The story of cycle, scooter, bike and car ( intro )


Hi guys, I know you all will be confused seeing the title of my ff ?. First I want to say that the characters in my ff is also as weird as the title. Those who have read my other ff swasan the kidnapper , don’t think this story will also be like that. It is really a completely different one. Many people had said that my they like my writing style. I had wrote that ff fully as Swara’s pov. But this one is a really simple story. There’s no mystery, suspense etc etc. It’s just 4 persons who are weird in their own way.

The story will revolve around some social matters and also a little politics will be shown. The story will be set in Kerala. Before starting it I want to clear that all the characters are imaginary and if you find any similarities with real persons it is a coincidence.

But I borrowed the characters from some movies, but the story will of course be fresh.

The main four characters are Aryan Aradhya from Krishnadasi and Swara Sanskar from Swaragini. The story will not show any resemblance from the both.of the shows except the chemistry of the couples Swasan and Aradhyan

I don’t how long will this ff continue. But I will continue as long as you all support me.

Pls do tell me if you like my concept or not . Waiting for your replies.

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  1. Haha. I loved the title totally. Looking forward for the next update. Its interesting Ash.

  2. Hi ash. I leave in Kochi kerala. I hope u inspired the title from the scene in which the title of the film Bangalore days is shown

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