Story: Clouds Of Dark (KYY fanfic) Chapter 2

Clouds Of Dark

Chapter -2

Clouds Of Dark (Irreverent Souls) By- Blue

After her adventure in the woods and also peeping into the neighbour’s, Nandhini was done with the adrenaline pumping high in her veins. It was enough for a month. Thank god that dad did not find out about it nor Neeve had a mind to think about her odd behaviour of the previous night. She shivered thinking about the day before. What the hell was staring at her then?

She sighed and looked across at a strained Neeve and her silent father. Mom was equally quiet. Except the clicking of the fork and spoon over mom’s expensive china none spoke and dinner was utterly amazing.

The gloomy atmosphere around the dinning room just tensed her nerves more and dad broke the strain and made it even more worse.

“Did you apply for the job I told you about last night?” He asked Neeve in a gruff stern manner.

Nandhini almost choked on her potato salad. There we go. Not a day spared until this happened.

Neeve straightened and looked nonchalant while cutting a piece of steak with his knife and he pushed into his mouth wth his fork.

“No.” He replied bluntly.

Nandhini closed her eyes. Can’t he just lie.

Dad put down the fork. Oh, no, no, no. He was too grim and grave these days. The lines and angles over his face sharpened and she gulped hard. She looked at mom who grew even quieter.

“One thing I told you to do and you can’t even keep up with it?” He asked pensively while his voice turned mocking.

Oh, geez, come on now.

Neeve put down the fork too.

“I didn’t find the firm any good.” He said carelessly, and looking father straight in the eye.

Dad pushed back and laughed humourlessly and looked across at mom who seemed to inside herself.

“Do you see your son, he looks me in the eye and had the dare to talk back? Careless and Reckless fool.” He said derisively, and getting agitated by the minute.

He looked back at Neeve and that’s when Nandhini grew even more tensed.

“Just like how he killed his own brother with it.” He sneered.

“Dad!” Nandhini cried out, and sucked in a sharp breath.

Neeve smiled ruefully but the hurt in his eyes was too apparent and painful to watch. He pushed back his plate.

“I’ll just go f**k myself then.” He muttered under his breath before he walked away with shoulders bunched.

Nandhini’s eyes stung with painful tears.

“How can you be so cruel, dad?” She asked looking back at him angrily….”I was there. It wasn’t his fault that we lost….” She started to say but a ball stuck in her throat suddenly.

Dad shook his head looking all regretful yet defensive.

“At least he wouldn’t be careless in the future.” He muttered quietly and got up leaving the table.

Mom got up sighing.

“How can you listen to all this, mom?” Nandhini questioned her.

She looked back at her and looked utterly sad and forlorn.

“Your dad isn’t wrong, Nandhini.” She said quietly.

Nandhini moved back sharply affected by her words. The look on mom’s face shattered her. Everyone blamed everyone but they did not think once that constant fights would not bring Rohan back. She remembered that night. Neeve was a little drunk but he wasn’t careless. He was chaperoning both her and Rohan to party. Rohan was a year younger to Nandhini. They had such fun and then in the car. Laughing and joking when suddenly out of nowhere this car came fast and hit theirs hard. Everything went blank after that. Except her coming back to life in a hospital.

The car was flung far in the woods. Neeve and Nandhini were found but not Rohan. They said that his body might have thrown into the ravine. The family that was so chilled out and cool just broke apart after that. Neeve with his demons. Nandhini with a large scar on her arm and at times woke up with panic attacks that crimpled her almost days in the bed. Dad changing altogether and mom going into a shell.

Neeve had moved out after he turned legal. He had a job yes but which dad disproved heavily. Neeve was also attending college and doing simultaneously numerous jobs. Since he was all grown up and stuff dad time and again interfered to send him to various interviews which he never attended nor he gave a crap. That lead to fights when he came over home weekly.

She sighed and got off the chair and looked pathetically at the ruined dinner. It was always the same when Neeve came home. Not once was he spared. Nor was she.

She hurried upstairs and turned a left from her room. She reached Neeve’s and barged in without knocking. She froze and her widened looking at the broken vase and the decorative cups. She looked across at his fisted hand and then at his back. His shoulders bunched and he was at the window.

“Neeve…bro…dad is just…” She started but he turned around just then.

He had on the shadow going on over his face. The haunted wild speedy in his eyes. She did not like it one bit.

“Dad is what? Dad is right, isn’t it.” He sneered and pulled at his hair.

Nandhini moved towards her brother.

“No. He isn’t right. He is just frustrated that you wouldn’t listen to him.” She tried to explain but failed when he looked even more furious.

He laughed and was breathing hard.

“Of course he is right.” His voice went from high to a painful grunt.

Seeing that her eyes started filling. She was afraid he was going to be reckless again. Ever since the incident Neeve got into some dangerous habits. He would go into these car racings and various adrenaline pumping fights. It chilled her bones each time to think of what he was always trying to do. He was trying to kill himself. Out of guilt. Out of hurt. Out of the eternal loss of their brother. Because he couldn’t save Rohan. They lost the most happiest person in the world. Rohan was all that and good. He had been the calm buffer in the family and now he was gone.

“No.” She cried out in a broken whisper….”It wasn’t your fault.”

He looked at her finally while his eyes moved over scarred arm. And his eyes started swimming but his jaw ticked and anger rose flushed over his face making it red and furious.

“I gave you that and I killed Rohan. Dad is right. Everything is my fault. I was driving the f**king car!” He said in a growl, before he walked over the pieces and moved over wardrobe.

No. He was not leaving like this.

“Listen, Neeve. Please don’t leave like this….” She tried to move towards him, but he slashed his hand.

“Stay there.” He warned her.

She stayed back and watched him pack his clothes. When he reached the door he looked back much serenely now.

A warmth slid over his face.

“You stay good, munchkin. Don’t get worried. I’m going to be alright.” He pacified her in a grim husky voice.

And before she could wail and fly into his arms he walked out of the room and down the stairs.

She stood there helplessly and in tears.

“But, Rohan is not gone…” She whispered.

During the two years of his loss Nandhini found evidences of that. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe Neeve was right that she needed therapy when she tried to convince him that Rohan was alive. But she knew. Oh she knew. They used to play a game he and Nandhini. A game of putting tracks to find each other when playing the disappearing trick on each other in the woods. But it wasn’t here. It was in their hometown. This place was exactly similar looking though. The coloured marble stones. Both of them used to put those as a track in the soil for them to find each other.

Nandhini found the stones one day in the woods here. At first she had been too shocked and disturbed. Realization dawned on her later and she hurried to find Neeve. When they arrived at the place where the stones were before, the track that had been there disappeared altogether. Neeve had given her a serious reprimand. Since then she kept that to herself until kept it a secret. Until she finds out the truth behind those stones. Two things came to her mind. Someone messing with her. Or it really was Rohan. If it was Rohan and was alive, the question was why wasn’t he coming home to them? Or that he might have been a captive?

All these thought had made her mind boggled and at times she lost sleep over it. If Rohan was alive then she was going to bring him home. At any cost. The thought made her so hopeful. The nightmares did not come to her any longer.


The next morning Nandhini got up yawning heavily and sleepy eyed. She winced looking at the time. Ugh. Monday morning. College. Classes. Boring. She got off the bed anyway and treaded her way sleepily to take a bath. She found herself brushing her teeth first and later washing her face. That almost wore off the sleep. Almost. But the bath completely took it away and she felt rejuvenated for the day.

She wore a black tank top and blue faded denim jeans. She put on a long sleeves denim coat and moved towards the window. Her eyes slit open half and narrowed on something over the trees. A gasp escaped her lips. Her heart started racing fast and sudden fear curl around her mind. It raised goosebumps over her skin. Dear god the coloured stones. Heavens help her had she really gone crazy. Her fearful slid around the eerily silent woods. There wasn’t anyone. Except a deep black fear that covered a sweat over her body. She stared into the trees where sun rays didn’t fall. The dark in it sent shivers down her spine.

Was someone messing with her but who? Nobody knows the trick but Rohan and her. She hurried out of the room and pumped down the stairs. She ran out of the house and moved closer to the woods.

Her heart leaped into her mouth looking down at the stones. She blinked several times. The square pattern. The stones arranged. Exactly similar. She peered into the trees but her feet did not move an inch. She was suddenly afraid.

Nandhini mustered up some courage and drew down on her knees. Her shaking hand moved towards the stones and she one. A horrified gasp escaped her lips. She moved back on her feet fast and she rubbed her fingers. Dear god, the stones were real. Her mind did not play tricks here.

“Rohan.” She whispered and looked into the woods.

First a square then a triangle to right circle and I find you. This was their trick. She looked down at the square which had at one point an extra stone. She followed with her eyes the pointed direction was into the woods.

Oh no no. She wasn’t going into the trees. Last night scared the day light’s out of her. Now. No. Never. She wasn’t going there. Nope.

She bit her lower thinking hard. But what if it was Rohan. If he needed her help for finding him out. It was either that and she was going to therapy next day itself. It was enough torture of this. She might gone crazy. For actual now.

But these stones. Did her mind make it up. She tested it by pinching herself in the arm hard.

“Ow.” She muttered, and rubbed her stinging skin of her arm.

Yep. It was real. Her mind was not making the stones up. Nope. If Rohan was trying to say something with this she needed to be there for him. She looked pensively into the woods and then she ran back inside. She barged into Neeve’s room and got into his large back hoodie and hurriedly wore it before covering her head completely. Now she felt safe. The hoodie almost covered her whole till her knees.

She ran down fast and walked towards the stones. She looked down at where it was pointed right into the woods. It started drizzling suddenly and a sudden cold circled around. Great. These weathers here. She rolled her eyes. Shook her head. Took a deep breath and moved feet into the area.

She walked fast breaking the twigs and immersing her shoe clad feet into the wet dark red soil. Her hands slid into the hoodie pockets. She walked into a clearing and her eyes rounded again. There right in the middle of it the coloured stones were placed. A triangle. She ran towards it. She looked down blinking at the stones and her eyes stung again. Rohan. Is this really you? She looked around with wild searching eyes. Except furtively slithering sounds and the eerie silence of the forest she got nothing. She looked down at the stones showing the way.

Gulping hard she walked towards deeper into the area. The rain now was rushing down on her head. Oh damn, it was so cold and she was thoroughly drenched. Her eyes were frantic in search and strained hard for more of the clues. She walked up to a tree and froze again.

“There is the circle and then I find you.” She whispered breathing hard.

Her eyes travelled up to a dead end. Her widened. The neighbour’s wall. What the hell? The stones were pointing at it. Nandhini wiped her face and blinked hard. The rain continued to beat about all around. What should she do now?


Climb up the wall, the inside of her mind vibrated an answer. Her eyes travelled up at the length of the wall. It was almost nine foot wall. Thankfully there were thick vines. She could climb it up. She had to do this. Before she had deliberately ignored the signs and walked away but not now. She had to do something to bring at least a little peace at home.

She looked up and prayed but not before the rain water entered into her lungs along with the leaves. She spat it out coughing hard. Thank you god. You made my day. She fumed and prayed once again and started at the lowest of the vines. Well, she could do this. If she had only attended more of the physical ed class. But she and several of her deficient friends had been given punishment. She had hung about the fake plastic walls several times in the class except she never crossed it. Today she was going to do it.

She breathed hard and looked down at how much she had crossed the vines but her feet were only a little distance from the ground. Damn it. She struggled to move up her feet on the higher vine. The rain made it too slippery. Awkwardly and not at all looking any lady like she huffed and puffed up the thick vines.

She finally reached up the wall and sat perched on it for a minute. A gasp escaped her lips again. What in the world. More woods? She blinked several times and peered into those before her eyes stuck to the house. It was more like huge ass tree house than actually. Similar looking long leafed green vines curled all around it as the wood house stood out high on the grounds. Strange. How are people living in it. To be frank she never crossed this wall to see the house from the backyard.

Well, whatever. She was here with a mission. She took a moment to recover from the hard breathing. After it got under control Nandhini looked down and gulped hard. Ugh, she should climb down now. But it was all pools of mud and dirt. She was going to fall right into it. Alright, Nandu get to business. Forget about the recently done nails and hair. She mustered up the courage. Sacrifice. She looked forlornly at her already broken nails. Oh fish. Ugh. My poor nails. She looked down at the mud and scowled and let out a lot of curses.


(General pov)

Another place. Another set grounds. Another there’s to reign. The pack moved for a long while before finally finding a good home. It was far from the city and much deeper in the woods. The smell of it was liked by the members. The elders claimed the place and the youngers started havoc in the woods already.

It wasn’t just any pack. It was the now reigning one. The Silverstone. The much envied, intimated, secretive, powerful of the most. Usually not one showed up in the general meetings of the various packs because not one showed up. The terror of the wolves was so strong that only when something bigger like a war did go on only then the members were alerted.

Raghav Malhotra, the elder, the Alpha set some ground rules to the wolves. Settle down. Guard the area. Practice in the woods. No disturbance until the place is well searched and reigned. It was the warning to his son too. The wildest of them all. He started showing signs of rebel and the creator of much worse activities in the pack and across the place. Alpha was looking and seeing. He rather let him be spoilt. If not his son who was he going to give the crown to then.

There were five of them. The mean. Vile. Wild. Relentless. Ruthless. Strong. Crude. Callous. Feral. Cold blooded. Rancorous. Hard hearted. Pitiless morons.

Five descendants to the throne. The next in line to their father’s.

The first in line Alpha, Manik Malhotra. The second in line but a loyal brother Vivaan Malhotra. The first in line Beta, Cabir Thakur. Another first in line Beta, Dhruv Vedant. Shayali Gupta. Manik’s mate and the influential heiress of another pack. The Beamblack. The two were mated for life. These were the five heirs of the tribe.

The strong future as assumed by the packs.

Four things that these five did not like and hate. Humans. Rogues. Pack betrayers and omega pups. The first and last were the play. They find pleasure in to bully, torture and if possible kill too. Humans are obviously disgusting. Omegas are the weak link of the tribe. Almost shunned from the pack because in size and structure omega is really small and weak and is not even considered a wolf. Rogues were the enemies. The danger to the packs. The ultimate rivals. They were strong. Not submissive. More wild. More ferocious. And more vengeful and blood thirsty. Weren’t to be trusted and weren’t at all to be near to.

The pack was always on the look out of those.

The five terrible were now in the grounds of the backyard of the large house. It almost covered university campus that they were enrolled in.

The first in line Alpha, all lean and silently dangerous sat over a stone bench. He almost was leaned over it with his arms spread on either side of the stone back. The grass underneath his shoes crunched and tamed while looked on flatly and pitilessly at the scene in front.

The moans and cries of the omega wolf surrounded the woods. It would run a chill down of any human if heard. He looked across at the guy a little sneeringly. The omega had the gumption to snap at his mate. The inside. His wolf was running wild. To tear off the guy’s throat. But he wouldn’t soil his hands with the spineless pup’s blood.

The next in line beta, Cabir and Dhruv held each of the guy’s arm in a bone wrenching hold. He saw Shayali come down the stairs of the house. His eyes narrowed pleased. Possessive wild beating over his mind took over while sliding his gaze over hers. Mate! His wolf growled. She was tall. Strong. Tanned. Oval face. Long dark hair. Long s*xy legs and a body to die for. She was his mate. She came over to him smiling wide. His hand took possession over her hips and he settled her on his leg.

She leaned and kissed him on the lips and he held her hair tight. She moved back and smiled while he did the same but only a little.

“Come into the house. I have something to show.” She whispered into his ear, and leaned back.

Her almond black eyes twinkled with mischief while she slid out of the arms sleekly. He watched her walk away. His eyes stayed glued to the door where she disappeared into.

The howls of pain entered into his ears and it irked him suddenly.

“Be done with it.” He barked annoyed.

Cabir looked up into the eyes of the leader.

“Arm?” He growled in question.

Manik looked into the horrified eyes of the guy and a cruel heartless streak coloured his lips into a cold smile.

“Each bone. Tear. Break. Need to hear the sounds of it.” He ordered gruffly.

To which both Cabir and Dhruv smiled along deliciously. They twisted his arm and the sound of the bone breaking into two and his dreadful screech vibrated around the woods.

Manik was done there and he almost got up before a sound of a delicate gasp entered into his sharp attuned ears. He froze. Stiffened. Straightened. His eyes closed and sniffed the air. The stench.

His eyes opened and narrowed.

“Human.” He growled low.

Cabir and Dhruv nodded and spoke inside their mind. The link travelled to each.

“Scent.” Dhruv muttered inside his head.

Cabir nodded his head and sniffed.

“f**king strong.” He telecommunicated back.

Manik nooded his head in order and both of them laughed maniacally crazily as they found a play at last. Both Dhruv and Cabir ran fast and wild and in only matter of minutes their wolves broke out.

Both dark brown wolves, hard, fast, strong, big, blood thirsty devil’s rides broke into a wild zap. The scent made the wolves crazy. Snorts. Grunts. Heaving’s followed into the woods. Their mind link attuned high and rancorous.


Nandhini could not find way into the woods. After the circle of the stones she found nothing a clue around. She lost her way around it. She did the only thing that came into her mind. Climb up a tree. She did that and peered around. Her vision cleared and she saw human beings finally. But it was in the clearing. There were four of them. Big buff guys in black hoodies. Just like how she wore.

Then she saw something that chilled her to the bones. Two of the guys were holding another by the arms. She let out a gasp when the guy’s painful scream vibrated and so did the bone breaking. Goosebumps rose up her flesh. Dear god. Just as she gasped the three heads snapped to her side. Hell. How could they know from this far. Her eyes widened when the two of the hoodie guys ran fast. Nadhini hurried down the tree and took a run for her life. Heavens help her. Were they cameras set in the trees or what?

The sounds of the animal growls even more chilled her blood. Oh no, they seem to let loose the dogs. Attention immediate. Not friendly neighbours. She breathed hard and ran hard. She could thudding sounds behind her. She was going to cry. Her mind cried out for help.

Manik’s wolf growled and he grunted frustrated that the human was little far. He ran too and flew in the air transforming into his wolf. The white silvery large wolf that he was ran hard on his paws. The scent drove it insane. Find. Search. It growled frantic.

The silver wolf was the mightiest. More stronger with flowing of a much powerful lineage in its blood. The Alpha family reigned for even more years since the eighteenth and the Silverstone pack ruled since then with its descendents taking the crown each after the other.

The silver wolf growl vibrated around the forest and it alerted each and every of the pack member. Some snickered at the brat. Some grew alert. Some just ignored the Alpha’s son. But a few elders grew sharp. The link of their minds joined together and alerted the alpha. Because the growl this time wasn’t just a growl. It was a call for something else.

Nandhini’s heart failed and she ran fast and fell into the deep pool of mud. Oh snap. She gurgled the mud out and got out of coughing hard. She was head to toe covered in mud. Slimy dirty chunks of mud stuck to her face. She heard the growls again. Her heart went wild. She reached the vine covered wall and hurried on top of it. This never happened but thinking about murder hungry dogs coming at her fast dear god she would just climb up even the Everest. She jumped down the vines and ran hard towards home.

The wolves stopped suddenly because the scent lead into the mud. f**k. Mud just spoiled everything because they couldn’t trail the scent nor the human. Manik’s wolf went crazy. The first time a human escaped from their territory.

“Down!” Came a mighty growl of the Alpha’s wolf.

The younger wolves cowered down and backed away on their hinges. There heads lowered and turned up in submission. One wolf did not look down nor it cowered in submission. The alpha’s son. It growled. Grunted. Showed its teeth in aggression. The Alpha look into its eyes. Large yellow. Dilated. Something’s changed. His son looked for the first out of control.

“I said down!” The elderly wolf commanded finally in a deep growl.

His son’s wolf stared hard grunting but finally it moved back relenting a little. Its stance though did not back down.

“We are just settling down. We don’t cross the wall and enter into human vicinity.” The Alpha order sharply.

His son protested in the mind link. The Alpha moved closer to his son’s wolf.

“Calm down, son, before I tear apart your neck.” He warned in a hard grim voice…..”Remember who is the Alpha here.”

His son sneered and showed his teeth but moved back anyway.

“Stay down.” He commanded the younger of the wolves.

The Alpha wolf then walked away. Manik’s wolf stared hard at the wall and the mud tracks over the vines. He’s gonna find the human. Bring it back in the tribe. And kill it in the pack meeting. Cabir and Dhruv’s wolves agreed blood thirstily.


Nandhini ran fast and hard and looked back to see none of the neighbour’s dogs followed. Oh thank god but she had entered into the wrong area again and she had to now turn around the place and cross the road to find home again.

Oh, everything got wasted. Rohan. Where was Rohan? The neighbour’s place was a very very large area. It had an individual forest. Can you believe it. Like serious loaded money. How could she find Rohan there? Was Rohan really there? He must he alive because when in the accident his body wasn’t found. A lingering hope stayed back in her heart. She walked upto the road and found it empty. She almost crossed but not before out of nowhere a car zoomed fast and ran towards her and it came right into her face. Her eyes widened.

Nandhini let out a scream while closing her eyes and covering her ears.


Mayan Khanna, the shunned wolf of the Silverstone pack. The elderly rogue wolf was the town’s Sherriff. He got out of the pack because rules did not sit down well with his mind. He was the most powerful of the wolves around. He rebelled against the Alpha and got himself boycotted from the pack. Since then, he had been the ultimate lone wolf. More stronger. More dangerous. More cunning. His son was a rogue too. Mayan had given him the hard core training of becoming a liberal, free spirited and a boundless wolf. His son, Aryaman Khanna.

He and many of the rogues formed a link to work as one but were not bonded to a pack. That made his rule stronger and now he was the opponent and the cut throat rival of the Sliverstone pack. In contrast with the packs they were much lenient towards the omega wolves and also the human. Only to piss off the stuck up rival pack members.

The younger rogues. Fierce. Keen. Intelligent. Steely. Calm. Sly. Slick. Insidious. Crafty. Astute. Cunning like fox wolves.

Aryaman Khanna, the strong black wolf. The next in line as the master of the link. Abhimanyu, brown wolf escaped from his pack. Became a lone wolf. Joined the carefree tribe. He doesn’t mix well with Aryaman. Mostly runs wild by himself. The girls. Mukti Vardhaan. Navya Naveli. Loners. But strongest. Valiant wolves. Rogues.

Right now they had to attend the college. The paltry excuse for education. According to them mostly. Aryaman drove the car while the girls sat in the back seat. Abhimanyu moved his head on the back rest and closed his eyes. Aryaman grunted and his jaw ticked.

A sudden brown blur moved over the road he stopped the car to a screech very near to the thing.

“What the hell.” Navya let out when her body propelled forward.

Mukti drew her eyes to the front and stared flatly at the mud covered figure.

“What the hell is that?” He muttered looking front at the thing in front of the car.

“Human.” Aryaman grunted disgusted.

“Oh, shit.” Navya let out and her eyes….”It’s a god damn human.” She murmured surprised.

“Not surprising.” Mukti drawled dryly while chewing on a gum.

“No shit.” Abhimanyu let out grinning.

That rubbed off wrong and grated at Aryaman’s nerves.

“I’ll run the car over it.” He said derisively gruffly.

His eyes narrowed at the human thing.

“And your father is going to kill you for that. Remember he is the town Sherriff.” Abhimanyu mocked him in return in a jeering tone.

Aryaman stared into his eyes.

“Shut up, pup.” He shot back insultingly.

The grin on Abhimanyu’s face wiped away. He stared locking his gaze in a stance against the rogue wolf.

Nandhini opened her eyes and breathed hard. She looked down at herself. Safe. She was safe. Oh thank god! Her mind cried out happily.

Her shoulders sagged and she looked across at the silver Porsche. She blinked to see two guys and two girls looking back at her weirdly. As if she came from another planet. Well, the expression on their faces said so. Of course she would look like an alien. She was covered in mud. Head to toe. Which was now drying up and falling down in flakes.

She hurried towards the aide of the car and knocked on the window of the driver’s seat. The guy behind the wheels looked liked a GQ model. Supremely hot. Sharp eagle eyes. Sharp cheekbones. Square jaw. Utter perfection. Hair was all dishevelled yet too wild and free. His face though was marble. She couldn’t decipher the expression. Seemed like an ‘it’ guy. The popular badass in the crowd. In simple terms. The bad boy. He looked too dangerous. His black eyes fathomless and shuttered almost emotionless.

She smiled.

“I lost my way. Can you guys give me a lift?” She asked awkwardly.

They surely would shoo her away assuming that she was a beggar.

“No.” The Kohl eyed girl said instantly.

She was super thin, wore all black. Long dark silky hair and heavily kohl filled eyes. Nandhini drew a conclusion. The girl was an emo. She seemed wary and cold.

The other girl looked a little better with the sympathy filled eyes. She seemed like a sweet girl next door. The other guy looked back at Nandhini smirking too much. Player. Casanova. All of them wore expensive clothes. Rich. Loaded. Brats.

“I’m not sitting with that in the car.” The kohl eyed girl said again in a slow deliberated words.

That?!? She was a that? Oh how rude. Who said the word ‘that’ to anyone.

She looked at the ‘it’ guy. He looked back at her and his eyes moved all over her form slowly and leisurely. If Nandhini was in any better position she would have tucked her hair behind her ear self consciously but as the mud covered her she stared back at the guy to check her out freely. It wasn’t like he could see something here. A cold unseeing smile covered his lips. It made her heart jump up in fear.

“Get in.” He bit out sharply.

She jumped at his gruff manly voice. She blinked twice and a tense surrounded the car suddenly. Their faces turned into an ashen colour and all of them looked at the guy apprehensively.

“Oh, thank you.” She said relieved and moved towards the side of the sympathetic looking girl’s side.

Because the Kohl eyed girl moved her head in rude negative when she moved near hers.

She got in without a word. The car started but ten minutes into it nobody talked and breathed freely. It was so awkward. She had been always the ice breaker and now too Nandhini tried.

“Hey, I’m Nandhini, and you are?” She asked smilingly to the girl beside her.

The guys straightened in their seats. She could feel the burn of the ‘it’ guy’s gaze into hers through the rear view mirror.

The guy beside the ‘it’ one snickered.

“Nobody you should know about here.” He said vaguely and too strangely.

His tone was too mocking and dominant.

What the hell?

Nandhini frowned and the girl beside her smiled sheepishly and shrugged. The kohl eyed girl snorted. Geez, what’s with the attitude.

After much time she couldn’t bear the silence nor the ‘it’ guy’s dangerous eyes. He looked frightening. The vibrations coming off his body weren’t good at all. They were too negative. Too strong. Too condescending.

“I haven’t seen you guys before here. I go to Rivers High Uni. Did you guys enrol into it?” She asked in an awkward babble.

Gosh, she should beat herself for sounding too stupid.

But that seem to get their attention. The Casanova guy blinked and straightened. His neck muscles strained.

“You go to Rivers High?” He asked in a deep drawl.

His voice though was alert.

Finally somebody responded.

“Yes.” She nodded her head smiling.

Then she saw the look exchange between each and everyone of them. Weird. A sudden tense pull circled around and she felt it in her bones. She sweated suddenly.

She looked at the wood clearing and her house appearing closer. She needed to get out fast from the car. Something was amiss here. It seemed very wrong to be in the car suddenly.

“Just about here.” She said hastily.

The car stopped immediately and Nandhini got of it hurriedly and without even much saying good bye.

They all looked at the disappearing figure of the human girl in pitiless amusement.

“She is going to die.” Mukti muttered.

“She so is.” Agreed Abhimanyu smiling.

Aryaman did not respond because he wasn’t interested much in the girl’s death.

Abhimanyu turned to him.

“You allowed a human in the car. You broke the rule of your father’s.” He stated dryly.

Aryaman smiled maliciously.

“I did.” He agreed coolly.

Navya was suddenly afraid.

“What if the pack get’s to know about this?” She asked worriedly.

Both Mukti and Abhimanyu laughed out loud.

“Who cares the f**k about the damn pack? We aren’t the members.” Aryaman snapped.

It silenced her altogether. But Navya worried about the human girl. She in the midst of the power hungry wolves in the college. Unaware and unprotected. Once her scent moves around, she was going to be the pack’s target. All the human kids were bullied so bad. They either changed college or remained forever in dread or killed themselves. They weren’t aware of the wolves but the strength. No human could beat a wolf strength. Because the members hated humans. Rogues did too. They never show though because all were afraid of Mayan Khanna. Aryaman’s father.

Nandhini got inside her house. She barged into and through the front door. Mom who had been cleaning the floor stared wide eyed at her appearance. Not now. She couldn’t deal with mom.

“Fell into a mud pool.” She mumbled flatly and walked up the stairs.

Her mother sighed keeping her hand over her hip.

“That girl the tomboy.” She muttered under her breath and looked down at the mud covered foot prints on the newly cleaned floor….”Who the hell is going to clean the floor again?” She shouted up the stairs.

Nandhini winced at her angry words.

“Sorry, mom. I’m going to clean the floor once I take a shower!” She shouted back down the stairs.

She heard her mother still muttering something under her breath.

Nandhini sighed, got into her room, took fresh clothes from the cupboard, and walked right into the hot shower of her bathroom. All the while her mind went around the things she saw in the woods. The hoodie wearing guys what were they doing? Did she really see a murder happen right before her eyes? She gulped hard. Oh and what’s with the people she met in the car. Weren’t they a little weird. Too stiff….

All these thought just swam in her mind until it grew hot and scrambled….


To be Contd….

Next Part- In the Uni…


I didn’t know what ff to write so I settled for this. Each of my ff had one more chap except this I guess yeah. Hmm. Because when I write longer updates of any ff I kinda tend to have a not liking to it anymore until I get my interest back in it. So I try writing a different ff. Hope you guys like it too?

Yeah that’s me smirking.


Before you go all bashing over me I reason to clear a few things. Your doubt- IF Manik had already a mate where does Nandhini fit in all of this? My answer- it’s kinda of a different story. Well, you’ll see in the coming part. There is a lot. After all leads are leads. This confusion is to only if you are reading my ff or even interested in it that is.

Yeah i missed Alya’s entry. Deliberately. She’ll come later in the story.


Things about me

I’m allergic to a certain vegetable. I don’t remember the name of it. Whatever that is.

I don’t have a liking to vain people. I have words for those but then im too mannered.

I detest summers.

I love winters. (Winter is coming—that’s my too deep creepy voice. Lol)

I love dark.

I don’t have much liking to light. Hate the force of stark it brings along with it.

I’m an introvert. I don’t tell. Nor I gel. Lol. Weird right.

I don’t like my hair. It’s fritzy and it doesn’t cooperate to stay straight.

I love to colour my hair to burgundy but sadly I’m not allowed.

Don’t wear my heart on a sleeve. I ain’t big on too many manners. Diabetic to it. But my inbred manners and genes jumps back to please crap and it makes me too distasteful towards showing too many human emotions. I start showing signs of irritated and rude soon. Lol.

I don’t like bitter gourd. I hate it. Even if it is made delicious(I don’t understand the logic behind making anything bitter tasty. It ain’t tasty even then). People who say they do are too good to their moms. Hahaha.

That’s it. Adios mi amigas. Till next time. Girls u rock? keep shining bright in the dark.


Credit to: Blue

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