Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 7 Continued)


Chapter-7 ( Beautiful )

Arjun felt a restless itch come all over mind and body, he twitched and swung his hands feeling his agitation grow.

They were in the backseat of the Neil’s Limo, Arjun swung his gaze around him.

Neil had become real quiet since from Rohan had talked about his sister. Something really was bothering him and Arjun had an understanding about what it is, he felt goosebumps rise on his skin, it shuddered his body thinking about the incident.

Arjun observed how his posture got stiff. He wasn’t here. Neil wasn’t with him in this car. He had gone into a trance, reliving the horror.

Arjun gulped hard, remembering how he found his friend a year back. It had taken a lot of therapy, couselling and a try hard work from him and Rohan to get Neil out of the black hole.

Arjun hesitated.

“You’re thinking about Manali…Her?” He asked a little cautiously.

With only the mention of the place Neil’s gaze snapped sharply to his.

His black eyes had a wild sheen to it. f**k! He was in the zone again.

“Careful there.”Neil warned.

Arjun sighed, looking over at him and shaking his head. When Neil gets into a zone. He is walking death to everyone around him.

He leaned back.

“I want to see her.” Arjun declared, ignoring Neil’s worry altogether.

He would come around. An hour and he will be back to his usual self, but what worried him was…what caused the change? Rohan’s sister? How did she come into the picture?

After the incident with…her..Neil never showed any interest in women. Yes, he had flings. Thousands. With random girls. But not one had caused the darkness to surf up again.

“You’ve got to be f**king with me. It’s past one, she will be asleep cozy in bed and so does would be the house and the whole god damn neighbourhood. We can’t go beat the door of the peacfully slumbering people, just because you want to meet her. f**king Romeo….” Neil started ranting, thoroughly.

And Arjun smiled feeling laughter course through him.

Thank god, at least he was talking. Well, cursing mostly.

“She is not asleep now and she is also not at home.” Arjun replied to his outburst.

Neil straigtened from his lazy, laid back posture. Both him and Arjun were in tshirt and track pants, the latter had dragged the former outside from Rohan’s condo and made him sit in his Limo. Since then, Neil had been glowering at Arjun for ruining his drinks night. Of which, Neil swore furiously that he wouldn’t include Arjun for any of his hang outs. Well, he was rather overly dramatic when being thrown in the car unceremoniously.

“Is she gone clubbing then? She a party head?” Neil asked with raised eyebrows.

Then his sulky face took over a pleased look.

“Ah! Finally a person of my own heart. I would be glad hang out with her. Since I crossed you out my list, I will compensate partying with my sister-in-law.” Neil went on crazily, thinking about randoms thing in one go about his bride to be.

Arjun wanted to laugh, thinking of Radhika partying with a drunk fool Neil. That would be a sight to see.

“She is not in a club.” Arjun muttered shaking his head.

Neil again stared at him. The wild gleam in his eyes totally wiped out. He was out of the zone, Arjun looked on relieved.

“How do know that?” Neil asked suspiciously, his five O clock shadow of a little beard gave him a dishevelled look.

Arjun didn’t answer, and Neil’s eyes glimmered a new.

“You had her followed.” He stated incredulously.

Arjun still didn’t answer. His bl.ood flowed fast in anticipation. A beat skipping to see her face. To caress her with his hungry eyes. It has been a whole day today sincw he saw her. His guilt of hurting her increased.

“Damn, Arjun, I’m wondering Rohan’s words now. You’re indeed going bersek over this girl.” Neil whispered a little surprised.

Arjun felt a clear irritated annyonce niggle his mind and body over such words. He scowled heavily.

He slid his brown furrowed eyes to that of Neil’s clear black eyes.

“I’m going to marry her. I have every right to know about her since I know nothing about her.” Arjun said, his tone glacial.

Neil didn’t respond but gave him a thoughtful look. He was sitting opposite to Arjun.

“You don’t trust her?” He asked finally.

Arjun looked out of the window. The trees and dull lit houses moved about fast, fading away in darkness with the travelling of the car on the smooth road.

“I don’t trust fate.” His tone taking over a shadow, a deep uneasiness settling now in his manner.

Fate had played with his loved ones, killing them all. Whomever he touched tenderly had burned, turned into ashes, fading away from his life. He worried about the same thing happening again.

Since when he saw in her father’s house, Arjun had her followed. What she does. Where she goes. Her every move was reported back to him.

Breaking his thoughts, his phone vibrated a call. Arjun lift the call and waited.

“She has arrived here, sir.” Amal, his body guard’s deep voice travelled into his ears.

“Good.” Arjun muttered out a word.

He looked across sideways at Neil and cut the call.

“What? He asked.

“Where had she arrived?” Neil asked and continued…” Wait, if she isn’t gone clubbing and is not anywhere around her house or even a bar….then where the hell is she?” Asked Neil, looking thorougly disturbed now.

Arjun just smiled an unseeing one, looking at the incredibly sleepy, tired and bewildered face of his friend.

He tilted his head to the side. The car stopped to halt and Arjun signalled his eyes to Neil, he glanced at the car window.

Understanding it, Neil travelled his eyes to window, and he squinted.

His form froze and locked in tight muscles. The winks of sleep that remained in his eyes and body flew away altogether, given a whiplass of surprise.

Arjun was seeing all this and was having incredible fun. He was gulping down the mirth that threatened to come out of his mouth.

Neil’s forzen gaze worked slowly in it’s way to Arjun’s face. He sat there placid for a second then he burst out.

“What the hell are we doing outside a graveyard space. In the middle of a f**king forest that too?” He asked a little wildly.

Arjun smiled and Neil stared at him as if he crazed.

“She paints.” He said flatly.

Neil eyes turned a shade darker as his face became a little sly.

“She paints? What? Walls? Of the tombs of freaking dead?” He asked cynically sarcastic.

His tone boderlined to a wild incredulous one.

Arjun just shook his head.

“There is a star tails, broken part of stars that fall from the sky at this time of the night. She waits for it to happens and when it does, she put that on the canvas…..and what comes out is incredible….she is an awfully talended artist…” Arjun breathed out, feeling much more affected.

He saw Neil give him a surprised thoughtful look.

“It seems like you didn’t put anyone to follow her but you do it….yourself.” Neil observed.

Arjun sat uncomfortably, he didn’t reply to that and avoided his knowning gaze.

“Oh, dear lord….” Neil breathed…”You do follow her. Very often I presume.” He concluded shaking his head.

The night is ever ending him swirling his hand in a box full of hidden surprises.

Arjun got of the car. There had been a little drizzle, as the ground was a little wet and so was the forest covered in a mist of rain droplets. It was becoming colder by the minute.

At first when Arjun followed Radhika, he was angry that she could risk her life going into such dark place without anyone of her people around. Walking in the lanes carrying a canvas paper and a hoodie over her head, but when he looked around, it seemed like he had entered into a piece of heaven. All serene and safe. Like as if he had entered into a part of her soul.

This was her world. Well, a little of her world.

And also it was only a ten minute walk to her home. The f**khead of her father had built a house near a foresty area. Only a few other small houses were swanked around the place, but there were a few clubs around but Arjun was sure he wouldn’t find her there.

He looked around and a black tinted car, Arjun nodded his head towards the driver.

Neil got out of the car next. The friend of his looked around a utter amazement, his mouth opened a little looking at the thick dark trees.

“Are you sure, you’re marrying a talented artist and not a evil worshipping, voodoo doll making, black magic using witch…” Neil asked again, his voice coloring fear, he looked around at the now foggy graveyard at a distance.

Arjun sighed. He shouldn’t have brought Neil here.

He walked forward, with Neil fast on his heel. Both of them got the coats out of the car.

“Or is she some kind of a supernatural thing. You know like turning into a werewolf when the full moon comes out of the clouds. Maybe, she had mesmerised you in the spell of those animal eyes and now she wants to have you for dinner…the possibilities are very high, Arjun….and f**k look it’s a full moon and god damned to hell with you…for bringing extra dinner..shit, damn…I should never have come along with you….” Neil muttered, cursed, growled all along while entering into the trees.

Babbling on about behind him, but Arjun felt his every cell vibrate, to spot her, he could the smell the roses from this far already.

Oh, how, he craved for that sweet smell to enter into his nostrils, lungs and blood.

The heavy thick trees disappeared, and clear ground came into view. Where the sky bent down itself, glimmerimg an array of sparkling, blinking, shiny stars…The darkness of the night vanished, with the sky becoming the sun.

It was a ruined monument, but it was not exactly there. There were only teared down bricks, covered in thick Begonia vines….

Arjun’s heart thudded looking at the lone curvy figure of a woman. His woman. Her back was turned to his face. Her long black hair, all along upto th hat luscious waist flowed in the night.

Arjun was looking at her from behind a flowery Begonia vine, where a loose part of a wall stayed glued to the ground somhow.

She was looking at the sky. A canvas white board in front, stayed perched on the four wooden legs on the green grassy ground.

” Is that her?” Neil whispered from over his shoulder…”Why the heck is she standing there like that….oh holy heaven..a white gown…man, Arjun…is she possessed by a devil…f**k..we need to run…” Neil’s whipered horrified.

God damn in hell, He shouldn’t have given Neil a whole bottle of Scotch. His voice was becoming slurry.

Arjun ignored all that moved forward, as the heady scent of her travelled in the air.

He walked on with Neil cursing heavily from behind him.

His foot crunched the healthy grass on the ground. His every step taking him forward to her.

He stood behind her, almost feeling the every curve of her body, his hands itched to touch her, he leaned in and took in a deep breath. Heaven, he thought.

Just at thia audible movement, she spun around, her form jumping in fright, her sweet face came into view of his scrutiny. The midnight black spun too, falling down again all around her shoulders, neck and face.

Her eyes wild and her chest moving up and down. Arjun’s heated gaze moved down. Red tank top and shorts and over it a white night gown, her feet covered in sneaker shoes were only the odd thing. Everything else on her and she herself looked an elfian angel.

Her cherry red mouth gasped open, as her big brown honeyed eyes rounded. Cute. f**king adorable. No. God damned…BEAUTIFUL she was.

“You..” She breathed…” How? Where? Here…What?” She breathed in a whispered..still shocked to the core.

Her brows scrunched up prettily. Her skin shined porcelain, pristine, pure and innocent.

Her eyes turned cold realizing he was really here.

“What the hell are you doing here? What are you doing here?” She hissed, then gasped…”Were you following me?” She askee incredulously….

Then her nostrils flared. Her face scrunched up cutely. Her eyes flashed.

“How dare you? How could you? You’re one rude, arrogant, stalking…” She mumbled on fiercely…

Arjun waited for his blood flow to slow down looking at her. He remained silent. His body reacting to her warm heat. He told himself to calm down. Count. He told himself.

One. Two. Three…

With darkening of eyes he saw her pink tongue come out to wet her lips and that’s it. All hell broke lose. His tightly held control splintered apart.

Arjun moved fast. He grabbed her head and hair from behind and planted a hard kiss on her still cursing mouth.

A shocked gasp escaped her lips and Arjun took invite into her mouth. His other hand tightened hard on her waist……….


To Be Continued…….

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