Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 8 Contd.)

Chapter-8 (Ring Of Hearts)

Radhika was sat fuming in Arjun’s Limo, she kept glaring at him, but his gaze was outside of the car window.

Little Zayn was now awake and sat comfortable in his lap, his hands fisting Arjun’s tie. He was pulling at it and grinning happily.

“Tatatata…” He mumbled on adorably.

Radhika glared at him too.

Little traitor. He had refused to come into her arms after getting out of the boutique. Clinging to Arjun’s chest and battling out at her outstreched hand when she tried to take him in her arms from Arjun’s. Radhika stared surprised with mouth hung open at his cute angry big eyes and sulky face.

She shook her head in disbelief.

“Even if this marraige happens, it will never be a happy one.” She grated out the words through clenched teeth.

His head snapped to hers. His eyes lowered, so did the eye lashes in a soft, slow, leisure, warm glide. His lips quirked upwards just a little. The small smile of it reached into his eyes in a heated caress. There it is the boyish one.

The hard planes and angles of his jaw and cheekbones softened immediately. His gaze slow in its movements settled on her lips.

Radhika’s eyes stared on seeing the changes. It warmed her face too, as tried to gulp down the flutter she felt changing her eyes to settle on his face softly too. The remnants of anger ebbed away feeling something with his eyes.

He looked so nice when he smiled. Why doesn’t he do that often?

“That’s not what I heard, when were you screaming my name in ecstacy just minutes ago or have you forgotten your moans already..”He said just as softly, in a teasing husky tone.

Radhika’s anger came back in a more rushing of blood, she stirred uncomfortably on the seat, her left hand going up to her neck which she had covered with a red scarf…to hide his given mark on her.

His eyes caught the movement. His full lips twitched into a full blown smile now, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Don’t forget. Because, if each time you forget, I’ll make sure you remember with each of my mark on every part of you…”He said in a more heated whisper, warning her of the consequences brutally.

Radhika’s breath shortened, as he leaned to the side, coming closer to her lips with his.

“You. Will. be. Married. to. me Soon,” He whipered possessively each word in an enunciation, his brown eyes brewing a storm into hers, they were flashing, as he continued on…..”no matter how many days for, you will stay mine till then. Agree or not, this marraige is bound to happen. I don’t f**king care if it never will be a happy one according to you.” He said, his voice a growly and rumbly on her lips……

Small one again, sorrrry dearies.

Credit to: kfar


  1. chinni

    Tnx kfar for updating the story.Asusual ur story rocks…..don’t make late for nxt chapter yaar, because I can’t wait to read ur stories.

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    Thank u dr ..its a small treat for me…plz update soon babe…ur stories are pulling me often to search fr it ..plz plz update soon ??

  3. Roma

    Very cute kfar, please continue with your amazing work. I love your long updates. Eagerly waiting for next episodes…Love you loads…very very tight hug….get well soon and take care of yourself…

  4. Shub

    Farha, was missing you!!! Thanks for the short and sweet update!!!! Was worried you won’t turn up for a week!! I like arjun’s cool attitude.

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    Heyyy Kfar…. Thanks buddy for DT… Hope you will update soon the next one..
    By the way… How are you???

  6. zayn

    Pls write reularly na
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  7. hey faraha nice one epi…want a long part yar…missed u so much…bcos of training session couldn’t come here often n comment…nw got yhe time…superb…this story drawing me crasy….love u muhhhhaaa…hey dearry pls update nxt part of it soonnn…

  8. Kadu

    Hi farha. This is the only story driving me crazy. 🙂 big hug for u dear. I am reading all stories related mmz but this one has some spark which drives me crazy. Thanks for updating this sweet part. Get well soon.

  9. nisha

    Hey farha, really liked todays track it is short but very interesting dear.

    Always loved your story . Keep going dear.

    Really loved the convo between aradhika romance isin the air.

  10. nandhini

    track was fantabulous and please don’t give short narration.
    We want more and expect lot from you yaar

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