Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 7 Contd.)

Chapter-7( Intense)

His hold on her hair and his lips on hers, shocked to the core. Radhika gasped. And he put more pressure of his lips on her mouth, his minty breath mixing with hers. Radhika stepped back in an immediate response.

His hand in the air, he looked at her taking a step back, his eyes straying up and catching her eyes, his jaw locked.

Radhika clutched the sharp long paint brush in her hand as a defense against him.

He towered and loomed over her a good five inches. Radhika held the paint brush to her chest now, staring as though an idiot.

His eyes narrowed, slowly his gaze slid down to her chest then to her eyes. He moved real closer to her, she stiffened and tensed up like a bow string. His hand covered hers, carefully he slid his one forefinger soothingly on the rapid beating of her pulse. Her hand slackened the death grip hold on the paint brush. He took the paint brush with the other hand and put it on the canvas board holder behind her. This bought him more closer, her chest rose and fell, touching lightly onto to his light purple tshirt covered chest. A tremor through her. All the while his intense brown eyes never strayed from hers.

“I frightened you.” He whispered gravelly.

His rumbly deep husky voice travelled from his body to hers, raising goosebumps on her skin. His breath hit on her forehead. Every cell in her body went hyper aware and sensitive to his presence. It made her flustered and breathless which in turn annoyed her to no end.

“No.” She whispered back defiantly, but her tone came out soft and breathy.

He stare moved finally from her eyes, and she should have felt relieved but she tensed up more when it settled on her lips again.

At the speed of the rapid beating of her heart, Radhika sure was in grave danger of dying of heart failure. He leaned towards her face, gettinf closer and closer. His breath hit full force on her lips. Tingles spread across her, low in her belly. His lips were only an inch from hers. His hands were on the board either side of her waist, holding her prisoner by locking her body to his. She leaned back and his head moved right along with her. Her chest was plastered to his strong hard upper front.

Radhika was about to push him away but when she glanced up to look into his eyes, she got arrested and tingles turned to an abrupt heavy pleasured pain following from her chest to low in her belly. His eyes held such intensity, such desire, to do things to her body, desire for her. She gasped out by the slam of desire it brought to look at his face.

His nostrils flared and his pupils dilated, a myraid of unspoken things passed and Radhika understood acceptance, truimph and pure male satisfaction. It brought a pleased glimmer to his eyes registering her reaction. His hand slid on her waist. It heated her blood as his burning touch moved over her spine and up into her hair.

It was only a minute that he looked shocked then he looked up and down probably with an expression of disgust. Wondering in mind, thinking what had made him make out with a mouse.

Early in his office, he humliated her to no extent and now this? Saying that he bought her with money. Making her feel like whore. Since all day she was hurting thinking of his brutal words.

Radhika’s legs turned rubbery and she held her hands behind on the boards wooden hands. Wrong move. Very wrong move. She thought he would either wring her neck or have a showdown. His body stiffened again and his eyes settled on her chest. His body rippled in the V neck tshirt sweater he was wearing. His hair gleamed dark, the locks were all over the place, she blushed ten shades by the way she pulled and clutched the silken strands. He looked, my god, she thought, too good, like a demi god, and previously she had thought he was not.

Heavens! What was he doing with her, she was small in camparision to his all over his physique. She was wearing a red tank top and shorts, the night gown strings opened itself by his frantic pulling hands earlier. Radhika was sure she looked like a total homeless person.

His stare on her chest worked up her body in a hot mess. His eyes travelled leisurely to hers again. Curiosity. Bafflement. Disgust of earlier turning into bemusement now. He stood there with an odd expression, this one seemed like a mask veiling her assessment of his eyes. He seem to sense she was prying deep into his eyes, because the next moment all those things she understood earlier wiped out completely, leaving only her reflection in those brown swirling orbs.

But, he didn’t seem to leave, in fact he looked comfortable, as if he had all the time in the world to stare at her. Like she was some kind of a puzzle he wanted to solve.

A second passed and full reality of the situation dawned over her, instantly freezing her heated skin. She had made out with him. In the frigging forest. In the middle nowehere. Heaven help her, she behaved so idiotic, worked commonly by her desires. No control over the body.

Now, he would think that she was some kind of sl*t. Oh god no.

Radhika stepped back, she saw his gaze snapped back to hers. He moved forward but when she whimpered in fright. His stance got stiff and his eyes turned cold. His hand which had outstretched, now turned into a fist.

He scowled, cursed heavily, looking up and down at her one last time, he spun around and walked away. His back to her face. His strides taking him away from her. His steps on the ground moving forward. A space engulfing. A ground distancing. A place emptying out a huge part of where he stood moments ago. Radhika’s eyes held his disppearing purple figure intently.

Her eyebrows furrowed feeling immense heavy silence vibrate her mind and body. The cold starting to grow on her. A strong gush of wind moved her back, Radhika gasped….a tear escaped her left eye.

She needed to call him back? To ask just what had happened?

She walked forward slowly. Her strides moved along the path. A string near her heart had attached a strong threat and pulled and propelled and pulled her body forward. Towards where he disappeared.

She ran walked. It didn’t help with the desperation she felt at the separation. Radhuka broke into a run altogether.

Wait!!!!!!! Her mind called out.

Her eyes watered more. She ran forward into the thick trees, twigs and branches breaking into her skin, but she didn’t care.

She got out and came onto the road, looking around panicked, but it was empty. Except a black car far at a distance, there was nothing.

Radhika slid down on the road, gasping for breath.

Something happened tonight to her? She felt it hit her very soul.

The string which tied it’s invisble string and thread to her chest, hurt her now. Extreme.

She felt a change come over her. Feelings, took her breath away, as her eyes watered more…….


Credit to: kfar


  1. Farha I like ur stories very much. .I’m waiting for your story update soon….you should continue ur story n type so long becoz I like it…….I’m addicted to ur story. ..dont stop it plse….

  2. Abbz

    Sweetie !!!! Ur stories r freakin amazin ….. never ever stop …. if possible pls make it longer ….. never can wait 4 d nxt chpt aftr readin d 1 alredy given !!!!!♥♥♥♥♥
    luv ur stori soooooooo much … i read each chpt only a million times …..!!!!! Never doubt urself …. 4 it always gets better:):):)

  3. aastha

    Kfar plzzz dnt stop writng……if u want u can write more..

    I have a doubt: Wat happend btw niel n sam in manali?????,?????????n where did niel go?he ws there alng wth arjun.

  4. Sneha

    Dont stop writing.jst love ur writing n ur story.dis is my favourite among many others.i jst wait for ur next update.getting goosebumps.wot ll hpn nw?

  5. Farah, I am a silent reader all this while, but today I wud like to tell u please write this more, continue with d same intensity, it’s not at all Vulgar.. And adult wud love to read such a heart melting story . keep up the good work and keep updating. We wait to read it.

  6. Roma

    Hi kfar, mind blowing episode. Please continue with your all the stories. I love it sooo much. Looks like you are little sad today, but trust me we all fans of you love you very much. Keep writing and be in touch. Loads of love and a very very tight hug. Love you…..

  7. Oh god farah d story is really intensive yaar pls cntinu !!!

    N 1 mor thing u dinn reply 4 I rote be4 dis chappy d one of beautiful !! Pls go der n anser !!!!!!! Gud nite dear ♥♥♥

  8. Roma

    Hey kfar, what happened honey? Why are you going, pls continue with your stories. I love all your stories…. l beg you please don’t go away and continue with your amazing work. Eagerly waiting for the next episode….

  9. Krithi

    Farha plz plz don’t stop writing. I am big fan of ur stories. Plz continue u dear. I beg u yar. I am actually addicted to ur stories. Plz continue. Plz plz…

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    Hi kfar. Its d first time I’m commenting in this updates but I’ve been reading your story from chapter 1 . I’ve become so addicted to your story that I can’t wait for long to continue reading this. Ive even asked for d SP people to take your story and make mmz 2. I justlove d way u describe d characters and the situation. U r really blessed with this talent.pls do continue with your good work and we r definitely enjoying your story to d fullest. And I seriously don’t mind if it goes for years(I’ll enjoy it) and how much ever long it is. Pls do continue this amazing love story.
    All the best.

  11. Brity

    Kfar…Your stories are very good… I think someone had given you bad comment or reply… Don’t feel bad as it’s people’s nature to badmouth about others…
    Don’t take me wrong Dear…

  12. Hey faraha its shocked for me…..pls dont go yaar…its heartly reqst to u…bcoz of dum fools dont hurt urself….ppl always criticize abt good things…u have huge potential of writing…plzplzplzzzzzzzz dont stop writing story…n loved ur long stories whch make me to drawn in the story n plz dont cut it short…. thid part is really an awaome….liked so much…pls update nxt chaptet today itself..this is my fav one…love u dearrr…muhhhhhha…dont evet think that we got boar of u or ur stories ur stories so much ..i hav already told u m ur fan….muhhhhhhhaa….love uuuu.

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    Finally one thing. U HAVE BLESSED SKILL.don’t spoil it by giving place to these people. U ve to face many critics my girl.but am sure likes for u will be much mucccccch more than a drop in ocean….

    n thank u girls here whoever had come n supported her esp silent readers.cos u don’t know the strength of silent readers to writers.

    Oh God, talked soooooooo much.

    My girl farha 4give if ve hurt u budyyyyyy….

    Love u loaaaaaads….

    WAITING FOR UR NEXT UPDATE…warm hug dearyyyyyyyy

    • Thena

      U too ve got green profile pattern.changed ur mail, I think.hahaha…

      Cheer up girl…cheer everyone with ur beautiful words.emotional crap am.soryyy if I ve hurt u in ny a lot.

  14. Hyy farha…wt hppn deary…i ws kindo emotional whn i read ua cmnt..plz dnt gve a shit on those people who dnt care for u…….
    Nd comin to ua story its jst mindblwng u no need to think anything negative…u dnt hv any idea how many people hv craze of ua story…..especially me..m a big fan of u baby u hve god giftd talent jst use it nd u will rock d world…love u dear a warm hug nd lots of kisses….dnt feel low we ua TU frnds alwys thr to support u……be happy baby…. ???
    Nd ahh waitin fr nxt update….

  15. Roma

    OMG kfar, you brought my breath back. Your comment worked as CPR on me. Seriously I was feeling very restless and couldn’t even think of having all the good stories of your talented work leaving incomplete. Farah you have such an amazing talent. I don’t know where are you from, but you have such a sensitive and emotional heart like an angel with a very pure soul. Allah gives this kind of talent to very special people and you are the BEST one to have it. Keep it up. Eagerly waiting for your upcoming episodes…. thanks again my dear… loads of love and very very tight hug….

  16. Roma

    Hi kfar, what happened to Neil? He came along with Arjun, then where did he go? And please explore the story of nesam, what happened in manali?

  17. Kruti

    Oh Farha thank God u r not stopping the stories….
    Ur stories r amazing dear… the way u write…the characters, the emotions… everything is beautiful.
    U r very very talented…and plzzzz dont stop writing, ever…

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    I am a huge fan of ur stories……….
    Todays ardhika scene was awsome ….
    Can u plZzzzzzzzzzzz update the story ( He and I) plzzzzzz
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  19. Sneha

    Kfar.why did u edit this chapter? It was nyc.I think someone comented it as in my opinion it ws nt.u were jst describing a situation n feelings of da dont think abt others,jst focus on ur writing n keep entertaining us thru ur stories 🙂

  20. Kruti

    I don’t know whose or wat comment made u doubt ur writing skills, but u hv a really big fan following dear and don’t let some individual comment hurt u.
    U hv written a very beautiful romantic story.
    Be it Arjun’s determination to fulfil his father’s dream, his wanting love byt scared that she too might leave like others in his past, Or Radhika’s ambition, her ideals, her wanting to be independent free frm her father’s brutal cluthes, Or sam’s bubbly nature, Or neil’s little suspence abt his past…..all is so so so beautifully portrayed by uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    So never doubt ur writing skills.u r talented and amazing. So many of us cant be wrong dear 😉 Keep writing 🙂
    oops never ever hv I written such a long comment, but hope these true words r able to lift ur spirits 🙂 Good luck Farha

  21. Kfar, Hey Farha…. Why is the chapter edited ?? The intense & streaming hot part is deleted, which would now confuse the new readers as to why is Radhika giving such shocked reactions.
    I dont think it was required to be edited/deleted just because of one person’s comment!
    you as well as the Admins of the page can clearly see how much Fan Following your stories have.
    A humble request to re-post or edit the same version again, and please continue with the same intensity and heart melting romance as spice it with other emotions as well.. All the Best.. Update the new chapters soon 🙂

    – Silent Reader
    Misty 🙂

  22. Thena

    farha loved ur story yaar….wooooooow wat a man arjun.i took pity on him, struggling with inner conflicts. hope radz ll provide him serene life. n wat a convo in car!!!! oh God, save me 4m this girl hahaha…u know wat, me too lik arjun, gulped the threatening mirth while staring at my phone. God, am often scolded inattentive, looking at phone these days…OMG amazing,amazing,amazing…n ur story F&A, waiting 4 new chappies my dearyyyyyy…be happy always friendo (n me too a short tempered, emotional lik u)….

    hey Mandy, am here buddy… evala unnavu buddy. nenu nannayitundu. OH GOD!!!! naku telugu theliyedhu, just tried crazily….take ur time 2 laugh at my words hahaha n dont 4get to reply me n i badly miss ur luvely words 4 my writings… u loads

  23. nisha

    Arjun takes a step forward towards radhika

    His every step taking him forward to her. And the song plays………………………

    Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
    Har ek saans mein guzarti rahe

    He stood behind her almost feel the every curved of her body . His hand itched to touch her and he took a deep breath in and The atmosphere make him feeling like a heaver with her

    Shaam o subah, tu mera
    Tere bina, kya mera
    Do jismo jaan, ek hain
    Na hona kabhi tu juda

    She spun around form jumping in fright. And Her eyes Wild brown and her chest moving up and down, Arjun gaze moving up and down. Her eyes looked mesmerizing beautiful leaving arjun to loose his control over him. and the song plays. …….
    Teri meri kahaani
    Hai baarishon ka paani

    Then radhika realize his presence here. And she start questioning why what is he doing here staring her or following her. IN this convo . Arjun just going lost in her beautiful eyes make him addicted as it is a kind of brand what he owned. Her beautiful rosy lips and pinkish tongue . he just keep staring and want those as he want to feel it. And the song plays….
    Banke jo ishq barse
    Teri meri kahaani..(2x)

    Arjun blood flow up and down. He Grabbed her head and planted a hard kiss on her lips. and the song plays…………..
    Dekho na kaisi
    Ijaazat mili hai
    Ek doosre mein
    Hifaazat mili hai

    Jeene ki saare
    Zaroorat mili hai
    Ye jaam hi hai
    Jaisa yunhi hamesha
    Hamesha rahe jis tarah

    He hold on her hair and his lips on hers/ His breadth mixing with hers. She gasped but he hold her more tightly. And the song plays……….

    Shaam o subah, tu mera
    Tere bina, kya mera
    Do jismo jaan, ek hain
    Na hona kabhi tu juda

    Teri meri kahaani
    Hai baarishon ka paani
    Banke jo ishq barse
    Teri meri kahaani..(2x)
    She take a step back and try to hit in his chest but he hold it and place it in the holder. This put them more closer.
    After staring her from top to bottom while touching from everywhere. he asked ” I frightened you and she replied no. As now she feels goosebumps on her skin . She wanted to leave but on other side she wanted to feel more and the song plays.
    Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
    Har ek saans mein guzarti rahe

    Humse ye jo bhi
    Harqat huyi hai
    Mohabbat mohabbat
    Mohabbat huyi hai
    His gaze now shift to her eyes . She Just forget herself for the movement .but Still then she tensed wathing his gaze now shifted again on her lips.
    Her pulse starting beating fastly as she feeling in grave danger of heat failure.
    Kuch itne hai hum tum
    Kami kuch nahi hai
    Jitna bhi jeena hai
    Tujhko hi jeena hai
    Jeete rahe jis tarah

    He lean towards her face getting closer and closer.His breath hit full force on her lips.
    Tingles spread across her belly . His lips are only inch from hers. His hands on her waist holding her prisoner by locking her body to his. She leaned back and his head move right along with her. And the song plays………

    Shaam o subah, tu mera
    Tere bina, kya mera
    Do jismo jaan, ek hain
    Na hona kabhi tu juda

    Radhika trying to push him away but she glanced up to look into his eyes.His eyes creates such desire to do things to her body, desire for her. His Hands move to her body up to her hair maker her heated and after some seconds passed both looked shocked to the situation created what happened tonight . Radhika take a step back and start walking and thinking about him. The next moment all those moments she felt wiped out completely. she ran to the thicked trees. Something happened tonight. She felt a change in her as her eyes watered more and they both thinking about the moment and each other and the song plays…………….

    Teri meri kahaani
    Hai baarishon ka paani
    Banke jo ishq barse
    Teri meri kahaani..(2x)

    Love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my dearies.

    Hey farha , Just want to try a little as don’t know while reading something happened.

    Well this is the favourite song of tasnim . She tell me in you earlier episodes. Well doesn’t wathc the picture in past but really loved this song as I heard it before.

    Loved to know tasnim also liked it.

    And Today while reading your story just thinking that this song match to your story plot.

    A big wide thank to tasnim and to you also . for making me remember about this wonderful song and you to provide us an unbelievable . Lovable story.

    Thank you both of you. Love you allllllllllllllllllllll.

    Kruti , sneha zain, kanishka roma, seher Love you so much seher. I loved your name. lulu , astha, hayathi, chinni, thena, deepa, tanya,natasha , Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed you all.

    Keep reading your beautiful comments deariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

    Keep writing and keep commenting.

  24. daizy

    hey farha…..u hav an amazing talent of writing..i m just getting addicted to ur story with every episode..every day i use to wait for ur updates…..n i just luv it wen u give longer episodes…plzz don’t even think to stop the story..plzzz it’s a request….don’t let anyone’s negative comments effect u….u r a great writer n dat’s wat is important…u hav so many followers of ur story n i m sure all r luving it a lot….so plzz listen to us and don’t think to stop it….i want ur stories to run for a long time…..

  25. Thena

    WAITING WAITING WAITING….who ll say nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a feast dearyyyy…Thank God. i really worried 4 u tis morning.i swear u can’t get my state…nobody can…HAPPINESS OVERLOADED!!!!!!! love you my friend……

    n yes, mysterious AHAM too a freakin crazy crazy fan girl…..

  26. Hey Farha, I can help you publish your story. I have a friend who owns a blog and he can publish your short stories on his Blog, only if the admins of this page don’t mind it!
    Let me know if you are interested i will pass on the contact details to you!

    And am so happy you are gonna update a new chapter soon! 🙂

    looking forward to it !

  27. Hey faraha thanks buddy that ur continue with ur n nt gng to end it so soon…n still m doing shopping yar…khatam hi nahi ho rahi…n packing abhi baki hai…m bit nervous n excited yarr…god knws sab kaisa honga…n nwdays main b gharwalo se dat kha rahi hu phn pe rehene ki vajah se…u r person with heart of gem so don’t get disturb with sum discouraging comments…we r always with u dear…tight hugggg dearyyy

  28. Hey faraha thanks buddy that ur continue posting stories n nt gng to end it so soon…n still m doing shopping yar…khatam hi nahi ho rahi…n packing abhi baki hai…m bit nervous n excited yarr…god knws sab kaisa honga…n nwdays main b gharwalo se dat kha rahi hu phn pe rehene ki vajah se…u r person with heart of gem so don’t get disturb with sum discouraging comments…we r always with u dear…tight hugggg dearyyy

  29. Shub

    Farha, i am not aware of what is the comment. What ever it is, certain things are to be flushed out and not carried on. The person who have must have commented must be a load of junk, to push out such junk comments.

    please dont curb your creative skills for such comments. you narrative is awesome and it is perfectly ok and taking us to another world. i have stopped watching TV for over a month now. your stories are at a different level and i am enjoying them more. Promise us that you will never think of depriving us from reading your fabulous gripping writings. please dont forget your die hard fans.

    Thanks telly update for being so sensitive and removing an un wanted comment, which has hurt our rockstar writer.

  30. nisha

    Hey dear farha,

    Loved you dear.

    I confusion I felt in this story today track please clear it dear.

    When radhika realize all the moments the kissing and all and all.

    Where arjun gone you know at that time he is like vanished from the scene.

    Just radhika is finding him or ignoring him . Where he is gone removed from the scene.

    So much confusion. When radhika came into her senses , he also came into his senses.

    But anyhow he allow her to go or to run or standing like a fool or just removed in a sec from there .

    Girl, so many confusions. Please clear it dear. Really nice track with little confusion.

    Love you dear love you all

  31. zayn

    Pls farha update the story he and I also
    I am a huge fan sorry not fan but ac of ur stories……. Pls update the story of arjun radhika viren ruby neil sam
    Yesterday the whole day I sat and searched ur story from 1st prt I really lyk ur stories
    I think I am loving in luv wid ur stories
    Coz I can’t even sleep with out ur update

  32. Aru

    Farha….after a long tym i was here and at first i dint get the comments…..after that i read all previous stories and coments of urs……oh my god……i jst loved my ardhikara characterisation….really ur took story took me to other world….while reading other novels i hd always wondered how can they write with such details….reading ur story provokd the same thought….ur imagination is awesome!!! All d bst for u…u hve a bright future ahead:D
    luv u loads:*…..
    Pls pls update nxt epi…..

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