Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 2)


As she had observed previously, he wasn’t really handsome, but something about him was so..what is the word..her forehead crinkled for a word to describe the tug of a rush she felt when she saw his half smile, her mind grabbed a word from the zoom of intense vocabulary that she already thought of from looking at him top to bottom. Yes, Alluring. She can see it in the faces of the mesmerised yet fear filled eyes of the group of girls who were staring at him unblinkingly from his strong built body. He was very devil. A hot looking one for that.

He was 5’9 or an inch taller or so, she guessed. The suit around his biceps stretched. He seemed to work out lots. His hair was midnight black. She didn’t see him smile much though. It wasn’t like he was stiff and indifferent, but one she observed was he was always calm, cool and relaxed.

Well, One good thing about staying put in the dark corner of a room was she gets to observe each and every person specifically in leisure. There was no one to disturb you and it was quite interesting how you can just know more about a person with just more than few keen glances.

Alright, now she was pretty thirsty with all the thinking.

Radhika got up to take a glass of fruit punch that the waiters were serving.

She saw Suhana Jaiswal snicker behind her. She and her minion friends were nightmare to the wallflowers. Suhana is young and vivacious and is engaged to one of the most handsome eligible bachelors of the country. Radhika was three years older that Suhana and it was a joke among the barbie doll and others that she wasn’t capable of snaring any man.

She took the glass from the tray and was about to turn when she collided with a hard wall. She groaned in pain and rubbed her hurting arm.

Looking up, She Straight into the most spectacular piercing brown eyes that she had ever seen in her life. She couldn’t even blink, afraid that if she did, the magnetic spell of the hot gaze pulling at her eyes will be broken.

Radhika looked down abruptly unable to hold the stare anymore. Her eyes widened.

She didn’t realize that the fruit punch was all over the expensive looking suit. The glass was empty in her hand.

“Oh, my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…” She started to apologize profusely.

Radhika gulped hard as she looked at him fully. His jaw set hard as he looked down too. This close she could see the thunderstorm working on the hard planes of his face, darkening his eyes to a brewing storm. It was him. That was the reason why everything went silent around again. She just threw a full glass of orange juice on Arjun Mehra. The VIP guest of the evening. This is going to be in the newspapers and her father was going to kill her.

She took several steps back. She spun around and ran from there real fast. God, why do you do this to me? Her mind vibrated a prayer of miracle to get out of this situation. She had lot of chances to be clumsy today on little things like tripping over on her own feet or something, that would have brought her only a little shame. But, this was huge awkwardness on her part. She prayed to god that wasn’t clicked by any of the media cameras present at the venue.

Arjun’s POV

Arjun stared at the running figure of the wide eyed, scared girl. The shimmery gold and pink disappeared in the crowd gathering around him. He looked down at his suit. The cold punch absorbed into the white shirt dampening his skin in a sticky mess. Damb. It was an expensive Armani suit. The orange glob destroyed the delicate fabric. Extreme annoyance prickled his already blackened mood.

He signaled with his eyes to Amal, his body guard, for change of clothes. The reliable man was already on the move talking over the bluetooth.

He glanced around bored out of his mind already, but keeping up appearances to such events was very much important for the public image. The people around him moved out of his way. He smiled. Scared rats. His adverseries were looking at him with a scowl from across the hall. He liked that they feared him. It fueled fire and zeal in him to hold tighter the reins of control he had over them in market. He could pull any strings of cord with his fingers and down fells their precious companies one by one without preamble. Almost every businessman present here had a compulsory base with his companies and firms across the country, such that, their shares were stagnated, out of reach, and half of the money goes to his account. They could hate him as much as they like and also plaster his repute with countless demeaning titles, it doesn’t matter until the grabby filthy paws didn’t cross his path. He was ruthless and harsh when it came to business. He became cold and rough like granite from years of hard work struggles. Fifteen years ago, his father went bankrupt, Arjun had to take care of the dwindling business at a very young age. Every so called friend of his father closed their door on his face when he tried to ask help. His business associates who survived inflation and the industrial drought laughed and sneered at the young vulnerable businessman. These men would eat alive emotions. One slip of expression from the iron clad will and it becomes the feed and weopen of the enemies.

Arjun’s father did not survive the fall. He became bankrupt and alcoholic overnight. He died a year later. His mother already passed away when he was very young. After his father’s death there wasn’t a person in this world to bring him down to vulnerability. He felt empowered and climbed up the ladder becoming more closed off with emotions.

Arjun looked around, and now the people who jeered his efforts years ago were eating out of his hand. The dropped heads in shame brought his bruised vitiated ego and revenge hungry soul little but some repast. He was regarded with respect as he raked a deep sense of fear in their minds with year after year of great heights of success in the business world. Soon he stretched and went into hoteling business. He had now large chain of VIP restaurants and hotels across the country and all over the world.

He worked hard yet he did not party hard. The only break he gets was from these functions, which only brought him little momentary peace. Still it was a great place to pick a woman for the night. Of course, he didn’t have a problem with it. Woman flutterred around his presence acting hard with come on smiles and pushed out chests. Well, he didn’t do relationships and girlfriends. The women were too clingy and melodramtic. He didn’t have time for the histrionics.

He looked around again. There were a group of young women giving him the eye, but tonight he wasn’t in the mood.

An hour later it was becoming grinding on his nerves. Finally, he left after countless clicking of cameras with the future bride and groom and their relatives and so on. He should have charged another million, that way there will be no invites in the near future, he thoughy in frustrated anger.

Part-2 of Chapter-2

“What the update on the land?” Arjun asked his secretary.

Karthik looked up from his laptop and stared at his boss.

Yes, his secretary was a guy. Men were much more reliable than women. He didn’t like woman secretary as there was a chance of mix up and shit, and he didn’t want that. Business should be striclty business and nothing on the sides.

“There hadn’t been any information about it for too long but, apparently there has been an activity, Sir.” Karthik replied ina flat tone.

Arjun who was looking out from his large glass window swirled around his chair. His posture got stiff as his face pinched up in astute concentration.

“What activity?” He asked, his heart beat rapidly in his chest.

Karthik looked up surprised from his laptop. He had never sensed anxiousness in the boss’s voice ever. This was the first time his curiosity was peaked, otherwise he was always calm and confident.

He cleared his throat.

“The land had just been transfered under..” He clicked on the list that he got from his links.

“Yes.” Arjun waited with baited breath.

“It’s registered under one of the daughters of Raghav Mishra.” He said, with a frown marring his forehead.

Arjun’s eyes turn cold as he gritted his teeth. Damn. Raghav Mishra was the most cunning fox of the advertisement world, and his business dealth with most corrupt deals. He was the malicious bastard. How did he get his f*c*ing hands on his father’s dream land?

Arjun’s father had lost everything investing on that land. He wanted to establish a school for underprivileged children. With no expense spared, but right at that moment his company got into sudden dept with the debacle in the market and inflation.

He lost the land. His company. Every single dime. After his death, Arjun tried to acquire the land but it had been already registered to someone anonymous. Time passed and Arjun didn’t care anymore. He became rich and busy in no time, and now even if he was most successful entreprenuer and prominent tycoon he didn’t feel satisfied. Something was missing.

The little niggle in the back of his mind became a huge issue. He couldn’t sleep proper. He became restlesd and unfocussed. It was becoming hazardous to his business. He needs to do something about it and that was to establish the school. His father’s dream. Arjun knew why his father took up social work so heavily. Arjun had a brother. He died when he was fourteen. Of sickle cell anaemia. It was the last blow to the sanity. Any zeal left diminished after his death.

Bitterness hit hard. The agony was extreme. He just stood there watching th die around him in helplessness. After seeing his loved one’s get destroyed one by one by the cruel fate, he wasn’t giving the chance for the cursed destiny to take over. He wasn’t allowing it to mess up with his life too. He had powered against petty feelings like love. Love had weakened his father to nothingness. He had been weak and a complete failure.

Arjun’s face darkened in anger. No, he wouldn’t be a fool like him. He wasn’t capable of feeling love anymore. It was better in books, theatre and films but no better in real life.

Wheels started to turn in his mind. He stood up and paced about. He turned around to the large glass window. Mumbai industrt buildings were shining about in the may summer.

“What was the name of the daughter again?” Arjun asked with curiosity and something else like sinister colouring his deep husky tone.

Karthik wanted to clarify that he didn’t actually announce the name, but decided against it. He sensed a decision come into the boss’s tone and he didn’t want to lose his job by counter asking and pending the answer.

“Uh…it’s the younger daughter, Radhika Mishra.” He said sliding his glasses on his nose properly.

Radhika, Rohan’s mind repeated the name. Hmm.

He turned around abruptly and sat down in his chair. He stared at his secretary who in turn squirmed in his seat having the full attention and eyes of his boss. His hawk like gaze momentarily scared him. Even though, he was shivering from inside, he kept his expression completely passive. Having already been in his company for years and had took the brunt of his blackened moods very often, Karthik thorougly learned the act of complete cool on the outside.

“Have her background checked. I want every detail of her life. From the day she was born to till this date of her life. Skeleton in the closets about the family and more. Dig up everything.” His voice carried the firm decision.

Karthik expelled out a deep breath he took in a minute ago. Thank god, he wasn’t getting fired.

Background check. That was easy.

“Sure boss.” He replied, in a agreeable tone.

He started typing fast. In seconds he found her profile on FB. He turned the laptop towards his boss.

“Radhika Mishra, graduated MBA from Delhi University a two years back. She is twenty four, still unmarried. Parents possibly looking for a good match. Nothing much from it. She is not really that active. She lasted updated one of her paintings three months back, kind of a hobby or sorts. She is also the member of the ‘All house potraits and oil painting art exhibit community in Old Delhi.” He stated critically.

Arjun stared at the profile picture of Radhika Mishra. She stared back from the image in a mousy, docile way and baredfaced without makeup. Nothing was remarkable about her appearance. Pale heart shaped face. Eyes too large, almost taking up most of the face. Smile, nothing spectacular. Hair pulled up in a ponytail with a red headband matching were the earrings. The image was only up to the shoulders. Arjun frowned.

She looked too young to be in the twenties. The freshness and blush covered on the rounded cheeks was identical to a teenager’s embarrassing first click. The eyes were pale brown and shy. Something in those depths unsettled Arjun a little.

Something was familiar. Had he seen her before, somewhere? The vulnerable sensitiveness over the image feasted both disturb and calm to his narrowed eyes. His gaze sharpened on the lips. They were full, red and luscious sans any lipstick as the cornwr curved in a smile. His bloof stirred. It shocked him. His adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard.

The haze of desire snapped as his secretary voiced out a sharp ‘boss’. He looked across at him annoyed.

“Yeah.” Arjun clipped.

“I have something.”

Arjun leaned back in his chair still staring at the profile of the girl.

“What is it?” He asked.

“She just booked two tickets to NewYork.” Came the reply from his super techno smart secretary.


The hardened planes and angles of his face turned fierce as his eyes stared straight into the brown depths. The defined slender brows and determined tilt of the chin weren’t so ordinary now. It was a wonder how much he could read the deep hues of her nature through just a simple image.

“”Lover?” He asked through closed teeth.

His secretary frowned and started clicking on the mouse frantically. Arjun scowled furiously at the delay.

“No, with a friend, a girl from the art group. It’s a two year course in New York. It’s a scholorship based programme. Starts three weeks from today.” Karthik replied looking at his laptop.

Arjun slid his finger on his chin. His brows furrowed skeptically assessing the situation.

Now, now, why does the rich daddy’s girl needs a scholarship? that’s some ambition which could be easily bought by few bucks. His forehead cleared. Raghav Mishra was a known miser. He was blood thirsty and greedy ovet money. He would never allow his daughter to lead out of his focus. Arjun knew he had three daughters. Two of them were married at an early age. The old man was known for his stern visage and tight control over his employees. If he was harsh, despicable and cruel in business, Arjun then wondered to what lengths he had the tight fisted control over his daughters.

The child woman smiling shyly in the image was indeed escaping.

Arjun clicked on the work of her art exhibit. There were several portraits and oil painting sceneries. Each one was bafflingly wonderful and precise. The strokes and slides of the paint brush was performed with a very skilled and talented hands. The preciseness with which the shades, lines and planes of the portraits were dazzling. The three portraits of little kids laughing and smiling were drawn with pencil and charcoal.

It was like the very photographic image. She managed to capture the gleeful giddiness of the street kids with disturbing intensity with just simply a pencil.

He looked down at the end of the page. ‘Children Of Heaven’ was written at the cornwr end in a neat slanted writing. Under it there was only a capital ‘R’. His eyes focussed on the letter. It was disconcerting. Arjun wondered at the absence of full name or the surname. He slid his hand over his face and rubbed his eyes.

That was some great talent he was looking at. Why hadn’t she sold any of the paintings and potraits? Why be anonymous? It shows the lack of confidence. Arjun disliked hesitarion and hitch in one’s personality. He glanced back at her face. His eyes often strayed and stayed glued to the youthful photograph. He wanted to caress the smooth creamy cheeks. He wanted to feel the porcelain skin under his probing fingers that seems to peak out from the tshirt of her shoulders.

Arjun felt a slam of lust take over his body as his blood heated and flowed south. He released a deep breath as he stared into those sultry brown eyes again. He wanted devour those luscious lips. He slammed the laptop shut. He glowered at the image dugged into his brain. Disgusted with the way it affected him, Arjun stood up and squelched all thoughts of desire. She was very ordinary and way far from the woman he preferred. He never went for plump docile naives. even one with an impressive ambition and talent. It sure was never going go be with her, but he had to do what he had to do for his father’s sake and for his own peace of mind.

The calculative ruthless streak took his demeanor as he removed the coat from the back of the chair and put it on sliding up the buttons.

His jaw hardened and ticked.

Sorry Ms.R, your dream should have to wait a little more longer. Arjun’s mind mapped out a plan already.

“Karthik, book two tickets to Delhi, ASAP. We have a long way ahead to go.” He ordered brusquely.

“Right away boss.” His secretary replied in a robotic tone without much questioning…..

Meanwhile Radhika is unware of the life changing aspect coming into her life…read more to know more…

Credit to: kfar

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