Story : Dispassionate (Fun and Friends) Chapter 4


Chapter :4 (Apologies and Library Blues).

“Jen, hey I’m sorry.” I put on my best apologetic smile and flashed my dimples for good measure.
Jen says that my dimples makes the chocolate melt and even makes cute puppies cry, that being a little bit melodramatic on her part.

She folded her arms and glared at me for a full minute. I was struggling to contain my laughter. The students passing by glanced back a second time at us, they mumbled something among themselves and passed on to the corridor of the management class.

“People are watching.” I sing sang.

“Who cares.” She said and looked around. “You!” She pointed at a guy with large glasses. He widened his eyes and looked back.

“Yeah! You! yellow tee. What are looking at? Don’t you have a class?” Jen terrified the poor guy. I rolled my eyes.

He gulped, speed walked and hurried away.

“Yeah, yeah! keep walking you all. Nothing going on here.”

“And you.” She pointed her finger at me. “I’m still mad at you.”

“Jen give it up! You’re never mad at me this long.” I paused and my face brightened.

“Or do you want to miss grandpa’s apple pie and fig ice cream.” I continued slyly. “He is going to make it tonight for dessert.”

Her fierce expression softened a little. She gulped and opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her out.

“But if you don’t want to come its fine.” I looked sadly at her. “Grandpa will be sad but I will tell him that you’re mad at me still and didn’t want to come.”

I turned to go and walked forward in leisure. When I heard her move I smiled within myself in triumph. She bounded after me.

“Wait.” Jen came to face me and said urgently. “I’m not mad at you, I was only kidding.” She smiled sheepishly.

I laughed and hugged her as she hugged me back.

She stepped back, took hold of my hands in hers and asked me uncertainly.

“So, am I invited?”

“Of course, you don’t need an invitation. I will kill you if you don’t come along with me.”

I looked at my watch. It was 10:30 am. Time for Managerial Economics class.

“Eeeek! I’m getting late for my class.” Jen screeched in my ear. “Got to go Sar, meet you in the evening. Bye!” She hugged me once again and ran off.

I rubbed my ear and shook my head.

I made my way to the classroom. Accounting and Economics classes terrify me.
Two hours of the time and I get bored out of my mind. I block out the lecture and simply scribble down notes which consist of either drawings or pointless doodling’s.

Time passed as I moved from one class to another and it was already 4:30 pm.

I reached the library panting breathlessly.

“Once I get all the money I’m going to quit part time.” I mumbled to myself in frustration.

Even though I was cribbing about working in the library, I longed to be here. I don’t want to stand on a long stool and dust off the racks. I wanted to sit down and read a book in peace.
Oh! How wonderful it would be… if only I had the time.
I walked to the aisle of the wide wooden racks. The smell of the books remind me of the aroma of first rain on parched earth.

I inhaled deeply. I was bookish. I loved classic romances. Too cliché I know, But, Every classic piece was like a diamond.

I gathered a few books for stamping. About a dozen students were still lingering.
I looked at the watch again. The librarian wasn’t there.

I bit my lip and contemplated. The librarian isn’t here yet…hmm.
I smiled and rushed to the literary section. I took out a book I thought to read a while back.

I walked up to the reading table and sat on the chair. I opened the book in glee.
Soon I was immersed in the scene of the second page.

The chair opposite to the one I sat on got occupied. I heard it jerk back but I didn’t raise my head to see whom it was occupied by.

I turned the page of the book and looked up a second and back down again into the book. About half way across the line I froze. My eyes widened on their own. I zapped my head back up again.

I whipped my head with such force, I wondered it didn’t snap my neck in two.
I skipped lunch. My eyes were acting up and conjuring images so bizarre. The hunger was getting even with me in vengeance.

I blinked rapidly to let the green haze buzz out but it was still there staring back at me in serene silence.
I gaped then gasped and spluttered crap.

“What? Who? You? Uh, umm why are you here?” I squeaked out the words.
I took a deep breath and asked a sane question I could manage in calm and controlled voice.

“What’s going on? Why are you here? In a library?!?”.My voice started rising to normal again.

Jason leaned stretching himself on the chair more comfortably like it was a daily throne for his highness. He wore an open neck black shirt teamed with blue jacket and blue jeans. He looked really handsome. His black hair gleamed, some of the unkempt hair fell over his eyes. He kept looking around the library.

“So you knew about me.” He spoke the words in slow deliberation without looking at me.
I groaned. Man! Is he crazy? Think of him being royal and all, he sounded very much like a fifteen year old.

I opened my mouth to say something.

“Sarah!” A voice yelled out my name from afar.

I turned around to looked back at the entrance of the library. Two of the foreign exchange students who joined our class last year were walking towards us. Annette and Ademar stood beside the reading table both fuming in distaste. It might seem like they were buddies coming from the familiar grounds. Its impossible to believe, but both of them were sworn enemies.

My confusion was turning into bewilderment. I forgot about how hot Jason looked for a moment. I raised my eyebrow at Annette in question.

“What’s going on?” I asked again. What the hell is really going on.

I looked back at Jason. He only shrugged.

“Caroline, did you not attend today’s creative class no?” in a voice deeply influenced by French. She had an accent I envied. Oh hell! I looked at my watch again. It was 5:30. Damn! Yep I was already half an hour late to the class but what were they doing here?
What was Jason doing here?

She took out a small piece of paper. Oh no! there was ballet team selection today. All the students should write there names in chits and put them in a huge wooden ballet box. At the end of the week few chits are taken out and there! The ballet team.
She came around the chair I sat on. She slid down on the chair next to mine.

“Well, we couldn’t find you after the name announcement for the advertisement project and It was shit to know we were all together, not you but with other two.” She pointed at the guys and gave a disgusted look.

“And Ademar was arguing with me there. So, Prof. Andrews made it clear that we should find our partners and get on and find a topic for discussion or else he was going to rusticate us not only from the project but also from uni, then I have to intervene and drag these guys here for discussion or whatever they do in marketing class,”

“I wasn’t arguing with you. It was you who started throwing a fit,” Ademar said with a scowl. Even a scowl looked s*xy on his face.

I could piece everything together now. I looked at Jason who broodingly dismissed us all. What’s his deal? I looked at Anne. Anne was really very beautiful and ethereal. She was 5’7 and had tanned legs. She was glaring at Ade. Ade was openly ignoring Anne and looked so smugly smart. He was lean and wore casual the best. He was our uni magazine cover model.
I gulped. Crapity crap! We were the ballet team. Us all. I looked at them again. I’m going to fail this test. This was the best opportunity to get the maximum internal marks for this year. These marks were based on the students behaviour and the number of presentations, team work and group discussions. Most of the marks depend upon team building. To cut the matter short it was a gold mine opportunity for students like me. It would matter less to Anne, Ade and Jason.

External exam marks were beyond our reach, but this was too important to me.
And now I can see that slipping out of my fingers. I suddenly felt sweaty, nauseous and dizzy.

In my agony I forgot where I was and what I was doing. I jerked back to reality when I heard a loud argument.

“Je vais cracher sur vous.”

My eyes popped out at that. I learnt a little French in high school to get what Anne hissed out at a glaring Ade.
Translation: “I’m going to spit on you!”

“Hey! Fourmi fermez votre piege.”
Hey ant! Shut your trap.

Oh no! He did not just say that. I could only stare at them. The fighting stance. Anne put hands on her hips and Ade folded his arms.
Ade said those words looking down at her from his six foot height. He dismissed her with his left hand. He turned to leave.
Anne looked almost muderes. She turned him around violently and shouted in his face.

“Vous osez appeler moi une fourmi vous pigeon sans ailes!”
“You dare call me an ant you wingless pigeon!”

The students who stood near the opposite aisle to us started laughing.

Wingless pigeon?!? My face got red. I could only control my mirth to an end.

Ade stiffed at that and looked around.

He looked back at Anne and whisper threatened.

“Jure devant dieu! Que si vous me insultes encore”
“Swear to god! if you insult me again..”

Oh shit! All the laughter ended in my throat. I looked at Jason. He was watching them too in amusement.

“Jason.” I leaned on the table seperating us and whispered to him. He was doing a terrific job in ignoring me.
I looked back at those two idiots again.

“Oh non! Me grand gars va pleurer comments une petite fille..”
“Oh no! The big guy is going to cry like a little girl.” Anne said out loud in an amused voice and started to laugh.

Dammit! why isn’t anyone doing anything to stop them? The drama seemed to be going straight from a funny sequence to a crime scene.

Ade face turned to stone. He was looking at Anne in frozen angry stare.

I rushed towards them.

“Hey hey hey! Stop both of you please!”

Anne stopped laughing. She looked at me and started to say something. Before she could say anything Ade walked out of the library.

“I’m out of here.” He threw those words over his shoulder in english this time.
I turned to look at Jason. He was leaving too.

“Anne, I need to talk to you but I have to go now, I will meet you in the class tomorrow morning.” I said to her.

I hurried after Jason. I called out his name aloud.

“Jason.” His strides were much longer than mine. I couldn’t keep up with his pace.

“Jason, hey wait!”

He turned back to see who was shouting his name.

When he saw me he turned fully around and waited.

I reached him half panting.

“What do you want?” He half asked half growled.

Why is he angry? What did I do?

“Look about this project, let’s…”

He looked around frustratingly impatient with something again. Not surprising.

“Look. Honey, I don’t think I know you, alright. So, stop embarrassing yourself.”

What the hell..Who does he think he was? Prince Charming?

He looked at me coldly.

“What? What are you talking about? I was only…”

I was confused at why he was being so conscious now.

“What else would she want? She only wants your attention, Jase.” A smooth polished voice mocked.

Shit! Samantha.

I felt humiliation burn my face. I looked around. All the students I knew were gathering around.

She came up from behind Jason and stood beside him. She slid her hand over his bicep and held on. She looked at me smugly. Damn her.

“Give her a break, Jase. The poor girl could use an opportunity, couldn’t she? Are you bothered by her darling? I could do something..” She turned towards him. All this while he was looking at me intently.

His gaze started to burn my body.
He moved away from her and took a step closer to me.

“No. I couldn’t be bothered less.” He slid his eyes up and down my body. “It would take a lot to bother me…and she doesn’t seem to have it in her to do so,” He said nonchalantly.

“Why the hell is she still standing here?” His girlfriend’s posse muttered.

“Girls always throw themselves at Jason.” One of the girls whispered to the other.

“It’s so embarrassing to watch them trolling after him like easy sl*ts,” Someone whispered obnoxiously.

Jason stiffed at that. I felt anger course through me. I looked back at Jason with angry humiliated tears forming in my eyes. He looked into my eyes. I blinked. He kept staring.

“Sarah, hey I was looking for you every where.”

I turned around at Dustin’s voice. Thank God! I was about to burst in front of the library corridor.

He was smiling when he reached me. He hugged me and let go.
Dustin was wearing a ….yeah yeah I know he was drop dead gorgeous.

He looked at my face. His smiling face changed to a concerned one.

“What’s wrong?”

He looked over my shoulder and stiffed. I was so relieved to see him that I forgot I was being publicly humiliated.

“Its nothing, let’s just go.” I whispered to him.

He kept staring. I put my hand on his shoulder and shook him.

“Let’s go Dustin.” I said urgently.

Yeah..let’s go.” He looked back at me and kissed my forehead. He slid his right hand to my waist.

We walked away form the scene. The students moved back to give us space. I felt uncomfortable with the stares. Curious gazes.

I glanced back around to see Jason kept looking at something. He kept staring at something near my waist.
He turned around when his girlfriend took hold of his arm again. How perfect was his world. He could have anything he wanted. Anything. The most precious was the presence of his mom and dad. He has a beautiful life. He doesn’t need any scholarship to survive grad college. His girlfriend was beautiful and accomplished. His words hurt when he compared my appearance with those of other pretty girls. Mostly I didn’t mind about hair, make up and stuff. I wasn’t ugly or anything.

Ugh! blo*dy hell! Jason for messing up my head.

Chapter: 5. ( Fight )

I was deeply immersed in my thoughts. I never felt so alone. Even though I was with grandpa, Jen and Dustin I felt a deep sadness creep in my mind. I wanted out. I wanted to spend my time with the flowers. It was the only thing that gave me calm. Tending to flowers gives me so much satisfaction than being alone.

“Sarah? Hello? You there?”

“Yes oh, yeah I’m here.” I said to an enquiring Jen.

Grandpa looked at me too. I smiled in reassurance. He smiled back and kept the discussion going on with Dustin. They two were in it for a while.

Jen and I were in the hall across the kitchen. We sat down on the couch enjoying our fig ice cream.

Jen’s was the third cup.

“Tone it down Jen.” She glanced back at me and shrugged her shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” She asked. “You look like someone kicked your puppy.”

I sighed. “You know Jason?”

She stopped gorging down spoons of ice cream. She turned her eyes and attention to my me. I kept moving my spoon in the gooey melted mix.

“You’re talking about the multimillion and hotel heir right? of RHG.” I rolled my eyes at that.

“Yeah. Him.” I said.

“What happened with…him?” she asked in a deliberately slow tone.

“I was actually paired with him and with other two students for a huge market advertisement project.” I said it in a breathless rush.

Jen looked aghast.

“Oh my god! You..and..him… what?” She spluttered finally.

“Yeah, trust me I don’t want to but…” I was startled to a stop when Jen screamed.

“Shhh! Jen, what the hell! ” I looked back to see Dustin and grandpa were still deep in conversation.

“You and Jason…so hot!” She seemed to go in some sort of world I couldn’t reach.

“You two, the new hot pair of RHG.” She sighed dreamily. A smile lit her face.

Oh, hell Jen has finally lost it.

“We are doing a ballet project not playing the characters of Romeo and Juliet in theatre.” I said in a flat tone.

“Yeah whatever! Just use the opportunity to get close to the most eligible bachelor Sar.”

“He was such a jerk Jen!” I said fiercely.

Jen looked at me in question. Her blue eyes gleaming.

“Tell me everything.”

“He was talking nonsense about how I was stalking him and all. He created a huge scene at uni, It was so embarrassing,” she nodded at me to go on.

I spread my hands and stood up and started pacing.

“Actually I happen to come across him near the flower shop the other day…and then the next day the ballet box thing happened.”

I continued pacing.

“And he insulted me.” I gave a tired sigh and sat down on the couch.

“Ugh! He was frustrating with the stalking thing.” I gave her a worried look.

“What do I do Jen? This project is everything to me, and if I fail this then I miss the opportunity for next year’s merit.”

“That jerk! I will cut him into pieces if he ever comes across me.”

I smiled. Always so blood thirsty.

“Change places with other team then.” She suggested.

I noded uncertainly.

“You know how Prof. Matthew is, he doesn’t like me much.”

She looked at me and took my hand in hers.

“Sarah hon, you know you’re very hard working. Everything is going to be fine. You’ll obviously find a way.”

“Yeah.” I said feeling a little confident already.

“What do you think they’re talking about.” I tilted my chin to the kitchen area.

Jen smiled.

“Oh, I think Dustin is still angry with me.”

I laughed.
“Yeah he would be, wouldn’t he, after the stunt you pulled at him.”

“But he wouldn’t be mad mad at me for long.” She got up.

“What are you going to do?” I asked her suspiciously.

“For God’s sake Jen! Don’t do something stupid,” I said in alarm.

“Trust me I wont.” She said aloud over her shoulder before disappearing into the kitchen.

I sighed and shook my head in defeat.

I got up too and moved my feet towards the kitchen.
I passed the hallway and saw Jen and Dustin.

Jen seems to corner Dustin to the wall. She had her arms around his neck. Dustin had his hands down her hips. She pushed his neck down to kiss him. She already was on the move. I turned my way to the kitchen.

“Grandpa, thank you so much for dinner.” I reached for him and hugged tight.

“It felt like ages since I had good food.” I said to his chest.

Grandpa let go and looked me up and down.

” I can see that, you look so thin honey. Stop eating that canteen and hostel food,” He flicked his big arm around in disdain.

“That tasteless junk food is going to hurt you youngsters. You got to eat good.”

He looked at me endearingly.

Even though he was 5’7, he looked fit and didn’t have any minor or major ailments. But, I sometimes fear that something is going to happen to him. That fear was terrifying, and I felt guilty for not being here and taking care of him. I’m going to do all that and more once I was done with Uni.

“I miss you here and in the shop. Find some time for this old gramps dear,” he joked.
I smiled. My eyes misted over. I cleared my throat.

“I will gramps, as soon as I get cleared of the projects and exams.”
“I promise to stay here with you all the while…till you get so tired, you’re gonna have to throw me out to get rid of me,”

“That’s never going to happen my dear.” he nodded his head and started clearing plates from the dinning table.

“I’m gonna help you with that,” I said and took the plates from his hands and put them in the sink.

“Always so helpful,” He said those words smiling. “Just like your mom,”

His voice turned hoarse and I felt sad. He rubbed his eyes with the fingers.

“Where did those two kids go?” He looked around.

Those kids sure have things to do. I cleaned the plates from the sink and put those in the dishwasher.

“There you both are,” grandpa said went to them.

“Young lady, you keep disappearing when I intend to talk to you.” he smiled at Jen.

“Come on gramps! You are getting old, you can’t keep up the pace with me,”
Jen said it laughing at him.

They disappeared in the hallway talking.

I folded my arms and looked at Dustin.
He was looking anywhere else but me.

“You done ignoring me Dust?” I asked him finally.

He sighed and walked towards me. He had a tattoo around his wrist, a tattoo on his back stretched on his neck. It wasn’t a design. It was a bird, a phoenix I guess. He had it done last year. And now in the light purple tee with half sleeves, it looked fascinating.

“No, I wasn’t ignoring you Sar,” He said and sat on the kitchen chair.

“Then why are you avoiding my eyes,” I said matter of factly.

I moved from the kitchen counter and sat on the chair opposite to his.

“Dustin, what’s going on? What were you talking about with gramps,”

He looked into my eyes. He seemed pissed.

“Nothing is going on, Can I not have some privacy in my life,”

“No, with me you can’t have secrets. You never tell me anything,”

I was getting worried. He gets into trouble pretty easily with his temper.

Dustin did not have an easy childhood. He was a foster kid for fourteen years, until he moved with his new family next door to us, When my mom and dad were alive. Later on we became best friends. We applied to the same college. We go way back to his anger and to my grief. He has issues he never shares. Not even with me. Whenever I ask about his childhood he gets uncomfortable and changes the subject and goes back to his nonchalant self.

“You’re going to talk Andrews! Right now,” I was not budging not even a little.

At first I let go. I know It hurts to go back in the memories but, the least he can do is share his worries.

He laughed mirthlessly.

“You’re not going to leave me alone are you.” He stated to the table.

“Eyes, Andrews,” I said.

He looked up at me and stared into my eyes and I stared right back. He looked really good today. He smiled and I did not fall for it.

“There is nothing going on Cara mia,”

“God! Dustin can’t you just trust me with it..whatever it is..please,”

“No,” he said brusquely.

I grimaced. It stung. Fine then.

” So, there is something?,” I waited for him to say anything. At least a word. I didn’t get any reply. He sat there in silence looking much like a dark angel. A very…well built angel.

“You know what Dustin, I never thought you would be so coward with feelings when you were the one always telling me to show them,”

I bit out and got up.

He glared at me when I was done. He got up and slid his fingers in his hair and pulled at the strands. A sign of frustration.

“No. I didn’t mean that…Jesus, Cara! I don’t owe you any explanation. Can’t you leave me alone for once and get a god damn life!”

He was breathing heavily. He waited as if bracing for something. His eyes showed regret the same instant.
I was surprised. This time, it hurt deeply. My face morphed into hurt.
I hid it.

“Oh! Trust me I’m getting one and don’t worry I’m taking it far away from yours right now,” I said those words shakily and tried to go.

“Cara! Wait!…” He caught my arm. I removed his tight fingers off my arm with mine and walked away from him. I need to breath a little fresh air.

I reached the front door and was about to open it when I was called from behind. I blinked away the tears that were threatening to come out.

“Cara, where are you going?” Jen was smiling. “Gramps was telling me one of his stories, and…” The lingering smile left her face once she glanced at my eyes.

“What happened?”

I tried to smile.

“I uh, I got a call from one of the customers for the flowers,” I took my coat from the hangers and opened the door.

“But, Cara..,” I cut in before she could say anything.

“I’m sorry Jen! I will talk to you later..tell gramps I got called for work… please,” I said hurriedly and rushed out.

Chapter 6. ( Accident )

I reached my flower shop in haste. When I got in and switched on the light, I was gasping and panting. Goodness! Did I just walk all the way.

I sat down on one of the chairs. I felt anguished that Dustin was so adamant on not sharing his problems that he lost control and started blurting out such crap. Was he my friend ever at all? Was everything an act to him? Was I so involved in this dear friendship so much that I was blind to see he was faking it?

These questions were hurting my head. It was all dark outside except a few street lamps. Everything was closed out. I stood and walked near the showcase window.

There were a few flowers in a decorated basket. There were only red roses.
I took them out from the wooden box. I bend down and slid out the basket from the large open box.
I took out the roses and cut their ends with the scissors and put them in a pink glass vase.

I poured a little water in the vase from the sink. It was a small space with a wooden door just opposite to one of open window.

I started cleaning the area even though it was clean. I sighed.

What was I doing?

I should go to the hostel. I cringed. The warden is going to kill me with her questions.

I closed the door of the shop and locked it. I put the keys in my purse.

A loud noise jerked me violently around. It was the sound of a car blast or something. I gulped.

I walked down the lane slowly. With shaking hands I clutched my coat tighter around myself. The breeze was very cold.

I hurried my walk, then started to run down the street and took a right turn to the road.

Oh My God!
The street light was blinking, but I could make out a car.

It was a red Camaro. It lay broken. Its front glass was strewn all around. The car seemed to be rammed to the lamp post. Heavy fog of smoke was coming out of it.

My breath caught in my throat. It w..was!

My hand went to my mouth. It looks like Jason’s car. Crap! Shit!

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” I kept muttering.

I came around to the front of the car and froze.

My eyes widened. I gaped.

Jason was unconscious, blood was dripping from his forehead to the steering wheel where his head lay. I suddenly felt nauseous and dizzy.

The pungent smell of burnt tires made me gasp out.

“Oh my god! Jason,” I screamed out his name.

I ran to the car door. I pulled and pulled but it seemed to be locked or stuck.

I beat my hand on the glass and tried to wake Jason.

“He couldn’t wake you dumb fool! He is unconscious,” I told to myself wriggling my arms in frustration.

He would die of asphyxiation, if he was not pulled out from the car.

I looked around down the road and found a rock. I cried out in triumph.

I looked up and prayed to God to help me. I lifted the rock in one hand and broke the the glass of the car door.

I reached my hand inside and pushed the handle. It opened instantly. I pulled Jason out. He was dead weight.

I felt for any other injuries but it just seemed only his head. His breathing was thin, I got worried that he had internal injuries. It froze my blood to think about it.

What do I do?!? Oomph he was too heavy. I couldn’t carry him like this.
I have to use my car to get to the hospital. I hoped I can pull it off. The driving. Yes, I do have a car which I never use. I let it be parked near my shop. Dustin and Jen always use it, So it sure was in working condition.

“Jason,” I shook him. He grunted in pain. His face was covered in blood. My dress was soaking too.

I put his strong arm on my shoulder and put my hand on his waist and walked to the side of the road. I lay him down. I felt for his pulse. It was very weak. He lost so much of blood already. I panicked. I should call an ambulance but depending on the situation I though better of it.

I searched for the key in my tote bag. I always carried them, I hope they were there. Finally I found them in the front zipper.

Thank Heavens!

I ran for my car. It was there near the street. I forgot to think and speeded the car to where Jason was laid out.

I got out of the car. With as much of brute strength I could muster, I half carried and half dragged him to my car. He was much taller and broader than me and it was difficult to buckle him in the seat.

I drove him to the hospital. As soon as I reached there. The emergency doctor squad took over and admitted him to intensive care.
I waited with baited breath. Hospitals have such deep sad aura. The memories tried to surf up in my mind. I squelched them. It was not the time to have a break down.

When taken in emergency his belongings that were in his clothes were given to me. His iPhone was in my hand. I unlocked it and called his mom’s number. It rang and rang. I left a message about his accident. I called his friend too. They believed I was his girlfriend Samantha who was giving them a panicked call, and I did not correct them, because frankly everything was such a shock to me.

He looked so alive with his normal weird attitude just hours ago, now he looked lifeless and vulnerable.

I paced the floor. I felt too flustered. I needed coffee. I walked down the stairs. There was a coffee machine in the waiting room for visitors of patients.

I grabbed a paper cup and and put it under the filler. The smell here was disturbing. I could here the siren bell of the ambulance. I saw the team of doctors move around with a mission at the entrance.

I saw two stretchers brought in. A man and a woman’s body. My vision blurred. I couldn’t breath. I turned around and took the elevator instead of stairs. I leaned my back on the wall of the lift and slid down the floor.

I was sweating alot when I reached the room where Jason was admitted. So much for getting coffee.

The doctor who was treating Jason, came out.

I stood up.

“Doctor! Is he okay?” I asked hesitantly. “Is he going to be fine?”

The doctor was a middle aged man. He looked like a jovial guy.

He looked at me through his spectacles and smiled.

“You’re the kid who brought in the accident patient, right?”

“Yes sir, is he going to be alright?” I persisted.

Why was he playing twenty questions with me? Was Jason going to die? Was he in coma?

“Are you the patient’s closest relation?”

“I…I’m his girlfriend,” I dragged those words out.

If I have said that I was nobody to Jason then the doctor would not give any information to me.

“Oh, right! Young love,” He smiled again but I just maintained a poker face.

“He is doing fine. Other than a concussion and few broken ribs, he is good. He is being kept under observation for a while. A normal procedure for injured patients. Still, he needs blood though. His blood group is rare kind, B negative. Our supply of it just got used up.”

He paused for me to understand what he was saying.

“But, not to worry! We have a very good team, and I promise that your boyfriend is going to recover just fine in two weeks proper,” He nodded at me and turned to go.

“Doctor, but my blood is B negative too, I would like to help.” I said more calmly. I was relieved that Jason injuries were not really serious.

He stopped and turned back to look at me. He really was looking at me, observing for something. It was making me uncomfortable.

“Are you sure?” He said in a serious tone.

“Yes, yes I’m doctor.”

“Then so be it.” He said and smiled at me.

“He is very lucky to have a caring girlfriend.” He said that and left.

An hour later I was lying on a hospital bed beside that of Jason’s. My blood was transfused. I was told to rest for a while. A glass of orange juice was given to me. I laid there and was thinking. Where the hell was his family? Where the hell were his friends?

I got up. I felt a little dizzy and unsteady on legs. I moved towards his bed. He looked so innocent and sensitive and also thin. Didn’t he eat proper?

I sat on the chair beside his bed. I kept looking at him. I felt a sting in my eyes. I lifted my right hand and dropped it back in my lap.

I hesitantly lifted my hand up back again and put on the fingers of his left hand. I slid my fingers into his. Everything was so confusing. The fight with Dustin, The accident, The hospital.
When I saw the blood covered bodies…I couldn’t take it anymore.

I felt immense grief hit me. Tears spilled from my eyes. I cried silently. I put my head on the bed and folded my fingers tight with Jason’s.

God! What was I doing? He was Jason. He was practically a stranger.

I lifted my head up and wiped my tears away with the back of my hand.

“I’m so sorry! I’m usually not so emotional. I don’t want to cry over you.” I laughed through the tears.

“But, this stalker girl just saved your life.” I laughed again. “I don’t know why you think I’m stalking you? Maybe it happened to you before or whatever that is but, I’m not stalking you. You know, a lot of girl come to uni to study and have a career after it, not to go after guys who are rich or something. What you say is just so immature and bratty…”

I shook my head. I’m having a conversation with an unconscious guy. Great!

“Whatever is your’s your problem.” I looked at his face.

He still looked really very good, even with the bandage around his forehead. His hair was falling over it. I looked down at his naked chest. The hard planes of abs. There was a long white bandage around his waist. I looked away. He reminds me of James Lafferty from the show One Tree Hill.

Oh, crap. I should just go now.

Chapter 7 ( Morning Coffee)

I tried to move my head to the side and realized I couldn’t move. I opened my eyes slowly. I blinked. It was not my room. I tilted my head. What the hell?

I realized I was in a hospital with an injured Jason lying on the bed. Everything came back with a jolt. I got my head off the bed immediately. Oh, it hurt. I rubbed the back of my neck and craned it to either side. I was wearing the same jeans and pink half sleeved shirt I wore yesterday night for dinner. It had dried red splotches. I got to go home. I hope gramps isn’t there or else he would start asking questions.

I looked at Jason. He was still unconscious. The doctor has also said that he would be as such for a while. I hope that he would get well soon.
I still had my fingers folded with Jason’s. I unfolded my fingers hastily and drew back my hand. I set right my hair. I had it straightened yesterday, now it sure was all tangled and messy.

I should get going. I got up to go. I glanced down at him once again. I reached to move his hair aside from his forehead. I bent down and kissed his cheek. I straightened immediately. What was I doing?

I took my purse and got away from there. I took the elevator. When I reached towards the entrance of the hospital, I saw Samantha hurrying up. Thank God!

I was relieved that his girlfriend was there. The hell! Yesterday when I looked for her number, it wasn’t there. I mean, there was no name or anything. Strange! How did she get to know? Where were his parents?
Seriously, what’s up with that?

I reached my car and drove home. When I saw the front door was locked I released a deep breath.

I took out the key. Hurried inside and closed the door. Time for the shower. I got into my room and took out some fresh clothes and got into my bathroom.

I felt refreshed. I slid my fingers through the wet tangles and jerked the remaining water. The droplets of water slid on the kitchen counter.
Why did I kiss him….well! Not him but his cheek. I put my fingers on my lips and blushed red.

I jerked back to the present. I grabbed my coffee cup and poured the steaming brown swirling liquid in it. I inhaled deeply…aha coffee!

The door bell rang just then. I wouldn’t get a rest would I, not even for a minute.

It rang again and again.

“Oh, stop with it!” I shouted. “I’m coming, I’m coming. Jeez!”

I opened the door.

Dustin stood there with two of his arms put on either side of the door.

I just kept staring at him with half opened door. He looked back at me and up and down my body. A look of relief passed over his features before it turned annoyingly passive.

I gave him a look that said I was still mad at him.

“Go away!”

Even though it was morning he portrayed a look of supermodel. A model who just got out of a casual wear television commercial.

I tried to close the door. But Dustin put his foot to prevent me from closing it.

He put his hand on the door and pushed it wide open.

Fine. Let him do as he wished. I couldn’t care less.

“Real good Dustin!” I said with sarcasm. “Do barge in, it’s your own house.”

I walked towards the kitchen. He followed me there.

“Where’s your cell?” he asked in a very calm tone. I halted in my walk. My cell? My cell. Where was it? In my purse or somewhere. Heck! I just don’t even remember checking it.

“ maybe somewhere in my purse. Why?”

I was spun around before I could think why?

“Why? Why?” He growled getting his face closer to mine. “Because I was calling you last night and you weren’t even lifting it. I got worried and asked Jen and she said you were at the flower shop for work and I knew it was bullshit! There was no order and you weren’t even there. I went to your hostel and guess what? You weren’t there either. Then I panicked that you maybe lying dead in some ditch in the middle of the night or raped or attacked and there was no one to help you. I was searching for you all night on the streets….So, that’s why” He thundered furious with each word reddening his face.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes there was such terrifying calm in them. His blue eyes were burning. I gulped.

“So, help me god before I lose my mind…tell me where were you last night?” He asked the last seven words fiercely.

I was struck dumb at his words. He was searching for me. That means he cared.

“Caroline,” he used my full name and, jerked my arms which were still held in his, painfully tight.

“ are hurting me,” he looked down and back to my eyes. He released me and moved away. He took hold of my coffee mug and leaned on the counter.

“Hey! That’s mine!” I protested.

He gave me a look that said ‘shut up’. I remained silent. Why would he care? He made it damn clear yesterday that he had nothing to do with me.

“Now that I see you’re obviously fine and not dead, are you going to answer my question or stand there like a statue.” He took a sip and said those words flicking his gaze my way.

“I was helping a friend,” I said evasively. I didn’t want to disclose anything yet. He might lose his mind again. He hated Jason. Don’t ask me. I don’t know why, but he did, with a vengeance.
Dustin put the empty cup down and narrowed his eyes at me. I avoided them and sat on the kitchen chair.

“What friend? Do I know this ‘friend’? Were you so involved with helping that you forgot to lift my call or even leave a message informing at least that you were fine,” he was getting angry again but was trying really hard not to show it.
He turned his back to me.

“You are so lucky I didn’t call the police or Grandpa Steve,”

Oh, shucks! I didn’t realize I worried him so much. I sighed and got up.
I hugged him. His back to my front.

He stiffed.

“I’m so sorry! Dustin. I didn’t know you were worried or I would have called you.”

He sighed. His hands went to mine which were wrapped around his waist.

“Don’t do that again,” He warned in a husky tone.

“Alright, my caro.” I cooed.

Dustin stiffened. His body started to shake.

He turned around and burst into laughter.

“Don’t..don’t use that word.” He croaked out between chuckles.

I smiled widely. Yeah I sounded weird, but it was good to hear him laugh.

“Why shouldn’t I?”

He stared. His smiling countenance froze.

“Never mind. See you later.” He cleared his throat and straightened.

“But, you just got here.” I frowned.

“So?” He gave me a flat look.

“So. Its been a while we hung out.”

He paused and looked back at me in question.

“Come again?”

I rolled my eyes.

“We should hang out more often.”

He frowned.

“Are you alright?” He put his hand on my forehead.

“What are you doing?” I swatted at his hand.

“Cara, you forgot about college? Oh, my god. This is going to be THE news on the campus.” He chuckled.

My eyes widened. College.

I was late. The project. I gasped out aghast.
“Oh, my god.” I shrieked.

I pushed past him and ran for the door.

“Caroline.” Dustin yelled.

I heard his foot steps. He slid hand around my waist.

“Cara, you’re going to college dressed like this?” He whispered in my ear.

I looked down at myself and closed my eyes.

He turned me around.

“Look, I will take you to college okay, no need to get worried.”

I gulped and backed away.

I smiled.

“On your bike. Sure. Right. Never going to happen.”

“Oh, come on it will be fun.”

“Its alright, I will mange somehow. Now shoo I need to get ready and..uh I have some work at the shop so yeah.”

He narrowed his eyes at my stuttering.

“Are you sure?”

I rolled my eyes at that.

“I’m not a kid, Dustin, I can take of myself.”

He smiled and shook his head.

“Yeah, I know that. That is the reason I knew you were fine last night but I couldn’t help worrying.”

He hugged me and let go.

“See you later in college, right?” He warned me with his eyes.

“Oh, my god Dustin, just leave already.” I whined.

He raised his hands up in surrender.

“Fine, but take care.” He looked like he wanted to say more.

I waited.

He hesitated for a second, his eyes spoke of uncertainty but he just kissed my forehead like always and stepped back.

I heard the front door close. He still was hiding something from me. What can I do but just wait until he decides to confide in me.

I put my note books and texts into my bag. It was tuesday, so only marketing and financial accounting notes for the day. I walked up to my car and started it. It was a blue Nissan Ultima, grandpa helped me buy it. I didn’t have the guts to drive it first, actually driving any car freaked me out. I was surprised Dustin did not see the car.

If he had seen it then he would have made me spill out everything which I didn’t want to.

I drove it to my flower shop. The weather this morning was amazing. I felt a lot better than the night before.

I took some pink, white and orange coloured Peruvian lilies and wrapped them in brown paper.

It was already past ten and I missed the managerial economic class. Well, thank god, because if I had attended the class Mrs. Webber would have entered my name in her record book.

It was a daily ritual, Mrs. Webber would ask about every day’s NASDAQ value. She would ask each student the questions about the prices of commodities, like oil, gold, silver, agriculture, meat and live stock and how did the market close and so on. if we failed to answer it

We always have to be up to date or else it would affect the percentage of our attendance and it will automatically affect the semester marks as well. So, it was better to be absent than be humiliated by the professor.
Doesn’t matter if we attend the class. Mrs. Webber is very strict when it comes to the subject. Her tone and manner rakes shivers down the students body if they ever are in the point of her focus.

I didn’t get to search the internet or the newspaper so, I was kind of saved by skipping the class.

I reached the hospital where Jason was admitted last night. Taking the flowers in my hand I hurried towards his room. I saw through the glass window that he was alone. Only few hours I saw Samantha hurrying here, but where is she now?

I should be leaving before anyone arrives.

He still was unconscious. I opened the door and closed it behind me.
He was a little pale. The blinds were closed and there was no sunlight streaming in.

I opened the windows altogether and put the flowers in the vase kept on the bedside table.

Now, it all looked better.

I sat down on the chair beside the bed.

“Hi, how are you?” I smiled and then I grimaced.

“Sorry, not well I guess, but anyways I… hope you get well soon.” I stared at him.


The silence was resounding. I didn’t know anything about him.

“Can I be impertinent and ask you a question?”

He looked so lonely and I felt a little sad for him.

“Never mind, I was being silly. So, um…you shouldn’t be speeding up while driving. I have seen you being reckless on the streets and.” I stopped mumbling.

“Oh, no I’m not stalking you really. I actually have a small flower shop which has a direct view to the main road so yeah that is how I met you first that evening.”

I glanced back at him again. He lay passive and I was mumbling on.

“I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression as I wasn’t really getting your attention. But, its fine. It was just a confusion and I hope we’ll become friends.” I laughed. “Of course you’ll put a restraining order if you get to know that I want to be your friend. I know I’m not your kind of ‘friend circle’….” I air quoted and continued. “And its ridiculous really to think as such.”

I paused for a breath.

“You’re you and I’m me and we are quite different and why will you… hell what am I going on about.” I asked confused.

“I’m so sorry, I don’t normally talk like this but..” I looked at my wrist watch and panicked.

“Oh, my god we just missed the financial accounting class.” I got up and paced about. “Well, it wouldn’t matter to you, would it? I mean you are one of the toppers in the class.” I accused him and sat down again.

“How can you manage without actually attending the class? You got ninety five marks out of hundred last semester and its quite a wonder.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I don’t get a single thing even though I’m a regular student.” I whined some more.

I leaned my hand on the bed and observed his face more closely.

“I always wondered if you were a vampire, you know because of your ability to score hundred percent each time. I didn’t know that vampires could actually read..uh not until you came along. I only see them posing as students and I don’t see them grabbing a book from the library and sitting in a corner to study with peace and quiet around….they don’t do that in the movies and television series anyway…because some how a werewolf appears from around, those two growl at each other and the fight starts without any reason.” I whispered.

“But, you are not a vampire as vampires don’t stay injured, they heal super fast. It would have been interesting if you were one.” I leaned back and concluded in a disappointed tone.

The blue hospital clothes looked weird on him. His hand was in a cast. A white bandage around his forehead. His face haggard. I don’t know how his ribs were. I mean this was not the place he should be right now.

All this happened to him because he was driving faster than the normal speed of his vehicle.

“You wouldn’t have been lying here injured if you were careful on the road with your car….instead.” I thought.

“Hmm instead you would have been in the college canteen gorging down the lunch stuff…dubious looking gooey stuff…uh whatever that you pick up. How can you eat it?” I gave him a disgusted look.

Two hours I spent talking random nonsense. This and that, round and round in circles about college, coming to the same point as before and also taking a promise that he should be careful from hereafter. So, I finally had nothing left so say in the end.

I possibly might have gone crazy. He was unconscious and he can’t listen to my nonsense, so it was all fine.

I prompted out a see you later and left reluctantly.

I only had time for the afternoon classes to attend.

It was the talk of the town. The news of Jason being injured in an accident was like wild fire. I think the professors were also discussing it in the morning class rather than taking the classes. I got to hear it from the girls in the canteen hall. I remained silent. I couldn’t eat anything.

But when Natalie, one of the girls whispered about someone helping him out of his car, I coughed out the water I was gulping down from the bottle.

“You alright.” She asked me in concern.

“Yeah, I’m good, you were telling about..” I croaked and wiped my mouth.

“Oh, yes.” She abandoned all concern about me and proceeded with the story.

“So, Samantha was with Jason when the accident happened. She got him out of the car and took him to the hospital and she even gave him her blood because he was bleeding a lot. She stayed all night beside his bed in case he needed anything, oh how romantic is all this. I have heard about a boy saving a girl in distress. I didn’t know Sam was so nice. She proved me wrong.” Nat smiled dreamily.

“They’re both perfect for each other. I think they should both get married after this.” She beamed happily.

I blinked at her.

“How did you know all this.”

She gave me a duh look.

“Well, everyone is talking about it and the doctor himself told it to his mother that his girlfriend is the one who brought him in and..”
I tuned her out.

Oh, right.

“But, how did she get where Jason’s car was crashed?”

Nat frowned and picked up the ketchup dipped fry.

“I don’t know, who goes into such details. The only thing that is known right now is that, Jason is alive and Sam saved his life.” She concluded and popped the fry in her mouth…..

Credit to: Blue

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