Story: Drawn Together (Chapter 10)


Chapter: 10 (Not Anymore)

He moved back after muttering those scandalous words into her ears, unknotting the Saree from hishand, he slid it around her shoulders, all the whilestaring deep into her eyes, he moved back, and sauntered away. Dazed, Radhika set the Saree right taking in a minute, and trailed after him. He again slid on the Sofa chair, and pointed his eyes towards for her to take a seat opposite to him.

She ignored the look with a shrug.

“I’m going home.”She declared in the silence.

He leaned front, took hold of the newspaper and leaned back. His eyes sliding over the sentences with quite an interest.

“Your parents aren’t home.”He stated,his voice all practical now and his face clear of any mirth or even a smile. Except it replaced with an air ofpassive disinterest.

Radhika blinked, how did he know that?


He folded the newspaper. His eyes still on it rather than on her.

“You stay here for the night.”He decided in a drawly tone.

What? Come again? Since when did he take over her decisions. She gaped now at his too cool an attitude.

“You must be crazy.”She whispered, shaking her head a little.

His head jerked up and his eyes narrowed at her tone, but he stayed silent and went back to his newspaper.

Radhika folded her hands under her chest. So, it was like that. He would order around and expect her to beordered around in meek silence. That wasn’t going to happen. If he was expecting her to live like that? Well, then he was in for a whole lot of apainful ride in this so called marriage journey.

“I’m leaving.”She declared more firmly than before now.

He didn’t raise his head, nor his eyes locked with hers in narrowed blistering of anger.

“Feel free.”He muttered.

I will, Radhika thought, tilting her chin in the air, and turned around. She walked all the way out of the hall, and reached to the front door. She turned the gleaming steelhandle, but it didn’t budge. Radhika jerked it hard with both of her hands now.Still it didn’t turn. She frowned. Was it locked from outside? But how?

Her frowning eyes, strayed to the side. Her forehead cleared. A rectangular security code box of an electronic device was carved in the wall. Oh, right. Radhika moved towards it, and bit her lower lip, completely derided by it. Now what?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try, she thought. Her fingers moved over the numbers. After a while of thinking, she shook offthe uncertain thoughts from her mind and punched in a random four number on the bluelit keys. It started buzzing.

“Wrong Code number.”A robotic tone of a male voice made her jump.

Two more tries, it showed on the narrow screen.


She bit and chewed on the righthand forefinger nail looking at it.


She moved her fingers over it and punched in a number again. The same thing happened. Radhika scowled at the rejecting robotic tone. If Arjun was a robot, then he would be this idiot of a box.

She determined her will and tried again. This time nothing happened and Radhika thought that she has succeeded in her tries. She cried out, her hands clapped together happily,but a suddenclang soundof metalbars clashing together, jerked her head up to the ceiling.Her eyes widened and she cried out horrified and her body sprang away and fell with a thud on the floor.

The bars fell fast on the ground with even more louder of a vibrating clang on the floor.

Her chest heaved up and down, and she gulped hard staring at the prison bars that came down out of now where from the ceiling. Dear god in heaven. The mansion was protected like it was some kind of a bank. She looked around at all the antique furniture and the expensive wall paintings. Of course, even would the interior looks a million dollar bought.

Radhika lazy heard foot step sound coming from the hallway. She turned around and looked up. He was standing there, looking down at her in stolidsilence, his hands in the track pantpockets, he moved forward. Radhika waited for him to help her up, but he just stared down unmoving and un helping.

She gave him a withering look. Fine, she thought and helped herself up.

His face was etched in a dour, his eyes stuttered off any light.

“Help me with the code.”She ordered, rather than pleaded.

No way in hell, she was going to ask his help.

His eyes strayed over her shoulder and came back to hers.

“Sure.”He whispered.

Radhika stared at him slack jawed. He would help her? That easily? Justas that? No catch and nothing?Her eyes searched his face and eyes, but except an empty stare all around her face, she got nothing.

He moved past her and Radhika followed finally relieved that he relented at last.

She stood beside the bar, facing towards him. His hand reached the wall, and stayed up in the air unmoving. Radhika blinked confused and her eyes travelled to his quizzing.

His eyes locked in on hers. The brown around his pupils swirled, shining playfully. His raised hand pulled back and moved closer to her. Radhika stepped back. He got into her space, his head dipped down.

“I would help…. But suddenly I don’t remember the password.”He whispered, his voice low and guttural,as hisbreath hit her lips.

The sides of his lips quirked up. His body moved more closer and Radhika’s back hit the bars. She flinched when the cold surface of it touched her skin. A slow roughish smile appeared, creasing his features handsomely. His hands on either side of the bar, beside to her head slackened, and fell on her shoulders. Her back straightened, due to the warm touch, they slowly travelled down on her biceps, and down her hands. Her breath stuttered,as his lips hovered lightly in a whisper on hers. Her body betrayed and started remembering there earlier kiss. Hiseyes gleamed now in understanding and anticipation. Radhika’s head leaned back, as he loomed over herand locked up her body with his toned muscles.

Just as she thought he would kiss her, he moved away abruptly and her body reeled forwards in a stagger. She blinked and her frazzled mind bewildered in a seeth, on how much she had been leaning on him. Her eyes strained and stared at the empty space.

Her jaw locked in a grate looking at his disappearing back. The devil, he was playing with her again.

Still simpering over, she moved her feet reluctantly.

He was again back in the chair. His lanky body in a lean back posture. Oh, heavens, what’s with the damn newspaper.

She marched forwards and opened her mouth to let out a few blocks blithe words but stopped and frowned when he raised the coffee cup from the teapoy and offered it to her.

“No thanks…but I…”She started to say, instead she cut out again mid sentence.

“Warm it up.”He said, his eyes still on the newspaper which held firm in his other hand.

Her mouth opened a little. He wasn’t offering it to her?

“What?”She asked.

He sighed and looked up.

“Left corner of the hall, turn to the right. You’ll find the kitchen. Take this cup, empty the coffee in a container and put it on the burner…”He explained on in a slow drawl of words, speaking in a tone, as if making learn a recalcitrantchild.

Radhika’s face burned bright red.

“I know how to warm up acoffee.”She intervened peevishly.

He stared at her deadpan, as he raised the cup towards her hand. Radhika stared dumbfoundstill, and she took hold of cup a second later of more.

His head snapped back to paper. Radhika waited, but he seem to dismiss her presence altogether.

She turned around and walked towards the direction of the said kitchen in rising frustrated anger.


Radhika blistered and looked on into the boiling coffee.How dare he order her around again. The kitchen was like a mini heaven. It was spectacular looking. It resembled a polished restaurant one as she stood there in wonder when she entered the kitchen just minutes ago.

She poured the coffee into a green mug and took hold of it and turned towards the hall.

She rolled her eyes and offered the coffee, a few drops fell on the teapoy when she wobbled on her feet in clumsiness.

“Here.”She said, and moved the cup near his hand.

He didn’t raise his head, but his brows snapped together in a strain.

“Wipe off the drops.”His tone turned critical.

Radhika’s eyes strayed to the glass teapoy. The drops were only little round specks and that’s it. How did he observe those, while still not looking around, she wondered.

“Thoseare only specks.”She replied, instead of doing as he said.

“It’s messy.”He drawled, still not looking at her.

Radhika sighed.

“I contradict, you should look around and see for yourself that it’s not messy.”She

His head raised up at that, and his face coloured in an annoyedexpression.

“Were you raised in a buffalo barn?”He asked sardonically.

Radhika’s straightened and stared. Her face turned flushed with humiliation.

Mean guy, she glowered. Well, somebody has acuteOCD, she concluded in an observation.

“It’s not messy…”She parroted…”And no need to bring my parents into it.”She finished the sentence in a bilious hiss.

He stared at her, staying noncommittal to her outburst, but he took the mug and settled back in the chair comfortably.

“Clean the mess.”He murmured again, taking a sip from the mug.

To hell with him, Radhika fumed and looked around for a cloth, but she shook her head, slid down and cleaned the drops with her Saree end. She made sure he didn’t look, or else start he wouldranting again about her rolling in mud next in that disgust filled tone.


Radhika strayed around the house trying to find a way to escape this dungeon on a Mansion. She was missing her room and the comfort it offered. Fifteen minutes of more hovering about the many confusing maze of rooms, she finally gave up. Her stomach growled angrily.

Half an hour before, she did try to have a conversation with him, but it seemed,pointless because he stayed silent reading the newsapaper, completely unaware of her presence or acted as if she was invisible to him.

Radhika moved towards the kitchen and turned pot and pans, but found all the vessels empty of food. She stood dejected.

“What are you doing here?”A deep burring voice, jumped her around in fright.

She sagged back. Oh, it was only him. He stood near the door, his right shoulder leaning on it.

“I’m hungry.”She replied petulantly, avoiding hiseyes and looking around instead.

“Dinner is in the oven.”He said,coming into the kitchen.

Radhika brightened up at that, and moved towards it. She opened the door of it, and took out a deep bottomed a small deep bottomed pan.

She placed it on the dinning table, andsaw him slid down on the chair opposite to her.

Radhika ignored him and sat on the chair happily opening the lid.

She stared for several seconds, her left eye twitched,and she jumped back crying out.

“What the hell is that?”Her upper lip curled up incomplete bile rising disgust.

His lips twitched and his eyes looked down at the dish.

“It’s called a delicacy. Stewed Calamari.”He muttered, picked up the chop sticks fro beside his hand and picked up the slimy sea foodthing.

Radhika put both of her hands over hand to not puke all over the dinning table, looking at it’s ten tentacled arms.

“Also known as a squid. It’s cooked in it’s own black ink…”He went on deliberately, his tone seem to find her disgusted look amusing, but she had enough of it.

“I know what it is.”She shouted and closed her eyes when he bit into it….”And I’m not going to eat it.”She shouted more, and opened her eyes glaring at him.

He stopped mid chewing, and gave her anempty stare.

“Suit yourself.”He mumbled through mouthful, and went about voraciously devouring the disgusting slimy stew.

The lock of black glistening hair shotout in different direction on his head. He looked as laid back and thoroughly in his space. Without the sharpness and creasless cut of his formal suits, and with the light purple sweater t-shirt and track pants, he looked really……heavenhelp her but he looked adorable eating that abhorring dish.

Note to self for the future. Two things.He had OCD. He had a bizzare and yucky taste when it comes to food.

Radhika sighed feeling hunger claw at her stomach. She went to the cabinets and opened it. Cereal, hmm, She coulddo with it. But her eyes locked inon a plastic cover. It was filled with her favorite treats of tasty delights. Her hands as if a quick reflex caught the dropping packet.

“Oh, my god. You have sour candies.”Radhika jumped around, delighted like a kid.

His face turned to hers, his brown eyes on her jumping figure. His hand with the spoon,mid move towards his mouth halted.

He gulped and coughed a little.

“Jump again once more, the blouse would rip off and I would get a nice and generousview of a strip tease.”He murmured huskily, after few minutes more of staring at her in silence.
Radhika drew back and gasped out, covering her chest with her hands horrified at his words.

“What?”She breathed, unable to believe what he just said.

He ignored that and leaned back looking down at her hands, his stare turned lascivious and lazy.

Perverted devil, her mind vibrated out a wordhaughtily.

Radhika with flaring nostrilsand glaring eyes, caught hold of a small red fibre bowl, cerial box and the cover of the candies. Opening it thelarge two doorfridge, she took out the milk concave glassbottle.

She faded him out and sat down on the chair. Mixing the milk, cerealand candies, she pushed the delightful sweetness, into her mouth with aspoon.

Her eyes closed immediately and she moaned when the candy burst into her with sour and sweet flavour. The milk and the cereal added extra zing to the taste. Sam always gagged at this weird combo but Radhika loved this immediately.

She opened her eyes, after a minute of an happy munching, and froze, when she caught the look of his face.

He waslooking at her. Like really looking at her, since ignoring her all the evening.His eyes stayed locked on her lips. The dark eyebrows, and long aristocratic nose, full lipsand rough squarejaw shaded in a raw look. Something like soft and yearning passed overhis face, and Radhika gulped hard, feeling a slam of thud in her chest. The silence around and darkness from outside the Mansion withered away from between them. His eyes came up to hers and Radhika breathed out.

She glanced down at the bowl, unable to withstand the vulnerability of such look. She shoved another spoon full into her mouth.

“Get it on with it fast..”He cleared his throat…”We are going to sleep next.”He concluded in a gruff.

Radhika coughed instantly at the casual way he said the words. She went into a circle of hacking, chokingand coughing spree on the cereal. Her eyes watered and her face turned red and puffy.

“We?..sleep?….to…to..together?”She gasped out finally, after a bout of choking.

His face didn’t twitch any change of expression, except gracing herwith aflat stare.

“Yeah.”He muttered, and leaned forward on the table….”Together. All alone….in the bed”He whispered, his tone going guttural and more seductive. His eyes moving all over her face shining in mischievous darkness.

Radhika’s eyes widened, and her mouth slackened. He moved back, pushed back his chair and got up. His hands went into histrack pockets, and his legs turned around towards the kitchen door. He stopped abruptly by it, and turned his head to the side.

“Hurry up…I will be waiting.”He flung the words over his shoulder, and walked away in a lazy jaunt.

Her mouth opened and closed, and a minute more later of complete befuddlement shelet out a cursed.

“Crapity crap.”Her tone turned disgruntled and tensed.


Arjun grinned, shaking his head, thinking of her cute face, wide eyes, pink cheeks, and anadorableflaring nose. God, she was funny. It was fun to see her allflustered up and disturbed. He moved towards the hallway and slid down on the chairand waited for her to come out of the kitchen.

Fifteen passed but still she didn’t come out, Arjun got up and moved towards the kitchen again. His body froze when he heard a purr of a vehicle. His car.

He hurried up to the kitchen, and saw that it was empty, his gaze turned towards theopened glass window pane. Night’s slow breeze passed in from outside.


He hurried up to the front door, and punched in the code. He moved fast and walked outside.

His gaze zeroed in on a moving car. He sighed and smiled when he saw her in the driving seat, butit died his amusement, when he heard a loud screech, and thelost control of the vehicle, running off by the wide opened gate.

Dammit, who opened the gates. Arjun broke into a run now. The car zoomed fastthrough the shrubbery.

Arjun cursed, pulled at his hair and turned to his drive way. He got into his Porsche Turbo, and charged up fast on the road.

His heart thudded hard, as he followed the Red Camaro. It was a little distance away, but breaking fast on the road ready to collide with something. Hisskin coated in a thick sweat and his mind roared up in panic. He swirled the car to the side, and moved it forward towards beside the car. Both of the vehiclesnow breaking into a danger run.

His frantic eyes caught her sight, her hands clutched tight on the wheels, her face looked contorted and frightened.

“Pull in the breaks.”He shouted through the blasting wind.

Her wide anxious eyes caught his to the side. They turned desperate looking at him.


“Pull in the breaks, dammit!”He shouted yet again, swirled the car closer to hers.

He looked front at the fast moving disappearing flat road.

What she said next, made Arjun’s’s blood run cold.

“I can’t. They don’t work.”She shouted back, her tone sounding extremely petrified now.

His thoughts turned wild, and his heart stopped beating altogether, looking at the speeding car. He tried to maintain the breakneck speed but the car lead out of his focus on the road with it’s uncontrolled relentless run.

His eyes brutally blinked severalimages of her bloodied and hacked figure. The hair on his skin raised up in an acute fear and trepidation.

Arjun came out of the trance when he saw at a distance, the road stopping, and a large ravine appearout of now where. The Camaro sped towards it, ready to dive into the deep dark chasm.

His breath turned into a painful hacks. A new kind of chill ran all across hisbody.

No. No.

He pulled the gear and charged up faster on the road. His car screeched and moved forwards, he swirled it closer, but he failed to reach her once again.


He pushed the car, his face scrunched up with the effort, as his body propelled to the side hard. The wound on hisarm hurt like a mother, but he didn’t care.

He finally got to the side, he moved the car closer.

“Open the car door.”He shouted, and growled in the air.

She glanced to the side, her eyes flowing and the mascara ran in a mess down her cheeks, her hair fell all over her face. She nodded her head in a relief.

Arjun opened the door, the vehicles collided, jerked, it rattled his body, and his teeth chattered hard because of the collision. Even then, he moved out, clutching to the top of the car, he looked at her wide eyed shocked face, and jumped in, into the Camaro. The gust of window almost threw him to the ground, but he missed crashing intoa pulp just by an inch.

The Porsche went wild to the side of the road, andhit the concrete divider hardand destroyed itself ina loud painful crunch and crash.

Arjun embraced her body, and pushed the other side of the door, and flungout both of their bodies in a sprang andout of the car, and they hit in a roll onto the cold concrete ground. The Camaro just then fell into the ravine in anawfully longplunge.

Their bodies rolled on the ground, and slid down into the side and into the clearing of grass and woods. Arjun closed her body with his, trying to take every hit of rock and hard concrete on his body.

His heart almost came out of his throat, his breathing turned heavy, every inch of him shook in a manic tremor. Everything faded out, as a damn broke and from thedark depths of cleaving memories an unforgettable one surfaced up suffocating and scaffolding his lungs.

He was fourteenagain, and he was back into his father’s study. He stood there blinking, as his father’s tottering figure came into the room. Arjun sighed disappointed. He was drunk again. And then he had thought out the unthikable. One day he would die choking on it, he blistered looking on coldly at him.

A bottle of a cold whisky in hand, Arjun saw him chug down gulps of it. His unfocussed grey eyes caught his and he smiled moving forward.

With widened eyes, he saw his father’shand freeze over the bottle, and he choked, his other went towards his heart. The bottle crashed, resounding around the room.

“Dad!”Arjun shouted outin a pained break of a cry that resonated the wall in a high scream……..

The poisonousmemory cut off, as he felt a tug on his T-shirtand moan of pain and a gasp.

“Oh, my god. Are you alright?”He heard her voice, call him out in anxiousfright, shakeand worry from under him.

He moved away from top of her, and slid his back on the ground still straining to breath hard. His ears turned deaf, and the whole of his blood, body, every nerve and cell turned into an icy glacier. A shake took over his body reliving the memory. His eyesplayed continuously an image ofthe car being plungedinto it’sdeath.

His eyes now dead caught the darkened sky. A few of the stars twinkled down, but Arjun couldn’t focus as his rankledmind tried to settle in a calm.

With a deep bone crunchingpained effort and as much as refrainthat he could muster up from against themore rising of a new panic, he got up from the ground in a smooth glide. He moved forward but she caught hold of his right hand from behind him.

He closed his eyes, breathed hard and turned around. His eyes strained to see her face. His stare caught hers in a lock. The large hazel brown eyes blinked back at his in a heavy concern. Hair dishevelled and face flushedcrimson her lips moved.

“Oh, your skin so cold.”She gasped out.

Arjun’s eyes narrowed inon her touch, a bile rose to his mouth, when her hand all bloodied came into his vision, and he moved back in a sudden abruptness, he tookher hand off from his wrist with the other hand. Surprised eyes widened more when his grip on her hand turned painfully tight.

He stood there looking down at her. His empty eyes straying to the silky long tresses, down to the forehead, anxious knit elegant brows, worried eyes, nose, rounded cheeks,luscious red lips and determined chin in a slow swipe, and his mind started erasing out the moments. Since from here to the run of her to hishouse, to the choosing of theirengagements, to the kiss in the forest, to her being in his office and to the first time he ever saw andfelther.Everything went in a back step, forgetting, freezing and killing, as he took several steps away from her. He saw her frown, and lookdown at his moving feetthat were taking him away fromher. The Saree had teared apart from her waist, and his eyes strayed to a large cuton her arm, bloodjust started oozing, his jaw locked…..and he started to not feel anymore. He could have stopped it happening. It was all because of him. He got dangerously closer again, didn’t he? Should have learned from the old burns and scars, but f**k it, he was a yearning selfish bastard.

He turned around, andwiped off her lovely face, sweet scent, and her innocent stuttering breathfrom his mind. She seem to follow but the world faded from around,including heras he made his way back to the hands of hell that seem to pull himinto it’s darkened pit of purgatory. He had been better there, and he was going there.

Thankfully he had his phone in his track pocket, he took it out and dialled Amal’s number.


Fifteen minutes into thewalking, Arjun tread his way to the main road, his Limo stopped just there, and he got into the back of it. He could feel her warmth frombehind him, she was still talking, but as the car clicked shut, she stopped abruptly, pulling at the handle fiercely.

Arjun’s stare turned glacial, when she looked through the glass and into his eyes. His jaw set granite as he hardened his will against the pained bewilderment running across her pallid face. Her nose scrunched up and her lips lost all the colour blinking and looking backat him.

“Get a move on, Amal.”He ordered, his tone carried out the words all gutted.

But the man hesitated.

“But, Sir, how can we leave her here?”He asked, but Arjun closed up the partition.

A second more hesitation, the car jerked forward, and his hand fisted hard by his side looking at her disappearing forlornface.

Fifteen more minutes later, he got out of the car, marched upstairs, flung open the door and entered into his study. He slid down by the door, trying in to take deep breaths, but nothing passed down his windpipe. His whole bodycovered in a cold sweat, it ran down his face in a river. His hands bent down on the floor, as he strained hard for even a bit ofoxygen. The room vibrated with his struggling, hacking sounds. With unsteady legs he moved towards the wide wooden table, he ripped open the desk and took out his Asthma pump. He grabbed itwith both of his shaking hands, punched it rapidly four times into his mouth.

He flung it away, and put his hands on the table, waiting for the breath to get into his deprived, painedcontortedlungs. He coughed and choked on a gasp of air gushing into his veins. He kept panting, his face all red, his breath started to return to normal.

Fifteen years since he had the attack, only a few of them in the progress of years, but nothing this big. With sudden violence coursing through his blood, he flung the things off from the table in a loud banging crash on the floor.

How did he go back to that place again? He pulled the heavy table off from the floor in a pained grunt, the veins of his neck stuck out angrily,and he flung it upside down the table.

He wanted tohurt something. He wanted to hurt her for this. He pulled hard at his hair. A new hate and despise filled his mind. It was all because of her. It was her. How did he make her so important than a merepaltry business deal? He died watching the car go uncontrollable on the road. She shouldn’t matter to him this much. The vision of herdeath shouldn’t matter to him, but it did. It speared his heart and ripped open the vulnerability he had burried deep in an uglyexpose.

He pushed off from the mess and moved towards the library wall. He took out a file, opened it.The information given to him by hissecretary weeks back.Several of her photographs fell to the ground. Arjun stared down coldly. He tookout a cigar lighter from off the rack. He slid on his hunches, and picked up a smiling picture of her.

He clicked on the lighter, and a slow flame surfaced up. Arjun put the photograph over the blueflame. The corner end started burning up, and he threw it on the other ones. The slow burning immediately caught fire. The images started to turn into a slow ash.

His eyes caught the smiling eyes in one of the images. The yearning for her doubled and a moan of pain rose up from his throat. His nostrils flared looking into the softness of the hazel eyes, his lips quivered, his stare sting sharply in a pain,his breath shortened, the spearwoundsover his heart covered up in a thick icy layer, a last vulnerability slid down the corner of his left eye in a drop of a tear and fell onto the now all only blackash.

His bruised fingers rubbed the ash on the floor in a caressing whisper one last time and a second later he wiped off his misted eyes with the back of his hand.His body hurt all over because of the fall from the car, as he slid up painfully off the floor, but he froze in a lock down. A dreadful thought crept into his still shaken mind.

Just a day ago he took out the Camaro. Nothing had been wrong with it, Arjun kept thinking. How did suddenly the break fail. His heart stuttered sensing a ploy.

Somebody tampered with the car. But how?

He unlockedhis phone.

“Amal, get to know if anyone tress passed into the mansion premises and the shrubbery, and also I need to know why the gates were open. I don’t like delay in this. Get me the information right away.”He grated out through clenched teeth.

If someone was behindthis, swear to god in heaven, he would begoing into the depths of hell to find out who it was….his eyes glowered up and he snarled at the wall bearinghis teeth……..


Next up part- The Extremity Of His Coldness


Oh, welcome my dear dearest brutality….hahaha.


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