahek
mahek glares at sonal and ignores her and sees outside the window
shaurya-btw sonal can u tell me why she is very khadoos
mahek see shaurya and tells him
M-oh hello mr.shaurya i am not khadoos i am just straight forward and remember one thing i do good to those who are good to me and bad to those who are bad to me
sh-but i have not done anything bad to me so why are u behaving bad to me
m-but u are irritating me
sh- no i am not irritating u .

sh-no jokingly
ma-oh plz shaurya i am serious
sh-so i should call ambulance
sonal laughs
m(to shaurya)- u better mind ur own business
m(to sonal)are why are u laughing like this u are in my team or his
sona-of course urs mahek
s-even me too in urs team mahek i should say mahek first time in my life i have met a girl like u , u are just amazing
mahek my smiles a little
and shaurya too smiles seeing her

precap-episode 3
I hope u like it and sorry if i have made the song part very long and plz tell me do i have to make it more ling or its enough
please put ue precious comments and sugeestion below
loads of love

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  1. Sapna saxena

    Very nise sagun……..
    Bat plz next part ko long rakhna….
    And kadoos mahek i like it….
    I like ur story..

    I love u

    1. Shaguu

      thank u sapna and I will update long in the next part and I love u too

  2. Moni7

    Shagun???..woah??..soooooooooo cute conservations(singing part superb)…yes nice kind of signing debate ???.. coming to shaurie he is trying to flirt with mehak that’s cherry on the cake❤..
    Personally I like ur ff…i can visualize the scenes too baby… thanks for making my sunday ..A Spl day…?????..
    Expecting more from u… shagun baby??.

    1. Shaguu

      thanks moni di I was hoping that u would that u would not understand the songs but u do thanks for the support

  3. Moni7

    Thanks for the translation(songs) ???

    1. Shaguu

      thanks moni didi and no need for thank u as u also translate ur comments

      1. Moni7

        Wer is the next episode shagu!!!??
        Wen r u going to post?

  4. nice epi
    cute nok jok
    waiting for next epi

    1. Shaguu

      thanks soumya I hope u find next episode also cute

  5. Superb episode shagun. . Waiting for the next episode

    1. Shaguu

      thanks salma and I hope u find the next episode also superb

  6. Priya12

    Awesomeee yaarr..

    1. Shaguu

      thanks priya btw do u read ek duje ke vaaste fan fictions now also

      1. Priya12

        What do u mean..I will not read any edkv ffs….I will only read krpkab and mehak(nowadays)

      2. Shaguu

        sorry I didn’t got u

      3. Priya12

        Its just a misunderstanding need sorry yaar…friends?

  7. Hiiiii shagu well seriously yaar I loved the…epi was jst fantabulous…..loved song competition part…n mehek z khadoos????…n their nok-jhok????….n the last part so good….cheesy shaurya….waiting for the next part….do post dat soon….n the epi length z perfect…..can I call u by the name choco chip??????…well eagarly waiting for the next part…..lov u???????????
    With lov??
    Urs sweta

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sweta for a cute comment btw u can call me choco chip but why

  8. Super shagu it is great

    1. Shaguu

      thanks vavachi btw u study in CBSE board or ICSE

  9. Wowwww…. Great going shagun.. It was amazing ?

    1. Shaguu

      thanks vishi I hope u find the next episode great too

  10. shagun good……….story waiting for next episode .. please writing long episode …best of luck

    1. Shaguu

      thanks Anjana I will try to right a long episode

  11. hey shagun. how are u….
    coming to the episode its damm sweet.
    and just fabulous. I just want to tell u that u are superb writer. you wrote it sooo well. that I can’t express it.
    & the conversations between them is super cute.
    please write next one little long.
    lots of love.
    take care. bye…

    1. Shaguu

      thankssssssss Reema for lovely comment and I hope that u find the next episode a little long

  12. Hi, ur ff is v good yaar….tht songs debate is awesum….plz continue….ff length is als perfect….waiting fr nxt part

    1. Shaguu

      thanks Sri see I have detailed this part

  13. like Urr ff shagan pls continue
    I am priya final year pg ( )
    awesome imagination dear continue writing. …
    bye waiting for next update

    1. Shaguu

      thanks Priya and even I want to become an Engineer

  14. Darshini

    Hey dear…it’s super cute…especially their singing convo?? and shaurie calling mehak as khadoos??
    Lovd cheesy shaurya…
    awesome yaar…
    am sorry for being late dear…
    Take care da…

    1. Shaguu

      Thanks Darshini no problem for being late btw I am happy that u comment

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