Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 12)

Chapter-12 ( Revelation )

The morning light peaked out of the large glass window of the room. It fell on her face and sparkled on her eyes in a glare. Radhika squinted and winced. The light rays travelled all around in thin thread of arrays and warmed up the cold that settled around in the night. Radhika just slid the covers over her face and groaned. Why was morning already. She scratched her nose and chin in irritation. She blinked several times and her bleary eyes fell on the sudden intense glint of sparkle on her left hand ring finger. Her eyes widened suddenly. She reeled up the bed and kept her gaze trained on the gold ring and ruby petals. Radhika sighed heavily. The beacon of all that what happen swarm into her mind like a swirl of cloud floating.

She looked around the room and her shoulders sagged down. She wasn’t at her home. She wasn’t in her bed, but yet she had slept like a log. She neither stirred and nor had got up in the middle of the night. Well, this is was something new than usual.

Radhika yawned, spread her arms wide, scratched her head and got out of the bed. She padded her way to the bathroom but took a U turn, remembering that, her bath things were in the other room. She scowled at the colourless walls and walked into her room.

She took a warm bath of lavender scented soap liquid. She felt much better and walked out of the room wearing a long flowy white skirt and red tank top. She seem to forget her way into the mansion. There were lot of aisles and stairs.

Radhika was in awe. Where were the housekeepers? How was the mansion spick and span? It was strange. It was like an old victorian kind. She felt like, she had walked into Jane Austen’s novel back in that era and century.

Radhika finally found the way to the kitchen. She froze at the enterence when she saw a dark head bent over the oven. A wiping towel on the right shoulder. Grey tshirt and black khaki shorts, he was taking out something from the over the oven. Radhika stared and stared. The homeliness of his deamenor and the domestic air around the kitchen with aroma of something steaming and cooking baffled Radhika to the floor. What in the…..?!?

Her left eyebrow cocked up. Well…this was going to be spectacular to watch, she thought happily and moved forward.

He seemed really busy straining out the boiled ribbon pasta into the sink. Radhika’s brows furrowed. Eh? He was making pasta in the morning?

She looked up and gave a strange look to the guy. Yesterday she thought he was weird. Today, it was confirmed that he was a loony weird. She stood there near the counter looking over tentatively as his large brawny hands put the strained pasta in an already cooking red colored puree. It seemed like a mix of tomato puree and a few other ingrediants. She looked up at his face, but the too cool a man, ignored her completely.

Radhika pursed her lips and a tautness of muscles wasn’t late in appearing on her face.

How rude. At least, he could say good morning. Well, somebody should start, though he wouldn’t get her cheery greeting.

“What are you making?” She asked the obvious, while sitting on the counter chair.

She rested her elbows on the cool black granite counter and put her chin on her hands. Her observing eyes slid over his damp recently showered locks that stuck to hia forehead and shoot out in different directions on his head. He looked laid back yet there was certain strain over the lines and angles of his tanned face. Radhika wondered at the grave face that he put.

He was sliding the wooden spoon over the yellow short ribbons of pasta and mixing well the puree. His hands flexed while doing it and she wondered if he was a professional chef looking at the smoothness of his moves all around the kitchen.

He slid a glance at her way. His eyebrow raised while grating the parmesan cheese over the cooked pasta.

His look said that she knew what he was making. Then why the question.

Radhika narrowed her eyes in return. Well, she was persistant too.

“Why are you making pasta in the morning?” She asked while looking at the flat pan with the steaming bubbling strips of pasta dish.

He just shrugged in reply and remained. Radhika gave him a flat stare. Well, he was Mr. Talkitive in the morning.

Radhika blinked and glanced down distastefully. She was not having it.

“I don’t eat pasta for breakfast.” She informed to his bent head.

He looked up her. His face became shadowed and shuttered. His brown eyes blank, and Radhika gazed up into his eyes wondering, if anyone was in there, hello, she thought of waving her hands but restrained herself as he wasn’t used to her yet.

His eyes became lazy and uncaring.

“Make your own breakfast then.” He muttered under his breath, and went back to removing another narrow bottomed out pan.

Radhika didn’t reply as she was busy observing. He took out another packet from over the cabinets on the top right corner. It was filled with short white rice. He put it aside on the counter. Those looked like Rissoto rice. Her eyebrows drew together. He started cutting a few onions and some mix of herbs. He started to saute all that.

Weird. Weird. Weird. He was making like a brunch or sorts. Confused more and more her eyes travelled outside to the hall as she peaked bending her back, It was 11:30AM. Her eyes widened and she gasped.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? It’s almost noon.” Radhika sputtered out.

He only stirred the wooden spatula in the pan, lifted his brown eyes in a short glance at her and went back to his business.

Radhika stared. Great, it was like talking to a wall. Maybe, talking to a wall would have given her much satisfaction than being around in his ever silent presence.

“Are you this silent always?” She asked with an eyebrow raise.

His eyes strayed to hers immediately while he poured some olive oil in the broth necessary for risotto.

Some of the shadow that had been on his face lightened and softened the strained lines.

“It depends on the company.” He muttered low in a gravelly tone.

Oh he talked, but after she heard what he said, Radhika’s smiling face turned into a scowling one.

And he had a humor too. A very dry one indeed. Whatever though. She thought of a comeback but she found none.

He went on wiping the already shiny counter with the white cloth that had been on his shoulder.

“It’s clean.” She pointed out the obvious.

He wiped off the counter in a swirl.

“It’s clean now.” He replied shortly and worked on toasting the risotto in the dry ingredients mix.

“Somebody has OCD.” She muttered under her breath in a low murmur.

His eyes glinting snapped to hers sharply.

Radhika folded.

“I..I..said wow, you cleaned it so nice…” She replied to his dangerous look hastily.

He grunted in displeasure and went around to the other side of the counter.

Geez, he was like a silent lava. Boiling and brewing to burst.

She was bored now. The serene silence was getting to her. She brightened up though. She swung her feet to and fro.

“Do you want to hear a joke?” She asked excitedly.

He froze suddenly and his expression shadowed more again, and it clearly indicated that he did not want to hear a joke, but she ignored it and proceeded anyway.

But first something about the hunger. She moved inside the kitchen area and opened the top cabinets searching for some cereal. She got one and moved towards the fridge. She took out a milk carton.

She moved towards his side and stood comtemplating on the way he was swirling the broth. His muscles seem to lock suddenly. She drew more closer and watched him work so smooth and refined. He looked down sideways at her slowly. He was so tall and broad that, Radhika had to crane her neck to look up into his eyes. She became nervous when his dark brown eyed gaze stuck on her lips.

Radhika drew back a little.

“You have to answer to it yeah? It’s one of the internet jokes I always get as sms from some of my friends till now. They are so awesome…and..”She stuttered when his eyes became wary as she went out of topic again……”Yeah, So the joke is…”She went on enthusiastically with a clap of her hands.

His face coloured in utter pique at her jumping ” She asked with dramatic affect, with drawing one left eyebrow up in question.

The coloured pique that was there before on his face changed visibly into a deep beetroot red. Radhika thought that he was thinking up the answer, but she felt that he was kind of struggling.

She sighed.

“It’s fine. All cannot have a humor, and I can’t expect that from you, I mean look at you…”She gave him a swipe of hand, in sad contempt.

His face changed from deep beet root to bursting volcano. Radhika gulped as she looked down at his wrists over the counter in a flex. He seem to struggle holding the counter in a tight grip of wrist on either side. Maybe it wasn’t a good thing taunting him.

She hastily got into the topic again. She was already bubbling in mirth looking at his face. Radhika imitated two voices.

“Banta asked scratching his head- Why are you standing like that?”

“Banta looked down at Santa and said…”
Radhika snorted in a short laugh suddenly while talking…she again imitated in a mock voice.

“Doctor’s advice, Today’s dinner should be light.” He said flatly.”

Radhika’s voice shook while speaking.

“Banta stared and just stared with open mouth too…” Radhika started laughing in the midst of the sentence. Her face became red and her shoulders jumped while shaking with the belly clenching mirth. She kept her hand on his forearm and threw back her head in snorting laughter.

Her watery eyes finally caught his and she abruptly calmed down with slow chuckles. His face was now thunderous. He was livid. His eyebrows straightened. The lines around his eyes and mouth turned fierce, his cheek bones sharpened and a heavy kind of steely glinted into his swirling coffee brown eyes. They were brewing around in a storm. His eyes strayed to her hand over his bicep and then sliced to her her wide eyed look in a sizzling grit.

Radhika drew back her hand.. he straightened and turned.

“I was just kidding…”She mumbled nervously.

Oopsy daisy, she shouldn’t have opened her mouth at all. He moved closer a step. Radhika squealed in her mind and drew back. He moved closer and closer until her legs hit the counter. Her eyes widened.

She looked over his shoulder wantedly and flung her arms.

“Look! your risotto is burning!” She shouted and looked back into his eyes.

His strong warm hands caught her arms and Radhika turned stone in fear and the tone of her voice became mousy quiet.

“It really is burning…”She said in a low quiet tone. Her eyes beseeched his gaze to believe her.

He let go and she sighed relieved, but his hands caught her waist and her back snapped straight as his cool rough fingers went under her tank top. His face was really closer now. The smell of clean soap and remnants of lingering aroma of spices hit her nostrils immediately.

He caught hold her body up by the waist. His hands firm, and he lifted her up on the counter. The cold surface of it made her shiver in surprise.

“I…” she started to say, but he put one of right hand index finger over her lips.

His forehead rested on hers. His skin was burning warm and crackling with heat over hers. His lips all moist and soft grazed over his finger and on her lips in a light touch. An instant throng of electricity sliced a shiver down into her stomach.

“Shhh…” He mumbled on his finger and on her lips.

His breath all vanilla, spices, and heat entered into her mouth through his in a gush of freshness when he did that. It ran into her senses and warmed up her blood and heated her cheeks.

She felt his stare too heating as they touch her lips. His lips moved over the corners and grazed over the right cheek. He moved his lips over her heated skin and over her ear shell.

“If you open your mouth again, I’m going to gag you.” He murmured softly in her ear.

His voice was gravelly, husky, firm, strong and all alpha male. Radhika gasped and turned frozen on her spot at his lascivious words. That made her shut her trap right there. gag her? She gulped hard.

His hands still held her waist. His lips still burned hot on her ears.

“You won’t like it if I gag your mouth, do you?” He whisper breathed the question into her ear even more softly and slowly.

Radhika turned her hands in fists and her chest moved up and down. She nodded her head in vigorous negative somehow.

His lips seem to spread on her ear shell.

“That’s right, but if my patience runs out, I’m not responsible for my actions, yes?” He asked again.

His breath was falling into her ear and spreading a tingling curling warmth.

Radhika nodded her head again. His lips slid over her cheek in a slow soft trail.

“You’re all alone in the house with me…… I have the liberty to do things to you, that you couldn’t even imagine that I could, right?”

His voice took a quality of a deep husky. His fingers dug into her skin.

Radhika reeled and shivered all over. His touch and words were too much to take in and glide around his words.

His lips slid once again on his rough finger on her lips. His eyes were darkening now all around her face. His jaw set again. His eyes touched hers. Something changed in those orbs. He still has his forehead on hers. He didn’t let go off her. His body was still in between her legs. His index finger on her lips slowly slid away. His face lost all the annoyance, displeasure, hate, hardness, edge, irritation, shutter and it breathlessly changed into a deep intense look, that made her suck in a hacking breath as he stared into her eyes. It was a toe curling look. It deranged her thoughts, scrambled her brain, hiked up her pulse. His left hand from her waist travelled up on her arm. His fingers made a probe slowly over her bare skin. He cupped her cheek. His breath came out in rattling. His other hand too came up and cupped her right cheek.

“Remember the kiss..”He murmured hovering over her lips…

Radhika’a heart dropped. His hard firm chest touched hers. She didn’t respond because her senses stopped working altogether and left her body in a panic. Her mind closed off and turned it’s head to the other side. As she turned for help to her heart, it drove away fast in a hurry when his fingers moved up under her tank top over her skin. Her speech turned into a mute stone. Her eyes just glazed up. Traitors all. Useless traitors, she glowered up inside.

He still hovered his lips over hers teasing his scent deep into intake of breath.

“Was it your first?” He asked again.

Her ears turned red and her cheeks bloomed pink. Oh, god, why didn’t her hearing go away? Why was he talking like this?

Radhika squirmed against his chest but he held her there trapped her to the corner on the counter.

“No.” She protested in a highly affected voice.

His form froze suddenly. His eyes stayed locked to hers and the heated intent look on his face vanished. It took form into a livid anger again. His shoulders broadened in hard muscles.

“It wasn’t your first?” He asked again in a low dangerous voice.

His fingers bit into her skin of her waist and his nails dug deeper making her wince. Radhika sat more straighter on the counter looking at his glowering face.

“First what?” She asked confused, she didn’t know what she said because he was too close still and it destructed her thought process.

He glared daggers into her face. His breath was hot on her lips.

“I’m this close to strangulating you. Answer me, It wasn’t your first?” He gritted and locked his jaw.

What? She gasped. Oh no, no, no. What was he thinking, she thought in panic.

“Yes, it was my first, are you happy now!” She yelled a little and struggled out of his arms.

His eyebrows drew together and his face lost the strain and glower.

“Then, what was the no for?” He rattled her body towards his chest.

Radhika grimaced.

“I…I..u are too close. Please move aside…”She asked, and avoided his eyes and blushed like crazy.

His fingers abruptly slid away and sighed heavily. His body too moved out of her space.

“f**king melodrama.” He cursed and turned his body towards the counter.

Radhika’s eyebrows strained and her face went all taut.

“Why do you constantly curse? I don’t like it and….”She started again, but his eyes snapped back to hers in warning and Radhika shut her trap and drew her legs up on the counter and moved back into the wall.

“That’s good, the silence.” He muttered under his breath, closed off the burner and walked out of the kitchen.

Radhika made a face, grabbed a glass container of dried almonds and started munching on it. She looked over at the pasta and risotto. The smell seemed nice. She bit her lower lip and her eyes twinkled in mischief suddenly. She leaned her head to side and observed the door. She jumped off the counter and moved towards the pasta plate. She took out a fork from the sliding desk in the counter. Radhika forked the steaming pasta and shoved it in her mouth. As soon as the flavourful aromatic tasty bit chewed under her teeth, Radhika’s eyes widened. It was awesome. She shoved some more and took out a spoon. She sampled some Risotto. She frowned.

It was bland. Forking some pasta again, Radhika grabbed a chilli powder contained and slid some spoonfull, also put some salt, pepper, and other spices. She grabbed the pan and put it on the burner again. She hummed and turned the wooden spoon in a mix.

As it was cooking, she moved towards the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. She drank half of it and twirled around looking over some pots and pans. It was a very large kitchen. There was a wood fired oven too. Another oven. Dishwasher. Two sinks. Vegetable cutting counter that was a seperate one. She was mesmerised, a chef’s paradise, A dream of an amatuer cook, it’s like one could live here. As she was busy gawking like an idiot, she felt something sharp and stinging travel into her nostrils. She sniffed and sneezed. What is this smell? She wondered. It seemed something was burning, she thought carelessly, but her eyes widened into gimlets. Her body locked in a freeze. Her hands went over her mouth. Oh, Crap! Radhika turned around and ran towards the counter, screamed a little.

“Oh, lord! The risotto!”

Black fumes were turning in a swirl from over the pan. Radhika coughed as the risotto burned into a dark mess. She slid the pan away from the burner and threw it in a sink. She opened the tap and let the water wash away the mess. Radhika panicked now. She put her right hand over her forehead.

Oh, dear me, today would be her funeral. He will strangulate and bury her body deep in a grave. That was for sure. She sweated in fear again as she looked at the empty plate of pasta. She didn’t realize that, her hungry stomach had polished off everything. She moved towards the smoker alarm and switched it off and switched on the fan to make the fumes to absorb out.

He had no breakfast left. The one that he made so intently like a contestant participating in some cook off challenge, just burned into a black smoke. Run, Radhika, before you’re gone from the world, her inner consciousness blasted in a shout suddenly. She was about to do so, when she heard footstep sounds. Heavens, she turned frantically to the pasta plate and shoved it in the dish washer. The other one, Radhika gulped in a grimace, she couldn’t do anything about it now. She grabbed her hands in a prayer and looked up to the ceiling, praying to God that, to save her.

“Please, god, save me. I will stop talking or or put five thousand rupees for the needy or give it off in a temple. I only have that much at home. You know how my father is. Next time when I earn something with my paintings. I will give off everything even my collection of favourite scarfs. Please! just help me today….”She prayed earnestly, but her jibber jabber stopped abruptly when she looked across at the door.

She covered her body in front of the sink and shook all over.

He stood there near the door leaning on it with folded hands. Since how long had he been standing there? He had a look of complete abservation of too cool.

“Did you ever get your head checked?” He asked her slowly and gravelly.

His facial expression noted clearly that he was addressing her as a loon, looking at her joined fingers. Radhika let her hands fall by the sides hastily.

She laughed a little, feeling relieved that he didn’t look around.

“One time, yes. My elder sister Gayathri shouted at mom to take me to therapy, because I put a porcupine under her bed while she was wearing her slippers. It was the house pet but she freaked out…we were kids…” she went on again, but as he sighed heavily and walked in, Radhika panicked and cut his way.

She moved closer to his chest. He looked slightly surprised but his eyebrows furrowed blinking down at her.


Radhika just smiled wide falsely.

“Nice weather, no?” She said lightly, and kicked herself inside for sounding so idiotic and silly.

She was in a closed up kitchen. How did the weather come from in her mind, she wondered and maybe he was thinking the same thing.

He gave her look so strange a glare that Radhika felt herself shrivel in response.

“Move.” He ordered.

Radhika full on went into a panic mode.

“Look! there is a bird flying in.” She said in a shout.

He glanced down at her in a plain bland look, such a tasteless look that it could even make a colourful dish pallour.

“The front door is closed.” He muttered down.


“The windows might be opened.” She countered indignantly.

His face was now turned into annoyed irritation.

“The windows are closed tight.” He pointed to the shutters with the tilt of his head.

He looked pissed off now. Like really pissed off. He looked over her shoulder and Radhika’s heart beat faster under her chest.

He pushed her off from infront of his body with his right hand and moved towards the counter. She staggered to the right side, and she gulped hard and her throat strained making a sound while she did it.

His back muscles bunched over at the sink, looking down at his destroyed hard work and his risotto. He stood there like a stone statue. Radhika’s fingers bit into the skin of her arms. He turned around slowly.

Radhika jerked back on her feet. His eyes murderous caught hers.

“The other plate?” He asked her softly, but she knew the undercurrent of forebidding and ominous quality in his tone and voice.

It was rough and deep.

Radhika’s fearful eyes glanced to the dishwasher, he followed her eyes and drew out the plate from the top.

His eyes again glanced back into hers drilling holes.

“Threw it?”

“ it.” She replied stutteringly.

His voice became brittle.

“You don’t like pasta,” He murmured lazily.

Radhika shrivelled.

“I was hungry.” She said in a low voice.

He put the plate on the counter and moved forward. Her eyes widened and she stepped back, but when he drew closer, Radhika turned around to break in a run.

But before she could even pump her feet on the floor, he grabbed her from behind. His strong rippling arms banded her waist firmly. Radhika squealed.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to burn it. It just happened.” She whimpered in fright.

“You should have thought about it before you touched my breakfast.” He bit out in her ear.

Radhika pushed at his hands, but it felt like clawing at iron bands. God, what does he eat? Of course pastas and all, she glowered.

“You’re odd and weird. It’s not even a breakfast…” Radhika shot back, but she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in regret.

Crap why doesn’t her mouth shut up.

He froze suddenly.

“You pushed it too far now.” He growled low and grabbed her forearm, and dragged her forward out of the kitchen.

“Hey! What are you doing?” She asked in a raised voice.

He just made her walk fast. His strides were longer than hers, and it was very tough to keep up pace with his.

She tried to remove his fingers from over her bicep. He just dug more into her skin.

“Slow down.” She glowered, but he only increased his pace.

Radhika rolled her eyes and let him drag her.

“I can make you breakfast. Sorry I ruined it..” She tried to pacify and sooth him.

His head jerked down to the side and his eyes became a hollow.

“You stay out of my kitchen.” He warned her in a hard tone.

Radhika drew back at his possessive tone. Jeez, the kitchen seemed like his girlfriend or sorts, She growled in her mind. Whatever. She surely will take over it later in future. She would make sure, to not let him hover anywhere near his dear kitchen. He just have to stare at it longingly and do nothing about it.

He took a turn to another aisle and walked fast to her room. He pushed her in.

“Stay here.” He glared down at her imperiously.

Radhika gasped in disbelief at his admonitory tone. He did not just condemn her to the room like she was a straying teenager. How unawesome. Is that even a word? Her mind scoffed precariously. Radhika scowled back. Now you have a voice? What happened when he almost kissed, traitor?

And why was she talking inside her head again. She put her hands over her waist in a huff. She made sure to put the blackest of the black glares on her face, thorougly showing her utter displeasure at his treatment. He stared back down at her in a cool nonchalant look.

“You can’t just lock me up.” She said indignantly up into his face.

He ignored her cry of irate tone and turned around to leave, but he didn’t lock her up much to her hue and cry.

She moved fast and walked along beside.

“Where are you going?” She asked while trying to match ground eating strides.

His face was still averted, but he didn’t respond. She drew her right hand forefinger up and poked continously at his hard bicep. God, he was made of granite.

“Hey, where are you going?” She insisted on.

He suddenly turned and grabbed her finger, Radhika had been run walking and she lost her balance. Her body collided hard to his. Her head hit his chest hard, but the guy was like some stone, only her forehead hurt. She winced and rubbed her left hand over the side of her throbbing forehead.

“Jeez, what are you made of?” She groaned and moved away.

He still held her finger with his right hand. His eyes stuck to her face in a prob of something. The look of vexation left from his eyes. She didn’t realize his other was curled around her waist in a tight grip and also her chest was plastered on his front without a gap. His gaze ran down to her neck and more down and stayed locked there. Radhika tried to move away feeling very much uncomfortable again at his heated stare. His expression became sombre. The look of extreme intent came back over his features. She tried to move away, but he grabbed her waist with only his one hand. His head leaned down to her lips.

Radhika struggled to breath. His eyes captured her wide ones abruptly. He was staring at her like she was breakfast, lunch and dinner and all together in one. It made her body go on fire.

“I’m going out to get some breakfast. You want anything.” He asked her softly in a drawl out of the blue.

What? She kept staring into his eyes unblinkingly like an owl. His lips moved but nothing reached her ears.

“Gone mute.” He asked her in an arrogant voice.

Radhika’s head moved back at that. She swallowed down the rising shortness of breath.

“Sour candies.” She mumbled in reply.

His eyes slid down to her lips as he seem to register her reply. He freed her finger from his clutch suddenly, but when he cupped her cheek with the same hand. Radhika froze at that.

The vanilla scent of his drew closer as she could hear his serene breathing, the steady beat of his heart, the hardness of his muscles and the curling familiar heat of his body surronded her completely in a shell around her. She saw his lips quirk up a little for the first time today and it fluttered her heart seeing the light smile spreading around his features.

“That’s the reason your mouth always smells of raspberries, huh you little spitfire?” He asked her teasingly.

Before she could even open her mouth in reply, his lips grazed on her lightly at first but pressed more in a dry kiss over her lower lip and feathered softly as if in a search. Her lips started tingling and burning all over. The moist taste of his lips slid inside. Radhika stayed frozen like a stone statue. Her mind and senses just failed altogether. His lips trailed on the corners heatedly, on her cool cheek and to her ear. It sent her body reeling forward. He mouth opened on her neck and he took breath in.

“Raspberries, yes. The scent is immersed in your skin.” He confirmed in a very husky and hoarse voice. His lips trailed away and he moved back just as immediately. He gave her one seering gloat gaze of eyes and moved away and turned around.

Radhika came to life and her mind and cheeks thronged in red embarrassment.

She dragged her feet after his disappearing back. How dare he do that? How can he? The arrogant nerve of his to touch her. He went out to the driveway.

“I’m gonna run away!” She shouted at his back.

He turned around and back walked to his car and smiled back at her mockingly.

“Do that, and I will find you. This time there will be more than a kiss and more than that right in the woods.” He shot back.

Radhika’s mouth hung open as she gasped in a sharp in take of breath. He had no shame, did he? Perverted jerk.

“You’re a pervert!” She shouted again, and gesticulated with her hands in arguement to let him hear clearly of what she said.

He only grinned in reply while opening the car door.

“And, you’re a prude.” He retorted back in reply.

She gasped again. How awful he was, only because she didn’t curse or was kind of a naive, it didn’t mean that she was a prude. She read stuff too. Ugh! he was messing with her head now.

He got in the car and closed the door of it. Radhika hurried forward.

“Hey! I’m not a prude!” She shouted out in a cry.

She only heard a roaring of a laughter as the car winded out on the road and the tires of it shoved smoke and sand in her face. It raised dust all over in it’s run.

Radhika kept glaring at the now empty street with her hands over her hips in a verbal fight stance. Her chest moved up and down with the effort to keep up her anger.

She turned around cursing and got inside the house. Radhika felt the bubble of enthusiasm burst when she stared at the empty kitchen. It was strange but his only presence was enough to feel that the rooms were thronging with people. He had enough of presence power of a hundred people. She seemed for the first time in her life not exactly wanting anyone elses company. It disturbed her, the thought and the sudden emptiness filling around her mind made her anxious and jumpy. She took the dry fruit glass container and chewing the almonds lost in thought. A sudden sense of uneasiness clawed at her now. Goodness, she felt unsafe somehow. Till now, it did not even come into her mind such a thing, even though she didn’t know him that much and he had kidnapped her hear, but still she didn’t want at all to leave this place. Radhika squirmed on her bar stool still thinking crazily over and over why she was feeling like this.

It seemed like an hour passed, but it was only thirty minutes that he had gone. Radhika grew restless.

Heck with it all! She thought in irritation, but sudden abrupt sound of footsteps from the front hall made her jump in enthusisam. Radhika swivelled around and hopped off the bar stool. She grinned suddenly and chirped her way to the hallway. Wow! he was fast. How did he return so earlier? She thought frowning and walked fast.

But her feet glued to the floor and sheer plain fear struck her like a thunder all over. It wasn’t him. She whimpered and shook like a leaf.

Her heart failed and sweat shined on her body. Everything of what was secure melted away as she breathed hard. Her eyes rounded in complete terror looking at the two frightening looking big men advancing at her, but they did not terrorize her mind im sheer panic as much as she stared into her father’s brutal emotionless eyes standing five feet across at her.

“No! No!” She whispered.

The men, her father’s body guards that she knew so well grabbed her hands. They had regret in their eyes for her as she pleaded with her eyes to leave her, but she knew they were helpless. Radhika understood it, but she determined her will and struggled from their hold. She wanted him to come back, so fiercely. She suddenly didn’t want to go home or face her father.

“No!” She cried out, and refused her feet to move, but they were relentless.

Her father with a very omnious look charged at her suddenly, and before she could react to draw back, a straight out slap came like painful hard whiplash on her right cheek. It was so sudden, stinging crack, hurting and forceful that she fell to the ground because of it. It vibrated and rang her ears in a shock wave of hit, and instantly sudden black dots appeared in her vision and swirled her eyes and mind. Radhika lost consciousness then and there itself without a squeak of sound.


Arjun parked his car into the drive way of the mansion. She slid out of the car carrying a take out breakfast. His lips quirked up looking at the colorful candy plastic cover. He froze when he saw the wide opened front door. His eyes brows furrowed and he walked inside the house. He looked around waiting for her to come around and pester his at his control. He forwned, didn’t she hear the car honk.

He walked forward and into an aisle of bedrooms. He pushed open the door and found it empty.

She ran away again. He shook his head and smiled a corner of lips. A lesson is needed to be taught, but on a very different subject. It entertained his eyes when he eyes rounded and the gasps escaped her lips when he talked lasciviously. She had so much to learn, the naveity of hers fueled up and amped his interest to make her learn things that could shock her to life.

He moved into the hallway and suddenly his eyes fell on the floor. There was a broken glass container and the almonds were strewn around everywhere. Their was a broken vase too. His blood curdled suddenly. It clearly looked like a struggle. His wild eyes caught something white. He sat on the hunches and he caught a string of a white seashell silver bracelet. It was hers. Arjun got up looking at it, and took a deep breath in.

“f**k.” He let out a curse, and ran towards outside.

He opened the car and slid inside and started it.

He slid out his phone and dialled a number but it came as out of coverage.

He couldn’t reach anyone now. Not even Amal. Dammit, but he was sure, the dogs came sniffing their scents faster than he thought. How the f**k did they find the mansion?

The only thing vibrating in a suspicion was, why did she struggle? She could have easily gone with them or maybe his father?

His jaw hardened and he drove faster. Whatever it was, he was going to get his wife back.


After hours of a drive while the day darkened into a night and suspicions clouding his mind, he got out of the car while looking at the house. His eyes suddenly drew up to the left side room and the balcony. Something pulled at his mind. He glared at the light coming out of the sliding windows.

He walked faster inside as it wasn’t locked. There wasn’t a soul around. But, as his feet took him to the staircase, a servant came running towards his way.

“Sir, what are you….” He started to say, Arjun pushed him away and he fell to the ground.

This is how, the old goat planned to stop him? He scoffed and moved up the stairs hard on his feet.

His heart thudded somehow thinking that this might be the room of hers. He hesitated but opened the room. It was dark inside except the yellow light of the table lamp nothing of bright spread around into the room.

But, his eyes fell drew and fell on the figure sitting on the corner of the bed. He sighed taking a relieved breath looking at her long dark locks and her bent head.

He walked in and made sure to creak his feet on the floor to draw her attention to his presence. Her eyes wary in the dim light caught his, but nothing changed in her face. She looked passive silent, and closed up into a shell. All day, it was since he last saw her, his jaw grinded looking at her unmovable figure. Had she been expecting him at all? His mind clawed a question. This is how she greets him? With all the hours thinking nonsensical shit that something had happened to her, this is what he gets.

His eyes became cold as his eyes drew to the cupboard. He moved towards it angrily.

“You’re coming with me.” He growled in a seeth.

accept or not or he would drag her if he needed it to do.

He opened the cupboard and found it empty. He frowned, his head turned around and his eyes caught hers in irritation.

“Where are your clothes?”

She still looked back in passive gaze. The light that twinkled around just dimmed out completely. It unsettled him, her sudden silence. He thought, she would be happy here. In her dear father’s house.

“I already packed them.” She murmured in a very low tone and husky whisper.

His body locked tight and he moved a little to her side. His eyes surprised fell on the suitcase and bag beside to the bed, closer to her left leg. Something pain hit him hard in the chest. She was waiting for him? Doubts started swirling in his mind about everything now. He moved towards the bed and he caught hold of the suitcase, but her constant silence and lost eagerness annoyed and raked at his nerves. She was sitting there like sacrificed lamb. As if going with him would be the death of her. f**k it, he thought left the bag and slid on his hunches to look into her eyes.

“Why are you silent? aren’t you going to throw attitude in my face?” He asked in scornful mocking.

She blinked down and he could see a sheen of wet in her eyes. A look of pure silent desperation into into her light brown eyes.

What? His breath stuck in his throat. Her eyed were so red. Like she had been crying. The dried trickle of tears on her cheeks proved it that she cried hard. His fingers automatically slid on her right cheek, but she flinched back.

His fingers froze mid air and he immediately pushed back the heavy curtain of her hair off her face and he held her head to his view like that from behind. His eyes narrowed at the four angry red finger print marks covered on her whole right cheek. He release a deep hiss of breath. His eyes slid to her hands. There were finger print marks too of fingers on her arms. The thundering of his eyes came back to the mark on her cheek. It hurt too much to look. He slid his wounded gaze back to her wary eyes. They swimmed and sparkled now with unshed tears. He didn’t realize, he was breathing harshly now. His chest pained with the effort to take in a breath. He was shaking with it. Extreme hate and a deep black anger spread and flowed into his veins.

“When?” He asked her slowly in a clipped word.

His voice turned hoarse.

She stared into his eyes looking for something, but he was sure she only could find a hurt that strangulated his neck.

“When I refused to leave the house.” She whispered quietly.

His hold slackened on her hair with the sweet punch of her words to his very chest. He sucked in a breath.

She didn’t want to leave him? f**k, why?

Her hand caught his in a tight grip.

“I don’t want to stay here.” She murmured in despair filled voice.

It was sweet call to his senses again, but a doubt still clawed at his mind, but the voilent marks on her skin seem to clear the suspicious cloud. Poisonous guilt attacked his heart and plunged a knife deep.

He took in shaken breath and he slid up. He hardened his mind and moved towards the suitcase and the bag. He slid the heavy bag on his left shoulder.

He trolleyed the suitcase and caught hold of her cold hand and entwined their fingers. She got up and moved closer to his side clutching onto his bicep. He walked them down. All the way down the staircase he was shaking with barely there control.

He was wrong. Very very wrong. There was a doubt still, but it vitiated his spirit. He went back in a restrospect and closed his eyes. f**k, he acted on impusle and unheard the sane mind’s persistence that it was wrong, but the roar of the hurt that she could betray him grabbled out his control and something snapped thinking about the innocent mask.

He moved forward but felt her draw back in a stop as he felt a tug at his hand. He frowned and turned around, but his eyes locked on her face. It was twisted and scrunched up in a pain looking across the room.

Arjun followed her gaze and froze too. He looked back at her watering eyes and understood well. It was her mother, standing afar near the stair case, she looked forelone and thin, but she held a knowning and observatory eyes at their joined hands. She seemed just like his wife in appearance but older and wiser. His gut clenched feeling different emotions playing in his head. He dropped her hand abruptly and moved forward.

She has an auro of a loving mother. Her eyes were earnest and swimming. When he moved towards her, she looked up into his eyes surprised. She remided him of his mother suddenly. A heavy longing filled his heart. He tentatively and slowly bent down to the floor and touched his hand to her feet. She moved back in a surprise but a second or two later, her hand lay over his head in a caress.

Arjun closed his eyes, as his eyes swimmed and a lone tear escaped his eyes and fell on the floor. He wiped it away and locked his jaw and got up. Her face now controted in a smile. Her hand raised up and glided over his cheek and her gaze went over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. I will always take care of her.” He murmured in a whisper.

Her elder intelligent grey eyes caught his.

“I know.” She smiled in a broken whisper.

Arjun nodded his head and turned around but feeling very uneasy he turned back around.

“You can always come and stay with us.” He said sliding his gaze to her haggard face.

Her eyes widened a little in surprise at his understanding, but she still only nodded her head.

He moved to turn around but she called him out.


He turned around, but saw that she was moving back.

“Don’t go you two…I’ll just come..” She said smiling and wiping her eyes, and hurried inside a room.

Arjun glanced across at his wife’s wide stare at his face. She was looking at him in that search of a penetrating gaze. Arjun slid away his gaze and shuttered out his expression from her eyes.

He straightened when his wife’s mother ran back inside the hall.

She was carrying something in.her hands. She moved towards her daughter and put the large rectangular box in her hand.

She took both of his hand and her daughter’s together and made them stand opposite to each other. Her right hand drew up to his hand and opened.

Arjun froze and stared at the small silver box filled with red colour. If it f**king did not derange his mind looking around at the emptiness and the black cloud around the house. Now it did looking down at the silver box. His eyes looked back up into the loving motherly expectant gaze and his resolve broke like damn. He gulped hard and glanced across uneasily at wife. Her eyes were surprised and pained ones grabbed his.

Radhika couldn’t believe her eyes. The red colour glared back at her in a mock, he glanced down her at her in a look of pure loath. She felt herself shrivel inside because of it. He didn’t want to do the ritual. That was visibly apparent. Her mother already connected with him in first glance, and she was surprised by his respect towards her mother and she kept thinking about his life. About his parents. About how he was all alone. It balmed her wary mind looking at him get a loving affection from her mother and she felt her eyes water and flow at how he touched her feet without much thinking.

Her eyes became widened suddenly when his right hand hesitantly drew up and as he pinched the red colour of potent promises. What is the point of it, when he doesn’t even trust her. It was a mock and an insult. She drew back a little when his hand raised to her head, his eyes turned cold at her step back. He glared down at her and his other hand grabbed her waist tight. Ugh! she forgot he would go crazy at her resistence. She snapped straight because her mother would notice frission between them and worry anew. She was still in a thought that, Radhika has eloped and got married. She was hurt at first but when her mother’s eyes drew to the marks on her face, both of them dissolved in painful tears on the ground. Radhika had gained consciousness in her father’s car. She sat there like cornered animal in the back of the limo, thinking of so many fearful thoughts that it turned her mind wary and dazed. Radhika had to lie about everything to her mother when she arrived hours later, it was good that her mother did not know clearly who her father decided their daughter to get married to. She didn’t know about the deal or the brutal manipulation of her father. It would break her heart and she fear, her mother would go in a black zone again. So, she stayed lock in a freeze when he glared down at her still and spread the colour over her parted hair of her forehead. His eyes turned heated and truimphant digging holes in her eyes. His fingers dug into her waist as he pushed her up closer to his body. Her breath hitched up looking at his burning amorous gaze and the promises of some intimate things he communicated with the move of marking her with his colour.

A deep sound of a pained sob snapped the circle of daze around her mind and she drew back. His hand fell to the side. Radhika looked across at her mother.

“Mom….” Radhika whispered, looking at her mother cry.

But she was embraced in her tight hug suddenly.

“My darling. You chose right. Always be happy…never come back here….”Her mother whispered brokenly, and in utter fear.

Radhika stiffened at her approval of him. She shook too in despair filled loneliness. You don’t know a thing mom, her mind strained out, but she just blinked her filled eyes and firmed herself against tears.

Radhika drew back and smiled. Her mother smiled too at both of them. Blessed and hugged them together continously and walked them out. How did he manage to charm her intelligent mother, it was a wonder. He wasn’t like anything that she thought. He wasn’t like her father, she finally understood that. If her father and he had a cut throat rivalry, and when he mistrusted her too, then in a veangeful spirit he could have done anything to her while she was with him but he didn’t and maintained a distance.

He finally took her hand in hers and lead her to the car. She wasn’t now anymore of this lonely painful house. She was now the wife of a lonely recluse stranger, but he wasn’t that anymore. He was her husband. She knew nothing about him, except that he had OCD, he cooked well, he loved his kitchen, he stayed ever silent, he didn’t like her blubbering, and he liked to glower and get angry at her for reason. Well, she talked, what should she do if he didn’t like it, her mind seems to come around from the clawing wariness of his hours of absence she felt too deeply. At one point she was frightened that he wouldn’t come for her. He was beside her now, wasn’t he.

Arjun stared down, and glowered at her ruminating silence. He walked upto the car and moved back, but her hand still stayed locks with hers, he looked down into her face and caught her enquiring eyes. She did not let go still as he tried to free his hand entwined with both of their fingers.

Pleasure shot through his veins at her reluctance to let him go. He hid the the little spark of please and shuttered his expression. She looked like lost and frightened kitten in her own house. That did not set well in his gut.

He opened the car door for her.

“You get in. I forgot my phone on your bed.” He lied and pushed gently on the small of her back.

She stared into his eyes suspiciously, but nodded her head tiredly and got in. Arjun slid his eyes back to the finger print marks of her cheek and set his jaw. He drew back the car door. His hands and body which had been shaking roared up the anger inside his eyes. He turned around and he rubbed the back of his neck and face. The mask wore away as he walked inside the house.

His right hand fisted up as he walked faster inside the hall. His feet took him to the study. He flung open the door.

The old man was sitting back on the study chair, with glasses on, he was reading a document from the file. When he looked up at the door, his eyes immdiately turned smug as he smiled across at Arjun’s thunderous face.

“Well, well, if it isn’t my son-in-law..” He taunted him a deep drawl.

That did it.

Arjun didn’t wait to respond and strided fast. He grabbed the old goat’s collar and pulled in a straight out punch to his face.

“How dare you hit her.”Arjun roared.

He groaned hard and fell to the floor immediately. Oh, Satisfaction never was so sweet when the blood of his face ran over Arjun’s knuckles.

He slid down and grabbed his collar again. His cool dangerous gaze struck over his pained evil grey eyes.

“That should be a reminder for the future. Hit her or her mother again and I’ll tear you apart limb to limb.” He warned the disgusting old man in a cut edge voice of consequences if such a thing happens again.

The useless prig just laughed manically with blood covering his teeth.

“I got the deal with a simple lie. You got my daughter with forceful marraige. Who is more a hateful bastard here?” He asked in a painful groan and a smug laugh.

Arjun’s face cleared and he drew back up, leaving his collar in a sharp hiss of breath.

f**k. f**k. f**k. His mind vibrated.

“Thought so.” He chuckled evilly.

Arjun saw him get off the floor in a struggle. Arjun covered the bone breaking immense hurt very well.

“Don’t think that you’ve won. Everything is still in my power. Count your days Mishra…. your time has come…”Arjun whisper hissed in his face, saw the old bleeding goat scowl at him dangerously, but he didn’t drew down from such a low rolling in a gutter insect.

He moved back ending the sentence in a threaten and turned around to leave.

His defenses teared down by a chit of a girl and he went against her like crazed bull acting on like a jilted teenager.

He pulled at his hair frustratedly. f**king hell, it was a literal hell now. He drew closer to the car. Saw her figure huddled in the seat with eyes closed. His mind harangued as he opened the car door and settled on the driver’s seat.

Radhika jumped up suddenly in a surprise, but she sagged back relieved looking at his face.

“What took you so long?” She scowled suddenly.

Something red appeared and she looked down at his hand.

“What happened?” She peered and tried to touch his knuckles, but flinched away and slid his hand inside his coat.

“Nothing.” He grunted evasively.

Hmph, he was back to himself, she thought in miffed observation.

He switched on the AC, Radhika’s eyebrows drew up, and she switched it off.

His eyes very unfocussed and into himself snapped back to hers.

“What are you doing?” He grunted again in an irrate mutter.

“You don’t like cold air.” She countered in a thought.

His cheeks became hallow ad he stared back at her in a caustic look.

He just ignored her and started the car in silence. Radhika frowned suddenly at his lack of angry words and an intimate glare of his on her. She gulped hard and felt that something was amiss here.

The drive was of a strained silence.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked her suddenly in a bizzare question.

Her heart thudded at his bland nature of enquiring.

She thought about it and understood that he was asking about which home. It pacified her fired up nerves. God, could he be anymore Mr. Short words. Only she could understand a little now after spending time with him in two days, but there was something else in his tone. Like he was asking her to be sure of her answer. This was it, right? This was where she could run fast or stay put, but her will determined.

“To..To your penthouse…but I like the one in the woods..”She said hesitantly.

His stopped suddenly. His eyes snapped back to hers in a heated stare.

“This is not a joke. One no and Amal would drop you to the place of your choice. You’re free to leave. He is right back behind us.” He said fiercely, in a grave apathetic tone.

Radhika looked back at a black tinted car behind them. She glanced back into his shuttered eyes.

How can he just slid away their marraige carelessly like it was nothing? He had no remorse at all except to do right the wrong. Let her go and that’s it. That’s what it is right? That’s how he does the business, Marry her, abduct her and then throw her away when time came. Her head hurt at his unfeeling attitude.

“To the woods then.” She decided tilting her chin in determination, and turned her head to the front gulping down the rising pain.

Idiotic, arrogant, rude, condescending, jerk, her mind started on the curses.

She heard a deep suffering sigh.

“f**king, suit yourself.” He muttered through gritted teeth in a cutting tone.

Radhika groaned in her head.

“Did nobody wash your mouth with a soap when you started cursing?” She asked in an irritated whisper.

His glare of eyes came full blasting on her face. It could burned holes in even iron bar his anger, that was the affect of his eyes.

“What?” He asked her in a low deep voice. His eye brows furrowed.

She rolled her eyes at his incredulous tone of her out of blue the random question.

“I think, somebody should have done that when you started cursing…”She observed critically at his unruly behaviour.

He started the car again, but his face lost the glimmer of the choleric look. It replaced with cool nonchalance at the change of conversation from the anxious one that they were having.

“Are you my grandmama now?” He asked her arrogantly in a snort and a grunt.

She laughed a little and settled while setting some music again, it felt better suddenly as she tried hard to forget the day’s event frantically.

“If I was, then I would have twisted your ears for it, but I think you were born like that cursing and glaring at the nurses and…..”She started again in a bubbling mirth, but his un laughing face and grave eyes told her that it wasn’t funny at all the joke and she should shut her trap right there.

She gulped and smiled a little.

“And nothing…” She mumbled in a breath.

She fell silent and switch on the radio hastily.

He started cursing again in heavy displeasure when her favourite songs played again, but something changed in his tone, it wasn’t there the vexation, as his lips quirked up in the corners in a light smile. She saw it before he averted his face.


Radhika was warily tired. Her brain was scrambled. His hand curled around her back when entering into the mansion. She drew closer to his body unconciously. They got inside the house and she felt the familiar sudden security surround her mind.

She treaded her way to the room to just drop dead in a sleep, but he curled his hand around her arm and moved her closer to his body. His left hand spread around her waist tight.

She looked up enquiringly into his eyes. His stare were burning with something she didn’t know. His hand went back and her eyes drew there. She stiffened when a packet of sour candies greeted her eyes. An abrupt watery mist covered her gaze. She bit the inside of her cheek to not wail.

Her glance slid up to his eyes.

His eyes slid to her cheek and all over her face. His jaw set in a grit and his face played different emotions all at once, but she caught one. A pained wounded hurt. It almost engulfed her whole in his swirling brown warmth of eyes.

“I’m sorry.” He said the two words in a strained tone of husky hoarse voice.

Radhika absorbed it, and it struck her heart his tone of earnestness. But, she wasn’t sorry at all. She wasn’t sorry that she was with him as his wife. She burried that though deep. It was unsettling and nerve wrecking.

“My mom says, everything goes alright with a candy.” She chuckled lightly, and whispered in a hoarse voice affected with oncoming tears.

As she had expected the traitor tears flowed down her cheeks.

His eyes pained more at that and his cool fingers slid on the marks over her heated cheek in a soothing caress. She froze and her face broke apart the cool mask in a whimper.

She moved back and turned around but he pulled at her hand. His expression grew angry at her sliding away, and he pulled her body hard into his chest. He banded his arms around her in a lock. Her arms lay helpless to the sides.

She sniffled continously on his shoulder for about a minute.

“I don’t usually cry this much.” She whispered through mortified embarrassment that colouring her cheeks.

His arms held her firm to his chest.

“Yeah.” He mumbled into her neck and sighed heavily.

His hard strong body held her in a comfort and warmth. She had closed her eyes for a second, but they flew open when his hands started to go down and up feeling her. Her heart thudded on his chest, over his serene beating one. She moved her head from over his shoulder slowly. His lips travelled on her skin and ear in a whisper of hacked breaths. His hand cupped her cheek and his forehead touched hers for a second. His eyes were closed then he moved back and walked her with much longer strides. He was shaking with an effort to stay locked there. She felt it go into her body.

Radhika staggered forward when he drifted away from her like that.


Arjun was over the phone barking orders one after the other at his secretary.

“Buy all the shares of Mishra properties one by one. Liquidate the assets. Burn it down all.” He said in grave austerity.

His secretary’s voice unsure and hesitant came into his ears making him scowl in return.

“But, sir, what about the advertisement deal?” Karthik asked with a reason in his voice.

“It’s still ours. Remember the third document that I drew up into our company’s right. Send it to the foreign delegates right away.” He smiled coldly.

The old man had the dare to hurt his wife, marr her skin, marr her mentally. He did not hurt what was Arjun’s, but his own daughter, what f**king kind of father was he, but oh no, such disgusting power hungry animal would have none affection. He was like a vicious snake feeding on the eggs of its own. Bile rose up on his throat thinking. Raghav Mishra had played up his card with a wrong contemporary. A very brutal smile coloured his features thinking about the ruin of his father-in-law.

Karthik’s mind thronged into a shocked intelligence. f**k yes, he was the one who made the document with the company lawyers. It was an unbreachable contract. There were three. The two were fake. The third was real deal and he almost forgot about it. He just have to take the document and fax it.

“Yes, boss, I’m right on it.” Karthik agreed amiably with a deep sigh of relief.

He just thought his boss was crazy, but now he would really enjoy the fall of their rival into the depths of hell.

Arjun stared at the band of gold over his left hand ring finger. His eyes pained looking at it. He hardened his feeling. Shook off everything of unfurling emotions from his mind.

“Do one thing…..draw up another contract.” He said hoarsely through convulsing of his throat and gave each and every detail of it carefully. He flung away the phone when it was done.

He had ruined everything. Now, he was going set it right. He knew about her New York dream. He knew about her ambition. He knew well about it all. But his mind roared again in smug satisfaction when she refused to walk away and adamantly stuck to his side. But he had to make sure of everything again, to give her a free walk away. He couldn’t let go off her now, but she could he thought painfully. He wanted to see what she’ll chose tomorrow. She should go for her dream. He would make sure of it, but a certain hope filled his mind that she would reject the offer.

He rose up from the bed in a harsh sigh and prowled around the room in growling uneasiness.

He got inside the shower and drained away the stress of the day and the clawing guilt hurting his heart and his eyes filled up in angry tears, he got out wearing a fresh grey t-shirt and track pants. He scowled at his bed. It seemed empty without her filling in the space beside his body.

He walked out, passed the hallway and strided fast and reached to her room. Arjun pushed opened the door and walked in. It was dark and the windows were open wide. The moonlight spread in it’s slivery hue. His eyes fell on the sleeping figure on the bed.

He moved forward and stared down at her. The fingerprint marks on her cheek looked vile and evil. It marred her porcelain skin and he gulped down the rising anger by fisting his hands.

He drew down the covers and froze looking at the blue tank top and pajama shorts she wore to sleep. His eyes heated up staring down at her curvy figure in such attire. It teased his eyes. He shook his head and laid his body on his back next to hers. He sighed and rested his head over his right arm on the pillow. He stiffened suddenly when she stirred moaning in her sleep. Her body drew closer to his and burrowed into his side. One of her legs slid up his thigh and he took a sharp intake of breath feeling her softness on his body. His left arm went around her waist and he drew her more closer into his chest. His arms filled with her warmth. Sweet clean shampoo smell of her hair entered into his breath and calmed his jumping heart.

He suddenly craved everything and his eyes swam pictures and images of a future, a life, kids, but he pushed it aside feeling the danger of it playing with his head again and the delicate new relation would make him a fool in front of the world…..for now he let the craving need of her warmth spread into veins and settle his mind as he closed his eyes and his breath evened out immediately……


Next up part—-The contract— A Proposition—–Radhika’s decision—-A New Beginning—-


Well it will be very different than the comnt section one yaar. More like yeah difrnt…n i just like that today i got the whole picture of all the DT series. NeSam one, n all… Like a swirl and it just rocked mind thinking of it. Ah, how lovely πŸ˜€ I promise the cmng parts will be interesting. I can only hope u wil like those but plssss do tel how ur finding it dear πŸ˜€ expecting ur love haha. I just dared to ask ur love πŸ˜€


And Hey guysssssssssss, I hope u like this part even wit the loads of typos…. Plsssssss do cmnt on how do u like it plssssss haha i know im askin too much friends. Means a lot if u do and yesterday night i really couldnt write or cm on the page again but thought that i wud update til morning but that too did not happen im sorry i really did try guys πŸ™ i cudnt. Haha i know right.. ifs, buts, shoud hav, could hv, woud hav and all excuses..


Will update other chappies perhaps two days later. Haha, wil not disappear the updates wud cm for sure. I cud shorten too if u want daily one update. With that i dont hav a probs n if u dears dont mind too den wil update like that πŸ˜€

I like dese lovely lyrics of the song Broken Angel…

I’m so lonely broken angel
Im so lonely listen to my heart
One and only broken angel
Come and save me before i fall apart……

Dedicating dese lyrics to you coz i luvvvvvv you. I Heart you. I miss you.


Til den keep rocking you guys my lovelies. Have happy smiling days πŸ˜€

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