Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 4)


Chapter-4 (Clash Between The Glaciers)

Arjun sat on a plush red sofa chair, a large rectangular mahogany table seperating him from the man who was sitting opposite to his vision. It was Raghav Mishra.

Must say, the old man hadn’t changed much since Arjun last saw him. He was the glowering, pitiful, sore loser, who fumed up and threw a fit at the business meet held in London last year, when Arjun had taken away the deal that the old goat almost got his greedy hands on. But, right under his nose, Arjun had won it with barely there presence of his in just about ten minutes.

Arjun sipped the red sherry offered from the cut glass. It was good. The man knows his liquor.

The old angry lines smoothened, as his lips curved in a sneer of a smile. Arjun did not return it, but he sat calmly letting the white smoke of fumes coming out from his ears to vaporize and disappear.

Arjun did not come here to fight, nor he wanted the mud slingling of their business to get in the way, he was here, only with the motive of a concliatory act. A cover to his real motives. He was very close to his goal and he wasn’t going to let it go that easily.

Raghav Mishra, leaned back in his chair, assessing him, his scowl now turned into a deep hue displeasure at Arjun’s invading space in his house and office.

Arjun let the envious glare glide by as he dhuttered all kinds of possibilties of something of the truth appear on his face and eyes. It was the thing he learned from hus father. Never let the human in you take over in business. It’s the survival of the fittest and the hunters are too many. It’s your choice to be the hunted or the hunter.

“Why do want to get married to my daughter?” He asked, his voice curious as hell.

Arjun caught the sliver of stern, doubt and extreme annoyance is his deep burring voice very easily, but his hearing honned in on the wonder colouring his voice.

He smiled now, only a little but it did not reach his eyes.

Time to be magnanimous now.

“Are we really talking about marraige here, Mr. Mishra, or is there something else I might expect from you?” He asked in return, trying to decipher what thoughts might be swirling in that shark mind.

Arjun closed his palms together, waiting for the gleam to appear in the old man’s eyes. Yes, there it is, the greed taking over his face.
Arjun jaw ticked, caught you now, didn’t I.

“I’m I to be expecting something?” He asked, in return, leaning to the side, the crease less brown suit shined out.

The man was thin as a stick, his height was the same as Arjun. Even though he was much old, the firm hardened exterior was the same as years ago.

Satisfied with the question and how he managed the stir the conversation to his stride, Arjun turned a little in his chair, his head tilted to the side, he stared at his secretary, Karthik.

Karthik in turn took in the silent approval of his boss, took out the five paged printed document out of his black case.

He put the papers on the table.

Arjun put the now empty sherry glass beside on the tray, he leaned back.

“Legal documents of the product, its formula, design of the cover, costs and prices that you lost the international deal last year.” He declared firmly, his voice never strayed a tone higher.

Arjun’s gaze went back to his face.

Complete silence fell all around as the his rival stared at the leaflet documents in a dazed expression.

A minute later, and after the clearing of throat by his secretary the old man seem to come out of the trance.

His brows came together in a tense brooding. Surprised but a rather much more doubtful glide of emotion took all over his face.

“Why? what’s in it to you? How are you letting go this?” He looked down at the papers again, and back at Arjun’s face.

Well, that’s a good question. He straightened up in the chair.

“I don’t think you should think twice with such a gold mine offer.” Arjun’s eyes and voice turned as cold as an ice glacier. “I might not be generous to you again if I’m compelled to be annoyed.” His tone full of shaded warning, though the word said were in much smoother tone.

It did not fail to affect, as Arjun saw a cloud of darkening thunder over his lined face. The grey hairs on his head gave a hard edge to his already stern visage.

But, with supreme effort he somehow managed to smile back, leaning in his chair.

“I rest my case then, I can’t let you get married to my daughter without you telling me what’s in it to you.” Raghav Mishra, countered his answer in a much sharper tonr.

Arjun sighed and shook his head.

“Well, you caught me, now,” He assented, his voice full of well deceited appreciation.

“I want to be the silent partner in this project. You were right that day, I couldn’t stand a chance in your terrioty, I need help.” He pushed a sore topic, where a weakness was hidden.

He knew Raghav Mishra couldn’t handle appreciation. It would go straight to his head. He was a self boaster and Arjun encouraged more when he saw a gloating smile come onto his lips.

“Finally, you got to your senses did you? Business is for people like me. I warned you before, that you’ll falling down that from the high soon but you didn’t listen to me.”

Ah, the man was a melodramatic shit.

“Yes, I’m falling down, and I need help.” He said rising, exasperated, he turned around but not before observing him stiffen in his seat.

“I thought you would be a good Councilman over this, but I was cleary wrong. I better find a more willing partner in this.” He muttered angrily under his breath.

His secretary too scrambled up from the chair, he took the documents, put it in the case and almost turned around too.

Arjun walked at leisure. Counting. One. Two and three.

“Where do I sign?” Came the question, and Arjun smiled inside in triump.

Hook, line and sinker.

He turned around rearranging his face into a doubtful frown.

“Are you sure?” He asked, he saw from the corner of his eyes, that his secretary snort but he managed to turn it into a fake cough.

Raghav Mehra got up from his chair, he stood straighter and walked towards Arjun.

His eyes a shade more colder and his face a still a stern mask.

His held out his hand a second later of his gaze of Arjun’s face. His chin held up too.

“It’s a deal.” He said firmly, in finality of a decision.

Arjun’s stance too got cut edge. He took hold of his hand and shook it.

“It’s a deal.” He repeated, accepting a challenge and also finding his victory.

After the signing of the papers and all kinds of legal documents, Arjun was almost at the door, but he was stopped abruptly.

“But, why marry my daughter? I could have signed it without that deal too.” Raghav Mishra, questioned now more gloating.

Arjun turned around, his eyes snapped to his smug expression.

“Your daughter, is a liability now, one wrong move from your side, She is at your door and their goes your repute into tarnish. It does not take long for mud to sling at your doorsteps. As it is, Mr. Mishra, you give some and take some in business.” He warned, a clear cold blooded threat in his voice and deamenor.

Arjun saw with his very own eyes, the man’s turn murderous red.

Arjun smiled suddenly and brutally. His hands in his pant pockets.

“Good day.” He flung the words now in a sneer.

His secretary after smiling too got out first…


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Credit to: kfar

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