Story : Dispassionate (Fun and Friends) Chapter 1-3



~Chapter- 1( Family)~

The morning was bright and the gentle breeze played with my curls. Its deliciousness filled up my lungs as I walked down the lane. A smile touched my lips when I entered my flower shop. It was named after my mother. Lizbeth’s Spring. It was the only thing that I had of my family. Mom and dad had died six years ago in a car wreck. The driver coming from the opposite end had rammed his truck into my dad’s car. The driver of the truck had been not even drunk, but a sober. That accident had taken everything from me, everything of me, everything of what would be me, but still mom had taught me to live every moment with new enthusiasm. She never would have wanted me to live in depression and I had been, for a very long time.

It’d been a dream, a hallucination perhaps, but I’d felt them around me. A protective shield that one absorbs when living blissfully among family. It’d been that I felt, the rush of emotions had been exhilarating. A wave of nostalgia had blinked millions of images and memories that shaken me up and I’d staggered back after the moment. One thing that I’d indeed deduced the fact had been, Mom and dad weren’t very happy about the way I’d turned my life into nothing.

I’d felt a deep sad wave passed over my body, as if they’d been sliding their fingers in my hair and sighing unhappily. It’d made me realize something, that life was too short for resentments and grief. Dad, actually, my step dad had wanted me to complete my graduation and pursue my dreams.

I hadn’t known about my real dad and I still didn’t. It’d disturbed mom every time I mentioned about him or tried to get to know about him.

It was not like my step dad had been a bad parent, he’d been a great dad. I only knew that my real dad had left us when I’d been born, reasons unknown. I thought if he could leave his wife and child behind without a backward glance then he really was not a father or a good person. He should have come to mom and dad’s funeral but he hadn’t. Were we that hateful to him that he didn’t even try and maintain a contact with us? He was my father, how could he leave me? His child. Didn’t he feel any emotion towards me?

So yes, that was about him, a box of complexity, I never wanted to open it ever. It hurt to think about how easily he wiped out our existence from his life.

My step dad had given me everything that I needed and I was blessed to have had both of my parents love. Our life had been perfect and mom had had a very philosophical view about life. “Be happy, live completely,” She’d used to say this quiet frequently. I missed her smiles, her easy laughter, her tender care and hugs, and dad’s mock scolding. I missed them a lot.

I’d known, it might seem to be crazy, the depressing hallucinating dream that I’d had of them, but I’d felt them and cried a thousand tears. The tears had been salty, they’d been sad, they’d been happy and they’d been hopeful and then, I had had enough of my own destructive ways. Grandpa was dealing with the pain too. He’d lost his only daughter and son-in-law.

And I had been so selfish to think to be the victim of bad fate. What about him? He was as lonely as I was. Perhaps, I couldn’t have bored to face the truth of not having my parents with me. So burying myself in reckless grief had been the only option I’d chosen. Losing them at the vulnerable age of fifteen hadn’t helped. I’d become resentful, hateful, fury at God. I’d ignored grandpa’s pain completely then, and how selfish had I been. I’d moved into my grand papa’s house to be with him and make sure that he and I could face the world together. Grandpa had been ecstatic to have me back to myself.

Since then I’d vowed to never be miserable and pathetic. I’d taken care of everything, gotten cleaned my parents’ house. It’d been painful but I’d done it. I couldn’t live like that anymore. We’d moved from California to Philadelphia where grandpa lived.

So, here I was in the most prestigious of universities for MBA to graduates in BBA. But, I was on scholarship and worked at the uni library in the evenings, and as well as weekends which left me bereft of having any personal life. Between uni work, studies and my flower shop, there was next to nothing that I could call anything personal. It was strange but I couldn’t care less about it anyway.

The University was huge. The students were numerous. There was a clear distinction between the intellect and style of clothes. Each separated by knowledge, status and society. The knowledgeable were a few geeks and the stylish were billionaire heirs. The society butterflies moved and breathed in groups.

There were also humongous hive of other grads from various fields of technology and science. They had their own separate campus. There were five different buildings and each building had six to seven floors. And in it, Dustin was the closest friend that I could ever have. I at times would stay in the uni hostel for the students. It was so big and lay stretched with lots of only female students as it was strictly for girls only, and Ms. Martha was even more a strict disciplinary authority of the hostel. I wondered if she ever let her hair down, like literally as she always tied her hair in a tight bun. It would give me a head ache whenever I saw her or her hair. She wore clothes a governess put her money on. I didn’t know what her deal was with me. She was rude and obnoxious whenever I was around the corridors.

I was cool with everything. But had to work part time to pay the fee for next year of college and I was really working hard to establish a stable account of money. It was getting hectic by each passing day but I enjoyed working and studying as well. It didn’t bother me a lot anyway.

When I’d applied to the University, they’d assured me of a scholarship for a year taking into consideration of my impressive credentials. But, had to find a way for next year. I’d agreed completely and been baffled they even thought of me as a merit student. It was indeed a dream come true.

I did hope Dad was smiling down at me from up there. I hoped he was proud of me.

I finally made his dream come true. Dad hadn’t graduated and he’d hoped that I would do it for him, live his dream.

~Chapter-2(CupcakesAndFast Cars)~

I’d had a hectic day listening and noting down paragraphs dictated from the lecture of my least favourite subject, Financial Accounting. It was such a sad subject if you had asked me. I hated numbers and accounts, debits and credits and such. After completing the work and sorting out books in the library, I’d become dog tired.

Walking down the aisle of the street to the side of the road, I reached my flower shop. A smile lit my face and all the lethargy left my body. It had such a calm effect on me. Taking a step by the front door, I walked in. It had a small bell attached to the place of wind charms.

Jenny was there still tending to flowers, arranging them in fresh bouquets. Immense concentration was written on her expression.

“Hey! Jen”, I said.

“Oh my God!” Jen screeched. “You scared me.” She turned and ran towards me.

I braced for the hit. Umph! She did jump on me.

“God! Jen, you see me every day.” I gasped as she stopped my breathing with the impact.

Jen was in junior year of BBM, and she did have ample of time having had done with the exams of first semester. She offered to help me in managing my shop. Yeah, I had a small staff of working, but Jen had insisted on managing it so I’d complied, reluctantly.

“Sarah I missed you! Is that for me?” As usual, Jenny was always jumping with boundless enthusiasm.

Jen was really pretty with black hair and porcelain skin and all. Standing at 5’4, she rocked that body. Simple jeans top and skirt looked spectacular on her. She had great taste in wedges, flip flops, shoes and oh my God! A huge wardrobe full of those all. Yep, Jen was in the category of rich kids but, she was sweet, lovable and grounded. Not like those brats of Rosemary High Grounds, in short, RHG twilights.

I gave her the m&m’s I’d bought for myself.

“Yep! It’s for…,” Before I could say ‘you’ she snatched the packet, tore it open, then shook the cover over her mouth hurling all m&m’s into her mouth. Right on she was making loud crunching sounds between her teeth and I understood, there going my favourite treat. I wondered where all that would go she was eating as she seemed so petite.

“Okay.” I sighed tiredly and sat down on a chair. I slid off the college bag from my shoulder, then threw it down on the floor.

“You know Cara, you should rest and cut down the library work,” Jen said looking at me worriedly.

I smiled, thinking how she could be cute and grown up at the same time. “Yeah I can but I can’t do it Jen. It’s the tuition and college fee for next year that I should gather and I’m not getting rich.” I glanced at her in self mock reproach.

Frustrating it was, but it was the truth. I should suck it up and just be a little patient and then I would be free and could live more leisurely than before.

“That’s what friends are for, right? To share your worries and problems,” she told, wriggling her eyebrows hinting at something.

I rolled my eyes at that. Come on! Not this again. We had this talk like every day.

“Jen, let it go. How many times do I have to say this? Friends don’t use friends, that too rich ones. I can’t mooch off on you.” I continued after a thought. “Everyone would say that I’m making use of your being young and so on.”

Jen looked annoyed and scowled at the ‘everyone’ comment.

“Who cares about everyone, really? It’s such a backward thought, here is the modern times, honey, and it’s time to bring out the revolution.”

“I do mind.”

“Sar, no you don’t.”

Jen informed me, having conducted full-fledged experiment in studying Caroline Parker James thoroughly.

Irritated at that. Feeling more tired and winded, I drew a breath and said in a weak tone.

“Maybe not, regardless it hurts nonetheless.”

“Hmph! It’s so exhausting to argue with you. I like it. The attitude, your stubborn pride is so sweet and salty like those almond cookies that your grandpapa makes. Oooh yum!”

Yep, you’d heard it. Grandpapa would bake all kinds of confections, almond cakes, chocolate cakes, cookies, macaroons, red velvet cupcakes, pastries and what not. He had a small bakery shop across the street. I especially loved the jam and cream filled cupcakes, the jam was made of figs boiled in rosewater, blended with tarty sweet raspberry juice…Yeah, yummm.

I got off from the trance of cupcakes with a jerk. Back to Jen.

Good manners were so not Jen’s woe. She’d gotten a lot fiery, to make a point; either good or bad, it didn’t matter with society norms to her. Only if the other person was rude or complete evil did she scare people with her attitude, otherwise Jen was as sweet as jam, and there she really was rubbing off on me. With a touch of cynicism along with a big foodie to the list, it all would describe her moods and shades. Comparing people with food was her forte and a hobby.

“So, how is Dustin?”

“He is good, hmm didn’t you…,” I paused and looked at her with narrowed eyes, remembering the canteen scene and completed the sentence quietly, “…throw the whole cup of orange juice you were drinking from in his face, at lunch?” I nodded.

A grin appeared on her face. I stared. Dustin was no geek, I tell you. He was lean and at 5’10 height, he could dwarf Jen easily. Heck! He easily could do to me as well at the height of 5’5 that I’m, but when she’d thrown the cup as well in his face, it’d been comical to watch. He’d stared and stared, the whole canteen had gotten silent and it’d been kind of scary and hilarious situation. Perhaps, she too had felt the danger vibe coming off from him as in the next moment Jen run from there, as if the very devil had been chasing after her.

That had made Dustin to move.

“I’m gonna kill you Jennifer Juniper Louise! And then I’m gonna bury you underground,” he’d yelled and had kept yelling all the way long before disappeared after her.

“Seriously Jen! You are grinning? I can’t believe you.” I shook my head, “Why did you do it?” I persisted impatiently.

“He was talking to that doozy lexie, he ignored me completely.” Scowling more fiercely than before, she flung that question accusingly. “Why does he do that?”

“Whoa! Stop scowling okay, I don’t know about that, but isn’t he older than you and you might be having a teeny weeny bit of teenage crush on him…,” I continued to explain her.

“Hey! He is not that older and I have seen him noticing me.”

Looking smugly satisfied, she crunched the m&m’s wrapper in her excited wriggling fingers. I gulped, thank God, that wrapper was not my flower.

“But he is in senior year of my batch and I’m his junior and you.” I pointed at her. “Are way junior to him.”

“And I’m not saying that I’m against it. I don’t hold such thoughts of age thing if it’s only a few years difference, but what if he thinks in such way?”

“What? Does him now! He shouldn’t worry about that, I went out with far more older guys.”

She wriggled her eyebrows suggestively. I bristled at that. It was always a joke to her.

“Look Jen, Dustin may seem to be chilled out and jocular to everyone but he is rather a sensitive guy. And I think if he gets involved like seriously, it would break his heart if you’re only playing with him after all,” I rushed the words guiltily.

Dustin was my best friend and I couldn’t help being protective of him. He helped me get out of the depressing thoughts most of the time. But if he got involved with Jen…Oh! She was so young, she didn’t realize he was far more broken than I was. He bore more scars than I did, and it was the exterior, that was a camouflage of his nature, the flamboyant personality to hide his pain.

But he was a nice guy, very dependable friend and a brother I never had.

“Wow! You really are his friend than mine, aren’t you?” Hurt written all over her face.

Oh, crapity crap!

“Jen, no it’s not like that…” I tried to explain.

“No, its fine, I get it. Listen I have to rush okay.” She fiddled with her phone not meeting my eyes.

“Will meet later.” She hugged me and bounced off the chair and hurriedly walked out of the flower shop.

And I just sat there looking after her. Damn! I messed it up, I could have explained to her differently.

I hurt her to try and protect Dustin, I snorted as if he needs protection, It was her that I was protecting. I should apologize to her later. Right now its of no use. she is such a sweet kid, depending on the circumstances she grew up, its highly impossible to be like so sweet when one’s parents ignore you completely.

Going off on exotic destinations leaving you alone for Christmas is so harsh and heartbreaking.

When she turned up at my grandpa’s house looking sad and hurt, it broke my heart. Grandpa and I didn’t even utter a word about it but embraced her and started our celebratory dinner. As the night wore off with grandpa’s food travel’s amusing stories, her smile grew and she looked content and happy though, at times she had this shadow of sadness hovering over her.
I gave her time to come out of her shell and confide in me. And later after a month she burst out all her problems with her father and mother after a troubled phone call.
I never heard her talk in such way at all before that incident, just monosyllables like “Yes father, no mamma.”
It was like the whole of Jen was missing in the conversations with them.
Then later when I stood there contemplating whether or not I should stay, She turned around at the same instant. I saw her face without the cheery mask, it was contracted in hurt, tears brimming she lurched and hugged me tight and sobbed on my shoulder.

Incoherently she said her mom and dad never cared. Never asked if she was well? How were her studies going on? If she needed them here?

I stood there and hugged her giving the needed confidence a friend can give. Since then our friendship grew. A kid sister was all that I needed and my family was complete. Yes, Jen and Dustin were my family and friends as well.

Dropping my head on the counter I looked out of the large glass window of the shop. It was the best evening, blissfully right and quiet. I loved it here. The sky darkened.
As I was lost in thought, I missed the distinct familiar purr of car zooming past the road, accompanied by three more Camaro’s.
I rolled my eyes and stood up and went towards the window to watch the commotion that always starts at exactly…I looked at my wristwatch, 6pm.

Jason Carter, both of his parents were renowned restaurant owners, their chain of hotels stretch across the country. His father was the major financial donor and board member of RHG. His mother was a socialite and co-owner of Plaza hotel towers, and Jason was the heir of multimillion wealth. Behind the wheels of the other car was his girlfriend. His group of hangout were charging the road with vengeance. Seriously, why do they speed up like that. I get worried and sweaty thinking that they would end up in a ditch or get crashed to pulp. Its ridiculous! I have zero emotions when it comes to such people but it triggers something.

I tried to calm myself by closing my eyes and counted to ten, exhaling and inhaling.
I opened my eyes just when Jason twirled his car violently and stopped.

Holy crap! What was he trying to do? Self induced suicide?!? The other cars speeded at his car ready to collide.

I shrieked.

The cars sped up more and jerked to a stop with a screech… just a tiny inch from Jason’s.

Oh hell! I might have had a mini heart attack at that.
The damned fool got out of the car grinning like a dufus.

He wore preppy clothes. He was 6’1, just a little inch taller than Dustin but leaner in comparison. Jason has dark ebony hair like mine whereas Dustin’s was dark blonde. The former is pale looking and the later is heavily tanned, this was because he was always racing on his Harley Davidson in the sun with a different girl plastered to his back each week on it. He worked pretty hard all summer in a bar to own that boy toy. Dustin was rough around the edges with a hard mean jaw and Jason was posh and smooth looking guy.

I don’t think they are a lot different. Except from different backgrounds, both love cars, bikes and girls.

I tend to compare every other guy with Dustin, as he was the only one guy who I hang mostly with.

I share every class with Jason Carter but we were like seas apart.
The classrooms were so huge and the students in each class like hundred and by it you can get the situation.

When I joined my MBA class in RHG campus I was fifteen days late and there were already groups formed.

The rich stylish twilights, the bookish, the unknown, the consistent, the not so stylish and ‘the-rarely-seen-only-present-when-semester-exams’ kind.
I was in none, I made friends with four girls and obviously there was Dustin, whom the girls gush about and get annoyed with me for being his ‘friend’ as they quote. The girls think I was being secret in dating Dustin. I tried and explained that I was not his girlfriend, but they have there own ‘Sardust’ gossip…where I dread to tread in that area. So, I rarely hang out with them.

I tried to tell them that he was like a brother to me, but Dustin stopped me with an annoyed glance.

“There is no girl my sister except my blood relative and seriously, it would hurt my reputation Sar, don’t you go there and say such things in public, especially to those cute girls you hang out with.”

He smirked and I braced for something dirty coming out of his mouth..

“A girl can address as I her brother ma petite, after I’m done..’eth’ with her once.”

He mimicked in a bad Victorian accented English.

I grimaced and groaned.

“Ugh! Dustin you’re such a pig.”

He chuckled and laughed at me

“Ugh! Cara you’re such a prude.” He teased mimicking in my voice. I glared and tried to throw a glass vase at his head.

“Whoa! Careful with the face…it’s a million dollar worth darling.”

He ran away from the shop when I told him that I was seriously going to hit him with that and it’s not a joke.

“Oh! You’re no fun Cara bear.”

He saccharine sweetly pronounced the nickname I so hated that comes out from his mouth.


Every time I see Jason, he either was involved in a heavy make out session with his girlfriend or bike racing or car racing or just visiting the campus for a while. When he seem to attend any class, everything goes helter skelter in his presence. A tune plays time and again, a song croons in the background of the sighing minds of RHG girls as he gets out of his camaro, Rihanna sings Rude Boy’ in sync with his glances. He walks and strides leaving girls in a puddle. I blink and blink to come out of the trance.

And it becomes a soap opera sequence.

His girlfriend, Samantha Andrews, beautiful and blonde. She was 5’7 and super hot with zero personality, It’s not the physical attribute, its the nature. Her mother was a fashion store owner in L.A. She obviously got her mom’s looks and clothes. Part of her nature was royalty. I never have seen her lose her cool or throw bad attitude around. She was not like too screechy and shrilly, but quiet cold through and through, this I can say with experience.

Jason grinned and reached for her, sliding his one toned arm on her shoulders, which she shrugged off in annoyance, she stood there wriggling her arms in a delicate manner of a princess, maybe exasperated about his behaviour. Maybe pissed at his reckless driving. Whatever her nature might be she seems to be quiet in love him.

Yep! Let’s get going Sarah!

~Chapter- 3.(Tulips and Introductions)

The flowers for the day were sold and only few were remaining looking alot sad not owned by anyone.

I cut the stem ends of the tulips, wrapped them in a paper cover letting the flower part in open.

I sorted out the counter where flowers are cut and arranged in bouquets and baskets each morning, I cleaned the area with a rug and put the empty wooden decks inside the compartment of flower deck showcase. Then I closed the blinders of the two large windows of the either corners.

By the time I locked the door of the shop it was 7:30 in the evening, and I was so hungry I could eat a horse.

I took hold of the tulips in one hand and slid my bag on the other shoulder. The books in the bag were very heavy, and there were loads of assignments to complete.

I grimaced at the amount of pending work I set aside. I sure have to pull an all nighter tonight.

The street lights were dim. I was about to cross the road when a car zoomed up in my face, eyes wide I froze, my heart lurched forward.

Oh god! I was about to die!!

It halted with a jerk and in second time of the day my heart had a mini heartache.

The car door clicked opened and there stood Jason right in front of me. I didn’t even see when he got off from the car and moved, its like my muscles froze in fear. Oh,man! Had I had paralysis attack or what.

I never saw Jason up close and personal and he seems to shove his face in my vision.

The fierce countenance jolted me back with a gasp. He said something twice but my ears seem to ring.

” Hey! You alright?” he asked again.

“I’m good, its fine. Its just shock.” I croaked out an assurance. I looked up a minute later.

He most certainly was bristling with anger and annoyance. Huh? shouldn’t I be the angry party?
I was about to blurt out something about his driving before he beat it to me.

“What were you doing in the middle of the road?” He let out the words impatiently.

I narrowed my eyes at his tone. It was gravelly and forbidding.

“I was walking.” I replied blandly. Pointing at the signal I kept going.

“And the signal is green and you obviously were breaking the rule.”

Adjusting my bag I observed that he seems to be in a hurry and I clearly was an annoyance he was trying to get rid of. A deep essence of cologne wafted over me, I inhaled the air. It was warm and his body heat hit me with a confidence, an assurance and safety. It irked me. He irked me. His green eyes narrowed and slid across my features, my eyes, my nose, my lips and down my body and up back again in a lazy drawl. I flushed up in discomfort.

He glared at me. He wore an open neck white shirt and blue jeans.

“Or maybe you should check the road before crossing it.” He said that in finality and turned to go.

“Or maybe its hard to digest the fact that you were breaking the traffic rules or maybe you could have killed someone today, but what does it matter right.”

I said it in finality and turned to go as well.

“Arrogant jerk.” I muttered under my breath in frustration, I was right about assuming his impeccable nature.

It only took a moment and I was spun around in a circle. my arms were caught in much stronger hands pulling me up.

“What did you say?” Jason growled. I looked up to his glowering face.

“You heard me.” I hissed struggling to get out of his band of arms.

“Oh! I heard you.” His glowing gaze slid more curiously and down…oh god not again. His inspective eyes made me uncomfortable.

His breath hit my forehead, I could only reach his chest, how could I have a shoulder to shoulder with him when he seems to tower over me with his 6’1 height.

Oh I hate it so much, when guys do that, look down at me.

I like to be equals not seem like a tiny minion in comparison. But I seem to have a stunted growth, mom used to get worried about it. She made me drink various dubious looking concoctions. I had to close my nostrils with my fingers and drink up. IShudder to even think about it.

“Interesting.” A voice seem to penetrate through the fog of my mind.

“What is?.” I asked coming back to the present.

“Now that you have got my attention, what’s your next move?.” He took his hands off me slowly.
His smug deep drawl of voice slid through my being like honey.

“What move?” I asked mesmerised by the way his whole lean body shined in the yellow street light.

He smirked at my reaction. Oh shucks!

“Hmm though you look quiet different than the one’s I go for.”

He slid his hand down lightly touching my arm, the tingling sensation started a fire.

I gasped and jerked back.
“What are you talking about?” I asked more confused by my behaviour than his dubious questionings.

“Can your eyes get any rounder than before, must say you seem quiet an actress with those brown imploring eyes, and I never got a girl yell at me before except……”He looked down at me and shook his head.

I gaped.

“Are you implying that I’m too screechy?” I raised my voice again.

Oh, hell! Its all his fault. I never raise my voice at anyone. Dustin would have taken me to a hospital if I did throw a tantrum at his face.

He laughed. It was low and rumbly and it vibrated into me.

“Don’t put your words in my mouth, darling.”

He tilted his head to the left side and leaned down to look more closely, it made his green eyes more luminous and dark forestry. what was he trying to see I didn’t know. His jaw set firm, he looked mad. I was baffled by his change of moods.

“Trust me, I had far more beautiful and gorgeous girls throw themselves at me and babe they sure did a good job at researching me than you.”

His tone reeked of mocking and loath. I grew hot and angry when he said ‘babe’ in that insulting tone. His comment about me being ordinary did not hurt. Look at his girlfriend for once. She is beautiful and I was far from it. People say I’m cute in appearance but never beautiful or pretty. It annoys me. Little kids are cute not twenty something’s.

I spluttered at his juvenile thought. Why would I research about him? His whole life was a gossip column of RHG campus. I don’t need to research about what he wore the day before. Whom he talked to. Or what his words were on that day or this day. I just need to speak up his name, and the usual excitement starts with the girls being over anxious about how he was and what he did.

To say I was shocked at his words was beyond it. What does he think? That the whole world revolves around his world or his friend’s? I felt disgusted.
It made my mouth drop and close like a fish. I scowled and had to bite my tongue to let out some really great sarcastic words.

“Trust me. You will be the last person on earth I’ll everset a research on.” I said dryly.

His eyes dropped to my mouth when it opened in shock. It stayed there for a moment getting more darker than before.It dried my mouth as I had to slid my tongue to wet my even more dry lower lip.

He stepped back immediately which made my step falter and I was surprised how I was leaning towards him.
He cleared his voice.

“What’s up with the bag?” And after a moment he continued. “You a student?”

“What?!?” I whisper gasped.

I reeled back. Oh my god! Five years of sharing all the classes in business management and he didn’t even knew his fellow classmates.

Was he for real?

Why would he care to know anyway. He rarely attends any class. I wonder how his grades were high. It’s a mystery.

“And also what’s with the flowers?” He nodded his head towards the flowers I held in my hand which were clutched tightly and protectively to my chest.

I forgot about them. I rubbed a red tulip petal between my index and forefinger.
He chucked huskily.

“Some one dead?” He joked. My whole body stiffed.

I hate it when people associate flowers with death and funerals. Flowers have more character than people do. Their depth strongly misunderstood and disapproved.

They either were dispassionate or a profession of love and friendship. Each variety of flower spoke for it self. It does not personify a human emotion, a very complex creation of God.
I did hate flowers too at one point of time. All around, there were tulips and white roses at the funeral of mom and dad. I later came around these.

I shook my head.

“No. I should get going, its getting late. Now, if your game is done, should I take your leave your highness?” I asked in the similar mock tone he used on me.

His eyes captured mine and stayed there as if assessing the change in behaviour.I closed off every emotion from my eyes. I’m sure my brown eyes looked flat. Years of practice. I turned to go.

“Is this your way of getting my attention? by running away?” He asked in a frustrated voice.

What the hell..

I spun around. My head was really spinning with all the spinning around I was doing today.

“Hey! Look here Mr. Whatever.. I wasn’t trying to get your attention okay.” I finally was loosing my patience with him. I very much wanted to throw things at his head but, heck! there isn’t a rock around the street.

And why am I having a pointless conversation with this guy in the middle of the street? Hell if knew! I turned to go. This time I ain’t turning around again.

And what the hell was he is doing here still? Wasn’t he in a hurry to leave before?

“Wait!” he ordered. I stopped walking. I turned around. Yeah I did. Again. Let’s gets this over with once and for all.

He started to walk towards me.

Great! Now what?

He came close and closer. He stopped right before getting into my space, what in the world was he..?
His hand came closer to my face. My eyes widened. Is he going to slap me? I closed my eyes.
Then it moved down the flowers I was gripping tight. I released the tightly breath. What?
He plucked one tulip, and cut short its stem.
His eyes held mine all the time. I was mesmerised by how smooth he was. How his long fingers broke off the stem.

He drew the flower out of the paper cover and his other hand slid my long black hair behind my shoulder, then he tucked the flower in my hair just above my right ear. It burned when his fingers moved across the sea shell button tops I was wearing in my ears. I shivered, it seemed like he felt it too ,his deep inhaled breath said so. My white floral sleeveless dress rustled in the evening air.

“Perfect.” He husked out a word. That one word held me still.

How long was the moment I didn’t know. It broke like a shattering of glass when a car honked behind us.
Holding my eyes he backed up, I looked at the space stretching in length between us, He slowly turned around. He got into his car without a backward glance and roared away.

The moment left me bereft, cold, alone and lost. Yeah. No crap. I certainly felt all those things. It left me bemused and shivering. It was probably the chill in the air talking.

I walked away too.

I slid under the covers of my hostel bed and sighed. The whole night I was busy writing notes and preparing assignments of three subjects. My favourites were Good Governance and Business Law.

Most of the students hate BL as it has loads of years, dates and articles to remember. The managerial disputes in the industries talk about the inequality and uncertain relationships between the authority and personnel. What would you do if you are called to solve the problem between the two? How will you create a third solution where the company policy is not harmed and the employees, supervisors and hand personnels were satisfied too.

What do I do? Team building perhaps. Get the loyalty of the workers, make them see if they stopped working it would cause a lot of unwanted losses to them and as well as to the company. It should the responsibility of the company too to make the employees happy. This was the reason why perks, extra benefits, tours across the world and shares in the company and free coupons to renowed stores makes the employees grounded to the organisation.

Talking about organisation, Our head of the department, Prof. Richards was inspiring. He was the most funny and well experienced person in the industry work. His subject was Organisation and Behaviour.

Whenever we sit down to take notes as the lecture goes on, the topic strays from one to another and finally reaches to the Industry visit we took a few months back. I give up each time and put down my pen in defeat and listen to the story of our oh, so an awesome an educational tour. The industry was very hot inside and blasted cold air when entered in cabins. We crossed the full blast ice rooms of tools to heavy machinery sheds. The hot and cold buzzed my head and left me disoriented.

There were four industry sheds each bigger than a ship, We had to walk all the way long, the day was blistering and burning, but Prof. Richards never got tired, in fact, he looked more like a little boy in a candy store pointing at various machinery parts he had explained earlier in his class. Most of the students were heat stroked and the remaining of them looked half dead to the rest of the way around. I couldn’t note down a fig. Everything that I noted down was blurry and disfigured, I couldn’t understand a word I had written in the little book I carried later on that day. It was all because I was thirsty and soaked to the bone with sweat.
Obviously, Dustin gave it a miss and when I told him about the event, He laughed his ass off as all of the tour students gave it a miss to the next day of Uni too.They all probably were hospitalized.

I completed my work and pinned all the assignments papers, there were twenty two bond papers for all three subjects. I sighed in relief and rubbed the back of my neck.

A familiar ringtone started playing. It was the ringtone of ‘Mission Impossible’ that Dustin has tuned for his mobile number. It was embarrassing the number of times it rang during the afternoon classes.

I groaned.

“What?” I barked.

“Whoahoho! Some one is cranky tonight.” Dustin’s amused voice flowed through the phone connection.

His voice was a soothingly sweet mix of familiarity and I felt like a b*t*h for being snarly.

“Sorry! I’m just tired and I just want to sleep.”
I apologized.

“No.” He paused. “You sound more tired than usual…what’s the matter, cara mia cutie pear?”

I snorted unlady like and guffawed loudly at his change of nicknames. His creativity at this was amazing. Maybe it’s because of his long list of girlfriends.

“What are you laughing about.” He chuckled….


To be contd…

Before you go all berserk over me about not updating the ones I should update….i request one thing. Please read this story too. This is a complete story that I have. Which I had written a few months when DostiYaariyanManmarziyan started…so yep.

Right I know, lot of similarities huh with Forever And Always and also from various stories. Haha, like I said before I had taken a lot of threads from this story and put in random another ones of the ones I wrote later….

I surely will update dt1 and dt2 but time guys. Time. Gotta write those when im in leisure ?


Credit to: Blue

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