Story : Dispassionate



“So, you are leaving.” I asked, trying to control my tears.

It was not a question. I knew he was leaving.

He took my face in both of his hands. He looked into my eyes. His green were filled with different shades of intense emotions. I couldn’t or was not in the state to decipher what they said.

Even though his eyes were burning, his tone did not waver.

“I don’t know? Don’t ask me such questions.” I said annoyed to the core.

He chuckled and kissed my forehead. I hugged him tight.

He put his chin on head and sighed.

“I have to go, Mara, I need to find myself.” He muttered softly.

His tone borderlined to desperate. I knew he was too anxious. I had felt his restlessness since a month. I felt my eyes and nose sting.

“I know.” I whispered hoarsely. ” It’s very hard to let you go.”

“Mara, please, don’t cry.” He groaned and let go of me.

“I’m not crying.” I said defensively. ” Something went into my eyes.” I rubbed the tears away with the back of my eyes.

“Yes. Right.” His tone implied he did not believe me. He grinned down at me affectionately.

“Go then!” I shooed him away. I averted my face. If I see his endearing face again, I sure was going to weep and create a scene. I knew a cab was waiting outside the University gate. He was getting late and I was keeping him away.

He turned me around in his arms. I looked up at him. He was smiling broadly. God, he was enjoying having to see me have melt down in the campus.

“What are you smiling about? I hissed through the blurring tears.

“I wouldn’t go….” He paused and came closer. “Not before doing this.” He said huskily and slid his arms around my waist.

He kissed me. I froze. His lips were soft and warm. It was hot. I slid my arms around his neck. I stood on my tip toes, almost dangling, but I didn’t care. I kissed him back with every piece of my heart.

He drew back and put his forehead and attached it to mine, and took a deep breath. He glanced at me one last time, his gaze, green sea ocean, as he slid his gaze all across my face, as if remembering, creating a memory, then he closed his eyes, took a step back, turned around and left.

My eyes then watered, sobs rose looking at his disappearing back. A world growing between them….I cried then. Hard.

I gathered myself after a second and turned around too………


So, this is da story guys…a small part…hope u like it..plssss do tellllllll?!?!

I never got a story published anywhere dont have that much of writing potential. Just started putting up thoughts. Just want to improve myself dearies..and got ur love here. And not a professional writer too yaaar that much of talent is not exactly me haha 😀


Plss read dis story too yaar love u alllllllllll 😀

Credit to: kfar

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  1. Trust me fatha,while reading the story i felt i this writing style very familiar and was guessing on you bt didnt want to scroll down until i finished reading it! U are truly talented.dnt bash me bit i have a doubt since long do the hues of eye really change accorsing to mood bcos many fantasise this idea and umm like what is it real??!! :0

  2. Hi kfar, mind blowing, nice story. Keep it up… Eagerly waiting for the next episode. The way you narrate the story, the feel, the emotions, the heart melting scenes, it’s amazing. I don’t know how to express my feelings, I wish I could write like you. Keep it up… my best wishes are always with you… Love you loads… thanks for sharing your treasures with us, really appreciate… Please post next episodes of all your stories. I’m a biggest fan of you… Love you…. 🙂 keep smiling…

  3. super yaar farah…continue this….

  4. Sorry for the typos 🙁

  5. Dude … dis stori s is nice …. waitin 4 more …….♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ven vll u update drwn 2gthr ….????? Am goin mad 2 know wat happens nxt …

  6. Ur stories are different from each other. ……sorry for saying this I’m jealous of u(don’t feel bad) I love ur each stories very much….loved this story too….

  7. Nice story farah which is this story is related to mmz …..?

  8. Kfar I’m giving you a suggestion… You should write books…From now… Dear your story is mind blowing… My mood was little annoyed because of my studies… But you gave me a broad smile…Thank you…Thank you… Thank you…

  9. Hey farha. Pls continue soon the suspense is bewildering me.. And you rock! I have a request.pls post ur stories on too cos readers of that forum need writers like you n i know u will be a hit there too.i just want you to share your treasure with other people too.pls do consider it and sorry for bothering you so u alot tc

  10. Kfar ..u r amazing yaar…wat a potential u hav ..mind-blowing episode dr

  11. Thank u guys loads all of u tia, valli, Abbz, Roma, Brity, Devi and lulu( haha didnt mind lulu at all im stumped dats all) love u loads..u all are such nice friends who came here and read da prlogue gonna continue all stories pakka tomrw surely 😀

    and tia- hmm, eyes yes emotions se swirl hotehai der is light to it wen someone smiles or dark hojate hai wn angry. Actually da pupils dilate on certain levels of emotions. But wen it comes to stories yes thoda zyada extend hojata hai descriptions all in fantasy life hahaha and I didnt mind yaaar not al all 😀

  12. Like the other stories this is also awesome.Really I can’t tell how much I liked ur stories.Thank u for giving us such good stories.

  13. Farha I love alllllll ur stories…they r just amazing 🙂 keep writing…

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