Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 5)


Chapter-5 ( Pain )

After having a big brunch, Radhika and her mother retired in the hall, near the fireplace, the spacious decor and the furniture was ever elegant with red and beige colours.

Radhika was resting on a sofa chair, with a book in hand, but a small smiled played at her lips, distracting and leaving her mind to go places, her body though present was flying in the high of clouds.

She had a different gleam surrounding her, a confidence that is never ending, which did not fail to get noticed.

Her mother beamed up too observing Radhika.

Sonia Mishra was a beautiful and graceful woman. She stood at 5’8, definitely taller than Radhika, fair complexioned with straight black hair,and glistening porcelain skin. Even though she was forty five, she looked more like Radhika’s sister than her mother. Radhika loved the sari wardrope collection of her mother’s taste. At present, she was wearing a sky blue coloured Sari with silver jewelled thread work as borders. Simple yet fashionable.

The almond eyes was the only thing she got from her mother. The two elder Mishra sisters for sure got great looks, where Radhika was a little ordinary and plain in comparision.

“You seem so happy today.” She observed, abruptly breaking the silence.

Radhika put down the book on her stomach and leaned back still smiling.

“I just am.” Radhika asserted, at the same also hedging the enquiry.

Her mother’s smiling face turned a shadow of concern.

“Radhika, my darling girl, are you in love?” She asked anxiously.

At that, Radhika’s happy bubble burst and disappeared into the thin air, when she felt the anxiety coming off from her mother.

Goodness, can’t she just be happy. Should there always be a reason?

“God, no mom, it’s just..can I not be happy without a particular reason? Being merry can be found in little things too. Love has nothing to do with it and frankly, I don’t believe in it. It’s only better in books and theatre, but in reality, it’s too unconvincing.” Radhika went on dramtically.

She heard a sigh.

“I don’t understand what you say these days. You’re turning strange and impossible, Is this how you talk to your mother, Radhika? I’m concerned about you. You are very well aware how your father is, if he gets to know that you’re…”Her voice rose up in panic.

Radhika sat upright in the plush chair.

“Mom, hey, calm down. I’m sorry for being rude. I’m not in love or such thing, I promise.” Radhika tried to calm her nerves.

The frown lines on her mother’s forehead straightened a little. Her inky black eyes and the few aged lines softened a little which had pulled up in a hurt tightness a minute ago. Radhika mentally kicked herself for being obnoxious.

Sonia took her daughter’s hands in both of hers and smiled at Radhika, tracing the lines and features of her face with the caressing eyes of motherly love.

Radhika saw the diamonds in her ears sparkle just the way they shined from the delicate forefinger of her left hand.

“You have to confide in me, whatever it maybe. You promise that, right?” Her despair filled eyes searched Radhika’s.

A stricken whimper escaped Radhika’s heart. No, mom, I can’t. I’m sorry.

She managed to put up a false smile as she squeezed her mother’s cold fingers.

“Yes, mom, I will, I promise.” She said in a low tone.

Her mother brightened up immediately and hugged Radhika tight to her chest.

Forgive me, mom. I can’t be honest with you, and I can’t stay a prisoner in the guilded cage forever.

Just as her eyes watered, the housekeeper, appeared before them. The round chubby face of Mrs. Rosa, looked thorougly fearful. The elder woman had always worked in their house and she was a dear old quirky matron. But, her usual cheery smile wasn’t graced over her features, except she had a drawn up anxious expression. She hesitated near the door of the large hall. Her hands wringing helpless.

“What is it, Mrs Rosa?” Radhika rose up, and moved towards her.

Her mother too got up from the chair.

“Monsieur..he uh..calling you two to his study…” She said in tremulous tone, a voice much influenced and accented with French.

The black uniform and the white apron around her round stout body was a stern exterior of a servant head, but also gave the elderly woman a comical touch.

The blue in her eyes were wide and tensed.

Radhika tried to pacify her.

“There, there, now, Mrs. Rosa, take deep breaths, yes , good, like that.” Radhika took deep breath and expelled out, the sweaty woman followed suit, and her mother looked on amused.

After almost calming the woman a little, Radhika enquired about the nature of her concern.

“Now, please tell me, what has bothered you and made you this frightened?” Radhika enquired, a piched up look appeared on her face.

“Monsieur looked so angry, dear child. Is he going to fire me.” She asked, her eyes puffy red now, then she turned to her mother.

“Madame, if I had done something you did not like, I will remedy it, but, let not Monsieur to cut me off from…” Her voice went berserk and broken.

“Mrs. Rosa. Mrs. Rosa, calm down. I’m sure that is not the matter. We are not going to let you go. Never at all.” Radhika reassured the flustering, fluttering woman.

Radhika now saw her visibly expel out a breath and sag down her large shoulders.

“Such a sweet child,” She whispered through the now forming tears. “I’m going to make your favourite, the pecan pie for dinner, darling…Oh, I forgot about it..” She turned around and hurried away just as she usually does.

The chubby cheeks and the wrinkles on her face were humourous when she frown but at the same time she was a dear old sweetheart.

Radhika sighed and looked across at her mother. Her eyebrows screwed in a bewildered expression.

Why was her father calling them to the study. At this hou. She looked at the wall clock. At 6:30, in the evening. He never did call upon her, he didn’t care before to never talk to her, but suddenly now she was summoned to his study along with her mother that too? Why? What urgent matter had come upon abruptly.

A heavy layer of dread spread over her heart and mind like a thick dark blanket. Something not good was going to befell on them. She could feel it.

With silver of great tremor of terror forming in every step she was taking forward, Radhika reached her father’s study with her mother fast at her heels.

Heaven help her, she prayed, and knocked on the door with a pulled in anxious breath….


To be continued…

Next Up Part—–Radhika in Arjun’s Office—- The Confrontation Of The Sweetnesss And The Dark Stranger—-


A Fear about me—Claustrophobic, motion sickness–I can’t sit in a car more than 15 minutes, I become a mess in closed up spaces..:(

Quick question- How many of you hav certain fears?

Quick fact- The smell after the first rain if you observe is so sweet why? itz bcoz of some bacteria on the sand,( I forgot the bame of it though)

Fun spun- It’s in the ocean, it’s in our body and it’s everywhere der is a kitchen…What Izz It?!?!

haha, sorry about the long convo..

Dil then- Rock on my loveliesss 😀

Credit to: kfar

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