THE STORY WE HAD {episode 10}

Hello friends..well I know its since 1 month I have not updated this ff…but now I am back with 10th episode …and well I am thinking to end this ff in 2-3 episodes..but that 2-3 episodes re full of mehrya moments
RECAP-shaurya comes to mahek’s house …she was sleeping..well she has told him that she will meet him at 9 ..but she is herself he enters his home..their pd and shaurya have talk about how shaurya can become mahek’s bf and then interupted by Kanta ..who has came just now by waking up mahek she asked shaurya for a coffee or tea..then shaurya moves with mahek outside
Now here is the 10th episode…
shaurya and mahek sits in the car …..shaurya was driving the car..but there is silence in the car…but mahek brokes the silence when shaurya turns his car
mahek shouts-stop stop the car…fast stop it
shaurya..stops the car in shock-WH..WHaat happen mahek..are u fine..why shouting..this much loud
mahek sees outside the window-CHAAT
shaurya-whaat..mahek what are u saying
mahek then looks towards him-shaurya see their
shaurya sees their was a vendor selling roadside food..(golgappas…aalo tikki…paapri chaat)
shaurya-so what mahek
mahek-I am feeling very hiungry..I am going..if u want then u cn aso come
mahek was going but shaurya holds her hand
shaurya-I will not let u go so easily
and he leans towards her..and then he took out a tiffin.,which was in the car’s drawer…he is still closer to him
mahek-shaurya..if u come more close.then
he keep his finger on her lips.

mahek stares him eith her big round eyes
shurya then brings that tiffin box infront of her with his another hand
shaurya whispers in mahek ears-dear ladoo…u were feeling hungry na the food inside it..ur hunger will all gone and no need to eat that roadside food
mahek still stares him
shaurya removes his finger and signs her to open the lunch box
but mahek still stares him
shurya-Am I looking this much handsome
mahek nods his head as yes and then noo
shaurya laughs
mahek takes the lunch box from him
shaurya-ladoo..feeling too much hungry..hmm
mahek glares at him
mahek-dont try to show ur oversmartness..u dont know me
shaurya-actually I know u…u re miss.mahek sharma who will soon become Mrs.mahek khanna
shaurya bits his tongue-sorry tung slipped..actually I was saying khaaaana khaaana.. not khanna(well he is saying khaaana in hindi khaaana means food)
mahek-but u have said mrs.also
shaurya -mahek I was saying miss here is ur khaana(food)….only I have pronounced it in short
mahek-shaurya ..what do u think am I a fool..
shaurya-yes u are

mahek -whhh..she was about to complete
shaurya-Yes u are a fool..but hindi one’s..not english one(in hindi fool means flower)
mahek smiles at him
shaurya-mahek ur food..
mahek nods his head like wanted to say ..he will never change
she opens the was sprouts inside it
mahek makes a horrible wanted to say ..what is this
shaurya sees it..and says-what happened..u dont like it..hmm
mahek-shaurya it is sprouts
shaurya-I know mahek..well it is very tasty and nuritious will provide u energy and
mahek-I dont eat this type of food
shaurya-then what do u eat
mhek-something spicy and tasty and she licks her lips
shaurya -mahek..see these spicy food are not good for health
mahek-well may be…but I want to eat golgappas and chaat..plz and make puppy eyes
shaurya-but mahek..why u dont want to eat it
mahek tells himwhen she was small well a kid in class 2 ..her best friend bought sprouts with her..and she was a foodie..(well now also she is a foodie..some things never change..) she eat one spoon of sprouts ..and it tastes so bad to her ..that she started vommiting….(well those sprouts were stale)
shaurya laughs-mahek u are too cute…u know what no body vommits after eating sprouts..I am sure those sprouts were stale
mahek-ohk then..first u wiil eat it and then I will eat ..fine
shaurya-ohk no problem..he takes one spoon..and then wuth that spoon only take out another bite for mahek..mahek sees it
mahek-now I will not eat it

mahek-bcox I dont feed upon food remnants
shaurya-whaat..mahek u have only told me that If I will eat this food..then u will eat it
mahek-so what ..bye I am going
shaurya -I will not let that food nd by saying he locks all the doors
mahek-shaury ..what is this
shaurya-mahek..u dont want to at ..then dont eat it ..but I will not let u eat this roadside food..which is not good for ur health
mahek..angrily-Are u md shaurya khanna…means what does it matter to u
shaurya-tomorrow if soething happens to u then..eht about me he pauses and then sys what bout my case??
mahek sweetly -u cre for me this much nd she goes ner him
shurya smiles..and she press a button present near staring due to which all door gets unlocked and then quickly goes outside and go to the vendor
shaurya-oh god..this girl will make me md..but shaurya get habituated of it..and he smiles and he also get off from the car
he sees her ..she was eating golgappas
mahek-one more ..bhaiyaa
the vendor gives her one more…she sees shaurya who was continuously staring her ..she hits his foot
shaurya opens his mouth-ahh!!..mahek took advantage of it and puts one golgappa in his mouth..he have to forcly eat it
shaurya-aahhhhhh!!!..too spicy too spicy and run all over for water
mahek laughs

shaurya sees someone opening his water bottle he grabs it and drinks the water
shaurya-ahhh!!! tooo spicy…too spicy
the person says to him-what is this ..what do u think about urself
mahek comes to that person and gives him another new water bottle and the person goes from their
shaury still shouting-ahhh…ahhh
mahek puts chocolate inside his mouth..he feels relief
shurya shouts at mahek-whaat was this mahek..wht was this.are u mad
mahek-exactly..exactly..this sitution happened with me..when I ate sprouts
shaurya-seriously mahek..I will not leave u
mahek smiles- first catch me..she took the car keys and ran from their
shaurya-mahek..and he too runs behind her
she was moving to the front seat of the car..but slips
shaury holds her and then make her stand and oulls her by waist
shaurya-so I catched u miss sharma and he winks at her..he pulls her more close and makes her hair behind her hair..and takes the keys..and now they are aparted
mahek opens her big mouth-shaurya this is cheating
shaurya doesnt say anything nd opens the door for her and makes her sit
then he himsekf seated in the driving seat
mhek-I am sorry shaurya …with puppy eyes
shaurya -for what
mahek-sorry I made u eat that.
shurya-its ohk..hmm..
mahek smiles and then started admiring him
shurya sees it that he is continuously staring
sharya smiles-well mahek done ur check there any pimple on my face ..or I have to lose weight..hmm
mahek-whaat..I was not checking u out..I was just looking outside the window
shaurya-oh I se..btw what are u looking out of the window
mahek says the name of the building …which she has just looked outside the window
shaurya-whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat and laughs-u were looking at this ladoo
mahek(in hurry)-I was not looking at that I was looking at u nd she bits her tongue she have to taste her own medicine
shurya smiles at her -whaat ladooo what u just said???
mahek-u heard it right..and I dont like to repet my words
shaurya-mahek we have reached our setination
mahek-which destination???
shaurya-KD’s house..mahek …how come u forgot..oh ya get tht u were string me …so u dont see it right
mahek-nooo..nd btw I have not seen KD’s house yet…so how come I would know that it is his house only..hmm and she raised her brows


I hope u all guys loved it..soon I will post next one..

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  1. cimply superb…since 1 month .i m waiting for dis…plz cntue.. .post d next epsds regularly…..

    1. Shaguu

      First of all thank u for commenting first akhila and then sorry..I made u wait for 1 month..really sorry..ok then I will post the next episode ASAP…..

      1. no need to say sorry..dear…😊

  2. Wow amazing?????….hehe funny part when mehek hit shaurya foot…n mehek put gollgappa in shaurya’s mouth?????….sprout fb of mehek hehe…..n many more today’s epi was full of funny parts…..
    Choco tujhe pata he mehek ki Farah mujhe v street food bohat acha lagta he….paar meri mama mujhe khaane hi nehi deti……feeling pity on myself????…chal tata gd ni8…????????….lov u meli bestie muaaahhhh(good ni8 kisses)?????????????

    1. Shaguu

      thank u so much sweta…u know what when I was writing the golgappa scene…..I was literally laughing imagning how it would be..mahek putting golgappa in shaurya’s mouth..ha ha.vaise good morning..aur sun teri mom thik kehti hai..road side food not good for health..par yaar its tpoo tasty..specially that golgappas..its just wow..meri mammi o koi problem nahi hai..par papa ko hai..bahut problem mere roadside food khanne se..ok bye..teri choco

  3. Moni7

    Hai shagu plz yaar post nxt one soon.. awesome ??? are my baby doll?

    1. Shaguu

      hi moni didi .. first of all thank u didi….well have u watched the yesterday’s episode..mehrya romance..oh god …hotness overloaded..well today metro romance..I was saying na…

  4. Saxenasapna

    thnks sagun yrr….
    U know u upload your last part 28 fev
    Mene itna wait kiya yrr…
    Bat thank you so much…

    Bese tumne shi kha…
    Tum isko and kr dena bat….
    Mehrya moments ke sath….
    Bcoz abhi tk kisi ne bhi apni storys ko end nhi kiya h….

    And aadhi se jyda tho hm bhuul hi jate h….

    Or sagun thnks yrr meri bat maanne ko or ise uplod krne ko…..

    And thnks for adding some Hindi dialog….

    Love u sis…

    1. Shaguu

      hi sapna..really sorry …for making u wait till one month ..but see exams are over..well I wanna ask u are u in school..or college..or doing job..well u will see more hindi dialogues..ok then bye…and ya reply soon

  5. Hi shagun .. Thank you for updating this .. ?.. Superb work dr .. N plZz keep updating Yarr ..

    1. Shaguu

      hi sapna..well thanks and soon u will find the next episode..

      1. Shaguu

        hi salma..relly sorry by mistake I have written sapna…sorry ..plz sorry

  6. Shaguu

    Hello friends..sorry for typo mistakes…

  7. Dear I miss this ff soo much if u stop this ff I will kill you dear? plss update next part soon waiting plsss

    1. Shaguu

      vivachi di..dont kill me..I will not stop writing ..fine

  8. Too good yaar shaguu..beautifully written dear..?
    Thanks for updating this..?
    Hehe..golgappa scene was epic..just couldn’t stop laughing..??..and shaurya grabbing someone else’s bottle..?..
    Mehak continuously staring shaurya..?..liked those cute moments in car..?
    Interesting Precap..Eager to know what happens next..continue soon..
    Lots of love
    Sudha ? ?

    1. Shaguu

      thanks sudha ..ohk I will update soon

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